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  1. True but... u can't deny that RP /old G1 did everything they could to kill APB
  2. As u didn't already know... U 'll do it like the mighty Engine Upgrade. Just copy&paste some lines of code.
  3. Wouldn't be that much of a problem without that stupid threat segregation...
  4. I'd agree with the most but that one is not true, imo Obeya with CJ3 is better than any AR97 setup. Its about the Range... Obeya is always better @ long range where the AR97 is slightly better Close (if modded with CJ3). It's pretty balanced between n-tec and Obeya now... That's just my opinion
  5. Its more the "hey matt u said u'll post an update 4 weeks ago and we just wan't to know what is happening. Are u alright at LO or is there something up, someone got kidnapped? Pls some communication" thread. What u wrote sounds like "NO u can't get a cheeseburger cuz hamburgers need all our attention" Thats maybe not directly the best way to run a buisness i guess.
  6. No! still feel ignored like some others too U know... matt still want to keep us posted at the end of the week (said over one month ago) And i'm waiting for that. Its okay for me if u are ignorant af and don't care about that. if u feel good with that nice for you mate.
  7. @Sakebee @MattScott Can we get our deserved Engine Upgrade update pls?
  8. Yes i'm pretty sure G1 spaghettifoked the code at some point. APB was running much better back in the days and that with 100 ppl on districts not just 80... matchmaking was better and worthless segregation wasn't a thing. From this point it went worse with old MoneyFirst... But LO already did SOME good things since they took over. I just want them to be honest what is going on. Really hate that there is no EU update and they also ignore anyone asking for some update.
  9. So they basically did everything but the most important...
  10. But it's worthless... anyone can make thousands of new accounts to be a Trainee with 10000h Playtime. Star + Fbw in the right hands will destroy newbies too. If they want to stomp, they will be able to as long as it's f2p.
  11. Hey we are all just trolls and mad, sad, toxic, whatever but we are still here Nice 2021 too!
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