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  1. Do you really have to create a new thread in italian whenever there is a server maintenance ?
  2. I'm not an accountant, so maybe what I'll say here makes no sense from LO's point of view, but based on my personal experience I've never felt more compelled to throw money at ARMAS than when RP did special G1C sales. Out of the 185$ I've spent on this game, 75$ were during the 2x G1C sale in March 2013, and 50$ were later in December when I think it was +50% G1Cs. Now I get that they might be afraid that by doing so, people would stockpile cheap G1Cs and buy nothing after that for a long period of time. But again, my experience says otherwise. Actually since I was like "man, I got these credits for cheap, It doesn't matter if I spend it on stuff I don't really need", I ended up buying perm weapons I barely use, and even lootboxes -70 of them actually, first and last time I ever paid for these things in a game (so far)- .... Do I regret it ? No. Because I still feel like it was a good deal. Of course I'm aware that there is now this permanent up-to-25% bonus on G1Cs, but it doesn't have the same flavor to it. It just feels like it's their normal price. My last purchase was 1833G1Cs to get the Acc-wide harness pack, and thinking back on it I feel like 20$ was a bit pricey for this and that I should wait a bit before spending more. I'm less in that "spend your money like money ain't shit" vibe. In short : Periodically double the amount of pixels we can get for our bucks, and you'll definitely get more of my real money in return.
  3. Oh, I don't think it was actually cancelled, it was just a joke referring to the name release that was suddenly "cancelled" at the end of September and of which we have not heard of since.
  4. Interesting to see how everyone seem to have their own definition ! What I would call a tryhard is someone who's taking the game too seriously, thinking he's playing on a professional level, while not being remarkably good. (Often accompanied with some trash talk in order to create an atmosphere of rivalry, even when the other team clearly doesn't care and is playing just for fun).
  5. Aisakey

    about shaw..

    I regularly use the SHAW and AMG-556 which is pretty loud too (especially when you fire it from one of Baylan's containers), with so far no headache or hearing loss observed. And it's not like I'm playing the game at a low volume ... Like DeadPixels, I suppose the main problem players have with the SHAW is its lack of versatility.
  6. In the current state of things, you could get rid of the entire threat segregation and it wouldn’t change much. I recently started playing the game again after a few years of break. I remember the threat system has never been truly accurate, but now it's clearly worse than ever. My friends and I are now silver, and I’d say that's where we belong after such a long time without playing. Back in the days there was already a huge gap among gold, between the "good" players with 1000~2000hrs and the "extra-good" players with 3000+ hours. Now it feels like there are new gaps, while threat levels remained unchanged : - There are the “real” gold who never really stopped playing APB and are able to steamroll pretty much everything, and some “new old” golds who recently got it back. - Then we have silver being a mix of those who just returned to the game after a long break, those who haven’t played for a few weeks just long enough to lose their threat but not their skill, those who dethreat on purpose because they enjoy easy wins, and those who are simply “average” (300~500hrs ?). - Finally there's bronze, consisting of new players and occasional players (and sometimes rerolls trolling). - Oh and also green level which … Come on we all know this is not really a thing. Like it has always been the case since the implementation of "mild" threat segregation (allowing you to join lower threat districts), people don’t want to wait 50min to get opposition on a private gold server, they will join silver districts. But as the lower part of silvers want to escape the seemingly unbeatable top-tier of gold players, they’ll join the bronze servers. Bronze players will unsurprisingly get rekt, and since they have nowhere else to go, they’ll just ragequit. In other words, the threat system would require more levels to be more accurate, just like Overwatch or Rocket League do, but APB’s low population doesn’t allow it. Right now it’s only effective at discouraging new players. There is certainly a way to encourage people to accept more challenge, or basically make losing more acceptable. I know there’s also the eternal lack of confidence in the game, with some people out there truly believing that anyone stomping them is either cheating (I never considered myself to be among the “extra-good” players, but it didn’t stop me from getting hackusated on a daily basis before I stopped playing) or using “those damn OP P2W guns”. Not sure what to do about them though.
  7. Does this also mean we will have to deal with the omnipresence of cyrillic for a few more months ?
  8. Right now the game doesn't even let you wear accessories over a blazer or any type of coat as far as I know. So they're unlikely to let you glitch the whole armas store together. Some combos are forbidden, but this is only to make the world a better place.
  9. Some of you might remember that I already made this thread on the old forums. With LO taking over APB, and the game finally looking like it might become something, I think it is time to share this idea (again), which is still relevant in my opinion. Every now and then I see people complaining about how there are only a few hairstyles that everybody is using, and asking for more alternatives. I’m pretty sure that no matter how many new hairstyles you can come up with, they will never fully satisfy them. Or could they ? You know how car makers sometimes claim that their car can be customized with “X million possible combinations”. The idea is more or less the same : Building hairstyles from different layers, just like you can make your own outfit from different jackets, trousers and shoes. The idea came to me after playing a certain game (we’ll call it JinGaku), and realizing that it allowed me to easily create almost any character I could think of by combining a handful of elements together. Searching for other threads on the topic before (re-)creating this one, I found Yekaterina’s post about a similar concept. To give you a preview of how it could work, including the UI, here are a few screenshots that I took from a translated version of JinGaku’s character editor : 1st LAYER – FRONT HAIR (With possibility to mirror the selected model, which is nice !) 2nd LAYER - BACK HAIR (Note how there is actually only a few styles to choose from – about 30 I think ?) 3rd LAYER – SIDE HAIR 4th LAYER – EXTENSIONS/DETAILS Combine all this with APB’s ability to choose width/length of said hair, and you basically get one of the best character editor ever available in a multiplayer game. Instead of creating one new possibility at a time, you multiply the number of possibilities for each new element added to the game. From about 90~100 “parts”, you can easily get 250.000 combinations ! I’m sure you could even find a way to sell those as packs or individual items, and I’d definitely buy it if it allowed me to make the character I have in mind. Cash in the bank + Happy players + More customization (which is a great selling point of APB) … It’s a win for everyone !
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