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  1. With BE + Old servers I was seeing around 1~8ms, these days its around 25~30ms with spikes. Let's see if EAC is just a mess on the platform.
  2. You're complaining about bronze being overflown with silver and gold players. The reason all the "gold people" wanted threat segregation back is so that missions would be a little bit more balanced in terms of not having 2 bronzes, a silver and gold against a gold duo that was destined to win the mission. (And it is working somewhat) The main reason to solve the issue that you have with the game is to increase the population.
  3. oh didnt think about that one. Third slot with armor piercing mod tho. :^)
  4. I always wanted micro rockets on an nfas
  5. The district is fine as is, if you set it to 12v12 this will just create a second baylen district that is not filled up with most likely a pop of 3v5 or so. We can already see that decreasing the players in the district affects baylen very negatively due to the game turning to hide and seek. For example, at night time when it is 6v6 or so. Whatever the max is right now, it is a bit of a squeeze but 100% playable and just invites to change up your gameplay compared to playing the mission districts and Asylums CQC, TTK wins mentality (this last sentence was oversimplified). I would suggest increasing the district to 20v20 as stated before and let the community as a whole provide feedback if it is worse or better. Just a thoroughly explained opinion.
  6. Not my downvote just saying, but why not its a cool item, and was only available to unlock once as a silver level FC event.
  7. If you mean vague shit like, give the last IP connected to the account, your transaction IDs for G1C, your steam link, DOB, when the account was open and all this shit then yes. Its non sense. I only dont understand why you need the date when the account was open?
  8. Imagine a CSG, with 3 Open Slots.
  9. The base weapons are already pretty good enough to get you through the game, this is why nearly all players choose the N-Tec for their perma, since just like the star it can be used in all situations.
  10. Change the properties of the Devil Horns, allow them to clip through Caps (Hats) too.
  11. Esurient


    FF Bans had a lot of false positives, all that did was trash the name of players to be seen as "Cheaters" after being unbanned. @Mina_ Could you lock this post? this is getting heated. OP made his/her point and it was rejected. From reading all 2 pages it looks like the discussion has ended with a No.
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