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  1. The very first post I re-posted here in the new forums is a very old suggestion I made in these regards, is very sketchy and totally unprofessional since I'm just a player, but if by any means my two cents provides any sort of contribution, it is at least a perspective of a player so let me humbly invite you to take a look if you want: /suspect and /report system improvements and innovations Anyways, if there's going to be a priority system, please bear in mind that usually the "newbies" are the favorite victims of some cheaters who believe they can go full blatant on these newbies because nobody is going to hear their hackusations. Also be aware that many cheats in other games allow players to spot "invisible" admins on their radars to toggle off as same that as long as you ban a single cheater smurfing with a dummy cheating account to test how long they take to detect him, the rest of them will be extremely harder to detect since they just set the threshold to avoid being detected, but I think you have a great team who is way beyond anything I could suggest tbh, nevermind lol. Presence of admins in online games seems to be a lost culture, maybe as a result of the companies managing online communities in a more impersonal way or maybe there are some policies about the staff interacting with the customers that every company is following, I honestly don't know, but here on APB the case was extremely secretive to the point where GMs where just a myth. I think is plenty of examples of games where you can't have any online moderation, no live report system and not even able to browse a comprehensive list of servers and available players with ping and stat values to pick the better technical conditions and social environment to interact with people you like without issues. Back in the days when I started playing online games, the admins where part of us, everyone respected them and they were friendly and accessible with everyone around without need to hide unless it was to spectate or do any other tasks related with their duties that required to go undercover of course. It is in Spanish and could be translated as "Saint Stop" but although the literal translation of the word "Paro" is "Stop", actually in Spain only, and not in the rest of the Hispanic countries in America, "paro" is used to refer to when you are unemployed, as you guys already found in the dictionaries, while in South America "paro" is used to refer to when workers go on a strike. I'm leaned to think this case should be considered the way they use the word in Spain. Isn't something about unemployment and stuff like that leading the city to crime and chaos mentioned in the lore somewhere?
  2. as an old player i think you’re an idiot who writes barely legible posts and isn’t worth trying to communicate with That's correct except for the "idiot" thingy, is just a language barrier but we couldn't tell if he is actually someone interesting to talk with due to this. This sentence is pretty clear indeed, and I partially agree. Yet it seems he is catering to a handful of players who happen to like ...[insert a few names you want here] As always happened on APB. Wish the new management would be a bit more autonomous on their decisions instead of apologizing so much so often with us. When was that APB player base became the ones who tells the game producers how to designs their game?
  3. Sounds like the definitive solution to dethreating and unbalanced matchmaking, although I hope we still have the option to browse the full servers list and join any instance we want in order to arrange our meetings with other players, friends and clans.
  4. That thumbnail is just from an old blogspot, I think the link to the blogspot they shared in the Fb page just gathered a pic from what might be the most relevant post from the whole blog? I'm just guessing...
  5. Honestly I think there's some inoffensive griefing that we can do as part of the game, like when I see a stunned crim and I drive my car over him to avoid the enforcer arresting him, I did that a few times I had a chance since I see it as part of my "criminal" spirit and part of the game, but I wouldn't put any effort on it since is not intentionally griefing, Then you have some situations where you see players doing their mission and you are just passing by as the "random factor" that could twist their match results completely, same as it happened to me plenty of times so I consider it part of the game, probably what customer support tried to point out I guess. Honestly I really enjoy when a big dump truck or those bullies SUV/Soccer mom van drivers randomly wastes everything around even if it wastes my mission, because I feel a city like San Paro would be really chaotic and plenty of random dangerous situations to sort out. Then, when they kick a player from the mission just to have him on Discord "ghosting" the mission or simply blocking task targets, that's what I'd actually call "griefing" and would expect the game management to strongly enforce the rules against such situations. But also I really enjoy these random car fights we all have every day till I'm on a mission so I just kindly warn the griefer and if he keeps doing it then I consider the option of recording to report if needed. Note for support staff: ghosting is when you are not part of a mission but you are actively interacting with its players and objectives to help a team or block their opposition from accomplishing their objectives.
  6. Here sending positive vibes to everyone at LO, keep it up thanks!
  7. There's another vpn for gaming called like 'zapper'-something, can't recall but google it and give it a try if you really need it. It allowed me to play APB when I was in a place with a proxy that was blocking me from login in the game and this vpn bypassed it so I can say it works, not sure now with LO since didn't need it again luckily. Actually I liked your comment though. Well said, personally I ask myself if its delusional to think the game wasn't about to shut down with G1 not giving a single f to even say good bye.
  8. Salvick

    Server lag update

    I noticed stable latency values never seen by me since 2012/2013 in my beginnings playing, the improvement is noticeable, although latency in Financial district when it went full was higher, but other than that everything seems to work great. Good job!
  9. Salvick

    New Symbol Policy Question

    You should try contacting support, for what I've seen in the past wouldn't be a strange issue for some of them: Sauce
  10. I've been bothering a few forum mods occasionally and they replied nicely but would be unfair to compare with the former forum volunteers because I never had to send a message to them that I could remember. But idk why when we say something good about the new staff sounds like implying the old staff was bad...this forums these days makes me feel we have to clarify everything...
  11. Salvick

    Will APB end?

    Really? I mean, you are new so we are already getting new players, which contradicts your statement...
  12. Salvick

    Apologies for issues today

    I think that speculating about "who" is behind this only feeds the troll doing it, I bet the guy reading this comments must be licking his cheek every time we say anything about this, but at the end the DDoS attacks are harming the community more than anything, so it looks like it is someone who really hates the community or a part of it. That would make sense considering how far our beloved players, particularly some of the top ones, can go with their bullying and authoritarianism towards other players. These players, same as the DDoSers, truly act and talk as if they were the owners of the game with authority over any other player who is not on their level or part of their group, so I think it makes more sense to think the attacks are aimed to such people and not to the company. Although I always had this paranoid of thinking behind APB cheats and other attacks is someone with deep access to the game code, someone close to the developers or someone who was part of them, not even saying it is a programmer, it obviously is someone with a lot of free time and unable to do anything productive with his life. But I'm more leaned to think is just a banned group of players, I think of a group of scammers or account thieves, these are the worst kind, with a criminal mindset and a computer to remain anonymous, wouldn't surprise me the same people involved in shady real money trades (not the ones helping their friends trading purchases for ingame stuff), scams and account stealing and keylogger sniping are the ones with easier access to resources to just click and pay for DDoS attacks. And yes, I keep doing the TLDR thing... *shrugs*
  13. Couldn't say it better, thanks to put in words the thoughts of many of us around here. Also this ^ ...and this ^ Hey, it seems we are getting closer to the point where we all agree, there are hopes...
  14. Indeed these kids causing drama, they are really that delusional to think any of them will stop Lixil from playing the game with these guys they hate so much, while actually they only got her hiding anonymously from everyone while naturally she will keep playing the game privately with whoever she feels comfortable with to enjoy her free time. But I'd let them swallow their silly tiny victory, there's so much for us to enjoy coming up and they just can't enjoy anything at all, no matter how nice it is.
  15. idk guys, we all know how easy is to check these IPs on these forum members who seems they created their account to discuss only about this... and people who keeps saying all the bad things that happened, happens and are going to keep happening, if any of you could say something constructive just once to bring your point of view...but no is not because you can't, is just that you don't want to. And thanks guys that finally someone said it clearly: