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  1. Mate, you gotta be trolling me or you simply don't read. Or maybe I'm not explaining myself properly but nothing of what you're saying on this last reply applies to what I'm trying to say or how I feel. I appreciate your commitment to contribute though. Cheers.
  2. Well, this is what I'm asking to have a word about. I also thought something in that path is going on but I'm trying to get the official saying, that's all.
  3. Absolutely, I totally agree with you guys, and I already stated that I feel bad to have to insist but yet there's nothing else I can do since I'm unable to enjoy the game when there's indeed an empty useless instance of that Prototype Financial district. I can not stress it enough when I say that I apologize for being insistent but neither can stay quiet when I have the chance to come to the forums and try to notify the staff about our difficulties to play the game. Just for the note, these are the first messages where I tagged LO staff and they said they'll be looking into it and later I made a thread where MattScott dropped by to say they're working on it too, I mean, its been like this since a while but guess I'm the only one who cares. Not upset at all but just a little bit annoying to have to be that guy that complains about something... regards!
  4. I beg to insist, please @MattScott, @Lixil or @Selali (no sure who to ask), shut down that Prototype Financial district and open a second instance for Financial if that's possible. I'm sorry for being so insistent if this is bothering in any way and any help or attention on this issue is in advance very appreciated. Thanks.-
  5. Anyone from LO around to clarify if that's the reason? I mean Citadel/Jericho hardware relocation and such. Sorry for being so insistent, I really apologize because I feel I am bothering with this, but since everyone at LO are so kind and communicative I thought would be fine to post about this issue to get some answers. Thanks again, regards.
  6. Well, that's my average latency so now you know why I spent more time in Social District than playing the game along all this years, lol. But I feel you man, I get randomly routed through Europe some times and my regular ~150ms raises up to +220ms, it has to do with the IPX and how companies decide to handle routing to avoid extra fees from third-party companies carrying their connections, or something like that.
  7. At first I thought this was on purpose due to the holiday event so that they decided to prioritize Citadel servers and it would totally make sense to me. I wouldn't be against it if that's the case indeed but we were told that they are working on this so I trust Matt Scott, I don't think he would doubt in communicate to us what's going on.
  8. I'm sorry for creating a new thread for the same issue but we are in the middle of the weekend and during peak hours in Jericho there are no additional district instances to play while both Financial and Waterfront are full. Could you guys at LO please do something like maybe shutting down the prototype district or such till this gets fixed? Thanks in advance for your time to take a look at this @Lixil, @Selali, @MattScott and anyone else at LO. Also I get ~150ms in Financial (which is normal to me) while Waterfront is giving me 200ms to 220ms and very unstable peaks above 300ms if there's any clue of why this is happening. Wish you happy holidays to everyone! Kindest regards, Sal.
  9. Well, +180ms is almost a quarter of a second, in a game with TTK values around 0.65 sec even 150ms is a lot and could end up making your chances to get a kill needing up to +1 more shot or so with any average auto/semi-auto weapon. From the southern countries of America getting relative decent values due to distance from the server would be anything around 150ms, there's an issue where many people gets +200ms to 220ms in Waterfront or Financial depending the day of the week and that might be due to N.Y. or L.A. server rotation I guess. If anything, 180ms is the average latency for South American players in Jericho. The point is, from 15ms to 60ms you'll be able to play as it is meant to be played, 90ms is the tresshold to start feeling the latency, and above 120ms is an undeniable disadvantage when the reaction time to open fire on engage is like half of that, 150ms is indeed the limit for many games whit capped latency and auto-kick measures in place. In games where latency is 15ms to 50ms as much my personal limit is anything below 90ms, if I choose to play a game where minimum possible latency is 150ms but there's lag above 180ms is noticeably more stressing while 200ms is plain absurd to even try. Personally I got used to an average of 155ms to 165ms while back in the day I used to play with 140ms till DDoS mitigation and stuff happened. That's my personal experience that I wanted to share.
  10. I know and is understandable, don't take me wrong I'm not complaining, I appreciate it. But is just a reasonable thought I had in these regards. Cheers.
  11. This makes me think that maybe the current staff + spct barely gather half of the district population when they need to test stuff like this...or at least if they are in a hurry and can't schedule with enough anticipation to get everyone on.
  12. +1 I'm concerned that I was told a couple of times that they are working on this issue and, sad to say, I have the feeling like we might be being misinformed, I'll hold my hope that it is just a technical issue that is being worked on, but if the case is that this was configured this way on purpose, either to provide Citadel with enough districts due to the holiday event, or for any other possible reason, I wish we could get informed with the same transparency that MattScott and the team have been keeping us in the loop for almost everything else. Edit / Update: It looks like they shut down the prototype district and opened a second instance for Financial district. In my opinion that's more than fine. Thanks though. Edit / Update 2: It seems that was temporary and now we are at peak hour on Jericho facing the same issue. Regards.
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