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Found 16 results

  1. Server: Citadel When: Wednesday nights! 9:00pm uk time but there's no reason people can't gather sooner or pop along later. What: Impromptu races, chilling and showing off your car designs, cruising (not frowned upon in San Paro) Watch the vid for an idea. See you there! Find out the start time in your time zone: https://teamup.com/kss2qvh49z1zvmfjaj Join my Discord server and keep up to date with events or help out: https://discord.gg/bwjAAZb Financial meeting locations: Waterfront meeting locations: Thanks to Androy for these. Back in the Day: 2018:
  2. Thumper Truck - Win a Thumper! (Citadel). Prize? A Thumper How to win: Be the first to destroy the Thumper Truck three times. When a Thumper is won, the win counter is reset. When? It could happen at any time. I will announce on my social medias roughly when one will happen, but then it will be up to you to follow my tracks. The easiest way would probably to watch out for my Twitch Channel saying a Thumper Truck is starting but you don't have to, you could just add me in game and follow me around lol. That might be a bit boring though. Where? Anywhere on the Citadel server. Any Rules? Nope, just kill the truck. I'll be N5 so as soon as I die I will know exactly who got the kill. Other Info: When you kill the truck you get a t-shirt! There are three to collect. (Bottom left and bottom middle are the same but under different light. Colours are Pink, Lime and Cyan). If you are on two kills when someone else wins, you will be reset back to zero. I'll keep a chart below. If you wanna join the discord and keep up to date with events ir help out, use this: https://discord.gg/bwjAAZb
  3. WHAT? A 1v1 race in Blue Steel security vans WHEN? Fridays 23:00 UK time but only if people have signed up here. WHERE? CITADEL, Waterfront GOLD PRIZES? Read below... MORE DETAILS: Following the map below, you need to complete one lap of Waterfront in a Blue Steel truck. You will be against one other racer. The twist? You have a partner driving a dump truck who can do whatever you wish. They can try to take out the other driver, protect you or smash through traffic. Whatever you want. The event team will be driving the other two dump trucks to cause havoc for the racers. They will create a road block and later will go after the lead racer (or both if they are close). I will run this weekly. After we have a certain amount of times we will take the top 8 and have them play off against each other. The winner will then receive a much bigger prize (yet to be decided). THE RULES? - To win you must complete one lap before the other racer. - Racers must stick to the track (you CAN drive on grass and cut corners), but dump truck drivers can go anywhere. - People watching the race can also take part by causing their own havoc. - If a racer becomes unable to move for one minute then they are out of the race. - If you get out of the van you are out of the race. - $50k to enter unless we have no racers then it's free. -You can race as many times as you like but it is $50k to re-race and you will not get a prize for winning the race. Just a chance at improving your time. -Only winners' times are counted. Here is the track. It's basically the very outer edge of Waterfront: PRIZES: $100k for a win (plus your money back). $50k bonus if you complete the track in less than 7 minutes. Guarantee your spot by purchasing a ticket in advance. They will only be valid for the date on the ticket. This helps prevent time wasters. Let me know here if you want one and I'll log in and meet you or put one up on the market ($50k direct trade or $62.5k on market). So grab a friend and hopefully we'll see you there on Friday! Can't make it? See how it goes on my stream: twitch.tv/witchqueen
  4. When: November 2nd (Friday after Halloween) 10pm UK time For the exact time in your time zone check here: https://teamup.com/kss2qvh49z1zvmfjaj WHERE: BREAKWATER GALLERIA, CITADEL SOCIAL. What: Halloween party! As simple as that. Grab your scary outfit and come and hang around in Breakwater Galleria instead of your usual spot. Interact with people as you would during a party. COMPETITIONS and PRIZES: Lots of prizes... PROVIDING PEOPLE TURN UP... There will be a raffle at the end of the night, the more competitions you enter, the more raffle tickets you get: 1. REAL LIFE Halloween costume competition (£30 STEAM VOUCHER + Raffle Ticket for entering (EXTRA 2 FOR FIRST 5 ENTRANTS!!!!!) You need to print off this picture then take a pic of yourself in your halloween outfit holding it up. The reason for holding it is so we know it's a recent picture. Then on the night of the party we will vote for the best one in my stream. 10 CONTESTANTS MINIMUM. If there are more than 10, I will choose 10 to go into a final vote in the stream. You have until 11pm of the party night to submit. Each pic will be anonymous until the results are in. 2. IN GAME Halloween costume competition (AAEPD VOLCANO JC ROCKET LAUNCHER + Raffle Ticket for entering) Just turn up in your outfit. Then during the night we shall choose our favourite outfit. 10 CONTESTANTS MINIMUM. If there are more than 10, I will choose 10 to go into a final vote in the stream. 3. SCARE2GRIEF!!!! ($250k x 2 + Raffle Ticket for entering) By now we should know what Pay2Grief is. Come and enter in a Halloween a themed Car. Join in in any car but only Halloween Themed Cars can win. 2 rounds. 4. HIDE AND SCARE!!!! (BLOODY MARY + Raffle Ticket for entering) For this event EVERYONE needs to hide and I will look for you. The person who lasts longest wins. I REALLY WANT TO DO THIS in ASYLUM if we can totally fill an empty one. If not, we can use Baylan from gold Waterfront. Those people who I find can try to scare me whilst I look for the others. I am going to look into playing this section by streaming to my Gear VR to make it scarier! Join our discord voice chat in order to make your scares more... scary. 5. CLIP OF THE NIGHT (£10 STEAM VOUCHER + Raffle Ticket for entering) All you have to do is submit a funny Twitch clip from the party. This does NOT have to be a clip from my stream. One clip per person so make sure it's a good one. You'll obviously need to sign up for a Twitch account to do this. I'll choose a few I like then we'll vote for the winner of a £10 Steam voucher. EIGHT CLIPS NEEDED FOR THIS TO GO AHEAD The raffle prizes will increase in value depending on how many people come: 6. THE RAFFLE (FREE ENTRY - PRIZES DEPEND ON NUMBER OF 'GUESTS') IF YOU HAVE PARTICIPATED IN ALL EVENTS AND YOU WILL HAVE A MAX OF SIX TICKETS. 20 people at the party: 1. Colin McCrae Balkan Varzuga 2. Han Veo Coywolf kit NYC Taxi 3. Doltan Montagne 'PU$%Y Wagon' (from Kill Bill) 4. $100k x 2 5. LEGENDARY: COLBY HAZARDOUS 30 people at the party: 6. $100k 7. LEGENDARY: CAP40 'SEARGEANT' 40 at the party: 8. The 'Glitched Vegas' 9. LEGENDARY: OCA NANO 'CONNOISSEUR' 50 at the party: 10. LEGENDARY: N-TEC 7 'URSUS' So get designing and tell all your friends. If you can think of any mini games to play then do share. If anyone wants to donate prizes for future events that would be awesome! Lowish Player base makes selling clothes a lot harder these days. See you there! Witch PS prizes may change before the event but not on the night.
  5. THE RACE WILL BE HELD THIS SUNDAY. I WILL CONFIRM A TIME SOON... TWO race spots left so if you want them, design a race car and outfit and post it here. We will vote for our favourites after Pat2Grief THIS Friday Night (7th Sept). FAQ: What is The Gauntlet? It is a race for 10 participants. 5 go one way around the track and 5 go another way. What can I win? 1st place: £25 Steam Voucher (roughly 3000g1c). 2nd place: $300k 3rd place: $150k How do I apply? If you want to apply you need to post a picture of you with your car and clothing that you will wear for the race. Is there qualifying for grid position? No. They have been decided based on the 'Car Catwalk' finishing positions. Here are the results of that: What is the track? Watch the video for track info. Ignore the Rules in the video though, they're out of date: And the race? Sunday 9th Time tbc How many laps? FIVE Repairing allowed? You are only allowed to repair your car at the nearby repair station. If your car blows, you're out. Car contact? There are no contact rules, you may be as dirty as you wish. Use bugging Jerichos and Rapiers at your own risk. Which cars are allowed? All. Mods allowed? No more than ONE. How Can I help support WitchQ Customs Events? If you wish to become part of my 'event team' join my discord and get involved. It's growing quickly and is full of like minded APB players who generally have a laugh and also do missions: https://discord.gg/bwjAAZb If you wish to help with the prize fund, then all you need to do is buy my stuff on the market place. All of the money I give away in any of my events is funded by the stuff I sell so just search WitchQueen and buy away. Can I be a sponsor? We can definitely go the sponsorship route where your logo will be on any final event video, incorporated into all of the posters and the commentators will plug your stuff. Just like in real life! e.g. Instant replay sponsored by Budweiser... Thanks for reading and I look forward to seeing your submissions! WQ Here's the original trailer - a few details have now changed... If you want to join my events discord use this link: https://discord.gg/bwjAAZb All like minded people welcome!
  6. So I thought I'd share my YouTube vids here when they get released. You can watch my events live at http://twitch.tv/witchqueen or the videos at http://www.youtube.com/witchqcustoms Here is a selection for now: Formula W Race (from back in the day): Thumper Truck (random dynamic event): Chipp's Car Club (every wednesday): Pay2Grief (every Friday): USC - The Ultimate Shooting Championship (Some Saturdays):
  7. It's Christmas time so we need a car based event with a lot of destruction! Holidays are coming! What: WitchQueen's Christmas Destruction Derby & Design Competition Where: Gold Financial CITADEL on the incomplete highway When: Sunday December 23rd 9PM GMT How to Enter: Design a Derby themed Calabria and post it here. When you post tell me which Xmas Jumper design you want (Penguin, Rudolf, or Snowman - See Below) Prizes: 1st Place: Yukon + AAEPD Volcano JC Rocket Launcher* 2nd Place $500k APB Cash + Colby 1922 Hazardous* 3rd Place $200k APB Cash *BONUS IF YOU POST A PIC OF YOUR CAR HERE AND COMPETE IN THE DESTRUCTION DERBY CHRISTMAS JUMPER Design Competition: Win 1100G1c - Post your Calabrias here. The theme is 'Destruction Derby' so make it look like it's in a competitive derby and not just some random nice looking car. It DOESN'T have to be Christmas themed. I will pick my favourite 5 and then the winner will be voted on my stream on derby day. Only cars posted here can enter and the design competition will go ahead only if a minimum of ten cars are posted. ANYONE CAN ENTER THIS EVEN IF YOU DON'T COMPETE. Raffle: For all fair competitors, helpers (security, camera people etc) & active viewers (that play apb) in the stream. Prizes TBC Betting: We will be taking (non-monetary) bets on winners in my stream (twitch.tv/witchqueen) to earn my stream currency which allows you to purchase various things. Rules: This is half Demolition Derby half Car Sumo. All cars will be together on the highway and winner is the car that stays alive and on the platform the longest. If your car blows up you are out. If your car falls off the highway you are out. If you get out of your car you are out. If anyone repairs your car you are out. Macchina Calabria 127's ONLY! NO MODS No Weapons obviously. Queue up on the highway ready to jump to the derby platform (we will have security). Once you are there line up like you will see in the pictures. Don't bash other people until the derby has begun and be patient. These things don't magically start right away. How Can You Help? Donations towards prizes are always welcome. On the day I will need 4 people to be security. If you are driving then I would greatly appreciate it if you could film your view so we use it to make a better video. Feel free to have a co-driver who can film if you'd rather not stress your system during the event. I would like all contestants to wear the Destruction Derby Christmas Jumper. You don't have to but you won't get the bonus prizes. Here are the female versions taken back in 2012: I'll send all participants a jumper once you enter. Here's a video of a previous one: Here's some pics from the last ones:
  8. What: Hide n' Seek Where: Baylan, Waterfront 1 (or whichever is gold), CITADEL When: This Saturday (17th) night 11pm uk time. How to enter: Just turn up but it helps if you reply here. Prizes: 1st place - N-tec Ursus 2nd place - Nano 3rd place - Bullshark 4th place - $250k APB money The video above shows you the basic format: People hide in baylan (and must stay in one spot) and I have to look for you with my HUD off. The last person I find wins the Ursus. It shouldn't take as long this time as I'm learning the good hiding places. I'll stream it so you can see my view of things as you hide. I want to register you before I start looking so I know exactly who I'm looking for so reply here if you're gonna be there and I'll take a register before it starts then add anyone else who turns up. See you there! Witch (In)FAQ: 1. How long do I have to find a spot? About 5 minutes. 2 How about if I get kicked fot inactivity? Just tell me and I'll stop until you get back. 3. How about if you find 2 people at the same time in prize positions? This happened in the video above. We'll sort it out nicely 4. What if I move positions? if you get caught you get disqualified. 5. What are the boundaries? basically whereever you'd be able to go in the fight club but of course it's in the mission district. 6. Can I see what you see? Yeah I'll stream it. 7. Can I join your voice chat? Yeah I'll link the discord on the stream on the night.
  9. Issue 13. New engine vs Live side by side... Issue 12. New engine tested... Issue 11. New engine beta test coming... Issue 10. Joker box changes and a screenshot competition... Issue 9. Engine pics and Joker store changes... Issue 8. Riot mode with extra sound effects... Issue 7. Riot beta testing... Issue 6. Mainly about the RIOT update with some console and engine news and 'Carball'... Issue 5. Mainly about the mysterious Redhill billboards. Also the 'Matt Scott Off'. Issue 4 of APB Torque. Watch someone smash our Vaquero in a race... on FOOT! Issue 3 of APB Torque. News as well as a dump truck battleship and a snubnose battle royale: Issue 2 of APB News, now re-branded as 'APB Torque'. Some news and a challenge, can a dump truck beat a Vegas in a drag race? Enjoy Original post for Issue 1: Literally. In video form. I imagine it might get moved to creations or something but we can still talk about stuff in it in the meantime Hoping to do one of these every 2 weeks. If you want to submit any clips or news please do.
  10. If you want to join my events discord use this link: https://discord.gg/hF7GdQk All like minded people welcome! Original mini teaser (what people originally replied to):
  11. This post is constantly updated for the latest USC tournament... The USC: 4 What: A knockout snubnose 1v1 tournament. When: Probably a Saturday Night but when we have enough competitors we'll choose a time we can all do. Prize: Some legendary (you'll have a choice). As well as this competition we will have a few one off matches if anyone is challenged. Remember you need money or fame to challenge someone. BRING YOUR SNUBNOSE TO THE CONSTRUCTOGON. IF WE HAVE AT LEAST 8 PARTICIPANTS THIS WILL GO AHEAD. Meet me in the centre of social at 1115PM uk time. Here is our event calendar. The USC time for your time zone is here: https://teamup.com/kss2qvh49z1zvmfjaj If you want to fight, you need to sign up here. If you want to challenge a higher ranked fighter, you will need to put your money where your mouth is and make it worth their while. Your reward will be your shot at fame. Their reward will be your money if they beat you. How to Sign up (IF YOU HAVE PARTICIPATED BEFORE YOU DON'T NEED TO GIVE THIS INFO AGAIN): In THIS THREAD, give us: 1. Your in game name 2. Your Faction 3. Your Clan 4. Your country (give your character's country if you like) 5. Character Gender (male or female) The current rankings are in the latest USC video below. Have what it takes to beat our champ? Sign up! Here is the latest USC video: More info: Rules? Snubnose only for now. Cherub is fine. Fighters can use any character mod but not a mod that the other fighter doesn't have access to UNLESS THE OTHER FIGHTER AGREES TO LET THEM. Fighters inspect each fighter before each fight to make sure you're happy with each other. If you want me to run this on Jericho let me know.
  12. You think you know computer games? Enter the Quiz! What: Pub Quiz after the Derby! (SUNDAY 23RD) Probably around 11pm UK time. Earliest I'll start is 1030pm so if you're not coming to the derby, be in the stream by then. Where: twitch.tv/witchqueen on stream after the derby is over. When: After the Derby. The derby starts at 9pm GMT so this will probably be at about 11pm GMT but I won't start it before 1030pm GMT Prize: £10 Steam voucher (you could buy g1c's with it!) Details: When we begin I will ask a load of questions. Some will be music based, some picture based. They should be pretty 'un-Google-able'. The first person to give me a correct answer wins the point. The person with the most points at the end wins. There will be some APB related questions for you guys. One round is called 'What is Witch on about?' Here I will give a bad description of a Christmas movie. Here's one for you to try: 'Guy kills Santa then takes his place and ruins Christmas'.
  13. I organised some race events in the past. They were made awesome by everyone who got involved but I'm posting here more for the video editing and production aspect of them... If you have recorded some races feel free to post them. I do love a good race. Enjoy Xmas bash 2014: Formula W Obeya Final: My first one, The Reaper Race:
  14. I made a mistake in my latest APB Torque video. The FIRST person to find it and post it in the VIDEO comments wins $200k APB cash and this is open to Citadel and Jericho players... That's it. Be fast!
  15. What: Matt Scott in game character lookalike contest For: The party and judging will be held on Citadel however I have prizes on Jericho so if you have a free slot, make a Citadel character to join in. Where: Breakwater Galleria Social District, Citadel When: Saturday 30th March 10pm Just make your character look as much like Matt Scott as you can. Female characters can try too. I will choose my favourite 5 and then we'll vote for the winner on my stream. We'll also do a raffle for everyone who takes part. I'll update with more details soon. More info in this video. Go to about 4:05...
  16. It's not regular now but I'll try to do this more often. If it's going to be on I'll tweet ( @witchqcustoms ) it and post here. What: Bash my car till it blows. Whoever makes me blow up wins money. Current format: Currently we're running up to 4 rounds each with a $100k prize. When: Friday 11:00pm uk time. Click this to find the time in your time zone: https://teamup.com/kss2qvh49z1zvmfjaj Where: Citadel EU. GOLD Waterfront or Financial (I announce it in social just before the start). If you want to take part just hang around social at about 11pm and listen out for when I come online and start announcing it. I will let you know which district it is and when I'm going. Once there just hang around one of the 'griefer stations' (by Tiptoe in financial, the obvious one in Waterfront) until I go past in my jeep tooting my horn. Then the round has begun and you have to catch me and bash me as much as possible. When I blow, whoever was touching last or whoever was the obvious cause of the explosion will win amd take a share of the prize for that round. Rules: In between rounds try to wait patiently. If you grief other people it won't stop the event, however you will ruin other people's enjoyment and if reported you will not be able to win a prize. I will be streaming on http://twitch.tv/witchqueen so if I go missing you will be able to find me. Remember I only get damaged when I get knocked into a wall, npc car or one of my defenders. Going N5 won't count. If I get killed by an N5 I'll just respawn and continue. Watch this vid to see how it works: If you want to keep up to date with events or discuss them, feel free to join my discord server: Join my Discord server if you want: https://discord.gg/bwjAAZb
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