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  1. True, but the thing is. A crim with a JG has the same amount of kill potential as a cop JG / PIG QS and not only that, JG to Showstopper QS is still possible, so the nerf of itself is just a weird way of balancing things.
  2. Couldn't have said it any better!
  3. That actually made me think, because someone stated that LO probably wanted something else to be used in CQC instead of the JG + PIG. But why would you nerf a CQC intended tazer and keep it so that LTL as a whole are only somewhat but not entirely effective at medium ranges. I used to play Multi Theft Auto Online which is like a GTA San Andreas multiplayer mod where people can host their own servers with plugins/scripts. Kind of like FiveM for GTA 5. If y'all knew how tazers and arresting worked over there, you'd be glad the way it works in APB lmao. You basically walk around with a normal tazer (comparable to the PIG) it holds 2 bullets per chamber and has a normal fire rate. If you get hit, your character falls to the ground for 3-5 seconds, the cop walks over to you, hits you once with a nightstick and you'll be jailed from 1 seconds till up to 15 minutes in jail (based on your wanted stars) Barely anyone complains about that system over there btw, and that's x1000 more OP than LTL weaponry in APB. Not to mention that official created police squads get flashbangs and stun grenades which they can throw during a chase on foot, slowing your character down for 3 seconds allowing the cop to get within range to use the tazer.
  4. If you learn it's shooting pattern, or for example bind your key for shooting to scroll wheel down, and you scroll downwards the .45 has a less chance of jamming ( which probably happened to you ) When you can fire it at a fast rate it becomes quite strong. But yeah I've seen a lot of threads about this game's hitreg being bad too so that might explain some things too.
  5. I assume it's based on damage per bullet based on your health and the interval/fire rate of the weapon. It's also not based on tap firing but just spraying at point blank range. Just because your experience is different which can be based on a lot of different things. Doesn't mean that it's not how it is, since these are official stats of the game itself.
  6. Well, if you want to compare primaries. The "bigger" tazer still comes out worse than the current meta NTEC and Close Quarter OCA
  7. Just to compare secondaries, a .45 AP has a higher ttk, it takes 0.8 seconds to kill someone And a PIG takes 1 seconds to stun someone And than you have the added negative vulnerability for the enforcer of which he/she has to walk over to arrest the person (which you're awarded for logically) but it's the part of making these weapons deliberately worse than lethal weapons whilst having the other negative effects for the enforcer with it too part that bothers me.
  8. lol Merged. Well, this is simply not true, you'd assume more enforcers would've used LTL weaponry if It was as OP as you claim it to be, especially because you get more money and standing for arresting someone. So based on your analogy, a enforcer would be actively limiting itself in gameplay advantage and rewards gained from missions. In it's current state, LTL weaponry is less overpowered and worse than lethal weaponry.
  9. Why would you though? You're always in an advantage whenever a cop uses LTL weaponry. I'd rather have a cop use LTL than normal weapons. The only reason a criminal would dislike getting tazed/arrested is because it hurts their fragile ego because it's embarrassing to be downed in such a silly/underpowered way. Oh let's put RPG's, OSMAW's, Grenade Launchers, lethal fast firing cqc weapons, (semi-op) legendary weapons for every weapon model in the game. But a shotgun/pig or a LTL shotgun that fires just as fast as a JG is where we call it OP? What?.. My points on why I feel like LTL is underpowered Cop renders itself ineffective at long/long-medium ranges Most of the time LTL weaponry fire slower than lethal weapons, giving the crim a little more control over the fight. You get stunned instead of dying, so if the cop fails to get to you in time, or if the cop dies. You get to live on and continue The cop has to semi-lock him/herself in a animation creating more time for a teammate to help you out. Whenever the cop dies your teammate can still un-arrest you and get you back in the game. Like when you think about it, arresting someone in this game is hardly a doubled edged sword, it's a greatsword with 1 blunt side pointing outwards and the sharp edge pointed towards the wielder.
  10. But in the process making arresting people practically useless to do, not only that the base CCG is the only LTL weapon worth to use, you're literally leveling the cop rank for nothing till you get the OPGL LTL Which is a ridiculous grind. I chose Enforcer to be a cop, I just feel like a criminal organization with sirens on it's car.
  11. But it has the exact same speed, and has the same kill potential as the JG + PIG, so It's stupid how this is still a thing but the pig isnt
  12. This is pretty much the same way JG + PIG worked
  13. It's not the fault of those people, it is the fault of the developers. By failing to implement a decent matchmaking system and allowing dethreading. It's not like this is the only game with highly "skilled" players. Every game has people with a good amount of skill, but they're placed with people of equal skill. New players / beginners are getting stomped by these people because of GF and LO's lack of ability to prevent these things. Not to mention opening up the threads (which was probably needed to even be able to play the game) but having a negative consequence of putting 10K hour golds with Trainees
  14. Yeah but like in a close quarter combat battle, the pig does not hold up to someone just using the JG? Why is JG + PIG nerfed because of it's ttk, but you can still JG to revolver or to showstopper someone. Isn't that like a weird way to balance things? You can only use the combination on 1 on 1 battles and even than, if you fuck up the pig shot which have you to carefully aim, you die. I don't get it like I genuinely don't, it's not like arresting is a more OP way of killing people, since you have to run over to the person, and even semi-lock yourself in a animation. Not only that, your teammate can help you out again after killing the enforcer. Which brings me back to my former point, why is it still possible to JG quick switch to revolver/showstopper to achieve almost a similar effect but this time killing the person. But a weaker and less-advantage type of technique nerfed because "OP"
  15. But why would it matter? Quick switching the shotgun to PIG holds no higher advantage over just regular weapons?
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