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    Well, you made me update the game and log in after months without playing at all...anyways, you should be more careful as everybody else said. Anyways, I fell this fits this discussion too; Anyone remember that breach that G1 had long time ago where they forced a password change on everyone due to this? Well, I just got an email a couple weeks ago where someone tried to blackmail me exposing my oldest password that I no longer use since then, and since I use a different password and even different emails for everything I do on the internet, I can tell 100% that was my old APB password, gladly I changed not only that one back then but also all the other ones, but it was funny how these guys failed so miserably in their social engineering skills trying to convince me that they had pictures of me that they took with my webcam while I don't have one, lmao...
  2. As a former cheater (in a different game back in 2003) who lasted 2 years without being spotted and fighting other cheaters I can provide plenty of data about their behaviors, either regarding their play style or even about their attitude replying to hackusations. In example, for wallhackers there are a few situations where you can accurately spot them wallin' ... ...no wait, if I tell you, they'll read it too, and even you could be one of them...nevermind! Best thing would be admins spectating them, but they can also spot the invisible admins on their radar as a white (neutral) dot so they just toggle off and pretend they are playing super aggressive and being lucky.
  3. Salvick

    Matchmaking and Threat

    Sounds just amazing to know that at least you looked into it. And why not in other countries? Such as Argentina, Chile, Uruguay. Specially with the depreciation of the currency against the dollar here in Argentine it could be a good chance to get better opportunities, although Amazon and Google data centers are located mostly in Chile and Brazil and we don't have any of these here afaik. Also, not sure but I think there's this company called "Level3" that is the main wholesale provider for Telecom and Telefonica here in Argentina, and they offer premium data center services, but I'm not sure if that has anything to do with server hosting, I think is just a distributor or something like that. Yeah, fun is an investment, never an expense, that's what I mean. As I see it, I don't make "purchases" of fun, but I invest on it instead. I wasn't meaning it like if we were part of the company. Nice forum posts count btw.
  4. Salvick

    Matchmaking and Threat

    I'd like to bring a question, I always wonder why South America is barely considered at all by any gaming company. Is not like there are so few players from this region as you could easily find yourself if you could gather these stats. I do understand instead that it is related with the costs to keep a server up it implies, while I'd let in your hands the idea to evaluate the cost/benefits rate of such investment since a bunch of us have been loyal to this game for years spending investing above the average in our purchases, and a lot of South American players left the game or ended up playing less often when the DDoS mitigation and server relocation started in the G1 era. And for those who always think of "Brazil" when someone says something about South America well, just take a look at the map to figure out we are way more than just Brazilians. Regards everyone.
  5. Salvick

    Post 'Battleye' Update statistics

    The cheat itself is useless for researching purposes as the vulnerability is in the operative system structure where they manage to hook their cheats to bypass BattleEye. Something related with lsass . exe and such... I don't have the technical knowledge to explain this in a more detailed way but there is where they get to inject their cheats without being detected at all. Then these banned accounts you're talking about are just "smurf" accounts they use to test how far they can go with the cheats before they get flagged or banned so then they switch to their main cheating accounts where they are more careful and remain closeting and pretending they are part of the top skilled players where they make a lot of noise every time anyone tries to claim they are cheating. They base their statements between such lines like: "some players are so skilled along with the game mechanics that they could easily look as if they were cheating while they not" I even dare to say pretty sure you already recruited a few players as GMs and Forum Mods who are closely related with the mainstream cheaters if are not cheating themselves indeed. But these are well trained sociopaths who will always convince everyone else that the villains are the hackusators and not the poor kids trying these cheats and getting banned while are actually just their alternative smurf accounts.
  6. Salvick

    Brazilian Server

    I'd jump into the game instantly if we could have a closer server, Argentina is the furthest country from NA so our latency is the worst, and there's plenty of players who would do the same around all South America. I'm not playing this game anymore indeed just because of the latency and the remaining sad players from Jericho, specially these folks from NA who are always talking about toxicity all day that are the worst elements of this community, and that also makes me refrain from even posting anything on forums anymore tbh.
  7. Salvick

    The Growth of GamersFirst

    This is the kind of communication that keeps me interested on seeing more progress for this game and the company, although I should mention that many times I showed this game to other people there was a bad reputation about "Gamersfirst" among a bunch of them, I honestly don't know why, didn't even know about that and took me some time to realize the negative association some people do with G1, but I guess eventually this will settle in a better standing as brand positioning...the good intentions and the effort put on make it happen are very appreciated, keep it up. ...why not call it "GamersOrbit" now? ^__^
  8. I used to play C&C Renegade back in 2003, and the players there already made an Engine Upgrade of that game by themselves which took them years, its called "Renegade X" now and although they have less than 200 players on a peak while all the servers are empty on night time besides weekends, the game still exists after ~15 years, is just that there's no company behind it to run any sort of advertising campaigns at all, but it is a very good game with with 20vs20 players servers and some attempts to raise up their capacity to 32vs32 which seems to work fine while running on proper hardware. But the point is that there is so few they can do for APB right now with such a small team imo, I believe that when there's a company managing a game then the marketing department seems to be ruling over the game designers and community management, and I'm not sure if these people play any games at all tbh, but that would explain why a game ends up relying on a 1% or 2% of its player base to survive while these game design decisions that could be based on their desires is what indeed killed the game for the rest of the players. I haven't updated this game since the balance patch yet, because I honestly feel like some traces that Tiggs left behind are still influencing this game, particularly her "favorite" players who are not as nice as they show themselves externally when it comes to interact privately, and I tried to convince myself I'm wrong so I even attempted to take part of this game and its community again, but I regret it. We'll see what's next, best wishes for the new staff there LO.
  9. Salvick

    New GamersFirst site

    Looks great! I like the news section, although maybe the Armas Marketplace could have some tweaks to match the new portal better? Just a thought, nice done. And just in case you guys are looking for more in-game screenshots, there are two very old posts where a bunch of players submitted theirs in the past if it helps at all: https://forums-old.gamersfirst.com/topic/388193-screenshots-needed/ https://forums-old.gamersfirst.com/topic/299754-screenshots-for-charity/
  10. The very first post I re-posted here in the new forums is a very old suggestion I made in these regards, is very sketchy and totally unprofessional since I'm just a player, but if by any means my two cents provides any sort of contribution, it is at least a perspective of a player so let me humbly invite you to take a look if you want: /suspect and /report system improvements and innovations Anyways, if there's going to be a priority system, please bear in mind that usually the "newbies" are the favorite victims of some cheaters who believe they can go full blatant on these newbies because nobody is going to hear their hackusations. Also be aware that many cheats in other games allow players to spot "invisible" admins on their radars to toggle off as same that as long as you ban a single cheater smurfing with a dummy cheating account to test how long they take to detect him, the rest of them will be extremely harder to detect since they just set the threshold to avoid being detected, but I think you have a great team who is way beyond anything I could suggest tbh, nevermind lol. Presence of admins in online games seems to be a lost culture, maybe as a result of the companies managing online communities in a more impersonal way or maybe there are some policies about the staff interacting with the customers that every company is following, I honestly don't know, but here on APB the case was extremely secretive to the point where GMs where just a myth. I think is plenty of examples of games where you can't have any online moderation, no live report system and not even able to browse a comprehensive list of servers and available players with ping and stat values to pick the better technical conditions and social environment to interact with people you like without issues. Back in the days when I started playing online games, the admins where part of us, everyone respected them and they were friendly and accessible with everyone around without need to hide unless it was to spectate or do any other tasks related with their duties that required to go undercover of course. It is in Spanish and could be translated as "Saint Stop" but although the literal translation of the word "Paro" is "Stop", actually in Spain only, and not in the rest of the Hispanic countries in America, "paro" is used to refer to when you are unemployed, as you guys already found in the dictionaries, while in South America "paro" is used to refer to when workers go on a strike. I'm leaned to think this case should be considered the way they use the word in Spain. Isn't something about unemployment and stuff like that leading the city to crime and chaos mentioned in the lore somewhere?
  11. as an old player i think you’re an idiot who writes barely legible posts and isn’t worth trying to communicate with That's correct except for the "idiot" thingy, is just a language barrier but we couldn't tell if he is actually someone interesting to talk with due to this. This sentence is pretty clear indeed, and I partially agree. Yet it seems he is catering to a handful of players who happen to like ...[insert a few names you want here] As always happened on APB. Wish the new management would be a bit more autonomous on their decisions instead of apologizing so much so often with us. When was that APB player base became the ones who tells the game producers how to designs their game?
  12. Sounds like the definitive solution to dethreating and unbalanced matchmaking, although I hope we still have the option to browse the full servers list and join any instance we want in order to arrange our meetings with other players, friends and clans.
  13. That thumbnail is just from an old blogspot, I think the link to the blogspot they shared in the Fb page just gathered a pic from what might be the most relevant post from the whole blog? I'm just guessing...
  14. Honestly I think there's some inoffensive griefing that we can do as part of the game, like when I see a stunned crim and I drive my car over him to avoid the enforcer arresting him, I did that a few times I had a chance since I see it as part of my "criminal" spirit and part of the game, but I wouldn't put any effort on it since is not intentionally griefing, Then you have some situations where you see players doing their mission and you are just passing by as the "random factor" that could twist their match results completely, same as it happened to me plenty of times so I consider it part of the game, probably what customer support tried to point out I guess. Honestly I really enjoy when a big dump truck or those bullies SUV/Soccer mom van drivers randomly wastes everything around even if it wastes my mission, because I feel a city like San Paro would be really chaotic and plenty of random dangerous situations to sort out. Then, when they kick a player from the mission just to have him on Discord "ghosting" the mission or simply blocking task targets, that's what I'd actually call "griefing" and would expect the game management to strongly enforce the rules against such situations. But also I really enjoy these random car fights we all have every day till I'm on a mission so I just kindly warn the griefer and if he keeps doing it then I consider the option of recording to report if needed. Note for support staff: ghosting is when you are not part of a mission but you are actively interacting with its players and objectives to help a team or block their opposition from accomplishing their objectives.
  15. Here sending positive vibes to everyone at LO, keep it up thanks!