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  1. Boi u trippin? This cute guy matt scooter is always late at everything for example he is always late on weekly engine/support news which should be every Friday lol. Currently he is late 5 days on weekly news its just some text
  2. not gonna lie the servers are more than dogshit.... 180 ping?!? I used to have fucking 40 ping fam on EU server
  3. server cant handle a lot of people loging in Yikes
  4. check out guy in twitch doing rituals for servers xD
  5. truuuuuuuuuuuu obeya lowkey more op and thats a fact
  6. hey people im looking to buy myself a nice weapon from JT store for maining it in missions. What do you think are best options from that store? I was thinking about dog ear or Euryale( Stheno)
  7. matt updated news about support but what about engine?
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