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  1. we have a cheating problem on EU. that is why no one is playing gold anymore to let cheaters do what they want in apb has created this chain reaction.do not know the reason on NA or as EU SPCT would say it skill gap =/...red tape attitude if we are not talking about it. it does not exist mmkayy shhhhyyyy
  2. as I see it people are still waiting for this upgrade right. its the only thing that has made people saty so long and Im one of them.if people do not see that max rank cheats are banned and closet cheaters are banned and we all know who you are. then this game will need new players fast if you want the game to survive and they will not stay long if it looks like this.i will probably put apb in the trash if nothing is done within 6/8 months after the update comes out. many I have talked to feel the same way I really hope you get a grip on this game.why do you think I have been playing since 2011. reality is that no one stays long now so why should people stay if nothing changes and you may lose 200+ of the player base.Im so tired of cheaters that I spend my time selling cars instead of playing the game i have spent so much time in and love just because adult babies cant play normally.
  3. R3ACT3M what are the rules, is it only 1 car and one tame or can I post several different ones
  4. should not have written anything now the topic is ruined APB
  5. should not have written anything now the topic is ruined APB
  6. yes you want as much body movement as possible clearly good for reflexes and aim.. dont listen so much to what people are saying here. completely wrong forum to ask.You just have to train and get the muscle memory as soon as you get it you can expand it to another weapon there is no tutorial on how to get better aim in games that will help you for real.they will give you their settings and it will not help you at all.may even make you worse because everyone is different everyone in cs doesnt play with the same dpi / sens everyone in cod doesnt play the same dpi / sens everyone holds the mouse in different ways everyone has different mice what i am saying is that you have to find your style your dpi your sens and play play play to find it
  7. you need a weapon that you move with and are not fully auto to train aim with i would recommend pitols 45 / obeya fbw
  8. i have received that message when I reported people. but he stands in front of me
  9. hello all again i sold a police pioneer today hope you are happy with the car. but did not get a screen shot on it so i show you my latest project instead. it is the AK BISHADA from the loading screen in apb. will probably change some stuff but want it as close to the original as possible and not go overboard write a comment and say what you think
  10. 3 happy customers today hope you will be happy with the cars.can always write if you want to add somethings some want light designs and others heavy how ever I thank you for choosing me to create your car
  11. hello all,I have started selling cars in APB EU if you want a designed car dont hesitate to write a personal message to me. I make all kinds of cars both as a criminal and enforcer. I will be in contact with you in discord while we create the car and you can send me pictures on how you want your car to look. if you do not have discord we can solve it another way.here are some examples
  12. Caisey thanks for your thoughts on it caisey I will have a break from the current live version.and we will see how it ends after the new engine is live
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