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  1. I think I might want to try the game again if they could remove this game mode, is way too discouraging to read all the detailed feedback that other players were providing, and these actually match with what I was thinking about this, just the "riot" logo with that 90s graffiti style is so ugly that made me feel like I'm going to play a player-made mod or something. Just when you think there couldn't be anything else in this game that could be broken...they break the lore and added senseless elements to back a game mode that doesn't even match the title itself. Everything looks like its been designed and created by players and not actual developers imo. I wonder if we could have new missions designed in a way that actually improves the game as it is instead of trying strange things that might like to a few and dislike to a bunch.
  2. The only solution I've found to solve these issues was completely stopping playing...again. I don't know, just watch yourself and refrain from hackusating too much, you know how the "community" takes these and now they are at the other side of the game too, so they can be more intimidating now if they whisper you in-game. Anyways, being respectful and constructive doesn't seems to make any difference at all since I consider I received an unfair and even harsh treatment when I tried to rise my concerns in regards of what you are pointing out here, I feel like it is more important to protect the "GMs" from complains than protecting the regular players from the stuff that actually give us reasons to complain...this made me feel like they are just recruiting the favorite players from any popular social networks out there or following a list that a particular horses enthusiast may handled to them before leaving, idk. I had great expectations regarding kindness and willingness from the new management to bring back every player that would've want to take part of this community again, but facts are definitely telling me that the vision of a "community" around here is a concept where only a particular group of players matters while the rest of the player base is not even bothering on trying to interact around here anymore because of all these issues and the null or even negative responses we get. I always get nostalgic when I google that "cheaters amnesty" article by former G1 CEO Björn Book-Larsson.
  3. They might have the power to piss other players off more than they already do as regular players...even when they might look like doing everything correctly and pretending they do it to "help"...
  4. This pictures pretty clear what was happening with Tiggs in command in the last months of the Reloaded Inc, era:



  5. Never Give Up.

  6. Looking for Ellix (former forums name) to ask him/her if is planning to repost this one: 


    1. Dopefish


      Already asked him, and he is going to do so, but he'll be updating it and making a new post, so it will probably take a while 🙂

    2. Salvick


      Nice! Sent a PM too, now I know, ty!

  7. "Some people have the will of making others feel great, these put their energy on helping others and doing everything to make people around them feel good and never feel uncomfortable, while some others just feed themselves from trying to make others feel miserable and humiliated."


    What side are you on?


  8. You rock!

    And the new forum is great.

    1. Lixil


      Thank you so much!


      i hope you have fun here! Let me know if there is any issues!

    2. Salvick


      Sure I will, thanks.


      Already posted in the suggestions section that I was unable to preview my topic before I post it which I usually loved to do especially if I'm formatting text and adding links or images. Hope you take a look in case this can be done.  ^__~

    3. Salvick


      Oh, and you know what. I had an issue with using [ spoilers ] where these just got stacked one inside of another but I can't figure out how to fix it since when I enter the edit mode I can't even select text inside these spoilers nor even move them out.


      Any clue on this?

  9. Feeling fresh, looking to set up my signature...


    1. Salvick


      Done. It was tricky at first, but it is simple at the end.

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