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    How many millions, if not billions of players are in the world and what are the chances that in a game with ~600 players two of them will be neighbors? Yeah well, probably someone who actually brought a neighbor friend to play the game, but I'm quite sure cheaters cheat because they don't have friends, and if they do then there are way higher chances that they both cheat if they are neighbor friends than chances of "accidentally" banning a neighbor of a cheater... lol In a small community of a game I used to play years ago where we had some issues with a couple of cheaters easily ban-evading when there was even hwid and mac bans on place, the only way and the only time we finally managed to stop a known cheater from keep re-rolling and ruining the game was with an IP range ban. There was someone who then tried to reach the community admins because of this, they almost lift that IP range ban because of him but finally figured, thanks to collected data, that both guys knew each other because they shared login credentials/PC so there were logs from both guys on a same IP and MAC address.
  2. Well, the last time I returned to play I had this non-enjoyable experience where I just said "so you cheat" once, just once! To someone I was talking with in /d chat and instead of getting assistance from someone who should be there to assist the players this person contacted me to tell me that I should avoid "naming & shaming", basically discouraging me from staying in the game, making me regret it and dropping APB again because of this. ...besides this, it always comes to my attention the large amount of people who post stuff about cheaters against the very few, if not always the same very few ones that are fervently against "hackusations"...back in my days of multiplayer gaming, getting accusations of cheating was a praise, and admins presence in game was a factor of balancing and harmony between players and their behaviors. For the note, back in 2003/2005 I lasted myself more than 2 years in a community of ~350/400 players while cheating without getting caught, being active on their forums, helping to catch other cheaters by reporting them and actively interacting with the game admins on this game I used to play, it was also a 3rd person shooter....so, the "blatant" thingy is not the problem but the ones who hurt this game imo are those who, like I did, are closet-cheating since years by just tapping smooth aimbot a few times to ensure some kills and using wallhacks while just playing normally and avoiding the top scores on a given mission to pretend they are "normal experienced players". So I know what I'm talking about. Last but not least, I keep my trust on LO as I used to do with G1 too and, even if I believe they are not doing enough or if I'm so paranoid to think they let some players get away with their cheats, there's nothing you can do but relying on their actions and decisions regarding this. So I know is redundant at this point but just use the /report function and move on, if you don't like the state of the game, play something else...is their rules, not ours. Regards.
  3. Two things mentioned here that I agree with: hitboxes, i know that's nearly impossible to be implemented because would be a complete rework to the point of almost a whole new game, but maybe 6 hitboxes that are actually just 3 multipliers: torso, head, arms/legs, would also help to detect smooth abimot and aimbot tapping cheaters easily, since right now they get away with their cheating tactics so easily thanks to one single huge hitbox. And cars, wouldn't aim to something too complex like car damage but I do think that it could be possible to turn vehicle handling client side for good already, the creators did it server side thinking that would be a smart way to avoid "car cheating" on a shooting game, where what people actually cheat are weapons, not cars... read some comment on any platform and the main reason for the low rating of this game is the car handling, it feels like a hover or a supermarket cart, lol.
  4. Amen. Also, I always had this hunch that the radar tower and fireworks/flare gun were designed to retaliate the amount of wallhack/radar hacks they couldn't ban from the game but instead it made it easier for these miscreants to legitimate their "suspicious behaviors"... Fun fact: People who indeed used radar hacks will react to this comment.
  5. I couldn't agree more with this you know. In my opinion this is like when you go to any social event, a bar, nightclub, sports club, the park in your neighborhood, school yard, etc. where you actually choose which people you'd like to relate with and which ones you'd rather avoid. In a game like this, where now some key social features were disabled, you have so few options now to find the right people that it is turning into a complicated experience to enjoy the interactions with other players either in your team or as opposition. I'm used to games where you can see the list of players in a server, the list of servers and available game modes with their current population, etc. While here a couple of players complained about "being harassed" which leaded us to have the /who command disabled which in my opinion brought more complications than solutions, because if I see a player around and I want to invite him to my group, ask for something, apologize for an accidental grief or even report for intentional bad behaviors, unless I can memorize their name and it is not a complicated nick, which in most of the cases it is, I really need to take a look at the players list to find them. And specially when the /friendadd function has changed in a way that you only can add other players that are online, now I can't take a look at who is around when I'm rolling in new characters or simply we didn't reciprocally added us to our friends list, making it too complicated to gather again with others. I want to join a district, check who is around and make sure that I can avoid the toxic ones and gather with the nice ones. So, on topic, besides the need of proper "social features" that allows everyone to selectively find the right people to group with and play against, feeling forced us to play with people we don't like only makes it worse. I like the random factor of getting matched against any kind of opposition, but once there's an accidental tk and your teammates decide to kill you every single time they find you even through years every day, or when you get bullied and harassed by toxic kids who think they are smart rubbing a victory in your face as only someone emotionally and psychologically broken would do, leading to toxic interactions and "trash talks" that I'd never feel proud of let any of my friends or family read any of these, is something we need to address years ago. And neither the new GMs seems to care about "trash talk" in my personal experience. What about "negative incomes"? Could that help? Specially against team killing and other demerits such as AFK?
  6. There, tried my best to help with this by translating it, although even in Spanish it had a few confusing grammar details, but neither my English is that good so, just a humble contribution. Regards.
  7. Hats off to you and your team, for the effort, progress achieved and communication about it. I miss bullet traces, fog and other visual details that are gone so long time ago. And some innovation in the HUD wouldn't hurt I think...idk, at least some framing on texts or something like that. Awesome!
  8. Nice way to feeling welcomed, last time I stopped playing for something around a whole year I just came back right when LO took over G1, now I stopped playing since August 2018 and came back to play yesterday and today this great news arise. Not just thank you for the effort you and your team does and for keeping us informed, but also thank you for taking into consideration what the players point out about these issues. Also, as someone said, there will still be some very experienced veterans who might still hide their cheats very well, since wallhacks is something nearly impossible to detect and GMs presence will always be limited by the perception of the GM itself along with the ability of the cheater to pretend they play legit along with the chances that their hacks can also let them notice if an invisible admin is spectating them. But disregarding our guessing and assumptions it is a big deal to know you are getting rid of these bad elements of the community. Regards!
  9. Well, you made me update the game and log in after months without playing at all...anyways, you should be more careful as everybody else said. Anyways, I fell this fits this discussion too; Anyone remember that breach that G1 had long time ago where they forced a password change on everyone due to this? Well, I just got an email a couple weeks ago where someone tried to blackmail me exposing my oldest password that I no longer use since then, and since I use a different password and even different emails for everything I do on the internet, I can tell 100% that was my old APB password, gladly I changed not only that one back then but also all the other ones, but it was funny how these guys failed so miserably in their social engineering skills trying to convince me that they had pictures of me that they took with my webcam while I don't have one, lmao...
  10. As a former cheater (in a different game back in 2003) who lasted 2 years without being spotted and fighting other cheaters I can provide plenty of data about their behaviors, either regarding their play style or even about their attitude replying to hackusations. In example, for wallhackers there are a few situations where you can accurately spot them wallin' ... ...no wait, if I tell you, they'll read it too, and even you could be one of them...nevermind! Best thing would be admins spectating them, but they can also spot the invisible admins on their radar as a white (neutral) dot so they just toggle off and pretend they are playing super aggressive and being lucky.
  11. Sounds just amazing to know that at least you looked into it. And why not in other countries? Such as Argentina, Chile, Uruguay. Specially with the depreciation of the currency against the dollar here in Argentine it could be a good chance to get better opportunities, although Amazon and Google data centers are located mostly in Chile and Brazil and we don't have any of these here afaik. Also, not sure but I think there's this company called "Level3" that is the main wholesale provider for Telecom and Telefonica here in Argentina, and they offer premium data center services, but I'm not sure if that has anything to do with server hosting, I think is just a distributor or something like that. Yeah, fun is an investment, never an expense, that's what I mean. As I see it, I don't make "purchases" of fun, but I invest on it instead. I wasn't meaning it like if we were part of the company. Nice forum posts count btw.
  12. I'd like to bring a question, I always wonder why South America is barely considered at all by any gaming company. Is not like there are so few players from this region as you could easily find yourself if you could gather these stats. I do understand instead that it is related with the costs to keep a server up it implies, while I'd let in your hands the idea to evaluate the cost/benefits rate of such investment since a bunch of us have been loyal to this game for years spending investing above the average in our purchases, and a lot of South American players left the game or ended up playing less often when the DDoS mitigation and server relocation started in the G1 era. And for those who always think of "Brazil" when someone says something about South America well, just take a look at the map to figure out we are way more than just Brazilians. Regards everyone.
  13. The cheat itself is useless for researching purposes as the vulnerability is in the operative system structure where they manage to hook their cheats to bypass BattleEye. Something related with lsass . exe and such... I don't have the technical knowledge to explain this in a more detailed way but there is where they get to inject their cheats without being detected at all. Then these banned accounts you're talking about are just "smurf" accounts they use to test how far they can go with the cheats before they get flagged or banned so then they switch to their main cheating accounts where they are more careful and remain closeting and pretending they are part of the top skilled players where they make a lot of noise every time anyone tries to claim they are cheating. They base their statements between such lines like: "some players are so skilled along with the game mechanics that they could easily look as if they were cheating while they not" I even dare to say pretty sure you already recruited a few players as GMs and Forum Mods who are closely related with the mainstream cheaters if are not cheating themselves indeed. But these are well trained sociopaths who will always convince everyone else that the villains are the hackusators and not the poor kids trying these cheats and getting banned while are actually just their alternative smurf accounts.
  14. I'd jump into the game instantly if we could have a closer server, Argentina is the furthest country from NA so our latency is the worst, and there's plenty of players who would do the same around all South America. I'm not playing this game anymore indeed just because of the latency and the remaining sad players from Jericho, specially these folks from NA who are always talking about toxicity all day that are the worst elements of this community, and that also makes me refrain from even posting anything on forums anymore tbh.
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