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  1. a "true player" should suggest that LO should do a survey about such systems... on forums AND at login. But first of all like Selali stated... Engine Update!
  2. Maybe even the biggest ripp-off ever in Gaming... Star Citizen... will come before we get that engine
  3. Just wait for q2 in 2014... the EUpgrade will come!
  4. HighSociety

    out of memory ....

    But that one won't fix RTX bug sadly...
  5. HighSociety

    out of memory ....

    If u got a RTX gpu u have to put settings on low... this way u can play without running OoM. It's a Bug about drivers and bad coding
  6. "System requirements for APB" ? Yea u need a GPU OLDER than RTX cards (if u got nvidia) You should run at least 8gb RAM or the game will crash out of memory (yea bla.. 32bit... just 4gb Ram bla... but it crashes ) after some time and district changes. Waterfront is crashing more often than Financial cuz somehow it needs more RAM. If u are going to upgrade ur system than i'll recommend minimal 16gb RAM kit... So u can also run newer games. U don't really need more than 16gb at the moment (as a "normal" user)
  7. Well imo Nvidia has to do nothing since it doesn't affect any other games i play... LO got to make progress. Its time for the Engine Upgrade... U already played it... is it really running worse than live? somehow i can't believe it
  8. What are u even talking about? Everyone knows the engine upgrade will come in q2 2014!
  9. In case its really just new (network) components in a new datacenter than i think there is nobody from Orbit needed locally.
  10. Probably when they get back from holidays...
  11. NO! im sayin u maybe feel like the hero saving their fun and for sure u are doing this as a friendly act of kindness... BUT they will have the bad time or a much worse time afterwards cuz if u let them win u also push their threath. It's hard to handle at the moment yea...
  12. I think u are damaging matchmaking (yea its not working proper) even more cuz in the long therm the ppl will geht higher threat and for that way more "bad" matches... I'll consider this dethreating! Because u know that will lower ur threatlevel. Stop it now or u deserve a ban... MY OPINION
  13. Seems like u never really played PC games on a progressiv level... Dunno how people don't realise a diffrence between (my) usual 15‐25ms Ping (EU servers / any games) and a 100-140ms ping like i got in APB now... I got tons of microlags... Thats also for other games when i got to play on NA servers or generally on bad ping servers. maybe its the 1ms 144+ Hz monitor and otherwise u don't even realise microlags? I mean it sounds totally plausible for me that APB just sucks for new Hardware... if i keep that RTX bug in my mind... Got to be that one cuz in all those "low graphic streams" . i don't even see microlags or lags in general on said streams. Really strange...
  14. Buy a gaming monitor with integrated crosshair (or draw the cross on transprent foil and put that on ur display) . I won't use any software for things like that. They can (could) ban all 3rd party software what is changing anything in the game.
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