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  1. I mean when there was a 7 day version of weapons in joker ticket store.
  2. First, thank you for the new joker ticket guns but i cannot try the weapons i want to buy and i dont want to waste my hardly earned joker tickets to a gun that i cant use.(AMG 556 STHENO) Please bring back the 7 day trial or even better 1 day trial. Is Advanced APB Launcher legal? i want to use it so that i get a better fps. I will add more as soon as i remember the rest.
  3. Minowux

    Can't trade for 7 days

    Its been 15 days i want an answer, im stuck i cant do anything I want to buy g1c but right now its pointless because i cant buy or sell anything.
  4. I cant buy or sell anything and cant send mail attachments.It says "Your account is not allowed to mail attachments" for example when i try to send mail.Apparently its not a tradeblock just because i logged in from a new pc.Its cuz i didnt do the 2 factor authentication? Anyone knows why? And i sent a ticket with the same issue, when will they answer me can anybody say estimated time for it?
  5. No man that`s so hard.Put commas between numbers, are you crazy? Its easier and more neccesary to add new weapons.Please dont say that again.
  6. U are right man but shit happens you know? Maybe i was dreamy in that moment.But what are game developers here for? They could of put dots between the numbers, this is their fault isnt it? Looks like i am not the only one.APB has a terrible system for like 7 years but they dont do anything about it.Hackers playing freely, gold players play in bronze districts freely, scammers steal peoples money in marketplace with dirty tricks.And aggrieved people cant get their money? okay this game is really rotten
  7. Yesterday i bought 2 weapon mods, im sure i bought them for 70k but today when i opened my mails and saw they were 700k, even if they were really 700k, isnt it illegal, i mean its pretty hard to read how many zeros in there and if i bought them by mistake, can i get my money back?
  8. Minowux

    Fine tune's

    I agree with you, starting cars should be played in this game too, no one buys them but newbie players.It should be changed and we must see different things and players` creativity about other cars, for example i saw a dude wants to make ford focus out of balkan varzuga.Its a great idea but the car doesnt have kit.
  9. What would you suggest? For example, Stabba ccg needs to be nerfed to deal less damage than star 556, it can stun enemy and owner gets a pretty good advantage, and it deals damage as good as normal weapons, but it shouldnt.
  10. Game needs these two things so badly, and these are the easiest to add in game and i think everyone will agree with me. First, marketplace needs searching buttons about what we want to buy, for example i want to search "monster" in symbols category and only see symbols only about monster so that people doesnt have to search for dozens of pages to find what they are looking to. Second, i started playing the game once again after years, i ve been playing for 4-5 days and my pinky finger is starting to hurt after i play 30 min or 1 hours.I really dont want to push shift anymore but you must run almost every second in this game. I think these are the easiest to add features in this game and i see nothing wrong with them.
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