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  1. Is there any plan to help "ease" in new players and make the experience better, especially when so much of the playerbase are highly skilled veterans? Most people I introduce to the game leave because of constantly not only losing missions, but being absolutely massacred by veteran players.
  2. I think I would actually go feral if a jacket tied around the waist styled option was added. I added one to a model I ripped yeeeaaars ago and despite the art style difference, I thought it fit pretty decently! Keep it short enough and the lack of physics wouldn't be much of a problem. Can't think of much else I'd want aside from this, except a version of the male hoodie with the hood down that isn't the ARMAS one in an entirely different style.
  3. Oh boy, time for more crazy unnecessary shotgun changes! Remember when G1 practically gutted all the shotguns and well had to readjust and now we're kind of - sort of (not really) used to them now? When a weapon class even slightly drops in fidelity, no one will use them except for people memeing and maybe newbies and / or dedicated players to that weapon type.. We've seen this happen before lol.
  4. afaik the ddos'ers are insanely dedicated, for some goddamn reason
  5. how many times do i gotta tell ya that the hamsters are fine, the ddos is not
  6. Noo, I mean the orange pumpkins in Asylum! The purple ones were in the action districts. Asylum usually had pumpkins that gave like $3 when you shot them and not much else, might've been a role or something? They've been in every year :c
  7. NGL I'm very upset the laughing pumpkins aren't in asylum that make funny noises when you shoot them. That's happened every year! Where are the pumpkins?
  8. Jesus guys, now we're complaining about interesting mechanics that have been here since day one? I always liked how if you did too well, you became a target for the other side - but you also get double the cash and standing you usually do. I've had tons of missions improved by the system - the other day I had a VIP we couldn't kill, then she got hit by a random car and it gave us the chance to start slowly chipping away at her lives. Everybody had a good laugh about it, and we still just barely won. Some of y'all really need to get that competitive stick out of your asses Only valid complaint I saw above was the team kill aspect of it and adding to the red names during missions - just give players outside your mission another color, preferably a color-blind friendly option, if they can harm you.
  9. hmmmm.... here's a suggestion... how about instead of adding unnecessary mechanics to slow down the game and make it less responsive and more difficult.... we fix the fucking problem instead (whatever the hell it is all i see here is people screaming at eachother)
  10. ...Except I don't want to give full customization for free...? Only increase it just a little bit for free players?
  11. Thank you for your thoughtful response. I completely said that I wanted to give everybody premium status customization for free instead of expanding it just a little bit, totally, thank you for pointing this out.
  12. ...I'm pretty sure clothing customization got changed from 5 symbols to 3 at some point, just sayinh.
  13. Wouldn't throwing the free players a little bit of a bone actually encourage then a little more to get premium...? Even with expanded free limits, I'd still buy premium because I for sure have outfits or cars I couldn't have made without the 100 layer limit or 50 symbol limit. I've actually had friends look at the current limits and think the game is just trying to force them to spend money on it and refuse to do so. If they could make more detailed but basic things with symbols, they may be more inclined to actually buy premium just to make what they want a little better with a little more freedom.
  14. I personally think that one of APB's main points of attraction is the ridiculous amount of customization you can do to your clothes, characters, and vehicles. One issue I have with this is just how limited it is for players who don't buy premium, only being able to place 3 symbols on clothing and being limited to 25 layers in the symbol editor; I actually think at one point free players were able to put at least 5 symbols on clothing but this was changed for some reason. I understand that it is this way to encourage sales of Premium, and while I do think it is very worthwhile considering all the other benefits, I do think we shouldn't limit free players as much as we currently do. I think it'd be nice to do these changes for free players; Increase the clothing symbol limit to 15 or 25 Increase the layer limit to 50 Increase the car symbol limit to 14 or 25 Increase the tattoo limit to 15 or 25
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