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Found 21 results

  1. I am doing this because i want to see the number of people who de-threat. Your choice will be public but your name will not be shared after you complete the poll. My intention is not to trigger a negative discussion, but rather to warn people that this is going to have a impact now that the TOS, etc are being updated, which makes de-threaters in danger Also, this is for a research i am doing, i know that the matchmaking and other stuff will be updated soon, which means threats might no longer exist, or probably they might, still, things will be changed. I apoligise if this poll or dicussion has already been posted / discussed.
  2. Okay, so this is the last one before the the grande finale. Allthough there will be a issue with the final poll, is that it's going to be pretty unfair. Having a bishada next to a calabria, in the same poll... But i prefered doind one last poll, and even for the sake of knowing wich is the best starter car. I've also added some NPC cars, just for the fun of it. oh and please don't be rude about cars in a video games, it's just sad to see people get mad beacause of that.
  3. Last year I made one of these polls questioning if LO will release UE 3.5 before Cyberpunk 2077 (April 16th 2020). Since that is obviously not going to happen, shall we take another guess? Will LO get EU servers back up before Cyberpunk 2077 release? Guess away! I know what I'm voting for!
  4. It is good? What is your opinion? Any news for anyone using a lousy computer? What actually changed? How are the loadings? I haven't played yet.
  5. Which was better, the old or newer system, or a revamp? Or what would you improve on the current/old system? What does the community want/think of it.
  6. The first one worked pretty well, were i listed the most popular cars (sorry pioneer) So i'm making a V2 of this one, where i will be listing the other cars that weren't in the first one For the case of the Han Veo, i've only put the Coywolf just beacause it's a better version of the stock Han Veo, wich i did a mistake on the first one with the stock vegas and the 4x4 I also didn't had engouth space to put the bad ones (i love the calabria too no worries) Thanks everyone for voting! And if you haven't already voted in the first one, you can do it here :
  7. APB Reloaded is broken even worse after the balance patch. I feel it should be reverted until finalization on OTW test has been done. (after the patch was rushed) IR3 +9m to +7.5m instant change was not notified that it was live. I got confused of the change. Supposedly it was suppose to be only live on test servers + the shotgun range nerf. IR3 preslotted mods have ruined my preslotted weapons.
  8. Heya, A question came to mind, which faction would be more appreciated by the average forum user? Note that in the vote there is a distinction behind the reasoning for picking which doesn't have to be clarified if you are unsure as to why you prefer a faction, or disagree with the specifications I gave for it. Please note the option both is not offered, seen as my interest only goes to players who see reason to dedicate to one faction. Its kind of like: If you had to pick, and you'd be able to, its black or white. I feel like people would easily pick both seen as most actually play on both sides, I am interested in the strongest preference here, hence the lack of the option to pick both. Kind regards, Slickmund
  9. Hello LO team and all APB's community! I was thinking about the scenario that is getting more serious as the time passes, the APB population is decreasing a lot. It is so sad to see. I'm an almost everyday player, but there are days that I want so much to play and there is simply almost no one to play, and I'm not talking about late hours, I'm talking about the middle of the day, and we are in a quarentine. My suggestion would be to leave a permanent APB 2.1 BETA server online for us to play. Why am I suggesting this? I really believe that people are so bored of the current APB because all of its problems and mainly there is nothing really new to do ingame for years. For example, I (aswell as many "old" players) have already a criminal and an enforcer character at level 255 for years (more than 3 in my case), and almost all weapons of the game. We need something to motivate us to play, and there is almost nothing in the current APB that can do it. On the contrary, it is making more and more people give up it and go play another game. Even with the unfinished and with probably still many problems, the past BETA test servers attracted so many people to play on. That being said, leaving a server for us "APB enthusiasts" would be something to motivate us to play it at least a little; The Pros and Cons about this in my point o view: Pros: - Something different to try and get to know more the new changes, many APB players didn't have the opportunity to play on the past BETA test servers; - More constant feedback since it would be like a 24/7 test server to collect and analyze data; - Enjoy the new beautiful graphics of the new BETA(for those who have a PC that can enjoy it); - Improve the gameplay of the people that noticed performances improvement with the new engine; ... more things that I can't think of right now ... Cons: - Handle the complaints/feedback of the problems of a still work-in-progress that APB 2.1 BETA is; - Maintain the infraestructure needed to keep online this new server alongside the default one; - All the players' progresses and achviements would not count; - Make it more difficult to play for the people that had problems with the new engine(based on the last BETA feedbacks); - Decrease even more the live APB population; ... more things that people will probably point out in the comments ... If you can please leave your comment below with your Pros and Cons about this, and what you think we could do to help increase APB population and make the game more enjoyable for the ones that like it and still insist want to play.
  10. I'm curious as to the community opinion on the subject, as I am personally quite annoyed with the mechanic. If you aren't sure, here is my personal definition of crouchspamming: Crouching and standing up rapidly behind some sort of cover, typically while using a sniper rifle, to attempt to abuse hitbox lag or to render yourself nearly impossible to hit otherwise. This is a bit of a headache mechanic. As it stands crouchspamming might be seen as a "skill" like jumpshotting. Though this "skill" is technically the abuse of a bug or an unintended mechanic and often provides users of this mechanic with an unfair advantage over those who do not use/abuse it. Adding onto the annoyances of this "tactic" is that APB has no cooldown on crouching nor is your bloom affected by crouching, so a precision weapon like sniper rifles and rifles will find themselves extremely powerful using this mechanic. In addition, there is virtually no indication that the person using this "tactic" is about to stand up or crouch, so unless you are extremely skilled in instant pattern recognition and can sync your shots to the person crouching up and down (Which, while possible, is probably not easy) you will find the person in question essentially impossible to hit even if you were both using the same type of weapon. So, what should we do? I'd personally propose making crouching/uncrouching cause your aim to bloom for a moment so that, while possible to pop out and shoot, you need to commit to standing for a moment to actually shoot with full accuracy. I wouldn't have it be very long, just for a second or two. That's more than enough for anyone engaged in a serious sniper duel to be able to retaliate. I'd also be interested in hearing community solutions to this problem, or "problem" depending on your opinion.
  11. I'm pretty sure some of you are tired of theses polls, but i had to make 4 beacause there's a limit in polls. Allright, this is the last and final poll, to see wich is the best car in APB. Now, i've took the best cars from the 3 polls, even if there's a calabria and a pioneer in the same poll. I know it's unfair, but not putting them would be stupid. I would like to say thanks to everyone who voted and participated in theses polls, and i'm sorry for the few mistakes i've made trough theses many polls. Please read - I've put the IO Growl, Bishada Rapier and Patriot Jericho beacause they were realy close to eachother. - The Patriot Vegas is obviously the 4x4, wich i didn't precise in the old poll. I'm sorry for that. - I've also put the Benz Mhuller M1 beacause alot of people seemed to like it alot, and from 2 votes away with the Kolva, why not. same deal for the Balkan Varzuga - You can vote for more than one, i'm trying to balance the "unfairness" - If your favorite car isn't here, it's beacause it didn't won in the last polls. I took the results from the 29/06/2018. It's possible that it changes with time. - If you still want to vote in the last polls, you can do it here : And i would like to finish this by saying thank you to everyone that voted and commented. Even the ones who got mad for no reasons, i realy apreciate it. except for the ones who get realy mad for this lmao I won't be bothering you anymore with all of theses votes anymore ^^
  12. Hi, I want to open up a discussion on the NFAS 'True Ogre'. This variant features the Double-Drum Mag: +200% magazine size +100% stored ammo +31% fire rate +60% reload time adds a 0.59s delay before firing moderately increases recoil Talking from my own experience, I claim that the True Ogre is too strong in its current state. Every close-quarter encounter against a True Ogre user so far ended up with the enemy being the winner. The buffed fire rate from the magazine mod reduces the TTK by too much. No weapon I have tried so far could beat it in a 1v1, it was moving me down too fast - I feel like I am always dying instantly against it without having the chance to react to it. Yeah, it has a delay before firing, but finding cover for 0.6secs for it to charge up is alot easier than to deal with a charged-up True Ogre, you know what I mean? These 0,6secs almost feel non-existent. Now this is from my own experience and it is certainly biased. Maybe the enemy was just too good, maybe I was just too bad (git gud at this point huh). Maybe I just had a bad day. Maybe I have killed many NFAS users before without remembering. There are many variables that may come into play. However, this is why I am askin you about your experience. Perhaps you don't feel the same about it and it's just me. The more stats and opinions I can gather, the better the picture on the NFAS-12 'True Ogre'. Leave a comment on it and take part in the poll.
  13. What are your thoughts on the current situation of the vehicles' stats. It seems that the Vegas dominates all other cars in 99% of cases, which leaves no reason for you to buy any other car, even ones that of the same price tier as the Vegas.
  14. Power creep refers to the practice of applying a higher-than-normal power level to new content over time. It basically means if you drew a graph of the average power level of everything in the game over time, it would be sloping upward. The opposite of sloping upward is sloping downward. While there is no term for power 'regression' it is mainly due to the overwhelming opinion that it would, by and large, only anger and frustrate the players. In this game, the answer to what was becoming a steady trend of power creep, was the bullet curves system and when it was implemented seemed to be received highly negatively. Although everyone seems to agree that balance is an issue that needs addressing, nobody seems to agree on how it ought to be done on a weapon by weapon basis. Multiple discussions (read: arguments, fights, and other volatile interactions, as this topic is HIGHLY debated and leads to more than a few people become extremely heated) recently have made it apparent that there is a large portion of players that find more than 'just a few' weapons have no place in the game as their purpose is filled more capably by the current META, thus leaving many to already feel as though their $ was wasted, or their time/effort spent to earn the JT and buy the weapon in game was wasted, leaving a bitter taste in their mouth and furthering the discontent that seems to be rife within the playerbase among both new players and veterans. This poll is simple: The idea is that balance is achieved when the power levels of all implemented weapons are more or less 'standardized' across the whole of the game and are made competitive and fair for F2P and Premium players, veterans and new players -- that 'balance' has been achieved when the only advantage in the game is had on an experience level, skill level, map knowledge level etc. and is not dependent upon the gun you are using, bringing ALL guns to a place where they are competitive, enjoyable to use, and capable of standing against the current META (most effective tactic available.)... TL;DR people are unhappy with how guns are currently, but also seem unhappy with how the guns are being adjusted, so instead of having LO waste their time which could be better spent on more important content development/game fixes and updates (like the engine) by implementing changes, and then repeatedly rolling them back, let's help them figure out what kind of changes OVERALL we, as the playerbase, want to see in the guns. There are two straightforward options that will most effectively achieve balance across the board and should (conceivably, fingers crossed) satisfactorily apply a literal baseline to build towards in the future, as trying to adjust each weapon individually with no 'baseline' to compare to, no standard to measure against, is simply that -- adjustment, not balance. 1: Buff the sub-meta to be comparable and competitive with the current meta. 2: Nerf the current meta to be comparable and competitive with the sub-meta. Important Edit!: Buffing/nerfing is by no means generalizing all the guns. It is intended to mean adjusting the guns niches, and their balancing factors, to be more competetive with each other in relation to the environment. The meta is currently capable of reaching well beyond/extending far beyond its intended niche, while the sub-meta is far too specialized/has too strong of balancing factors for the niche it fills. This is something I likely should have stated, but for some reason to me it felt it should have been taken as a given that this was the intention and not that I was suggesting we generalize all the guns/remove the rock-paper-scissors style of gameplay that APB has always enjoyed. Balance is only achieved when one of these two is achieved, and fiddling with all of the guns weapon by weapon has so far only served to polarize (to the extreme) the community and damage the game's longevity. Please stick to the topic at hand -- this thread is not intended to discuss what the current META is, or anything at all beyond how to most effectively achieve weapon balance across all weapons and make the game fairer, more playable, and more enjoyable across the board. This thread is not to discuss individual weapons and how to balance them either. It is very specifically to get the playerbase's thoughts and feelings on whether or not balance should be scaled upwards, or downwards, so that the dev team can have a goal to aim for that will be represented as the desires and preference of the playerbase. If you do not vote you are opting out of your chance to be heard and make a difference and thereby cannot blame anyone but yourself if changes are implemented you do not like. In the spirit of maintaining the constructive intention and purpose of this thread, I would ask that any forum moderators please delete any posts that they feel are solely inflammatory and do not lend towards a civil, useful discourse.
  15. I would like to gather some ideas for the possibility of making factions matter in game. Feel free to add suggestions! (Please don't fight though... these are just suggestions not ultimatums. There are no wrong answers.) It may or may not be a focus but, might as well have a list for reference. Here are some that I like the idea of.
  16. I'm making this little pool to see wich car people like the most, and i guess if you guys want me to do a second one for the others cars ( i couldn't add more ) if this works, i'll probably make a grande finale to see what is the best car in APB.
  17. Sorry if this subject has been adressed already. You may only choose 1 weapon
  18. I personally think that one of APB's main points of attraction is the ridiculous amount of customization you can do to your clothes, characters, and vehicles. One issue I have with this is just how limited it is for players who don't buy premium, only being able to place 3 symbols on clothing and being limited to 25 layers in the symbol editor; I actually think at one point free players were able to put at least 5 symbols on clothing but this was changed for some reason. I understand that it is this way to encourage sales of Premium, and while I do think it is very worthwhile considering all the other benefits, I do think we shouldn't limit free players as much as we currently do. I think it'd be nice to do these changes for free players; Increase the clothing symbol limit to 15 or 25 Increase the layer limit to 50 Increase the car symbol limit to 14 or 25 Increase the tattoo limit to 15 or 25
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