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  1. ehem.... What about snub? What playstyle will it fit now? oh yeah its back in dumpsters with old tommy gun
  2. it represents the general trend of people leaving. Will.io does not show average player base numbers.
  3. https://steamcharts.com/app/113400
  4. But we already did hit all time lowest like a week ago https://steamcharts.com/app/113400
  5. but that would be horrible. Imagine ur horse being shot by osmaw… poor animal getting abused.
  6. Thanks battle eye for not fighting against cheaters i literally saw so many "good players" since you came out. How many days is it working now? i literally saw blatant rage cheaters with walls and aimbot chilling with no problems. Wish we had an actual working anticheat and not this clown eye. And the thing is its gonna get even worse....
  7. love this update( not including anticheat change)
  8. if u can't understand what I mean theres some help
  9. then dont do it, let others enjoy it whats the problem? its not everything about you flaws.
  10. Well you are not forced to play these we get full districts anyways. You dont like it then just dont play it and let others enjoy the event. I heard from some people that they really badly miss them becouse getting JT any other way is just suicide.
  11. Hey there, I really miss these GM gungames they made... They were so fun to do had great rewards and I didn't see them arround for like 3 weeks now? anyone else wants them back or I'm alone here
  12. Hey, u must've gotten verry mad to make a whole post about you crying on jg snub becouse u got rekt tho
  13. Bro stop fucking crying u are literally using Euryale 24/7 which is "balanced" without any damn aim needed.
  14. Thanks alot bro it worked. I appreciate your help. Have a lovely day.
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