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  1. Dude, they'll never do that. Empty promises. LO is as useless as a dead dog. Here RTW accounts are banned for nothing for Telegram web and various stencils, and real violators freely continue to play and interfere with other players.
  2. Oh, it's terrible, I also faced a similar situation when my RTW account was banned for telegram web. Unfortunately gamefirst refuses to help in this matter and EAC support ignores any requests. The chances of unlocking are 0 %
  3. Funny. Merged. This program has been running for more than 10 years. This is a very original stencil, which can not interfere in any way with the processes of the game. And as for other programs, my friend was banned because he launched telegram web during the game, just launched it and that's it.
  4. I was blocked after 11 years of playing, because there was a program on my PC to make pictures transparent, it helped me in creating symbols and cars. In the last 6 years I have been using this small but primitive program. I haven't played for 2 months and a week ago I went in and out, after I saw a message about blocking. I am still trying to challenge the blocking. EAC support is not responding. I am ready to challenge the blocking even now and provide all the logs from my PC. I am very outraged and saddened by this blocking, I put my soul into this account, so to speak. My friend from the clan was blocked because he had a telegram web running during the game, a fucking messenger. Unfortunately, there is no support from the community, we applied to different communities with petitions, but I only saw ridicule. The administration of the discord channel only made fun of us and blocked us. We demand a more thorough investigation of such cases, and we also want a fair solution to this problem in our favor. Don't make us hate you and your company. This is very unfair, some players from twitch disable the effects of grenade smoke, and play with clay potato graphics. There is no reaction from the administration to this, when we provide links and evidence to these violators, we are told that we violated privacy. But at the same time, we are blocked essentially for nothing.
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