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  1. i don't want from forum resolving. I want to show how bad support is now. (at this moment) And if no one will care. We all be just ignored. you will recive this same. nothing just generalizing it will be of everything i think I hope not
  2. and now i wanted to know i am alone or new support is reproduced the same with all of u guys ?
  3. You see that You don't know about my case it is make you angry of stupid talking but you know what ? I don't know nothing about my case.
  4. soo you suggest that I am so good in be banned, so they must send me copy / paste to make me better in be banned. yes ?
  5. you have right there ! I wanted hear sameone who get this same. And know how too change this and solve. But the most I just wanted know about another cases. and solutions.
  6. forum is to talk about it: how they work ? // they helped or not ? they do event in game // they don't they care // they don't care ? we can talk there : i want to know: if you will want to get a refund: then you will get some discuss about it or you receive "hello apb player you can't talk about refound goodbye"
  7. So you sended some tickets to the new support ? or just believe that beautiful promises if u send something. You was talk with human or gets this this is generalizing. Not the answer. If they can't answering. They should not close tickets just leave them or i'm wrong ?
  8. u still don't get it. Old apb support do copy / paste answers (do you remember ?) always always and always now after changes i still have them i want to know. or this is global or it's my fault.
  9. It is like Q - Hey Mark can u tell me where u live ? A - I live in world. And I always get that type of answers in support. this is that. but i am not the only one I think.
  10. In this post i want talk about why support do so quick close of tickets, and in my case don't even try resolve why i am banned. why i think it's wrong / unfairly. just quick quick close and bye
  11. Ojej chcesz pisać po polsku ? really ? I think my english enough to make some kind of post, and enough to understand me
  12. I know, know, so many tickets so many things to do. But guys you talk about "" fair support '' and do s*it like this: I want say this: This is not the answear This not resolv any problem Now after 20 days of waiting I KNOW this... And this changes my view of the world This is Social Forum not Support so lets talk aboit it. Do I require too much ? or support shouldn't solve problems in detail. or in my opinion it is time when they can't waste time. for me and others like me ? Someone get this kind of reply or I am first ?
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