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  1. The only fact here is that the so communicative CEO or anyone from his staff never cared about dropping by to leave a comment in any of your dozens of threads regarding this issue but hey, you have two very significant elements of this community caring about you since they did reply every time you post about this.
  2. For what I'm reading here, beta tests should remain closed for a selected amount of players, but this time they could open applications for it to everyone who wants to participate and once they have the list they'll have some time to prepare stuff for those who will participate. idk, something like that...
  3. Good for you that you played this game only for 2 hours...
  4. Will the few hundred bots afk'in in Social be there to inflate the numbers or real people will be around too?
  5. Anarchy could indeed make me return to play some eipeebee.
  6. Hello, and welcome to the forums. There is something called "phasing" that will be working when the Engine Upgrade is released. Phasing will allow for a wider match-making pool by letting players from any region to get the most suitable match in regards of threat and latency. There's a post from Matt Scott somewhere around if you use the search function or browse his posted content. Good luck.
  7. I don't have any of the mentioned problems regarding "controversial" streamers or ugly configs that makes the game looks like cardboard...because I don't watch streams. ez
  8. lol! imagine having a bunch of zombies that are totally broken inside and are hungry for doing any harm to anything else they can around them and turn on a siren or a car alarm to attract them...well, that's what you guys just made telling to every Colby NA player on this game that you're suffering for being unable to play in Joker NA...
  9. The only problem I see here is to think that a woman (or a man) that chooses or feels there's no other option than selling their body for money deserves no respect as I feel it is the OP's vision of wh*res. Now if the term itself is used in a bad way I agree it is wrong to use it but putas themselves are the only ones allowed to call themselves putas and they do that indeed so let anyone who wants to use that title have it. Now talking about cursing like a sailor, let me share this here, it really fits:
  10. This assuming you win every single match you play? I agree that car surfer should be accessible for lower ranks because its been always a silly and funny mod that every new player wants to try and makes them feel locked behind a rank wall when facing every other veterans. About cutting in half these I'd rather double the premium standing buff instead, that way it would add more value to it while keeping freebies in the grinding. Because premium right now only gives some significant advantage for ingame money as if ingame money were significant at all you know. If leveling up new characters could be boosted a bit more instead it would remove the grind feeling it gives at high ranks right now besides premium or not.
  11. Imagine trying to explain all this to G1 since 2012/2013, but idk, maybe they are scared of people stealing their server code in a corrupt country, although there actually are Google and Amazon data centers in the area... ...what I'm annoyed about it is that if it gets plenty of players returning we'll be like "I told you" but if it fails it is going to be also terrible, it is a +10 years old game though.
  12. This could end up killing more than half of APB population though...oh wait.
  13. Nothing new, even people claiming that there are barely any cheaters and thinking they convinced the game management that they are the most legit and savvy players around while indeed the company knows everything they do but still need to let them go away with their stuff because they need to populate the game and pay some bills is still the same...
  14. Says the guy with a green threat on a max rank character...if there's something broken is people complaining and requesting silly changes like the one of the ammo boxes, specially if that was the argument. Consumable ammo boxes have been always limited to a couple of refills and never were infinite.
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