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  1. Apparently this wasnt a joke its difficult nowadays to filter ok.do not understand why someone has to explain this..... when you start a new game you set settings for your game. resolution gamma contrast brightness and so on.everyone does this in all games .ALL. GAMES. everyone who plays games changes these things so they see what they do in their game. it is up to you how good you want to see there is a balance too much then you may be handicapped because you do not see UI or players far away or where it may be light too little the same thing happens you might just see players where it is light or difficult to see movement on the map so it is up to you to find the balance you like yourself so you see in the game you play. all monitors have different brightness gamma contrast settings so all ppl learn to change these things.not the games fault if you dont change these things yourself and calling it cheating is the stupidest thing I have ever heard.....
  2. what planet do you ppl play APB on ????.....the players did not leave the gold district to get easier mm on silver. they left because all the cheaters played on the gold districts at that time. now nobody plays on the gold district not even the cheaters stayed assume that H vs H is not fun BOO HOO . the game was completely dead around 30 to 60 people playing apb before it came out on steam. why ...cheaters destroy the whole game no one wanted to stay or they started cheating themselves. then all the districts began to get locked up to protect all new players from the cheaters then the people who were tired of the cheaters began to dethreat to get rid of the cheaters again..it was gold players who left gold because it was too much cheats not new players that were completely destroyed..and the cheaters have far too many people in the forum who dont want any change on this problem just look at all the dislikes AveragePlayer got i agree with AveragePlayer 100%
  3. blockblack Valve earned up to 450 million $ in 2018 from only CS:GO... They earned a whole 370 Million $ just from letting players make skins and sell them --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- can you explain to me how that worked dont know so much about CS.GO market but i think i know how it worked but i want to hear anyway Month, 2018 Average Players CS-GO January 382,030. February 382,457. March 354,270. April 289,076. May 262,170. June 264,045. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- October 7, 2018 Average Players APB R 997.peak it might be time to add the dragons ?
  4. we need a new game that copies the style of APB whit the frostbite engine the dream!!!!.. But for real motorcycles would be cool Dont know if boats would be a good idea Helicopters hell no XD Adding a new District to the game yes plz. Jungle ?? its an urban game with police vs thief why would we run around in a jungle/bushy park ?.if you ask me it would be a district where you can go into houses and maybe a subway with NPC interaction rob a bank rob a store and more instead of breaking door breaking cars all the time ability to design Weapon skins YES awesome idea. but it wont happen skins = ppl pay money Competitive mode in the game yes plz. Clan Wars
  5. I see no reason to touch shotguns and oca with eny type of balance they are good as they are.It will change the pace of the game too much and will only be a bottleneck for players. no one wants a slower game or make it impossible to challenge 2 players in CQC .I dont see where you get your feedback from if you think CQC weapons need rebalance.some weapons need rebalance but shotguns and oca dont need it. joker carbine is an example of a weapon that does not have a real role bad to use in CQC and have poor accuracy at medium distance vs AR,s so its bad in all scenarios if you ask me I think it should be better ADS accuracy with a hunting sight or better hip fire accuracy with less effective range depending on what you want the weapon to be right now it is completely useless and there are other weapons that do everything better with the same reason behind it. Joker RFP-9 and Obeya FBW effective range is too good.and I dont know what the problem with the FR0G hand guns is especially the Kokoe its like the bullets does not even go into the sight area. car spawner mod i have people who can spawn in cars if i stand 20 meters away do not know if it is a bug or if you changed the distance to 20m add a activator activate it you can spawn in the car for 3 min after 3 min you have a 2 min coldawn ?? and I think all semi rifles need a fire rate overhaul it need to be more responsive with the sight blooming upp instead to compensate for accuret spam
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