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  1. Slickmund

    Trash talks

    Toxicity in games can be problematic, as they can limit the targetted audience from a broad scale to, well a good comparison would be the average Rust player. People are right to say you gotta grow a thick skin if you go onto the internet, otherwise you'll just end up having a bad time and feeding those who take joy in making others miserable in such ways. That said, theres nothing wrong with taking a firm stance against over the top toxic behaviour as a company, neither as community. When I see someone being explicitely toxic in district chat, I start mocking them in often enough, clever ways that will infuriate them or bore them to death. Naturally not everyone is able to do this or even wants to do this, but if everyone does a bit, it gets better bit by bit. In other words, letting it slip entirely doesn't help either, quite the opposite. People will be dicks if they want to be, couldnt be more incorrect. People will be dicks if other people let them, which happens quite a lot.
  2. Slickmund

    Apb custom crosshair argument

    IF custom crosshairs can do that, then yes. I have yet to see a crosshair that highlights like the in game one does. Lighting up whilst running? If you run at a corner and aim at it, and if someones right behind that corner, you will still see the "obstructed" icon appear I believe. I am not 100% sure on it showing up whilst running, I am 100% sure on it working whilst walking and marksmanship mode however. I often use that to spot cornercampers which are too eager to shoot or trying to look as far around the corner as they can. However, if what I said before is not true, and the UI has no way of showing reticle feedback whilst running, then an overlay can't do this either, it will only be able to adept to in game color changes at the most, if possible at all. Any crosshair that can show more than the current in game UI has some form of hack behind it as well. A permanent crosshair whilst running is hardly an advantage in this game where there is no sway compared to weapon position. Like I mentioned before any good shooter focusses on the center of his screen rather than a crosshair because the crosshair is in shifting over the background youre trying to look at. Hence good CSGO players can even perform well without a crosshair (though he mightve used an overlay crosshair or something on stuck on his screen as well, but that is besides the point, no scoping is a thing even without cheating around the actual 'no-scope' part). To be honest I am against adding any non-intended function, overlay or anything to any game, unless it's obvious missing features that arent ingame performance enhancing like autowalk in some games for an instance. However with that in mind, unless the added UI features can show more than the in game UI (which to my knowledge they can't), they aren't advantageous to use. Atleast not to a skilled player, and I don't mean to say 'git gut' with that, not at all. But anything like the crosshair used in the OP's video, is a disadvantage in terms of use, besides adding comfort to the player and ease of use. Which is why I am not completely against it, though I'd rather see more in game options to comfort the needy than these types of resorts. But saying it is advantageous to use is blatantly put, absolute malarkey. Maybe to a new player which has trouble using the UI, but not the experienced player.
  3. Slickmund

    Apb custom crosshair argument

    I do not use any custom settings or crosshairs in any game I play besides CSGO. CSGO is meant to have customizable crosshairs anyways and since the vanilla one's are just so poor really, I started using a proper one (small open cross). Does it provide an adavantage? No not even in CSGO, in terms of dynamic crosshairs your choice is limited, which will indicate how to time your recoil adjustments and walking directions for increased accuracy. However in CSGO dynamic crosshairs (ones that show the state of accuracy) are pretty much not in use because people rather learn the timing and other indicators of accuracy and recoil than having a distracting moving reticle in their screens. The same can be said for APB. I am pretty confident I would prefer a static crosshair as well, I hope they will add this feature. Does it add an advantage? No it doesn't. It can't. It comes down to preference. Unless overlays can somehow hide the current APB crosshair, which isn't possible as far as I am aware, there is no possible gain from it besides being able to play better due to comfort. The only advantage you can gain from crosshair customization is more visibility, making it easier to track your crosshair (Of which the use is very limited seen as an experienced shooter focusses on the center of his screen rather than the crosshair itself), and in case you can make the crosshair smaller or lower its opacity, less obstruction in terms of sight. All the custom crosshairs I have seen so far are drawn on top of the APB crosshair, being more of a disadvantage than an advantage as it obstructs your view quite a bit. In APB, feedback from the crosshair itself is more important than being able to center on your target well (seen as you can shoot the air right above someone's haircut to deal damage), custom crosshairs don't add to that, they obstruct this feedback. Like I mentioned before I would love a static crosshair, not that I have issues with the current one at all, it's just preference. As of yet, custom crosshairs I deem a disadvantage because of view obstruction and crosshair feedback obstruction. I cannot think of any advantage to it and I would honestly advice against using them if you want to perform well in APB given you have decent tracking and do not suffer from any visual handicaps like colorblindness. Shader and other game customization beyond whats planned to be added by the current developers can not be justified besides boosting PC perfomance.
  4. I am not saying that system back then was not better than it is now. I am saying that system wont work the same way with the game being a different type of beast by now. Also, I am pointing out that you played the game in an early stage which is nearly always more pure in terms of toxic behaviour like noobstomping, those are symptoms that develop over time. The threat segregation was implemented poorly, that has been clear to me for a long time now. It is next to impossible to stay green for more than 1 or 2 missions as long as you have your hand on your mouse and keyboard and aren't just driving over town being lost, making the threat level obsolete. Which should be the threat level at which new players can experiment and learn at their own pace. The leap from Bronze to Silver is huge because for a new player, since most players are bronze if not higher, making it so that having silver players in a bronze district is not great in terms of balancing. As you turn silver youre left with a choice, playing up, or down. Playing up is a real challenge, playing down is easy grinding. Grinding is a big part of this game, so ye, most are going to play down when given the choice. I reckon there's a list of solution I can't even think of to help improve matchmaking, however I do strongly believe hard threat locking are a must at some point. Having mixed districts besides that to give players the choice to really play up, and learn from that and hopefully their opponents, would be lovely as well. Im pretty confident you will see the nice skilled players show up in the mixed districts, and the motivated newer players which are very eager to play up and learn as well. On a different note, implementation of a feedback system for players would be great as well. For an instance, in CSGO, you can judge someones gameplay during or after you play them, things like: Friendly, was fun to play with. Or helpfull, this player was informative. But also the good ol frowny face. People like 'likes' and those types of systems reward good behaviour. Where-as in APB noob stomping is rewarding in terms of grinding. Purifying a toxic playerbase takes more than just a matchmaking system you know.
  5. There's nothing wrong with being realistic, and you are right to state the server issues were handled a bit oddly if you ask me. On the other hand, I atleast have no idea of how big of a company we are dealing with here and how resourcefull they are in terms of dealing with these types of scenarios. For as far as I can tell, APB and Fallen Earth seems to be a big leap for them into the MMO scene. Obviously we're not dealing with a type of saviour that can turn water into wine or anything, who knows what in store for them in terms of learning how to deal with this scene, and program with networking in mind. I know the rubberbanding was (It's gone for me atleast) obnoxiously annoying, I have experienced it in other games as well such as DayZ, PuBG and others, but I can assure you. That is not a hardware issue, not on your end and not on theirs. It is/was a programming issue that caused it, like with the games mentioned before. That doesn't make it right of course, a fault's a fault until you fix it. But it happened and might happened again because they are fiddling with the game, in a manner which G1st stopped doing ages ago, because well... they weren't good at it and it didn't rake in more money per say.
  6. @RebelliousnessI have adressed this, specifically addressed towards you in a different thread as well. I will not repeat everything I said there as my replies are already lenghty enough as they are in my opinion. Besides the, actually quite obvious, no need to get pissy about that, issue with the manipulation of scores and thus threat level or rank or whatever, which BXNNXD was kindly pointing out being one of the primary issues of such a system. There is the issue of the player pool with matchmaking with such a system. You might have enjoyed playing with vets and seeing noobs getting taught, because the 80 players in a district were more mixed in terms of experience. But more competitive players either had a hard time finding a proper match or had to dwell through all the districts to find one. Whilst the new players were just thrown in the grinder just alike. Put 8 bronzes and a silver against a proper gold and 2 bronzes. Guess what? They might win but its like that team of 9 is running through a minefield each time they walk over to the objective. I have played in those times, and hardly enjoyed it as I started playing it more. Purifying the toxicity starts with purifying the tools the playerbase has. New players arent well informed, and the game in not in any sense intuinitive, not for a 3rd person shooter even. New players are like: I SHOT HIM 9 TIMES IN THE HEAD, I SAW THE HITMARK WHY ISNT HE DEAD? Not at all aware of the mechanics underneath that turn a bullets into peas beyond a certain range. What does a new player learn in a green district? Anything he notices himself, quick learners learn the basics, impatient ones learn squat from their own experiences. The issue at hand is far more delicate than you assume at this point and LO most likely realizes this. A simple, oh lets go back to the good ol times won't heal this game either. Because A, the game changed. B, the playerbase changed. C, the old system wasn't as well appreciated and glorified as you claim it is, hate simply didn't have such a big mouth back then because the game was new. And in new games, the first wave are the enthusiastic players, not nearly as vocal as in an old game. I find it a pity to see you lash out in such a manner and discuss in such a manner, especially towards BXNNXD which replies in a decent manner and besides his trolling, is known for this. Atleast, if you read the forums plenty. Stating that LO should evaluate Pre-G1 systems, surely, good call on that. However them as well should and most likely will realize, that theyre not dealing with the same kid anymore (the game itself) it has grown, and has been defiled in manners it won't just forget and therefore caution would be well in place in changing this game. Either way, at this point, the old system, this game goes feminine features up straight away I can guarantee you that. Unless we're getting way bigger servers. Oh and some of us do actually talk to newbies whilst playing with or against them, and put in the effort to teach them a trick or two. I actually keep in touch with plenty of them and appreciate their dedication to the game and gratitude for the shared knowledge. I'm confident I am not alone in doing this.
  7. I played Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, from start to, well the point where everyone turned into a helicopter beyond what I personally deemed fun. I played it competitively, in the Clan v Clan scene, seen as the ESL side of it died as right after it's start really, and have helped develop and mastered many broken mechanics in that game. For an instance, the infamous 'backstrike' I surely didn't invent but I have helped making it popular at the least. I can say for sure, that it wasn't the playerbase that killed it, atleast that was not the direct cause of it but to some extent you are right, toxicity in that game rose as the mechanics were abused further and further by the week. The root problem was the developing team itself in Chivalry's case. Within the first 2 months, broken mechanics like backstriking and all kinds of accelerations and deaccelerations were discovered by the playerbase and the seriousness of that growing issue was explained in many forms and rants to the developing team. But they didn't care, atleast, for the first half year, they didn't try anything to kill the abuse of accelerations and deaccelerations and often answered rants about it with answers like: Make sure you look into the strike when you try to block it. The issue there was that they barely ever played the game themselves at that point, the team was quite small and quite busy after all. Then once their forums were flooded with the rants, and in-game you would see so much whining about it that one couldnt ignore it anymore, they tried to fix it. But oh boy... they fucked up there. They added a new mechanic which allowed you to perform a faster strike after you succesfully parried your opponents strike, in an attempt to give the players a proper punishment for the attempt to accelerate and or deaccelerate strikes. Well of course, that only added to the problem because the veterans, me alike, found a way to use those (riposte's they were called) strikes even more abusively, further breaking the game. The game got turned into a crazy beyblading, helicopter style hack and slash game, where the learning curve got so damn steep, new players would nearly always get too frustrated with the game to keep playing it. Their fix to the dying playerbase: Give new players Level locked servers, up to level 15 (Which you could get to in a breeze really, 2 hours tops if youre half decent even if youre new). Where they could learn the game on their own pace. But of course, since it would just be newbies on a match, and occasionaly some nasty player that started a smurf account just to mess with the new players, they would end up learning close to nothing before being thrown out of those servers and right into the lions den. Anyways, my whole rant is to explain how Chivalry got as toxic as it got to be, the cause for all that toxicity was the mechanics, not the playerbase itself. Inbalanced meta's, profitable abuse of mechanics in pvp, these types of problems turn a playerbase toxic overtime, I've seen it happen to plenty of games. Naturally this all mostly applies to the PVP scene. My name on Chivalry: Medieval Warfare was "Ser Sigmund schining ein Ringeck" later abbreviated to "Ser Sigmund Ringeck" and lastly just "Sigmund". If you played on EU servers you mightve seen me tryharding, or failing at that, plenty. APB has the same issue, though not as severely. There's a dictative meta, especially in terms of counterpicking and rules of engagement/approach, and this is not at all intuitive to a new player and he or she has no place to turn to for help without the risk of being trolled or harassed. @OP, I didn't mean to bash on your comparison of APB to Chivalry or anything, but I did feel like it needed some further explanation to become more understandable.
  8. Slickmund

    Account Lifetime Weapon!

    Hi, I didn't feel like your question needed further answering. Though I do want to add it is not such a bad idea to ask around on the forums whether someone else has had a similar case in the past before and could share his or her experience before you posted a ticket.
  9. Slickmund

    Account Lifetime Weapon!

    Behold, there is truth in his words! A rare thing on these forums indeed. What for you say? Well, your mind might blown to bits soon after, please holdeth thyn scalps tightly. Every human being alive today is a child of another human being. On a more serious note, these forums get as mature as any platform, it depends on where you look and who's on.
  10. Possibly, either way it looks like a customized loading sequence, perhaps a custom launcher even. In the worst case script implementations and or clientside value manipulation. And its good to have a tough skin for things like hackusations, I had to grow one myself and to be fair like I have stated before as well in different threads, I am not amazing and even I get hackusated and many of my level or beyond endure the same. It's become the name of the game since hacking in games did increase, and so did the awareness of it. Either way, I was trying to give Cybernetic some proper explanation about that video, my thoughts of it, and as to why he shouldn't blatantly harass you with these hackusations if that is indeed all the evidence he is basing it on. Besides of course personal experiences, those I toss in the bin straight away since APB's frameworks allow for so many weird and suspicious things to be shown on the client side merely because of server communication often.
  11. I didn't claim removing video's is weird, I find it perfectly sensible, even in the case you did cheat before, for you to remove such a video. What I did say, was in the video brought forward by Cybernetic, I couldn't see any hard evidence of you cheating. However being banned whilst loading in a district could, keyword here is could, suggest there was disallowed interference in the loading sequence. I am not trying to feed the hackusations towards you, I am merely explaining what I am seeing and noticing. As a ex-programmer and having studied Computing science in the past, I can make educated guesses (merely that though) which is what I did and am doing, but naturally also realizing no sound conclusion can be drawn from the information presented and therefore no hard evidence is in place. Your suggestion however about being banned on loading, applies to the connection process to the servers. I am not saying you are flat out lying or anything, however offline bans result in you receiving the ban message when you are trying to connect to the gamersfirst servers on your account awhole, not even the character picking. The biggest hint I see in the afore mentioned "weird" loading sequence is the mess that have become the notifications in game, the stuttering in loading order of rendered objects and the instant response to that process from FairFight. Again, this is not a hackusation, fairfight caused a lot of abnormalities and banned frequently in odd manners which it became notorious for. I am merely stating what I am seeing. In my book youre a fair player until proven beyond doubt that you are not, so kuddo's, no need to feel offended. And indeed Cybernetic has thusfar not shown any nameworthy knowledge about cheating or hack related mechanics and therefore shouldn't be considered an expert on the topic, neither do I claim to be an expert on this but in the least more knowledgeable than the average PC user.
  12. Off-topic: I see no proof of cheating on that video either, however his loading sequence is very weird, that it is. And getting banned whilst loading in means a lot more than bans during gameplay or when not online @Tobii you should know that. Either way, there's no proof, it's in the past. As long as he plays fairly now, no matter if he did so or not before, I don't care and LO is happy to have him. So stop the target practising please @CyberneticNinja. On topic: @a Pair of Socks I can't speak for the Jericho population, but the Citadel population is growing quite steadily.
  13. No one will believe in terms of.... what exactly? What type of person I am? Because 3 sentences themed with a light roast of you personally is a proper personality test? See, I don't like you, as of yet. Which I acknowledge can change, I am pretty confident my views of you are rather tainted by seeing mostly one side of you, the side that argues with others and often acts demeaning and degrading. That is the part I've come to know and dislike. If for any reason that changes, I will happily change my attitude, not that you should seek my forgiveness or anything, but I am very forgiving of a person. Stern, I find most befitting of your behaviour on the forums, and not in a positive way, that would be steadfast. I might be wrong, but I suspect this is what most dislike in your behaviour on the forums. Transgressions in game I cannot judge, as I have no personal experience with you and dismiss anyone else their experience seen as I can only hear about the aftermath. No sound judgement call can be based on that. For as far as I can see, the only reason you dislike me so far, is because I dislike you and act somewhat rudely towards you because of it. You'd do well by taking my advise here, read through this thread once more, with the question in mind: Why do people say they dislike me? And you will find some answers to that which you can use to improve as a person and become more likeable. There's nothing wrong with aiming to become more likeable, naturally not everyone will like you, that's simply the way it works, or doesn't in this case. I try to be reasonable most of the time, if I noticed theres a nameworthy ammount of people that would dislike me for an extended ammount of time I would look to improve my behaviour by changing my attitude, or simply walk away from the group if I see no hope of achieving that without compromising beyond my boundaries. People appreciate such effort, this is why your worst enemy can easily become your best friend in some cases. I will refrain from further argueing with you if this reply which I put plenty of effort in by now, cannot help you reach an understanding with the ongoing trend here.
  14. I am defenitely on that hate train and I don't even play on the same server. Not that capable of hating either as far as I know.... But I do like trains! But not the OP, just no tyvm. Though I don't really want to target anyone and pester them en mass, I do think some light roasting is in place so. @SelttikS Personally my most positive experience with him so far, was not seeing him on the 'Recently browsing' tab.