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  1. Ok They cost $1 each, I'll keep you updated on the progress. It's going to take a while I'm busy until 11 pm so 18+ hours before i can start.
  2. After I put three in the auction tonight it wouldn't let me duplicate any more so there must be a limit to how many I can do at once so it may take a couple of days to sort out. Shouldn't be difficult to edit crim into cop cabs. Are these characters all yours or are they different people?
  3. I forgot to mention I'm on the EU server, I put the cars in the auction there I restricted them to the names of the people requesting.
  4. If you see this freak, don't run away he doesn't smell as bad as he looks Don't feed him after midnight or this'll happen
  5. Thanks to helpful moderator I can now post images here's my car on a drive without me
  6. This is why I've been giving away vehicles and mods, it's probably guns they need but I only use the rented guns for cash that expire in 10 days so I have no guns to give.
  7. Me dads a mad boomer, I'm just a mildly irritated digital consumer
  8. It would be good to show all the customisation options, with the custom symbols you can make and have a montage of all the different cars characters and designs that you come across in the game, all edited together well but I don't even know how to record game footage on PC games, I just found out screenshots. Last night getting into my car I froze holding the door open, usually it fixes itself but I was frozen for ages and found I could drive the car, door open while my character was frozen stood in the road with the view from my character so I couldn't drive far or I'd lose sight of the car. The only way to fix it was to crash the car until it said suicide so I was actually in the car but the view was from the character stood there frozen with his arm out not from the vehicle. I'd have liked to record that.
  9. It let me darg and drop my own picture into the profile image but I have to go get one off the internet to post here? So I have to go find somewhere that lets me post my pictures to get a URL so I can put them in these forums? Why not let me drag and drop my own pictures from my own compudder?
  10. I don't know how you post pictures it says insert image from URL but it does nothing when I drag my images into it I can't figure out how this shit works, it's pissing me off now. Googled URL sdo I need my own website before i can post my own pictures here what a load odf shit
  11. It let me upload a profile picture why can't I post my own pictures here? I fecking hate computers they never work right
  12. I will make a note of your names and put some in the auction later. It will be after 11pm in a little over 7 hours. The IGN, not sure what that means, is that your player name on APB because I need that to reserve the vehicle in your name. I have acted as insurance man before, I've given away cash before to angry players who got APB'd and lost their loot. Here are some pictures though they don't show off the pearlescent colour changing going on between red and yellow. Can't post the pictures it doesn't work, wht is this insert image from URL bollocks even mean?
  13. I'm giving away 10 Han Veo 4 slot Crim Cabs edition this week, or trying to, I'm expanding my taxi business. I tried trading one a couple of days ago but lost connection before I could. Last night the weather was bad so the internet was too slow to even log into steam so I couldn't play. Hopefully I'll have better luck later. Request one here and I'll put one in the auction reserved for you, I keep trying to give them to new players I end up doing missions with but nearly all the time they can't trade yet. Pictures coming soon, I'm taking a USB stick with me tonight.
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