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Found 10 results

  1. Hello Everyone! I have banned from APB Reloaded by Easy Anti Chat(5 days ago). But I did not cheat. I objected to sanction and sent messages to support team but there is no any response from anyone of them. What should I do for this occasion? Thank you
  2. This text may end up being too long because i am graphomaniac, but i really want you to fully read it and enter the discussion, as what I'm about to tell really seem to ba a serious problem My good old friend and clanmate that we've been playing with for a decade now was banned a while ago, and no, this is not another whining topic where actual cheater trying to redeem himself, because we know exactly what happened and the problem is actually pretty global (as global as at can be in such a small remaining community). There is very old and simple program called "image ghost" written by ShadReX from Red Squadron (one of the oldest clans in apb). I dont know if current devs team are, but all of the old players must be familliar with it, as well as every apb creator who've spent more time in social district creating stuff than in actual combat. Basically, this program lets you take any image and place it above all of the windows with adjustable transparecy, to help you recreate any image in apb editor - it was helping people create amazing symbols for more than 10 years now. And yes, now it's bannable. Why? Because LO didnt bother to actually configure the EAC to fit their game, not to mention that possibly they have no idea about such things, because apb is one of the games where community keeps itself alive (just hire actual apb veterans to run support team, really). My friend was banned in social district, in symbol editor, we were shocked at first but now we know exactly why. Of course, we were trying to reach out to someone, GMs, technical support, streamers, even Matthew himself, but everyone's disregarding. Support does not even try to look deep into the problem, they simply respond with "contact EAC relating all the ban associations". But of course guys over at EAC have no idea what image ghost is - because it's part of apb specifically, written by apb player for apb players, it's so specific no one but LO are resposible for sorting such cases. I'm trying keep my cool, even tho the situatin is as bad as gets, apb veteran who was trying to get back to the game gets banned for the thing that's basically already implemented into the game's DNA (or at least to creator's community DNA), and guys in charge, who's driving the game 4x times less than we've been playing are acting as careless as they posiibly can be. But I'm here not even to unban him, again, this is not our first day in this game, we know that getting personal attention from devs is nearly impossible, always has been. But i want to bring to light actual problem - i'm pretty sure he's not the only one who's been false banned for the same reason. EAC is not setted up correctly, image ghost is just "one of the" problems, false bans are here, we need to draw attention to this problem, to help others and at least try to rectify the situation This specific case hurts me so much because many of you know me exactly by my apb design works, this is the reason why I started playing this game and seeing it being destroyed just by ignorance is painful. I understand that rules may change, that image ghost for some reason may be actually officially bannable now, but such things must be announced, and in longly stagnating game banning people for such things is simply distructive.
  3. Hello everyone, just a week ago I received a ban from the EAC, the fact is that I changed the DPI in my logitec mouse, in the logitec GHUB program, I wrote to support and they said that I should file an appeal, a lot of effort and money was invested in the account, the account is 6 years old, my appeal disappeared after 3 days, and they suggest that I file an appeal again, do I have a chance of being unbanned? I read the news and forums, there was some kind of wave of bans, what should I do at the moment? I am writing from a translator
  4. @MattScott hi. I would like to know if it's possible that AutoIT and other Scripting Tools are added to EAC. I see several People Streaming with Hacks which are clearly scripted and detecting coulours to aim- or triggerbot. You can especially see that when they are using an scripted colouraimbot because it is always kinda lagging and the crosshair is shaking when it is on target. When you see that in slowmotion, the crosshair is locking on target for very short time and after that the targetlock is off for a short time til it's locking on again. I will provide you with some videofootage of stuff like that and specific Players using that.
  5. Yesterday i was watching a stream of apb. there was a dude with russian Name, Setting up the Colors of his triggerbot. He had a scripted AutoIt File. He also explained that he already released that on multiple cheating Websites for free since Easy Anticheat is according to him not supporting Colourtriggerbot when ist set up correctly in autohotkey and autoit. So what can we do against that wihtout naming that guys Name and stream even tho he is clearly using cheat and obviously those programs are not detected by EAC? Is it possible to add These programs? I think this is very important, becasue there are several dirty tricks you could use with that infarmation. You could script sth to control recoil, edit firerates for assaultrifles (e.g. NTEC Shooting slower and more accurate by just pressing one key, so no more tapfire needed) Edit firerates (autofireoptions) and add recoil control for Rifles like Obeya.
  6. SunnyMonroe

    Cant Start APB

    When i want to start the game I get kinda blocked fron EAC
  7. Hey, Alisha here. This will be another huge topic related if not the most, one of the most important argoments in games, Anti-Cheat. During my APB experience over the years i noted many changes on this one. I've got some questions for all of you, comment if you would like to share with everyone what you think. We could lose our accounts because of an incorrect cheat detection, and we are talking about hundreds if not thousands of $ lost, not going to talkign about the time spent on that specific account. So as you can imagine, this is very important, especially in games like this. 1) Why most of the companies care more in upgrading/changing the Anti-Cheat method but don't actually make it better by adjusting and monitoring over the periods? 2) What's the Best Anti-Cheat so far for you? Choose from this list and explain why or name and then explain if it isn't included [Not in order] - PunkBuster - FairFight - BattlEye - Easy Anti-Cheat - Denuvo Anti-Cheat - Riot Vanguard (Riot Games) - Kaspersky Anti-Cheat - Valve Anti-Cheat (Steam) - nProtect GameGuard 3) Do you wish to see Any changes about EAC? If yes, which one/s? 4) What you think about the future of APB: Reloaded? (Always related to that argoment) 5) What is gonna happen after the release of APB 2.1? Is Little Orbit exploring new ways behind the scenes/improving EAC? -- We just don't know nothing yet about that, but i "hope" that we will be able to see that, if not soon, well.. sort of demostration? I don't know. See you in-game or in another topic. Maybe Matt will answer some interesting questions inside his.. hmm.. AMA on reddit? Sort of Q&A. Im hopeful for that one coming the 30th of this month. The thing im not reccomending at all to LO is to write/talk very detailed about how the Anti-Cheat works and what they do behind the scenes, which is kinda controversy to everything i just asked above, but not entirely. More details given, more ways for hackers to avoid these ones and knowing better the system means much more cheat programs around. -- Last thing i forgot to say. FairFight wasn't trash, was just not paid under G1 and left unmaintained because they couldn't pay it. If you search online there are many games running it, and is just wonderful. Of coruse any of these needs to be handled with much care and attention, if you don't wanna fall inside false positives again. A suggestion i would put is.. making the Broadcast System to post a global message with the number of cheaters have been banned in the last 24 hours, like in BF1 or even R6S. I wanted to let you all know like Matt stated, FairFight is still in the game, just in the background, useful for other reasons i think. As i knew this was until the introduction of EAC, after that i don't know exactly. There are Many, Many methods, to detect cheaters (in general), and im so curious to know what is the way this game will take. @MattScott
  8. EAC was announced to be free for all developers yesterday. Now there's no reason to not implement it, along side BE if you really want it that badly. Article
  9. Considering all the issues on both riot and EAC, do you think it was good idea to release them on current engine?
  10. Matt Scott promised same, that banit accounts forever not will. He wrote in some article that the block accounts will not be forever. Matt Scott promised that unban, who get banned. But it’s wrong to blocked forever in this game, it is not so popular and famous. Here online is scanty and so, and you block forever the players who have been familiar with this game long time, also invest money in the game. You promised that players won’t blocked forever. Make the first block for a month, then for two and etc. Easy Anti Cheat does not want to understand this situation. I perfectly remember that in some article "little orbit" talk about blocking, forever will not block. And will come up with another measure punishment. EAC they respond with a pattern.
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