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  1. I'd say go for the AMG it's real fun to use and also the best LMG imo. :)
  2. Yea after ~4000h of lag spikes, disconnects, rubberbanding and so on (or short APB) and because i'm addicted i found out that playing on low is helping. APB doesn't even look good with max settings but much more enjoyable It's more about the "new" players... there are still some ppl out there willing to put some time into a game to get better but if a game crashes for no reason they won't take a look how to solve it > delete APB. thank u for trying to help!
  3. Can we please stop to "balance" things till we get the friggin engine upgrade? LO u know that ppl with actual (new) PC can't play (cuz of RTX bug)... Also there are times where i can't play at all cuz of too low population. logged out after i get gold > loggin in > ah nice just a bronce district > go play anything else and don't touch APB for the next 2 weeks. Ah and can we also disable hieroglyphs (kyrill) in chat or make it possible to disable if we wan't to? Yea that's just my 2 cent...
  4. @MattScott i still got the same issue. Is there a fix planned for RTX cards or do we have to wait till engine upgrade? And do we get any kind of compensation for our unusable premium days? (I only can play on my brothers PC with gtx980 but cant use it everytime i wanna play)
  5. Hey there, I cant change my Display Name there is no option in settings. Also i can't edit any of my posted stuff. Can someone help or do i have to open ticket?
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