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  1. 1. Can you and more colors rank Green, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond 2.Can u bring back droping weapons after dead... That works in riot I still can't get my perm weapons from mail becouse of lack of eq space
  2. So, old players like me heve NO event NICE Like Ryly i can get 13 new and colorized titles Hura the rest of things only lose value because of your actions Merged. New variants of mods in weapon or new unique skin (is better) not shit like that Think pls
  3. I don't believe, that this element in the game... where the company adds the most content, such as clothes, symbols. Programmer set byte as data type? (impossible)..
  4. I'm writing a post here because the topic needs to be refreshed. Matt-Scott and the administration agreed that they will increase the limit on items in the inventory, It's about weapons locker, themes, song, equippments and etc In an interview Matt tell that it will be done. In inteview Matt don't decide whether it would be an option to buy, or maybe in the event game, everyone does not say anything... During the events, there was more than one occasion, for add some prizes like this... but everyone seemed to forget about it. there were events with such a win a few years ago and no one saw the problem. They always said yes, and nothing doing. again.. there were events with such a win a few years ago and no one saw the problem. Can someone from our wonderful administration finally share any possibility to increase these lockers. any possibility... Yes I know Matt promised more content for this year... Well, I'm not going to talk about this topic because He has time until the end of the year And yes i don't have slots to receive my permanent weapon without deleting another permanent weapon (i am sad)
  5. I need to write that is so fun buahahahaha You know that for this day anticheat still triggers when player will be pushed with car or another stuff to asynchronary position of player to the server... this can be replicated unintentional in this game on many ways like using car-surfer and bad luck of logging or when u play some wird events like prototype gun game (there was scout with BIG jump push) jumping with vegas That is some security i know ... but this serversare not helping there is no hackers with teleport hack or some other shit ... thanks GOD SO Most powerfu sentence U can't play how u want, u need to play like devs wanted and population does..
  6. that is true g1 was giving that type of rewards as Activity quest. i remember that, so doing it is not impossible likę everyone write Merged. And yes, that was unfair but it was years ago and everyone forgot buahahahaha
  7. What about locker slot // Like weapon locker slot there are many people Like me that cant take weapon from mail after buying im armas becouse dont have space ... ?
  8. Apb is a bugged game you can always get banned for no reason and it's not your fault. And one of the biggest problems here are unstable servers. For example, if you are currently playing during the latest event, during prototype testing ground you can get banned for speedhack or teleport hack if you use the scout jump shot test weapon and do nothing about it if during ddos attacks you play the game hard and run while the server is lagging you will also end up with a ban there are many glitches in this game that are very bad and intensively change the correct position of the player that getting banned is just easy. support does not exist and this fact is not surprising the task of support in this company is not to discuss and solve your problems because there is simply no money and people for it support will take a decision and position only as directed by our director Matt Scot if you want to be unbanned then your problem must can affect the whole apb community and be resolved by matt scot and unban more community In short, you are too small to be bent over by anyone
  9. Should you consider such an offer? Or just add any offer @MattScott, @Selali, @Sakebee,
  10. @MattScott @Sakebee Guys can you add valentine weapons separently ? You have writen on news blog that valentine variats weapons are avilable on armas but you only unlock v-weapon pack... Maybe is becouse u need to chcnge price But just add guns to market please Merged. but u only add v-day bundle
  11. CAT EARS !! & CUTE MAIDS People need maids ... OLD Version One of them: Name: Epsil Nu Nickname: E-Nu ----------------- As the fifth Nu sister, Epsil wanted to work at the Joker Store Distribution. She loves big explosions and cars, but her weakness are heavily armored Wheels (in meaning heavy cars), which can't be blown up with any little rocketiny...
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