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  1. So? I assume the maintenance should be done by now, but servers are still down
  2. Yea this one is sick. WTB NO 195+ RESTRICTED MODS DM
  3. Turning servers down friday evening for 1 hour at online peak? God wont save this game Like it's so major that fixing it earlier was too early, but fixing it tomorrow morning would be too late
  4. Problem was the language. But I figured it out, had to remember how to create -language=1033 shortcut (kinda rought after all these years) Also, I wonder why DefaultInput.ini does not reset, but BaseEngine - does It's still kinda shame that cap removing is written in the patch note, but launсher (read "running from steam") instatly removes it. Also, steam patch note still wasn't updated
  5. Okay a figured it out... m8 what the heck stil tryna figure out which file does what? fix it please... you know disinformation on the official steam page is not good at all not completely figured it out tho, because when i modify baseengine launcher istantly brings it back. and launching the game from binaries has some... problems why would you even include this "guide" in the patch notes if everything's wrong with it?
  6. So, has anyone tried to remove 128fps cap? Because for some reason whenever I start the game .ini file resets to the original values and i'm yet to figure out why
  7. sometimes i dont get whether you speak seriously or not, your level of irony is unreachable for me biscuit
  8. Ahh yea i released another video 3 month ago but this forum section is so dead I forgot to put it here it works on samsung @ proxie
  9. Generally speaking people who can unmistakably distinguish a hacker from a really good player do not hackusate. You need a lot of expirience to do that, and when you get to this point you don't really care anymore. So I never had a feeling that whiners in chat treat themselves as a gamegods.
  10. Nerima

    Forum segregation

    Why do we still have such a huge amount of forum sections and rules of topic segregation are still in tact? I mean, entire community corner is completely dead (obviosly) in early August i visited breakwater galleria to post some recent videos and wrote this Now after entire 2 months I came back to check that secion and there is not even a single new topic or even reply - my post is still on the very top And my 18 month old post is still on the first page, at this point it's simply a contrary to common sense I'm not complaining about low forum activity of course, It's unavoidable, but If we have only one last forum section somewhat alive why don't allow players post EVERYTHING game-related here?
  11. Thats true. Been a while since i was making videos regulary, so It's kinda challeging to keep everything in touch, especially audio. Gonna work on that in upcoming videos. About anime thing - actually I'm not really that of an anime guy. But Im into japanese electronic music scene (and it's huge) so it's native for me to base my editing on that, and all the other anime vibe comes after it to keep everything consistant.
  12. I simply hate when stuff like this happen. If you making adjustments to weapons make sure you do it properly, keeping in mind things like presets. This is simply how it should work in the correct game development process. I'm not against this obeya nerf, I'm against this hell of a mess. I fell into this before - with jg knock knock. When cj in jg was meta I decided not to buy 3-slotted version in favor of knock-knock, simply because keeping enough modification when you have 10 characters is near impossible. Then they ""adjusted"" cj in shotguns and ever since then its a deadweight in my inventory. I even contacted support a few times about this topic - and of course they wont do nothing. Even such a simple thing as changing my unplayable knock-knock to proper 1140. This is not fine at all, regardless if bz was a good gun or not. God talking about this without swearing is tough.
  13. i wounder why would we still have an entire separate secion for stuff like this when the only one section that still alive is general discussion like "breakwater galleria" is cool and all for like 2013, but not for the current times when we have like 4 new topics here per year with no activity in them whatsoever for me as one of a few players who still make apb content not having any opportunity to actually show it to remaining playerbase is extremely frustrating and exhausting here's new short video tho. nothing serious, gonna upload something better later much love<3
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