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  1. I played during RTW and after G1 took over. I've spent countless amounts of money on this game because I thoroughly enjoyed it. Me being cheap when it comes to this game is the most outrageous lie I've ever been accused of. I've watched this game go from a diamond in the rough to a pile of rubbish at the hands of lazy and rude community managers and lack of intelligent employees. I understand how new players feel because over the years I've tried countless times to have friends enjoy this game with me and every time it's the same answers as to why they never stick around more than an hour. "Premium is too expensive, guns aren't permanent unless you pay for them, everything is locked and what I can unlock isn't even good" I could care less if some noob gets a clothing pack or jeep for free, and if makes them stick around and have a higher potential of spending money, that is by FAR a better marketing and business decision than it is to lock it behind a paywall and have a player retain 1 hour of gameplay only to quit without a sale. the argument of "I spent money on this! other people should too!" is ridiculous.
  2. I guarantee you my account has more money spent on G1C. with that being said, free to plays should be less restricted across the board. just because some noob has a font pack or a pair of shorts you paid for doesn't mean G1 will sink, you're delusional.
  3. again, at what point did anyone say that they would also remove the transactions and premium completely? you guys are so butt hurt someone may get content that you had to pay for that you're so defensive you jump to the conclusion that EVERYONE GETS EVERYTHING FOR FREE NOW?!! get real.
  4. at what point did anyone say they were removing premium or the transactions at all? stop being stupid and upset you spent money. being less restrictive with old content on a barely living game is a GOOD business decision.
  5. exactly. if you ask me you shouldn't stop at customization, it should be way less restricted across the board for new/casual/F2P players. this game is old anyway. does it really make sense to lock old content behind a paywall when player population has been down more than 75% in the last 5 years? anyone who votes no is just mad they spent money on it while it had a price tag anyway, most likely suffer from some superiority complex if other players got the same thing for free.
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