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  1. No problem! We had BE then we went to EAC but due to "issues" we went back to BE which is currently implemented.
  2. EAC was announced to be free for all developers yesterday. Now there's no reason to not implement it, along side BE if you really want it that badly. Article
  3. Can we please just note that youtubers who were "hacked" were hacked via stolen cookies due to loading exploitable emails/extensions to their browser, same can be done with links.
  4. We're comparing the number of bans and detections between both anti-cheats. This just catches the blatant cheaters who make new accounts all the time. Why don't we compare data like the turn over of players during the BE to EAC switch? As well as pop increase/decrease. If you want to get specific you could even target a mass audience of people who only played whilst BE was active and decided to "take a break" whilst EAC was put into effect.
  5. Thats because minecraft server aka java is single core heavy which is what the goal for old CPUs was, fast clocks. Now its more cores.
  6. i7-10750H. RTX 2070 Super. 32gb ram. Social: Locked hitting max cap 138fps. Asylum: Stable 100fps. Overview: In my personal opinion live somehow handles better than the beta in terms of raw fps however beta has almost no stutters. The graphics in beta are definitely an upgrade however they look like someone set the contrast slider to "+99999". If we could head into the direction of just upgrading the resolution/material/quality of the textures instead having a massive contrast that would be nice. Font needs to go but that was addressed. Apart from that, in a nut shell, can't play more than 30min without my eyes wanting to pop themselves which results in me having to bleach my eyes. P.S nice to see that when customising outfits the equip time is instant now. Nice one TLDR: too much shit on screen, please make it soft for eyes. Edit: bring back black bars on low res!
  7. Someone said Gold standard, APB Net continuity has to be 10/10 Cloudflare down, resulting in no Internet due to DNS issues but still logged into APB Social/Game Districts. 10/10 would recommend
  8. With BE + Old servers I was seeing around 1~8ms, these days its around 25~30ms with spikes. Let's see if EAC is just a mess on the platform.
  9. You're complaining about bronze being overflown with silver and gold players. The reason all the "gold people" wanted threat segregation back is so that missions would be a little bit more balanced in terms of not having 2 bronzes, a silver and gold against a gold duo that was destined to win the mission. (And it is working somewhat) The main reason to solve the issue that you have with the game is to increase the population.
  10. oh didnt think about that one. Third slot with armor piercing mod tho. :^)
  11. I always wanted micro rockets on an nfas
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