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  1. What? U think without threat segregation there would be less districts (than 1 silver that is always full and 1 bronce) to choose from Tell me how... If u say so... i see u must be talking to the players who didn't play Totally can not be the case that it dropped cuz nobody wanna play with or against high ping players -------------------------------- Sure we are just waiting for the Engine Upgrade, Phasing, Matchmaking and Threat rework... It's way beyond frustrating at this time. New players leave cuz they are kittens and don't enjoy the Matches. Veteran players leave / don't play cuz they can't play. Also LO turned down the communication to minimum. Yea there is the Engine thread but nothing else with "real content" , no statements, nothing... Starting to become old G1 again. Feels so sad!
  2. Mixing up all threat levels in districts will make a game session more enjoyable... regardless what u think / talk about it! What we have now is limiting the MM system. In districts without segregation we would win and lose on even level. Not like it is now: bronce district = more win silver district = more lose And again... LO did NOT try to remove it! Player count did NOT drop cuz of no segregation it dropped cuz LO were struggeling to switch the server and only NA server was available.
  3. On a safety aspect it would be better to have only some passwords and change them more often
  4. It dropped cuz only NA server was available afaik... adding ping will always drop player count
  5. Yea some day we gonna be restricted to play with trackballs or something... Till this happens an advice: Take out your FBW and trigger as fast as u can > u will see u can't kill shit > slowly lower the amount of klicks > it's working better now? > go on and remember how fast u got to klick it for the fastest fire rate! And most important... don't stress out and trigger ur mouse to death just calm down an u will be fine. U'r welcome guys
  6. Yea pls ban my acer predator monitor with build in crosshair... damn... Edit: Pls also adress ppl who stick a tiny bit of tape to the middle of their monitors!
  7. The Problem is the threat segregation But yea let them say / think what they want... I turned down my APB time too. With threat segregation i simply get one of those: A: some ok and many too hard games in silver district B: some ok and many too easy games in bronze district But yea i still kinda believe in LO, but maybe just cuz i payed them SEVERAL full priced AAA games since they took over.
  8. Right! If said "gamers" are not willing to put some effort in any game... just go away and do something else. Everyone started without anything and had to make his way... When i started in 2011 there also where some guys with hundreds of hours playtime... Can someone tell me what's the difference now? Are the new "gamers" just kittens? Did we have bigger balls back than? I don't know...
  9. As far as i know they don't refund any armas purchase. Try to buy something and not to see the big NO REFUND thingy
  10. Yea if u know what APB needs just tell us... Everyone knows the matchmaking and threat needs a rework yes. I'm just asking myself how did i start, how can i still be here? I just always was here... I was here when CSG really was p2w (what is good to be gone!) I was here when scout jumpshooting was a thing (no problem bring it back i can take it)... I was here when HVR quickswitching was a thing (also no problem i can take that too)... I was here when i saw the "Gold 10 big guys" with the golden skull on the map (missing that one tbh)... But yea maybe i got to agree... Give the free2play gamers the feeling that threat segregation is a good thing, as we can't make new accounts and bash them with STAR. It's okay maybe that is what APB needs. Sorry Cookie no offend but if u really think it helps to segregate the low playerbase anymore than i'd call it bullshoot
  11. for me and also others it always was the challengin part what made and makes APB fun... If i get carried hard i'd leave a game even faster. I simply don't like the new style of gaming where ppl don't want and don't need to get better or improove... thats boring af
  12. I'm sure u had this match with segregation... so it wouldn't change anything... May i ask... How did u play this game from 2012 to the point where they added the segregation? I guess u just took it and played the game without crying hard as "gamers" do nowadays?
  13. Just thanks! Thats what i'm talking about since ages.... If LO would realise that segregation causes more problems and doesn't do anything good. @Sakebee @MattScott It doesn't even "help" new or low skilled players cuz i also can make hundreds of new accounts to be able to play at all and to be able to play in bronce districts... Than i'll face the same players who think it's helping them in any way... It just blocks me to play my main account. We also had a vote about that and it was 52 vs 16 to remove segregation.
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