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  1. Thats true. Been a while since i was making videos regulary, so It's kinda challeging to keep everything in touch, especially audio. Gonna work on that in upcoming videos. About anime thing - actually I'm not really that of an anime guy. But Im into japanese electronic music scene (and it's huge) so it's native for me to base my editing on that, and all the other anime vibe comes after it to keep everything consistant.
  2. I simply hate when stuff like this happen. If you making adjustments to weapons make sure you do it properly, keeping in mind things like presets. This is simply how it should work in the correct game development process. I'm not against this obeya nerf, I'm against this hell of a mess. I fell into this before - with jg knock knock. When cj in jg was meta I decided not to buy 3-slotted version in favor of knock-knock, simply because keeping enough modification when you have 10 characters is near impossible. Then they ""adjusted"" cj in shotguns and ever since then its a deadweight in my inventory. I even contacted support a few times about this topic - and of course they wont do nothing. Even such a simple thing as changing my unplayable knock-knock to proper 1140. This is not fine at all, regardless if bz was a good gun or not. God talking about this without swearing is tough.
  3. i wounder why would we still have an entire separate secion for stuff like this when the only one section that still alive is general discussion like "breakwater galleria" is cool and all for like 2013, but not for the current times when we have like 4 new topics here per year with no activity in them whatsoever for me as one of a few players who still make apb content not having any opportunity to actually show it to remaining playerbase is extremely frustrating and exhausting here's new short video tho. nothing serious, gonna upload something better later much love<3
  4. So I assume this gun's name now refers to its damage, right?
  5. it's sarcasm. but different res for different guns is not tho. yep. potato graphics also makes it easier, without particles, fog, and all other distracting details. actually, 1280x720 is lowest res on new engine, so no more ntek gods
  6. There is. Again, recoil shaking is pixels based (which is stupid) and you get way more control on shaking guns like, for example, s1-na manic. And also there is "oddity" on recoil range itself but it's not something I can easily and graphically show. I could record videos of me controling hard kicking guns on low and hight resolution, but it would not look objective. It's not. Again, distance on which you have to move your mouse to compensate recoil it is quarter shorter. We're not talking bout different screens or monitor position, we talking about the exact same monitor, but different recoil range. This actually makes a difference when you controling a gun. This weird action consists of many details, I just mentioned the ones which are obvious and easy to show. As I said, in-game recoill kinda stays the same, but your perception of it does not. Playing on lowres is just easier, that's it. Same thing? My point was that playing on low resolution is easier, thought you guys doubt it
  7. okay bois @SquirrelFace@404 never expected to be disputed on such case, but here we go then apb reloaded resolution 101 Recoil consist of two things: vertical/horizontal range and shaking. As my lovely biscuit mentioned, shaking is pixel based, and this is a huge deal for all kind of weapons, from for example rough 45ap (which recoil and shaking kick hard) to machine guns This is the reason why many guns feel way smoother on low reasolution than on normal fullhd. But okay, this is minor advantage, recoil is the same, case closed huh? But then aspect ratio kicks in. No one plays on lowres because they have 4:3 monitor in 2020, or with black stripes on the sides, right? Graphically, this is how the exact same pattern look on different resoultion if you bring it into a more visual form, this is what we get Basically, it's 25% reduced vertical range, distance on which you have to move your mouse to compensate recoil it is quarter shorter. For game like apb it's huge advantage. About aiming convenience, it's even easier to explain, It's just goddamn easier to track the hitbox if it's wider, angles has nothing to do with it So basicaaly, in-game recoil range stays the same, but on your screen it's lower and you moving your mouse less more than that, our apb esports community derived the formula of perfect resolution for every gun in the game (yes, different resolution suit differend weapons better) and i'm not even kidding.
  8. the pattern is the same, resolution won't change it, that's true but how it feels is drastically differend
  9. apb is a smol game but over 10 years we've had hundreds of video creators and thouthands of fragtages, if you don't even remember how character looked i don't think anyone is able to find it
  10. You miss the whole point of engine upgrade, how game looks is last (and least) point of it. Do you research before whining This one may come as a suprise but they play on such res not to improve game's performace, but because of norecoil bug and cuz on lower resolution it's easier to aim wannabe esportsmans
  11. When I work on my montages, I select suitable footage very meticulously, according to a lot of criterias. The problem here is that because of it I keep stacking huge amounts of extra footages that just aren't good enough and wasting huge amount of storage on it. This video is no exception, but just deleting everything that didn't make its way to final timeline would be even more of a waste so I decided to compile some of the leftovers In a separate video. Enjoy <З This thumbnail is brilliat, I know
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