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  1. And such a way to stop developing new veterans, right?
  2. You are a veteran of APB when you're more active on forums than ingame.
  3. Commitment, if there was some, and I mean by G1 since they had the team and the resources to expand that team, then they could achieve something in regards of the engine upgrade. I remember playing games were the community gathered some players skilled enough in programming and such and they migrated a whole game to a new version of Unreal Engine by themselves. An example of it is "Command & Conquer Renegade" now known as "Renegade X" ...besides it took like many years for them to accomplish they did something great over there. My thought is that there's some extremist secretive policy or something like that behind APB that stops the management from expanding the development team by recruiting outsiders or such. Now LO seems to be doing way better anyways, and they are even hiring players as volunteers GMs so not sure if they can find something else around, idk.
  4. Do not agreed, I disagree. But glad you're happy though. I mean, you gotta be trolling or idk what, these are just ingame clothes with some design that any player could make by themselves (theoricaly). While the few that are actual new content are good though, but not like we discovered the magic formula of success imo. Also, I'm nothing more far from thinking these designs "fit the game aesthetic" I mean, it does if we look at everything any player designed, but is not like the G-Kings, Bloodroses, Prentiss Tigers or Praetorians are on a satanic sect looking to recruit people to convert them into demoniac criminals or enforcers that wear inverted pentagrams and other witchery symbols to scare their opponents in combat, right? I like the stuff, but I disagree with what is being said by the op. Regards!
  5. No one else but you can hear past the 5 secs... But you could go ask in the "unofficial" Discord where the undercover-yet-known-players volunteer GMs are and all the LO staff hangs with them. They know everything even before anyone posts on forums though.
  6. I believe MattScott announced Jericho is about to get split between L.A. and N.Y. to start with the upcoming network changes, but I'm not sure if there's no ETA or probably they are considering delaying this because of this low population issues some are pointing out.
  7. I'm not sure about the caps-lock title thought. Also, everyone is having the same issue and imo your other thread was more than enough and actually better than this one. Hope they fix it soon, I just came home I joined the game 2 missions ago... Regards!
  8. I didn't get any other activity than the skin one in the past 5 days, is not that I'll use a lot if I even use it at all, but is cool to collect the special holiday items so I feel you. Maybe with this kind of rewards they should add a way to make sure that everyone gets each item activity at least once through the event next time, if that's even possible. Not only because some people didn't get the skin but also because getting the same activity is redundant and not rewarding.
  9. It was a different game mode that involved some mechanics similar to battle royale games, also is not the first time in APB that we see a different game mode being implemented but every time the former game management attempted to do this they first brought it as a temporary event aiming to make it permanent if player base response is good enough and if not then they eventually remove it which is what is going on now so far. LO tried for the first time and without critics to their performance this kind of events or alternative game modes rarely could attract players long enough to make it a permanent mode, since now it is empty and there are no chances to get players to populate these districts they're going to shut it down. I wouldn't blame the management but is more about how players behave these days imo, here and in any other online games. Nowadays it seems It is all about grinding rewards and collecting items but once there's nothing else to earn these end up abandoned by the community. Neither do I try to blame the community if clarifying it is needed here. In my personal experience I didn't even tried it because all the stuff involving it gave me an immersive-break feeling, from the splash logo, through the new pestilence faction images to the back story and the bunch of boxes, logos and items all around the district that made me feel it was like a player-made mod more than something designed by the actual developers. I still appreciate a lot that LO took the initiative to try this though, and I look forward to see better implemented additions in the future.
  10. The end is near! This is a sign that APB is shutting down!! Run get a tinfoil hat before their drop the EMP bombs!!! It was predicted many times by every APB prophet since 2010!!!! Engine Upgrade!!!!! Racing District confirmed!!!!!! No.
  11. Too many arguments, some of them are valid, but no one considering the extensive South American player base from countries of the region along Brs, which have latency values above 150ms to 180ms and some even more, these players stand almost no chance against 15ms-50ms players unless they find a way to surpass their latency issues, aka edgy practices. There's plenty of gold players from SA, yet most of them either end up turning silver more often than gold or simply choose to stick to the bronze districts which sucks but is because they can't take a challenge. That along with low population on Jericho which also forces players to dethreat in order to finish leveling contacts when there are no instances available. But the majority are already max rank so...
  12. Awesum. +1 In the meanwhile bring Beacon FC back! >_>
  13. Same back at you since you're not getting it, I'm not talking about "centering aim" but there's something else, but while someone with way more experience than you is noticing it this seems to upsets you more than if you just try to figure out. Anyways, I'm sorry if anything I said is bothering "half the active population of the game" disregarding who is more or less experienced, there's no harm bringing on different points of view, even if some of these might be wrong, though there's a difference on calling people idiot while you might be acting like one yourself. Let's everybody chill and let this thread serve its purpose. Then they talk about toxicity on forums. *facepalm*
  14. You really think no one notices what you're doing there? For anyone curious, "draw a dot" in the center of your screen and watch these videos in full screen to get a nice surprise. *wink-wink*
  15. Along with the nice suggestions you're getting here I'll add that after the match ends you could try to go to where your opp was camping and take a look around for possible spots for sniping and such. I'd suggest you to do it every time you have a chance, every single location you have to attack or defend, take your time out of missions to stand there and look around for possible spots that could give you a clear line of shot, you'll gain enough map awareness to counter fight campers in almost every situation after a while. After that, then it is all about odds as other people pointed out here, if they are a pre-made team of experienced players and you're soloing with randoms your chances are reduced, if you have a buddy to develop some team tactics or just someone you find both get good chemistry for some spontaneous team play then you'll have better chances. Then there's also the remaining time factor, if you have a few minutes left consider every attempt to attack by its potential duration, usually a hard defended spot could take above 40 secs to 1:30 min to clear if there are teams of 3 or 4 players, and take special consideration on respawning times because once you kill the second enemy the first one might be already on sight and even aiming at you to take you down before you reach the objective.
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