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  1. Indeed these kids causing drama, they are really that delusional to think any of them will stop Lixil from playing the game with these guys they hate so much, while actually they only got her hiding anonymously from everyone while naturally she will keep playing the game privately with whoever she feels comfortable with to enjoy her free time. But I'd let them swallow their silly tiny victory, there's so much for us to enjoy coming up and they just can't enjoy anything at all, no matter how nice it is.
  2. idk guys, we all know how easy is to check these IPs on these forum members who seems they created their account to discuss only about this... and people who keeps saying all the bad things that happened, happens and are going to keep happening, if any of you could say something constructive just once to bring your point of view...but no is not because you can't, is just that you don't want to. And thanks guys that finally someone said it clearly:
  3. Salvick

    Apologies for issues today

    What Matt is saying is very smart, every time someone mentions anything related to their activity they gather info and imo they also gain attention which is in some way their final goal, even if someone could say they don't do this for attention and they are doing it just because they are evil, these are still in a deep need of attention too. How could anyone be so poisoned to become so persistent and dedicated to damage others? dang! Edit: Could anyone link me where the announce of a patch on Tuesday is please? I skipped that and I have no clue what's going on on Tuesday :s
  4. Hey, I couldn't read the full discussion yet but wanted to make an input about the topic of retaining new players. What I think that needs to be added on top of everything else is a new way to motivate players to make purchases to increase the conversion ratios from freebies to paying players, because this is not only a benefit for the company ofc, but also it is through that interest in the game that the players gets more attached to it, and once a player makes his first purchase the chances that said player will eventually make another purchase are increased and this way you retain these players while they will also invite other players to join the game and so on. Of course this goes on top of everything so I'm talking assuming we have a polished high quality product/game. Now, I'm not plain saying people should spend money, when I talk about purchases I'm talking about a motivation to add value to the interaction between the consumers and the producer, where the producer provides a service and a series of products and the consumer finds satisfaction on them and feels pleased to access 'premium' features in exchange for his money, so in these regards is that I'm convinced that a new currency or a rework in the JTickets and G1coins to make them available across game and Armas market could be a revolutionary solution. This would be a temptation for those willing to invest money to unlock enhancements or access permanent items, etc. that could basically have Armas products available ingame and make purchases with G1Coins directly from NPCs, while freebies could choose stuff from the Armas market directly by special offers that randomly allows them to access some selected items for a limited time with JTickets, if the offer is about to end it still allow you to complete the remaining JTickets paying with real money, which basically creates the illusion that you'll pay 10 or 15 bucks for a 50 dollars item and works great to finally convert a free player that is in the fence about purchasing premium items while also allows the company to create sales on products that have been already acquired by the gross of the population and are not being sold anymore since a while due to this. idk, maybe sounds too crazy, but for the stuff I occasionally read about the free-to-play games and such, it seems the players around the globe are feeling more comfortable with the microtransactions in online games through the years, and that's how I came with this thing I've seen in other games that are climbing the rank in revenues in their categories. TLDR: Freebies needs to be converted to paying players, that gets them more attached and those eventually bring more new players to enter the cycle.
  5. I'm not white knighting tbh, I just choose to keep my negative opinions for myself and see where I can make a constructive input. I'm not gonna lie, I was clearly waiting to have my chance to play with Lixil or anyone from the staff to share my personal impression of the game as almost everyone else does, I was just waiting for the rest of the people taking their chance so I can go next. Now let's say that Selali and Lixil are going to run a program to play with the players as part of a QA process that involves testing different circumstances with players from all the different levels, they'll need to test all the possibilities and is impossible to do that starting "from scratch". Honestly it is a joke to think that the developers and staff of the game should take a year or two playing from scratch before they could experiment any features or interact with any players. And many of these saying things like this usually are the first avoiding to play with new players because of their lack of guns, cars and equipment if we are going to be honest here. I do agree that as member of the staff yo will never experience the game as a simple mortal though.
  6. whats ur TLDR ikr T_T Edit: Like it better now?
  7. Those complaining about how some players destroy the experience of APB for them and we just did exactly that with Lixil. Congrats with your witch hunt for the guys who are on it, we've burnt someone innocent targeting her as associated with the evil witches, as I predicted it indeed. Talking about destroying the game...yells for new players while ruining it for the Community Manager.
  8. That's one of the persistent problems between players that G1 never addressed, I'm not sure if it is because of a business policy or just the way they choose to handle it, but I never seen the staff actively moderating such behaviors and even myself had to report for weeks if not a month or so, with chat logs and video evidence, an issue like this that just stopped because these guys gave up. But the feeling was that the Support Customer team was so disconnected of the ingame staff (if there was any), that they just couldn't do anything to moderate these guys, I'm still guessing perhaps they temp-banned some of the reported players, which I couldn't ever know, but the harm done was already unnecessarily excessive given the time the issue lasted before it stopped. Other thing I'd mention about this is that no one should be scared of authority, we as players could argue that excessive moderation is censorship, the game management could state that they don't want to enforce players too much to avoid stressing the community, but in the way the things are going on right now with LO, I think the authority of the ingame moderation staff will be respected. Authoritarianism lacks of authority due to its violent nature, but for tense situations I always remember what once a wise man told me; "If you want someone to take out his coat, (pull him out of a defensive postition on an argue or negotiation) you don't make the storm stronger, because the rain will make him grab his coat with more strength and look for cover trying to avoid the rain, instead if you are kind and gentle, like the warm of the sun, people will take out their coats by their own, making things easier for everyone" ...or something like that.
  9. Salvick

    Trash talks

    Oh damn, thought Tiggs wasn't in command anymore! Its G1 all over again! The past is haunting us!! ...just joking, not sure why this forums makes me feel I need to clarify this some times.
  10. The people complaining about the staff actions are not against the staff or the company, they are against other players who made them have a bad time. The thing is, we should try to stay positive, and we should try to help every single person out there to avoid having a bad time, I can say bunch of people tried to give me a bad time ingame in the past in my years playing APB, and I even been ashamed of showing this game to friends and family who witnessed this toxicity I'm talking about, but the toxicity is in both sides of the issue, the toxic ones who are aggressive because they feel rejected or targeted by other players, and the toxic ones who are passive-aggressive putting themselves in a position of authority over other fellow players to just end up totally screwing the experience of the game for those they don't want around.
  11. Salvick

    Trash talks

    Guys, any of you tried to contact a GM ingame? This kind of issues are out of hands because of the lack of moderation ingame, I think we are going to get this stuff solved really soon, I hope so, you guys should start to try yelling at /d requesting assistance from a GM, if they are able to help they'll /w you, and I'm quite sure that a kind word from the GM's to warn these players and ask them to behave better would work just awesomely, saving lot of trouble for the three parties, the victim, the harasser and the moderation staff.
  12. There's no need to take everything everyone says on forums every day so serious, is cool to debate and it is productive to bring things that lately helps to improve what we have, but sometimes some players gets so involved with the game that they seems to act as if they were chosen to change the world, and there's always someone who creates drama, probably many of us been there without noticing or without intentions to antagonize and dramatize, but also the usual replies just fuel the drama even more, so that's what happens imo, everyone here will discuss on their own level or from their own perspective or interests. Let's have some patience, I think LO is learning about this game and its players much more than what any of us could know about them and about the things that are coming for this game in the future. Is good to let the forums revolt a bit so they can get the full picture in the meanwhile. I do agree the newcomers and a lot of average/casual players with less than 2 years playing are in an urgent need of care from LO. But also I don't think we should tell people how to do their job, that along with assuming they are getting manipulated is an underestimation of their skills and knowledge. We can bring suggestions and concerns and they will always try their best to do what is actually possible to do and nothing else. Back in the days when you played games in dedicated servers that were usually hosted by gaming communities and such, the admins where also players and friends of the people who played there. They were very respected and we not only respect them but also we were always comfortable with their presence and the fact that there was always someone available to help and moderate. And yes, playing with an admin or the owner of the server was an honor, and everyone wanted to do it and always a few will oppose to it. But nowadays it looks like the players attack anyone for anything, they attack other players, then the streamers, then the GMs, the Customer Support and the CM and finally they'll blame on the company and its CEO till finally when there's nothing left to attack, they'll attack the pillow so madly that they'll have nightmares of APB for ever or I don't know what else, lol. We need to calm down, I agree that the thing of the staff playing with "everyone" wasn't well handled, but I don't feel is such a big deal, LO didn't know what would happen and I suspect they did not expect to get so much attention in these regards, I remember telling Lixil that the GMs are like celebrities or even heroes for some players, that's the thing I think.
  13. True about the need of have fun or players will quit, but about the k/d ratio that's no valid proof at all, even when it is obvious, but I got x3 and x4 times or more than my teammates in these occasions where I'm teaching the game to my friends or in these occasions when the server puts me in a match against a team of possible newcomers who happens to have bronze and silver badges but are playing with the goldies. Also if I ever drop back to silver and move to bronze districts it happens a lot that the experienced players in both teams are on top of the scoreboard with twice or triple kills than the rest of the players. It pretty much spells: "We can't handle the cheaters, therefore endure our rage". Absolutelly, I think the streamer shouldn't pay for the issues that anyone who is playing with them may have, look at what happened with Lixil's stream for teaming up with the wrong people, and now they blame on her when wasn't her fault at all. I did not know this was going to happen when I posted this article, but there's some relation between both cases where the frustration of players about the cheating issues ends up targeting a relevant figure which leads a lot of people to rage against these who had no clue of what was going on.
  14. Usually I try to avoid commenting in drama threads but it seems is the only forum content we have these days, and also I apologize because I usually avoid personal remarks against the person who makes a comment when we should discuss about the ideas and not about the people, but you guys are talking like true experts with forum accounts that were created the past month. So what I think is that you guys might have some valid concerns to bring to the forums but you feel you are not being heard because of your forum post count or registration date? Either if you are new players or if you are veterans who just recently joined the forums or just had to reroll a new account, you should know there aren't 2k to 6k active forum members every day as the current ingame population some times does, and even with the 400 to 600 online users we can have around here some times, we don't see +200 new threads every day and not a single topic out there gets more than 50 to 100 comments as much besides the ones that involves discussions with the staff where you can get a few more comments. Then if you check the views count, which I'm not sure but I believe it keeps counting the same users when they visit that thread a different day and also counts guests views, you'll see there's a roughly 1k to 2k views as average for relevant/staff posts with just a few of these getting more views than that, and for community posts you can see anything from 50 to 300 views with maybe a couple hitting +500 exceptions apart. So is not only because a huge amount of players are people who are not used to browse the forums that are not being heard, ergo; the silent ones, also another bunch of people might read some discussions remaining silent just to avoid drama, because they don't feel comfortable commenting publicly here or they simply have any other reason they have to not post anything. I just wanted to comment here to insist with something I keep saying these days, you shouldn't hesitate on create your threads or trying to reach privately with any of the staff members with your concerns guys, no matter your forum posts counts or registration date, but if instead of trying you just waste your time fighting each other between players where will be always natural to find opposite points of view. I don't think someone should feel is not being heard by the staff and other members of the community, but don't expect to have always a nice reply and a lot of 'likes' in your comments, just post and participate giving the best of you and if a discussion is over or it is derailed just move along and keep trying in the next post. I support the idea of listening the silent ones, but also I feel a duty on try to be part of the louder ones to bring ideas and concerns I hear from these silent players I see everyday ingame and in other social networks out of the forums. I think this is a good thread to discuss. Regards everyone.