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  1. Slickmund

    illegal websites

    In most western countries cheating itself is not illegal. Developing cheats, cheats that hack into parts of the software you distribute under a license is not treated as an offense but however is deemed illegit use of the licensed software and give's the owner of the hacked software the right act on it. In the worst case scenario, where hacking software really damages a software's reputation or business awhole the hacker can become allegible for damage claims by said company. Its one of those stupid things that falls under the vague, up to a certain point you can handle this yourself laws, which pretty much comes down to a judge personal opinion on the matter and the objective proof of damage presented by the offended party.
  2. Slickmund


    Thanks and great work so far! I feel way more comfortable being adressed for what I really am in game rather than having to be confronted with the quality standards of being a "person" on a daily basis. On another note, when is the cheating engine upgrade coming? Theres still a bunch of fair players ranking up through normal procedures which is probably killing this game or something.
  3. Slickmund


    Claiming us lot is people, unacceptable. @Tobii Hotfix needed @ @Tobii
  4. Slickmund

    ETA on the new vehicle?

    you obviously feel very strongly about this Forum acted up on me, but it does display my feelings better than I myself was capable of so +1
  5. 98% of the time he adds a somewhat nice avatar and all kinds of somewhat refreshing signatures. I estimate that is 98% more enjoyable than the OP's comments.
  6. Slickmund

    ETA on the new vehicle?

    LO should prioritize fixing Yood above all, is obviously broken due to the game
  7. I think this is adressed to @Tobii, if not, it should be
  8. Olden days runescape, now thats a proper childhood. Clicking on coloured rocks thinking you'll get virtually rich all day, fugh ye
  9. Slickmund

    Labor Day Weekend Update

    PubG European servers used to run on 12ticks in the past. Ive hated that game with a passion
  10. They should also add popup windows with Count Count from sesame street that counts the 0's for you in an entertaining way. On a more serious note; Just read large numbers from right to left rather than left to right. Makes it a whole lot easier.
  11. Just needs an @Tobii hotfix
  12. Slickmund

    forum rep

    Fake news alert! @Tobii stated he was "Not fine and never will be" with forum rep not showing but his message was intercepted and mingled with. Make forum rep great again! Vote @Tobii
  13. Slickmund

    forum rep

    We need a new @Tobii that actually cares. Tobii borked, hotfix when? Try turning Tobii off and on again? Revert Tobii changes pls...
  14. I am gay for shotguns being changed back. I miss my old unreliable boomstick