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  1. I'm logging out, I don't know my password, bye folks you won't hear from me again
  2. You know those burger vans that are basically just a tiny kitchen in a trailer at the side of a road or edge of industrial estate. They often do breakfast stuff like bacon, sausage, fried eggs as well as burgers. The best thing they can make is never on the menu, you'll have to ask them to make you a bacon, cheese and fried onion barm, roll or butty. They might look confused at first, then you have to tell them to make you a bacon barm for £1.50 with two extras from the burger menu at 30p each. I always tell them to try it and add the cheese and fried onions to the boring breakfast menu that is just bacon, sausage, egg and every combination of the three.
  3. Langoustine man? I am a meat magician, I made juicy burgers with 5% fat mince. First time I tried grated chilled butter, didn't work very well, burgers still too dry, second time I melted the butter and skimmed the solids off to make ghee then warmed spices it, left it to cool a bit and mixed it in with the mince, juicy tasty burgers. Burgers need fat, lasagne doesn't, but they bring me 20% fat mince another day and ask me to make a lasagne. I should have whacked them over the head with it and said this is burger mince you fool but they wanted lasagne, I mopped a load of oil up but they still commented that it was greasy, the cheek of the week.
  4. My computer wont open the link heres what it says Attackers might be trying to steal your information from forum.wordreference.com
  5. And would you like beans and gravy or curry sauce with or without cheese with your hot dog?
  6. Cheesy beans with gravy and a pork pie on top. Also the thong warrior returns. Crazy australians call fleep de flops thongs, turns out they make a great weapon. Could we get one in APB to use, it flies like brick but straight and true and can also be used CQC style to deliver an incapacitating slap around the mush.
  7. Dangerous flying bastards by Wulla Balloo. I'd just had a piss, took a step back and a huge hornet landed in the bog. If it had dropped a second earlier it would have landed on my head. I didn't flush it, enjoyed watching the bugger thrash about in me piss, then had another piss on it later while berating it's choice of resting place before flushing the bugger. I had never seen one so big, the usual hornets around here are not much bigger than a wasp but this thing was twice the size of anything I'd ever seen before. I'm sure it wasn't native, it was way too big, filled the bowl like a black and yellow turd. My friend had just come back from Sri Lanka, maybe it was a stowaway.
  8. You could send your new character stuff through the mail if you decide to start over.
  9. The NPC being mugged is behind me in the background His arm went wrong, usually the left arm is inside the vehicle. Invisible cars are good until you forget where you parked them. You could make it appear visible again when you repaired it but hit anything with it and it would be invisible again. I ended up getting blown up though when I tried to run the opposition over
  10. New enforcer in town, turning criminals pants brown. Introducing Special Agent FlabbyTits Here he is out shopping with his mother.
  11. I imagine it'll have been nerfed by the time I've got enough JT to buy one. I need 9,700 for a Vegas 4x4, that's going to take about a year. I have made a bit of progress on my own cop character, maxed out a contact first mission I did.
  12. I tried to play as a cop a long time ago but it was hard work because of all the car surfing, rapid firing, rocket launching reprobates. They would drive by and blow you up as soon as you spawned or got in a car and drove anywhere. I gave up after a few missions in a row of 0 points. I only have a choice of two Colby, the RSA and a shorter one, 1.7sec and 1.5 sec so where do you get the ap? Also why can't my friend sell or send me guns, when I look in the auction there's guns for sale there.
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