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  1. Sad to hear that ur friends quit. Most of my friends left when g1 segregated... cuz our clan was splitted and we could not play together anymore (not in any balanced way at least) This whole segregation fued up the game!
  2. Was waiting way too long for this change! at least I'll start to play APB again.
  3. Pls open a ticket. CS will help u and remove it from ur account
  4. U should do urself a favor and take "APB-timeout™ " for min. 3 months better take 6! Sometimes we need extrinsic knocks... Soooo... *tap-tap-tap* Edit: i exactly know what i'm talking about! I also found myself way too deep into APB. Take a break, go out now when situations get better, hit some bongs or whatever u feel like Edit 2: 418 posts so i just got 2 posts left on this account
  5. For the fashion i'd use my FFA R&D 3 but... 3 slot STAR with 2 slots filled. IR3 and mobsling. Simply the best weapon ingame!
  6. Get ur PMG with CJ3, hop in ur car, kill first one with car and spray down 2nd one...
  7. ... git gud... Damn... u can outplay everything. Just learn the Game. I'm so fu..ing sick of all this crying... Make Gamers good again!
  8. Try CJ3 + MobSling and go cqc... I use it like the joker carbine range as "max range" u are able to compete with OCA and PMG if u got kinda decent ads aim. Yea that would be good.
  9. Tryed that... but now my RTX2080 causes the game to crash and Gigabit internet doesn't help with the shitty overcompensating servers!
  10. uhm... but... it cost them nothing to give us free Premium. I don't think the ~20 ppl who would buy premium is that kind of a big deal If my cashcow is is dying i'd also "do a favor" for the last customers. Just saying... Edit: doesn't mean i don't think they do something.
  11. No worries u will get ur fingers on it next year valentines day. Loveguns are here every year.
  12. There is only 3 ways to enter APB. 1. spam join like in the video. 2. no district to join at all = log out and don't play or make new account to play. 3. u log in and join a 38/39 district but that's almost never happening.
  13. Yep They could remember or better save what ppl had and give it back in "new APB"... But will not happen anyways!
  14. Yea that was fun. U also were able to get on top of that invisible block and walk on it. they patched it together with some other spots as i remember right.
  15. But if we are honest... the "bad performance issues" APB always had IS and WAS the biggest population killer.
  16. Since i feel >75% of hackusations are just false... They should give us better anticheat AND teach ppl what is possible in APB and what isn't.
  17. At least u got some thoughts thats good. But im a fan of: as simple as possible, as complex as necessary
  18. I think the bronze player, who kills the whole enemy team with a lucky nade, will be very very happy about his dmg + hp nerf... Thats for the "realtime" For the "recent session" there is the point of "dethreating" again.
  19. Why do u think its a good idea to nerf good players and buff bad players? Ppl also could "deatreat" for a 1 mission dmg + hp buff and go full rambo... just NO! But... i'd be cool if all mods would be availible at R30 to create a more even playfield.
  20. That sounds like the most uneven playfield i ever heard of and has nothing to do with balance.
  21. Are you the type of person who is still not willing to improve your gameplay and learn to counter weapons? You seem the type. On topic again... STAR totally IS one of the best guns of APB But to be honest, like others said, just play the weapons u enjoy the most. Try FAR, AR-97, ATAC and if those don't fit... simply get a 3-slotted N-tec or STAR
  22. Ya i know what was meant... Just saying i'm just a gamer i just play this game. I'm neither a dev nor GM or CS... and we (the playerbase) are not responsible for this ! And ya inviting friends is a thing. Telling them we have to play vs best players is another. When bronze veterans are crying if facing high silvers and golds why should my friends who are brand new to APB play with me on silver? So i don't bother to bring any ppl in and just play solo sessions... They got to do SOMETHING at least...
  23. Not carried ingame i meant game optimisation wise. Maybe try a clean install of windows that could help to improve performance. Also edited old post.
  24. HighSociety


    Yea i think u missunderstood me. Indeed ur suggestion would help if we had a somewhat healthy playerbase now. But there are times when only 1 district is up and splitting it into 10 golds and 30 others will not help at this times. We just can't magically get that much players in for ur suggestion to work. When engine is out and Players maybe come back it would be a waste of time implementing this when they also could use the time to develop phasing what will be much better if it's done right.
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