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  1. a simple item you can buy in services to swap your current characters gender theres a few hurdles with this all the gender locked clothing items and what not maybe it just sells them if they cant be sold in auction nad just auto unequips everything idk
  2. yeah ik we're just discussing what can be done till then
  3. so like new players and returning players yeah they don't have the skill ya'know to fight that plague known as dethreaters im just like perma silver now but ive got a few simple suggestions that can help with the dethreating either a seasonal ranking thing with brackets for instance they last a month or 3 each badge colour threat is a bracket like what we have now but how it'd work with this system is it resets every month or 3 and once you climb into a different colour it stays until the season ends then it'd get reset probably not that simple of a suggestion but heres another if they hit a higher threat colour in a lower district they'd get sent to social soon as they change colour locking them out of the lower district they were clubbing don't be aggressive about the responses im just throwing these ideas out there to discuss cause everyone knows that dethreating is an issue in all mission districts
  4. was going to make that exact iron eagle just without the swastika lol even asked murk to ask the discord if anyone had one like it
  5. very surprised about confederate flag considering how well associated it is with the kkk just around probs no chance of me joining the discord ever again probably for the better tbh
  6. yeah pepe is a stretch but thats how the common media portrays it so its just like anything can be a hate symbol thats why i want a definite line of whats allowed in LO's game
  7. well i can't be the only person out of a couple hundred who likes to push things and who appointed me? myself no need to be a smart patootie mate we're all friends i'd hope so you're saying iron eagles, iron crosses, pepes, anarchist symbols, confederate flags, communist hammer & sickles and hand gesture OK sign they're all not allowed because a single someone can convey those as a symbol of hate?
  8. yeah no kiddin' now can we get to the topic at hand
  9. What exactly is banned i and many others like to stretch what we make so throw us some specifics of whats allowed and not thanks shit like "no nazi symbols" is too vague -All swastikas -genitalia (dicks, pussies)
  10. chaoscody

    Fine tune's

    So you know how theres econemy cars (low cost to spawn but shit) and like meta cars pioneer/vegas/espacio and all inbetween what if you could tune all your cars not to make it OP the meta vehicles end game vehicles if you will are already maxed tuned and you can detune or whatever making its stats weaker and reducing spawn cost, $100 mid tier there half there potential and $50 they're at there weakest so they can be fine tuned the most so potentially anything can be used in the end, how'd they implement it maybe slide bars bricks point systems for examplee i really love the fresno but its weak af but if i fine tune it whether that being improving acceleration max speed or hitpoints and hitting its max then itll cost $150 and i dont mean max every stat i mean you get a limited amount of changes
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