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  1. is the TTK same on dog ear when i do 2 shot burst and 3 shot bursts? (4 shots to kill)
  2. Hey guys share your opinion on which sniper you think is the strongest in current meta
  3. Hey guys is it possible to modify crosshair brightness? when i look at the sky like in fight club baylan its sometimes hard to see my crosshair when the background is also bright becouse you can see through the crosshair.
  4. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ | APBprogram- Application Error [x] | | | | The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000005). | | Click OK to close the Application | | | | [Fuck off m8] | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. so how do others currently stream with reshade mhm?
  6. hey I tried using reshade but it always crashes when I open up Apbprogram and when I delete reshade apb starts working again.
  7. Boi u trippin? This cute guy matt scooter is always late at everything for example he is always late on weekly engine/support news which should be every Friday lol. Currently he is late 5 days on weekly news its just some text
  8. not gonna lie the servers are more than dogshit.... 180 ping?!? I used to have fucking 40 ping fam on EU server
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