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  1. Imagine trying to explain all this to G1 since 2012/2013, but idk, maybe they are scared of people stealing their server code in a corrupt country, although there actually are Google and Amazon data centers in the area... ...what I'm annoyed about it is that if it gets plenty of players returning we'll be like "I told you" but if it fails it is going to be also terrible, it is a +10 years old game though.
  2. This could end up killing more than half of APB population though...oh wait.
  3. Nothing new, even people claiming that there are barely any cheaters and thinking they convinced the game management that they are the most legit and savvy players around while indeed the company knows everything they do but still need to let them go away with their stuff because they need to populate the game and pay some bills is still the same...
  4. Says the guy with a green threat on a max rank character...if there's something broken is people complaining and requesting silly changes like the one of the ammo boxes, specially if that was the argument. Consumable ammo boxes have been always limited to a couple of refills and never were infinite.
  5. They screwed these, yeah. Not useful at all for anything anymore.
  6. Welcome to the game, glad to see someone new interested in the game and even joining the forums. The G1C or ARMAS items are locked as paid content only, the ingame marketplace only allows items that are obtainable by any player from the NPCS and, as an exception, the Legendary Weapons that you get by opening Joker Mystery Boxes (JMB). The idea is that if a player wants to pay for Premium in order to unlock the full customization features of the game and even buy some car bodykits then they can provide other players with these by direct trade or listing up these items in the marketplace for direct purchase or auctioning. Very convenient also for players that doesn't feel like composing their own designs either because they doesn't handle it or they just like what other players made and also useful when you start a new character and still need to unlock items from the NPCs but you can get them earlier from other fellow players. You are able to buy clothes, cars, songs/themes and symbols from other players but not guns. Also there are mods and equipment that you can unlock only by specializing in certain weapons classes or completing each particular mission tasks and it is very common that most of the people will aim to buy these from experimented players that already unlocked these since it could take longer than the NPC progression. The legendary weapons instead are permanent and tradeable, prices goes from something around $1million up to $6m average depending on rarity and demand of said guns. Then you have the choice to gather enough Joker Tickets via mission random rewards or Fight Club special tasks and get a "JT" version of a weapon permanently for your inventory. The rest of the stuff, such as permanent weapons, special gear, car parts and some special cars are exclusively paid content and usually not tradeable ingame. Hope it helps, cheers. If anything, the other veteran players around will correct me if I'm wrong or add anything relevant that I might be missing here.
  7. Yet this has not been heard as something "commonly requested by the community" while something that has been brought up a dozen of times indeed was...
  8. Yeah well, is true that a bunch always asked for lethal variants of LTL and a couple wanted the LTL guns available on ARMAS, so probably I should've put it in a different way since what I wonder is why this is something implemented as "commonly requested" while there are other things I think have been requested more often for longer and seemed probably more important than this. But I could understand if this is something that, as Matt said in the blogpost, was easier to accomplish without using resources put in the Engine Upgrade. ...I guess the Engine Upgrade is where everything is aiming at and all the good things coming will probably be delivered with it.
  9. Hold on, what? When and where anyone asked for a slug shotgun or a new JMB? Was it on the "unofficial" Discord where the staff hangs out with a selected group of players? I'd appreciate some reference links if anyone can provide any, but don't bring me a 4 replies thread or some nekro post from 2018 please. Anyways, even if the case is that this is something the community commonly requested then it would be fair to expect that a bunch of other things that are being requested louder and often starts to be implemented in some way...but at this point I'm not holding any hopes anymore, the direction the game has taken is the one of the like of a group of players that I don't feel represented by them at all tbh. I have nothing against said players though, and I respect LO if any clarification is needed, but the game itself its been going in a straight line to the trash bin since a while already...and no, I don't feel anyone from LO is actually listening and giving any attention to what we the players really need.
  10. I remember back in 2003/2005 there was this third person shooter where they had a server made to "test" cheats, it allowed and encouraged the use of the only cheat that was available for that game so I eventually decided to try it out and once I downloaded it I attempted to use it in any other servers to check if these other servers where actually secure enough against cheats, then I figured there were other cheaters using it in the legit servers so I decided to have it there to toggle it on and off whenever I suspected someone. This way I've been reporting a bunch that got banned by the admins, rolling on alternative accounts when it came to track and confirm if someone was cheating and trying to stay clean in my main character, but after years doing it I got caught using it and got banned on an alt. After that I went to their forums as my main character and created a beautiful post narrating this story about how they could verify that all the IPs I've been playing from coincidentally matched the one of a cheater, it was indeed because I was running a small cyber-coffee shop and it was true that multiple IPs in the same range were logging in in their servers with plenty of different characters. Well, they decided to unban me due to my "reputation" and the clear explanation I brought that they were indeed able to confirm...after that I kept using the cheat to "hunt down cheaters" and finally got an IP range ban in all my 16 computers, lol. The game was C&C Renegade and the cheat tool was called RGH. That's a story of how anyone could be cheating for years in any game and even getting involved with the game staff without them noticing it at all for years. Yes I lasted years in a ranked server and making friends with the admins and mods, toggling on and off between matches, re-rolling alts and closeting by applying all sort of techniques such as tapping the aimbot key bind, avoiding the top rank in many matches, letting experimented players kill me as in normal situations would happen and spotting admins in the server in order to toggle off when reported. I'll let you guys keep going with your thread now. Bye.
  11. Good luck with that, you know they wont listen. They think South America is like a jungle with some villages with wooden houses spread around and that they get internet only when a boat or a plane passes by reflecting some wifi towards them. Anyways, why did you get 190ms back in 2011/2012? I used to get 140ms in the early days and lately an average of 150ms to 160ms until DDoS mitigation started to be a thing back in the G1 era.
  12. I don't want to judge but gonna drop an idea of something else that could've had happen, someone gets banned for cheating or something like that and once this person realizes that he'll never get back his account, and just because he feel he had some sort of "reputation" among the rest of the players, he decides to clean up his trails so makes a post stating that the reason for his ban was anything else but cheating. Also to make it look better this fictional player I'm just imagining creates his post as a warning to other players of what could happen if they are just as legit and clean as he used to be but finally ended up falling on a trap from a weird bad crazy person out there who targeted him who know for what reason. I don't know, there might be some crazy people doing weird things as the described in the main post of this thread, but there are way, way more people that I know they are capable of doing anything to avoid being spotted cheating or such. As someone said Anyways I think if they ban you they are honestly doing you a huge favor, they gave you a chance to recover your life now, lol. I hope you recover your account if you're being honest, good luck.
  13. Word. Imagine having thousands and thousands of members on any random social network you want to name but for a game with less than 800 or 600 active players and half of them totally not joining these.... ...even worst, imagine having the new management of said game with their staff joining any of these random social networks and giving attention to these players who made them believe they handle a community of thousands and thousands of actual players... ...imagine then giving to some of these players access to administrative tools and some background information of other players...rip.
  14. I think also the main feature of the .45 is its quick time to equip, making it specially useful in some specific combinations of weapons. But correct me if I'm wrong.
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