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Found 17 results

  1. chaoscody

    Fine tune's

    So you know how theres econemy cars (low cost to spawn but shit) and like meta cars pioneer/vegas/espacio and all inbetween what if you could tune all your cars not to make it OP the meta vehicles end game vehicles if you will are already maxed tuned and you can detune or whatever making its stats weaker and reducing spawn cost, $100 mid tier there half there potential and $50 they're at there weakest so they can be fine tuned the most so potentially anything can be used in the end, how'd they implement it maybe slide bars bricks point systems for examplee i really love the fresno but its weak af but if i fine tune it whether that being improving acceleration max speed or hitpoints and hitting its max then itll cost $150 and i dont mean max every stat i mean you get a limited amount of changes
  2. I personally love the design of the cars in APB, something about cars in GTA 5 they all look like shit. So what kind of car would you like to see in APB? be it super,sport,muscle,pickup,armored.... Share your ideas with me
  3. How..... is it going friends; I am DivineLiberty, and I want to make this quick announcement. I too, was a fan of the police chase videos by Rapid99. and I want to bring it back. Unfortunately, the only event occurring is in Citadel. But I know there are a lot of Jericho players that would love to participate in an event such as this. This is why, the San Paro MAAC Division, with the help of SPPD Police Patrol, will be hosting an event on Saturday, January 26th at 2:00 PM EST/UTC-5 In Jericho Financial, which Financial District it is will be decided then. We will also be hosting a faction based car show in the Baylan Shipping Dock. This is also a great opportunity, during both events, for clans from both factions, to recruit new members. Here is some information for both events: The Chase Event: Where: Financial Silver When: January 26th at 2:00 PM EST/UTC-5 How to Evade: Run and hide and if you aren't found within five (5) minutes, you win the pursuit and may start another one after five (5) minutes. Enforcers may not relocate a hiding criminal they weren't chasing. How to Arrest: Enforcers must immobilize, either by flipping on the side or roof, or pinning, a criminal, and successfully keep them in place for ten (10) seconds, that criminal must wait five (5) minutes before initiating another chase. Enforcers may not intentionally cause a criminal's vehicle to explode by repeatedly ramming them. Accidents are one thing, but don't exploit the opportunity to troll people. Rules: 1. Criminals must honk and drive off to initiate pursuits. 2. Enforcers may use any vehicle they wish, with any mods they wish, as long as they have lights and a siren. 3. Criminals may use any vehicle they wish, with any mods they wish, as long as their vehicle doesn't look like a police or CSA vehicle. 4. Enforcers may not commandeer civilian vehicles and must either ride with a group member, or spawn a new vehicle. 5. Criminals may not attempt to initiate a pursuit with an enforcer already in a pursuit. 6. Enforcers may only use their lights and sirens if engaged in a pursuit, this is to prevent criminals from breaking rule 5, and to help criminals tell if an enforcer isn't busy. 7. Pursuits may not exceed twenty (20) minutes. Criminals may only respawn cars after pursuits, criminals may not respawn cars mid chase. 8. Bank trucks, and the dump truck/cement truck, are banned vehicles and may not be utilized by either faction. Criminals may not help friends evade by intentionally ramming enforcers. 9. No special uniform or outfit is required. Enforcers may use any vehicle with any design as long as it complies with rule 2. 10. Only one (1) criminal per chase, enforcers may join any chase they wish but can not leave one chase to join another. 11. Enforcers may drive around and "patrol" or may sit at the car spawn on Silver Street used by Rapid99, across from the small circle park. https://prnt.sc/m78lqb https://prnt.sc/m78m7z New Rule: These Enforcer vans will be roaming around the map during the event monitoring chases, they may not chase or participate in chases, and criminals may not attempt to ram or engage in a chase with them. https://prnt.sc/ma94al This event relies heavily on the honesty and good sportsmanship of both factions. Please remember, this is just a game, if you are caught or lose the target, accept the loss and move on. https://prnt.sc/m7861n https://prnt.sc/m784wq https://prnt.sc/m7856y https://prnt.sc/m782m0 https://prnt.sc/m7845t The Car Show: Where: The Baylan Shipping Dock in Waterfront Silver https://prnt.sc/m78kb4 When: January 27th at 2:00 PM EST/UTC-5 How to Participate: Grab your favorite car, any car, and park with your faction, give some distance between vehicles and make it look neat so people can look around. Rules: 1. Vehicles must follow under Little Orbit's TOS and rules, meaning no sexually explicit content (female or male genitalia), although breasts are "allowed”. 2. No offensive content (Nazi outfits, swastikas, or themed vehicles, no racial slurs or racist images, themes, outfits, or vehicles). 3. Clan recruiting is allowed and extremely encouraged. 4. No NPC or civilian cars, no dump trucks/cement trucks or bank trucks. 5. No trolling, please don't start demolition derbies or intentionally hit other vehicles. This is an opportunity for the community, atleast the Jericho portion, to come together and have a good time, don't be the select few that ruin it. Thank you for taking interest in these events, I hope you can make it, and I hope we all have a great time when these events kick off. Credit to DivineLiberty for map pictures, Little Orbit for the map, and CoreyAndrewsFate for helping me take pictures and posing as a criminal. -DivineLiberty
  4. So I thought I'd share my YouTube vids here when they get released. You can watch my events live at http://twitch.tv/witchqueen or the videos at http://www.youtube.com/witchqcustoms Here is a selection for now: Formula W Race (from back in the day): Thumper Truck (random dynamic event): Chipp's Car Club (every wednesday): Pay2Grief (every Friday): USC - The Ultimate Shooting Championship (Some Saturdays):
  5. Vegas 4x4 tired of. I want buy new car. Which is better? io growl bishada rapier han conwolk And other question: which car can buy ingame for money, and which only for g1s (or joker)
  6. Server: Citadel When: Wednesday nights! 9:00pm uk time but there's no reason people can't gather sooner or pop along later. What: Impromptu races, chilling and showing off your car designs, cruising (not frowned upon in San Paro) Watch the vid for an idea. See you there! Find out the start time in your time zone: https://teamup.com/kss2qvh49z1zvmfjaj Join my Discord server and keep up to date with events or help out: https://discord.gg/bwjAAZb Financial meeting locations: Waterfront meeting locations: Thanks to Androy for these. Back in the Day: 2018:
  7. Welcome! I just wanted to show off an old creation I did, when I was more active on APB~ I made the Mikro Mark V based around the Firework Launcher. It was a fun little project I did for myself. Mikro Boom! Design: Rear: Side: Front:
  8. This is kinda a fun bug. Notice how the rightside of the truck is slightly higher then the leftside, like the wheel position is lower then the left side but stil flat too the road making the truck higher on the right then left. edit: it might be caused by the NPC making the turn in the first picture
  9. Right now you have to go to a car spawner in order to get your custom car, while also having to pay while doing so. The better your car, the more you have to pay (rougly). Having to pay in order to express your character by driving your customized car is weird. I suggest we instead have something like a 10 minute spawn cool down on your vehicles, perhaps you can even have one primary and one secondary vehicle with separate cool downs to promote variety? This could also make a team have to strategies on which person's car you use in order to always have a car spawn available, instead of just everyone driving their own car Thoughts?
  10. Now that you are upgrading the game to Unity, and i though that you could make use of some of its ragdoll systems to be able to hit mobs or even players with cars, bikes, horses... That would be extreeemely fun XD Just a thought
  11. . Have fun https://kellylarossa.wixsite.com/kellycustom/ Hola citizens Service for everything you wish you ask we do send a message here or ingame I have all car kits and clothing complete, ask what you wish ! PM me for request every order will be fast and lovely Nice price! Available complete on Citadel, Something on Jericho and partialy in HAN server.
  12. Hey there, so I've been trying to figure out what's wrong with my game's decals as my char/car decals looks really blurry and pixelated. Previous Approaches :- 1- Delete Config folder from APB Game and Engine folder then repair using the game launcher. 2- Use advanced launcher and set quality to ultra. 3- Optimizing my Nvidia Control Panel 3D settings. 4- Reinstalling programs in TPI folder. 5- Manually editing the .ini files in the config folder. 6- Spending 3-4 hours daily surfing the web for an answer. 7- Running the game with stock settings and Advanced Launcher settings on an M.2 SSD with and without a symbolic link to an HDD for the Assetcache folder. 8- Running the game with stock settings and Advanced Launcher settings on both of my HDDs. 9- Running the game with stock settings and Advanced Launcher settings on a 12GB Ram Disk. Proposed Approches :- 1- Complete reinstall of the game (Currently having internet issues so that's not really an option). 2- Your suggestions ? PC Specifications(TEMPS ARE WHEN THE GAME IS RUNNING) :- Operating System Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit Version 1703 OS Build 15063.1155 CPU AMD Ryzen 7 1700 77 °C (Stock 3GHz OC'd to 3.7 at 1.3375V) Summit Ridge 14nm Technology RAM 24.0GB Dual-Channel Crucial Ballistix Sport LX RED (2400Mhz OC'd to 2800Mhz) @ 1399MHz (16-18-18-38) Motherboard Micro-Star International Co. Ltd. B350M BAZOOKA (MS-7A38) (AM4) 74 °C Graphics LG FULL HD (1920x1080@60Hz) S24E360 (1920x1080@70Hz) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB (ZOTAC International) 61 °C Storage 1863GB Western Digital WDC WD20EZRZ-00Z5HB0 (5400 RPM ) 41 °C 931GB Western Digital WDC WD10EZEX-60WN4A0 (7200 RPM ) 46 °C 256GB Crucial_CT275MX300SSD4 (M.2 SSD) 59 °C Audio Realtek High Definition Audio Pictures (slightly lower quality than the actual looks of it) :- Yeah. Aliasing on the edges of the car decal. Low quality black color. Blurry number plates. This one is ridiculous. Notice the BEWARE decal? that's what I'm talking about. Notice the RAPID99 logo and low quality textures as well as the poor shadow quality?
  13. Hi Citadel, You can find my creation on market... when i pass on the game. Beware an error is slipped into this topic. Cars : 0 sloted car : 50k - 60k 1 sloted car : 110k - 120k 2 sloteds car : 290k - 310k 3 sloted cars : 590k - 610k Vegas : Punk Vegas : Legendary Vegas : Sound Racer Vegas : Red Victory Vegas : Hatsune Miku Vegas : EVA 02 Vegas : [removed image -Spuzva] [removed image -Spuzva] Jericho : Black Rock Shooter Jericho : Hatsune Miku Jericho : Red Bull Jericho : [removed image -Spuzva] Just a cat : Cisco : Anime Nismo Cisco (3 versions) : Yoko Cisco (3 and 1 sloted versions) : Anime Girl Cisco : [removed image -Spuzva] Racing Cisco : Flower Girl Cisco : F.U Racer Cisco : Vaquero : Jurrasic Park Vaquero : [removed image -Spuzva] [removed image -Spuzva] Pioneer : Ergo Proxy Pioneer : [removed image -Spuzva] Moirai : Taxi Driver Moirai : Clothe (just some shirt and t-shirt for female) : Dreblin shirt : 10k Guevara T-shirt : 10k Tiger T-shirt : 10k Pictures : Erza Scarlett : 40k - 60k Nami : 10k - 15k Terror in Eye (different version) : 10k - 15k I don't sell cats... and i don't take request.
  14. RCooper

    Han veo taxi wheels

    Hello I would like to know why the players don't have avaliable the wheels han veo taxi is using(black steelies like dolton broadwing ones) and If there aren't any reason make it avaliable in game
  15. Well. The image says everything right? It was just a single time bug and i could not recreate it after relogging. The thing was: It was visible for EVERYONE like that. How can this happen? xD It was a 4 slotted btw but you can see it in the top left corner of the second screen. Its ... Funny.
  16. Intro As promised, i`m going to talk about cars, ( Took me a while to defeat my laziness to write this. ) I remember from Q&A there were talking about new car in the works, so one thing came to my mind, well more like a problem. Right now we have around 22 available for purchase cars ingame, with only 5 are used by people on average basis. Even in past cars that were not in " top tiers " came absolute rather...quick. There is not point for veterans to buy them, nor there is any reason for a newbie either. Since its rather easy to buy better options from marketplace or ask for a clan design car if you are part of more or less " set up clan ". So, when amount of cars will increase even more, previous stuff becomes even useless. Speaking of which...whos even gonna buy kits for them in armas? Here is a tier list of cars of " worth " currently. ( In my opinion ) S tier - Patriot Vegas( Including 4x4 ), Patriot V20 Jericho, Bishada Rapier, IO Growl S2. ( Speed, its all about getting from point A to point B ) A tier - Nulander Pioneer, Seiyo Espacio ( Can be made into tanks ) B tier - Packer Vaquero ( Solely for 4x4 and size combo that helps to get in weird places in order to utilize spawn and in past radar mods ) C tier - Charge Mikro, Packer Ceresco, Charge Cisco, Han Veo, Sungnyemun Moirai. ( They are one tier up then cars below solely because newbies tend to buy it. ) D tier - Nulander Kurai, Patriot T-25, Dolton Broadwing, ( Can be somewhat useful for newbies, but rarely picked anyway. ) F tier - Balkan Ravan, Balkan Varzuga, Macchina Calabria 127, Charge Sentinel, Dolton Fresno, Dolton Montane ( Basically there is zero reason to buy this cars even for new player. ) Idea/Suggestion To give actual " worth " for cars below tier S and A is implementing " upgrade " mechanic. And here we have 2 routes. Route A - Think of old race games like NFS Underground or recent GTA 5. While you could buy direct upgrades to suspension, transmission, engine and etc. Im not sure how realistic this would be in terms of engine architecture in APB and synergy to " mod " system. Well, i decide to write about this anyway, just in case. Also, you would probably say " Wait, if we can for example increase engine power for +20, it means " tiers " will not go away, since you can do same stuff with " good " cars and the gap will not go away ", I would say you have a good point, but in my idea you can upgrade only " bad " cars. At least for now. Route B - Its a bit more weird. Lets make an example, Vegas and Vegas 4x4. So my idea would be a similar system, like you take a car and bring it to NPC who with a fee will upgrade it into new version. Price of conversion would depend on how many slots original car had, basically if it has 1 slot or even 0 you would pay more. So, basically idea is to give said " unpopular or inferior " cars something that they lack to become somewhat viable. For example I would take two cars, Han Veo and Nulander Kurai. ( Why? Because they have great armas kits ) Right now they are basically a trap, if you played more then a day, you would know that buying their kits are waste of g1c and cars themselves are waste of ingame cash too. So, in my idea you bring these cars to a NPC in social car area and exchange your car+cash for an upgraded version, basically we can have a " new " car that uses same models and kits as old one( Hello vegas 4x4 ). So Nulander Kurai for example could be a bit lowered and given more power, while Han Veo would be also given more competitive speed( not exactly same as for example S tier cars, but in between of A and S tiers, ) and possible a 4x4 as well for better acceleration all around. ( I know that " Coywolf " version of Han Veo should be already " buffed " by lets be honest its same old junk Han Veo and its still useless ) TL:DR - idea itself it so " revive " out of meta cars and give them ability to be used. You can be rather creative with " upgraded " versions, heck nobody said there could be only 1 version for each car, it could be multiple. Plus side of profits, its easier to do this and sell kits for existing cars, even add more in future for them, then develop a whole new one. Extra As bonus, it would be nice to see racing modes as well. ( Specially if you make more cars viable ) Could be under of " Joker " brand as well to reword small portions of JTs, for those people who despise FCs ( Or specially Baylan...). In years of playing I saw multiple times people trying to orgonize races in freeroam or doing challanges for drift, drag,, So why not make it official? Plus extra reason to " showoff " your cars there...basically extra motivation to have a " fancy " kit, *wink*.
  17. Blackxtar

    Fix Cars

    I think all cars need a fix. Etc: Pioneer's rear wheel not looks symmetric (waragi kit). And looks like lowrider. Need to be little bit high. Add a manuel gear system. Sometimes we want to make noise with car
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