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  1. If u read the whole thread u can read that "public test soon" between the lines... And i think Matt wrote something in one of the posts. https://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/11333-tracking-the-engine-upgrade/
  2. U got a RTX GPU right? If so just set ur settings to low will fix it for the moment.
  3. I don't use social NSA at all... (Don't like the fact that my girlfriend is lookin for bodylotion and i get the ads for it 3 days later just because my smartphone is near hers) So i't wouldnt hurt to post such things here too.
  4. APB is not a store where u can buy silver or gold... U can buy silver 1 to silver 10 and the same with gold. You basically say a match of 3x silver vs 3x gold is unfair... Let's say all Players are R255, if there are 3x Silver 10 vs 3x Gold 1 ... is it still unfair? How shall matchmaking decide who will go up to gold and who will go down to silver in ur opinion? There could be the case that the 3x Silvers win and 2x go gold and 1x or 2x of the golds go silver afterwards... Sounds like a fair match... hope u get what i'm trying to say
  5. Like every newbie who started before they decided to segregate us... but i'm still here, still playing
  6. I want hvr QSwitching and scout jumpshooting back... nothing was wrong with that only the crying loud minority! thats my opinion ban me for that
  7. What do u think how many players has left cuz the only populated district is full always... Or how many left cuz they can't play with their segregated friends... You have to take a look at each side of the dice mate ✌
  8. This game has threatlevels for the matchmaking system (what never worked that good) NOT to segregate players... Why is this so hard for u to understand?
  9. Yea like someone said before But matchmaking was meant to be: even tl = even teams (3 silver vs 3 silver) higer tl/person, less ppl <vs> lower tl/person, more ppl... (3 gold vs 2 gold 1 silver 1 bronce) thats basically what it is doing right now. or maybe i'm just wrong. It is also not helping to segregate whatever... new accounts from old ones, ranks, threatlevel, playtime ?? May i ask for the other ~10 guys i play apb with and against forever than? I don't know but for me its okay to have more districts to join and i keep switching from silver to gold like i always did in the past. not much of a change for me tbh. maybe thats why i can't see those problems. Edit: well EUish pings again would be nice
  10. Dunno what u are even talking about... if matchmaking would work properly or if we still had 15 full districts populated than we wouldn't need segregation!? When did u join APB? U already played back in the glory days? When there was no segregation!? When u had to reach gold 10 (!!!) for the "Kind of a big deal" achievement and not only reach gold 1 like now (not that i ever reached more than gold 2 back than ). Why was it working and isn't working anymore? Is it the game that changed so much? I dont think so!!! Is it the "gamers" nowadays? Is it just the low population?
  11. No problemo keep credits and send over VBR temptress accountwide on this account here.. ty xD But yea thx much appreciated.
  12. How can a question about reporting escalate to a new cheater discussion that quick? I'd suggest to close this... as OP got his answer to open a ticket and add his video there ✌
  13. 7 of 8 people i know who got it > exploited it... cuz simply all of our friends already had accounts and made new ones for that. Most of my friends stopped playing in q1 2015 when they realised there will be no engine upgrade in time so i never had the chance to recieve it legit... sadly i also didn't exploit it.
  14. Oh no... if so they should gimme the chance to exploit it again
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