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  1. chaoscody

    Matchmaking issue idea

    looks fine to me
  2. chaoscody

    Fine tune's

    So you know how theres econemy cars (low cost to spawn but shit) and like meta cars pioneer/vegas/espacio and all inbetween what if you could tune all your cars not to make it OP the meta vehicles end game vehicles if you will are already maxed tuned and you can detune or whatever making its stats weaker and reducing spawn cost, $100 mid tier there half there potential and $50 they're at there weakest so they can be fine tuned the most so potentially anything can be used in the end, how'd they implement it maybe slide bars bricks point systems for examplee i really love the fresno but its weak af but if i fine tune it whether that being improving acceleration max speed or hitpoints and hitting its max then itll cost $150 and i dont mean max every stat i mean you get a limited amount of changes
  3. chaoscody

    AU APB discord

    rekt well any objections?
  4. primarily australian and new zealand discord but all are welcome https://discord.gg/XBHWbr3
  5. chaoscody

    HAN Migration

  6. lel thats what gave me the idea except you know with a charge itd be balanced
  7. comon it'd be fun give it a 5 sec charge up or some
  8. so im just looking for opinions on these: steam workshop where people can make new stuff for the game like remeshes for guns total new guns new vehicles new clothing pieces and such and the community decide if there good enough to be put in the game similar to how warframe does its skins and cosmetic items except this will be for new items and maybe weapon skins and vehicle kits and such dont cringe too hard but a 1 shot sniper working simlar to how the HVR will have the larger the reticle is the less damage or what not but the reticle retracts really slowly and is large from sprinting or charge up like honestly even if they made it almost beyond useless with the fire rate and such id still use it for lols unique fun guns are my shit tbh weapon type specific mods ie bullet feeds for lmgs, different ammo types, chokes for shotguns, grips and such
  9. touché, but they're both pretty gay options
  10. imagine being a guy and having a female char
  11. chaoscody

    Jericho is literally unplayable at this time

    yeah just before you jumped on it started to get extremely laggy like worse than its ever been before it was really weird