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  1. What I don't get it is if it is just hypocrisy or just ignorance. On a country, and almost a whole world, where democracy and freedom is what people stands for, where you are supposed to respect the law and the authorities, and where you and specially our ancestors fighted so hard for our right to have private property, intimacy, freedom of speech and free thinking...the company is free to do whatever they want, even if they'd like to disrespect someone by creating a Trump or Biden or Obama mask with a clown make-up is up to them the same as it is up to you to play the game. I said it looks hypocrite because the same people who says they are defending their freedom usually are the ones attacking others for not agreeing with them, feels like some kind of totalitarism to me. Are we going to decapitate people for removing Trump mask from the store or even worst for using it to mock that person and their supporters? Are Trump supporters going to kill anyone who doesn't vote for him? lol
  2. I miss the downvote reactions. That's my objective opinion that I wish wouldn't be deleted this time. Edit: What I mean, in case there is a need to explain it, is that I don't see anything positive on these initiatives when the game after so many years running is with its population at the lowest ever and specially when the majority of its loyal and creative players are gone long time ago. I don't feel this is exactly what would save the game at all. It is good to see LO and Sakebee trying things like this though, as same as I could state that I appreciate the players involved on keeping supporting the game, but I don't think this serves any purpose at all for the community, is like looking at that "non-official-official" Discord with thousand members when the game barely gather a few hundred players and you'll even find that only a couple of dozens members of said community are active while probably half of them are not playing the game anymore. I'm not going to say what the company should be focusing on, they already set their priorities long time ago and probably this thread is the final nail on that coffin that LO have choose to comfortably rest even before the transition from G1 to LO was publicly announced. Also I hope nobody from the staff takes offense but I don't see how policing my post about the negative reactions missing was needed after dealing for years with these 3 or 4 everyday trolls that only thing they ever posted was just a bunch of non-sense unrelated comments that says way less than my objective opinion about how I'd like to express my dislike of this thread with a downvote and save all these words and time.
  3. And I thought I was going to do a great job posting an uncomfortable and barely understandable message...? Are you okay bud? ...must be trolling I bet. lol
  4. Is cool, I made this post as cringy as I could while trying to still keep it objective. Since we have less reactions to add to any posts is that I wanted to see some reactions to this here.
  5. You clearly didn't read his post from an unbiased perspective. What he said is true, the objective truth, analyze it and you may understand why. Unless you've never been around in the last 3, 4 years or even the past 10 years to have a better reference of the direction the game could or have been taking.
  6. Or advised them not to listen yours too? I would listen to more spaced paragraph posts too... Oh snap! That's what all this is about? So disappointing. No, why? Use that downvote button if you don't like it...oh wait. I'm okay with this thread, some could dislike the way he said it, but there is some truth about how the game has been turning in the same direction that seems to made it sink more than it already was. If I'd have to choose between retaining a couple few of veteran players or bringing a lot bunch of newcomers I'd go with the latter, unless the former were the last chance to keep the boat afloat since them whales you know.
  7. Banwave incoming! Ok no, just joking.
  8. Since they removed the downvote reaction is that I'm opening this topic. But no, this is not to complain about it, this is to stand in favor of this besides how much I dislike this change, lol..."dislike"...the irony... so here we go. The thing is that if anyone around these forums dared to post some negative thoughts about the game, any critics, constructive or destructive ones, unpopular opinions, etc. they used to be discredited by a troop of downvoters that seems to be always there if we take into account that on a thousands registered members forums, with hundreds of active people reading, a couple of active players sticking around and only a bunch that are consistently posting and lurking around it is not hard to tell where that dozen of downvotes could come from if there isn't that much people actively posting here besides them. Now the people concerned about LO trying to "remove negativity", it might looks like that, sure, but; Wasn't this what they've been doing already for a while? You can tell there aren't as many negative topics now as these forums used to have, and we've even seen a couple few complaining about their topics removed too. But the thing is that if any of you identifies yourself with these who complain, either because you support their personality or character or because there are some objective views brought up by them, or you simply are one of these who complain indeed, then now you can complain freely without getting intimidated by the negativity of a storm of downvotes in your thread or posts. Some times some people likes to complain, and as much as a company or its staff could encourage their members to take part on any discussion to let them bring their opinions, the pressure that other members of a community could put into any person trying to express their individual opinions makes a place like this useless if they will be chased down and punished in front of everyone for doing so. Now you can create your threads on any topic you feel it worth and no one will ever stop you by brainlessly and anonymously disliking your post but instead they'll have to show up and troll your thread with their memes, off-topic chattery between said trolls or objectively stand their opinion and positive or negative interactions will happen transparently. It is like this thread, look what I did... And where's your dislike button now b**ch? You can thank me clicking that thanks button, thanks.
  9. I hope someone takes note of this thread this time, as I can see a couple of extensively experienced players are bringing valuable opinions and knowledge. Regarding the "closet" cheating I think at this point it is a bit delusional to think that there's something to do about it. Even if they could they wont because it could cause more harm at this point than anything it could potentially help with. Going into a bit more technical, the game itself already proved it could pull a lot of statistics and data from players activity, it could easily provide a picture of everything that is average, above average and top behaviors and a good analysis of such material contrasted against the anti-cheat collected data and a proper monitoring of suspected players would easily unveil what is what they do to get that advantage that could be naturally or artificially developed by a player. With exception of wallhacks which is almost the only thing they can use while playing "normally" without being detected. As for other cheats I knew in the past, not for APB but for another third-person shooter back in 2003/2005, I remember that the radar hack allowed cheaters to spot invisible admins when they where spectating them. For aimbot, as you can see in many APB streams, they usually bind a random key they use to tap a little bit when they engage in a fight just to ensure they land enough shots to get a kill without snapping on every target on screen. Also in that other game I was talking about we had a function as admins where we could invisibly stand in front of a player and toggle into enemy entity forcing them to snap at us in order to detect their aimbot, that was a revolutionary measure that allowed us to detect a lot of closet cheaters that many of us would've never thought they were cheating.
  10. I'd dare to say that people getting hackusated for dumb reasons might be mainly because they play against dumbest players. The dangerous ones are those who, as Frosti said, remain playing as if they were legit and use the cheats to get that slight advantage that grants them a win, even ensuring that they remain below the top scores. I've been a cheater myself in a different games like yeeeaaaars ago and I remember how easy and how long you can last without being detected and even becoming friend with the admins and top players, that's all I'm gonna say.
  11. If LO were in charge in the first place. I don't know who leads the direction this game goes anymore and this forums are not their main communication channel either.
  12. ha ha ha No seriously, you spent "years" making a symbol? what the... Anyway you still can duplicate your symbols eternally and sell them cheaper than this dude so he'll stay with these listed up in the mp for ever.
  13. Don't blame the horrible ping that SA players get in the current servers for losing them moving on to other games, is not like they/we were a few hundred players willing to make a bunch of purchases to keep playing while contributing to keep the game alive...
  14. The only thing I'd object is having Vegas HP almost paired with the Nulander Pioneer/Seiyo Espacio. Both changes on their HP seems in the right direction though but having them so close to each other doesn't make much sense to me.
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