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  1. Thanks for the many interesting words, wordy person. I try to write a collection of wordy words myself but I'm too tired, what rhymes with cat?
  2. Dangerous flying bastards by Wulla Balloo. I'd just had a piss, took a step back and a huge hornet landed in the bog. If it had dropped a second earlier it would have landed on my head. I didn't flush it, enjoyed watching the bugger thrash about in me piss, then had another piss on it later while berating it's choice of resting place before flushing the bugger. I had never seen one so big, the usual hornets around here are not much bigger than a wasp but this thing was twice the size of anything I'd ever seen before. I'm sure it wasn't native, it was way too big, filled the bowl like a black and yellow turd. My friend had just come back from Sri Lanka, maybe it was a stowaway.
  3. You could send your new character stuff through the mail if you decide to start over.
  4. The NPC being mugged is behind me in the background His arm went wrong, usually the left arm is inside the vehicle. Invisible cars are good until you forget where you parked them. You could make it appear visible again when you repaired it but hit anything with it and it would be invisible again. I ended up getting blown up though when I tried to run the opposition over
  5. New enforcer in town, turning criminals pants brown. Introducing Special Agent FlabbyTits Here he is out shopping with his mother.
  6. I imagine it'll have been nerfed by the time I've got enough JT to buy one. I need 9,700 for a Vegas 4x4, that's going to take about a year. I have made a bit of progress on my own cop character, maxed out a contact first mission I did.
  7. I tried to play as a cop a long time ago but it was hard work because of all the car surfing, rapid firing, rocket launching reprobates. They would drive by and blow you up as soon as you spawned or got in a car and drove anywhere. I gave up after a few missions in a row of 0 points. I only have a choice of two Colby, the RSA and a shorter one, 1.7sec and 1.5 sec so where do you get the ap? Also why can't my friend sell or send me guns, when I look in the auction there's guns for sale there.
  8. When using imgur you have to right click your image and select copy image address from the list, that way your picture shows up like this when you right click and select paste
  9. I haven't a fucking clue about LTL guns I have never used one, don't play as cop
  10. I get that, sometimes the NPC's don't even die right away when I shoot at them, I think at least half my shots are ghost shots that don't register. That 45 pistol confuses me though, I read it was OP so got one and it shoots so slowly I found it useless, I have better luck running up on them with my machine gun pistol thing.
  11. I don't know who writes this shit but how are you supposed to tap fire 6 shots in 0.7 seconds because if you hold the fire button down you can't hit a barn door with it at distance, I always get stunned with that CCG almost instantly before I can even half kill them
  12. I thought you meant a different gun, bigger one, not secondary. I'm unfamiliar with the names of all the guns. I don't think I've ever been stunned with a handgun. I tried a colby, surely it means it takes 0.8 seconds between shots, not to kill because it's fucking useless, it takes 3 shots to kill and there's no way it fires 3 shots in 0.8 seconds, it shoots so slow you die between shots.
  13. Maybe there's a normal version and one that costs 50,000,000 JT because it's the funny coloured one I can't do anything against.
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