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  1. How should players adress actual problems if devs don't give a fu about them. Just saying... i'm also often pissed from things in APB and thats okay. We should be happy that actual devs care about problems!
  2. Consoles already more up to date than PC... U are already running on new Engine
  3. But most of them are NOT gold by any means... real problem is... the difference between gold 1 and gold 10 is like the difference between bronze and silver 10... A rework is needed... Like everyone uo to bronze 8 should be green and so on
  4. That sounds like u are allowed to play in silver districts as a gold but silvers aren't allowed to play in bronce cuz they kill the game??? If u really think like that u should enjoy empty gold districts! My opinion still... remove threat segregation at all. Dethreaters / ppl going gold in bronce and staying the whole day are killing the game yes. cuz there are maybe no golds on the other side to match... matchmaking would do better withouth segregation.
  5. what dirty tricks do u talk about? I only know game mechanics. If u mean running with Items than i see more newbies than vets doin' this but fine it's just a game mechanic on purpose... Or do u mean they use *insert any weapon* ? Corner / cover-poppin' ? Nah thats also normal game mechanic... i don't know what u mean but why should someone not play APB as good as he can? Seems like u are one of those who want newbies to get carried... they will never improve if they don't stop crying and just play the freaking game. Edit: I am stuck between silver and gold atm... so i'm not even very good
  6. They got to upgrade the engine first... With APB not running on RTX cards i don't see Geforce to taking this serious
  7. U are right at some points but always playing against your skill level won't teach u the map or better working tactics... and if you don't have anyone more experienced to teach you than u won't improve if u don't try to fight better players. That's my experience and opinion. Back to topic: I don't think there are too much cheaters in APB now. It was waaaaaaaay more of a problem back in 2015-2016. The biggest problem nowadys are crybabies hackusating everyone. When i get my Carbine out they don't see me suckin hard at the first couple missions but when i get into the flow and reach nearly perfect clickrate (depending cj2 or cj3) it feels like every 5th enemy /w me "fuin macro" "turn it off" bla bla bla...
  8. They do things like that cuz of threat segregation...
  9. Imagine new players taking the time to learn the game, mechanics, weapons and map. Then again they are just crying and complaining cuz they want to get carried by every game.
  10. But u can hide from 2 (now useless) volcano rockets now!
  11. When did we have this? U mean when there was only NA Server when they changed Hardware and nobody from EU wanted to play with high ping, nobody from NA wanted to play against high ping Europeans? Who is everybody?
  12. I maybe would... but yea i know the districts that segregation force me to play are dead af. So i usually don't play at all.
  13. So ppl got to work / go to school at sunday... Where do u live? just asking cuz i'll never go there
  14. ^This... just this would make a big difference!
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