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Found 9 results

  1. Guest

    Still dreaming about that in APB..

    After i saw a video i really thought: "WOW, THATS INSANE! IMAGEN THESE TYPE OF EVENTS IN APB" and i've decided to write this topic. No, don't try to reply > "sh1t, i don't care about it" < or any other strange words, because im not talking about it, im talking about the event itself, would be really cool to see future events to be more enjoyable for all of us, new objects, new props, new emotes and special effects. Maybe you think these type of things aren't that helpful but try to think, a game, with a type of marketing and advertising like this can grow up so damn fast and much more than you expect. Sadly the pop of the game isn't increased much than the previous years, we need something different, something that APB never seen, we need something Special and Unique. I do know Little Orbit will do for sure some other special events but i do highly suggest them to really think in making some sort of surprise and see peoples scream and remain with their mouths opened for the entire day or maybe the full week. Let me know what you think and what you would REALLY LOVE to see in this game. Thanks for reading, Alisha Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBsCzN-jfvA
  2. bozer


    Will we have events like before ?
  3. On 4th August 2015 i started the old Police Chase Event an Memorial of Rapid99. It was a Glorious Success, but with every new Event the less Player came. So, it's Time to bring the old Glory back. First of all a few Details Where: Citadel, Financial When: 23rd February 2019 from 9pm to 11pm (GMT) And last but not least: The Rules Any Spawnable Car No Special Uniform required Chase only if "Honk and run" 1 Crim per Chase If you want we can talk/organize via Discord or TeamSpeak. yours sincerely Portalcow
  4. As laughable as those rewards were in this recycled valentine's event that appeared in the same fashion for like the 10th time and bringing absolutely nothing new to the table besides titles and maybe decals. I feel ranking these time-limited event roles shouldn't be such an unachievable chore everytime and should instead be tracked across all your alts in addition of having them all rewarded the same for the work you put in. Good luck plowing through 750 kills with randomized valentine weapons (unless you stick with the one STAR556 and snub nose they gave you throughout the entire thing or just buy the guns from armas like they want you to) on a single character and then do that 4 maybe 5 times again to be done with this mess on all your alts and if you're feeling extra hyperactive and motivated for these crumbs of recycled dopamine from all the ritalin you've snorted directly through your nasal cavity there's another 375 kills they want you to slog through with kills made only with this absolute meme of a gun - the snub nose revolver. I hate how you're forced to choose which of your characters get time limited rewards this time and the rest won't and then wait an another entire year for the event to come back (if it ever will) and pray they remembered or considered putting in the same rewards along with possible new ones. Of course, this isn't an issue for you if you haven't been playing for long and don't have any alts besides your main and have more than enough time to actually finish this in 2 weeks but considering how many alts this game lets you have, I don't think its healthy to have this amount of grind on a time-limited event just for one fucking character.
  5. So I thought I'd share my YouTube vids here when they get released. You can watch my events live at http://twitch.tv/witchqueen or the videos at http://www.youtube.com/witchqcustoms Here is a selection for now: Formula W Race (from back in the day): Thumper Truck (random dynamic event): Chipp's Car Club (every wednesday): Pay2Grief (every Friday): USC - The Ultimate Shooting Championship (Some Saturdays):
  6. We are a group of lunatics. We make money and help each other like one big familly, we have a discord server where we hang out, there are no specific requirements other than: - we either speak Dutch or English (when we play together) - Don't be an pleasant fellow help other clan members if you can not all players are as good as others , its about the fun in playing isn't it? - newbies are welcome and will be taken care off if loyal - people over R100 will have to pay a small fee this money will then be used to further help other members with their financial problems or you could offer something -respect all members (no racisme, no harrasment, no griefing, no scamming,...) -fill in the format to join We are small but have big plans, we are planning future events like: races, DaH BIg MuHNeY FaRMiNG Day, so on so on feel free te mail me on my Crim acc called: Crean or leave comment with your application this is the format: ~ingame name: ~real name(optional): ~age: ~mother language: ~what are your qualities: ~game hours: ~ingame level: ~what could you give to the clan?(fee or offering required only for R100 and above):
  7. Problems with event Active event area not clear/different for many players The action ends up on a random street corner meaning little to no cover Lag <-- Not really avoidable but still a problem. Players randomly switching from red to grey and vice versa My Possible Suggestion Host the event in Financial Central park. Has Clear defined area, fits the theme of Autumn Assault (players going crazy inside a park with trees/nature), enough room for players, all gun types can be used, Have players re spawn randomly in middle of park. Add a respawn safety timer If you leave the park you cant shoot players inside area, if your are inside the area you can still shoot players outside (to prevent people from entering and leaving for safety) Maybe add random objects in the middle of the park for cover (like a giant paintball field) (idk if you can do this in short notice just an idea for the future) For Waterfront I would host the event inside the mall area (represents holiday shopping/people going crazy on black friday deals lol) Or host at Baylan shipping area Last suggestion use the Fight club maps for the event. These suggestions fix the noted problems I found with the event and it gives people a better chance at winning. Right now there are to many random variables to win the event other than your ability to shoot straight
  8. I'm writing a post here because the topic needs to be refreshed. Matt-Scott and the administration agreed that they will increase the limit on items in the inventory, It's about weapons locker, themes, song, equippments and etc In an interview Matt tell that it will be done. In inteview Matt don't decide whether it would be an option to buy, or maybe in the event game, everyone does not say anything... During the events, there was more than one occasion, for add some prizes like this... but everyone seemed to forget about it. there were events with such a win a few years ago and no one saw the problem. They always said yes, and nothing doing. again.. there were events with such a win a few years ago and no one saw the problem. Can someone from our wonderful administration finally share any possibility to increase these lockers. any possibility... Yes I know Matt promised more content for this year... Well, I'm not going to talk about this topic because He has time until the end of the year And yes i don't have slots to receive my permanent weapon without deleting another permanent weapon (i am sad)
  9. First of all TY to LO for the effort put into FE & current event(s). Now onto the current event and the level 'restrictions' it has. In my view as a player that quests to level up those are a bit to low for each zones. My suggestion would be : Embry 1-15 Needle Eye 12-20 Sunshine Corners 15-35 Traders Flat 30-50 Los Alamos 45-55 And yeah some overlap allowing for some toons to do 2 sets. This is only a 'trinket' & a AP and will have zero impact on anything if some get 2. This can also maybe be flagged like the G.O.R.E.D. quest chain? There you can only do 1 of the 4 quests. Or just use the same as G.O.R.E.D. and have no level restrictions at all? As one that quests to level I see this level range for the zones : S1 is 1-20 S2 is 15-35 S3 is 30-50 Deadfall is 45-55 TW, Alpha & Outpost is 55. As a example I can do 2 of my toons I did for this event. First was level 11, just started down in Oilville, and had to goto Needle Eye for the event. Second was lvl 36, just reached Blaine in S2, had to travel to Traders Flat for the event.
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