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  1. I'm trying to help new players by giving them stuff but then you have scumbags who can't be killed firing rocket launchers from cars at them. I tried to run one over twice but it just pushed the scrote along the road not killing him, I'd been called as backup and he had a red name so he was an enemy. Then there was the time I hid from one and ambushed him. Full load of automatic shotgun shells at close range, 2 or 3 meters, yet no damage on them and they turn around and one shot kill you in 10th of a second. In fact the prick I tried to run over looked similar to the Mr eats shotgun shells all day bellend.
  2. I'm in Citadel but work late so I'm usually on late at night. Before midnight there's often a full or nearly full place to do missions and an empty one to loot. I'll get on the busy one and do a few missions but the population drops off until after midnight I can't find any missions in Waterfront where I need to be for the contact so I mug and loot instead. I'd have 10 million by now but I keep giving away Crack vans with free nitrous and extra cargo mods. If I see a low level player looting in a plain van he's getting a crack van. I think I've given away 5 or 6 now. If you see a ram raiding army of blue vans with an arse on the back and a space hopper on the roof called mr hoppy, I did that.
  3. No skellingtons this year? Will they ban Farter Christmas too?
  4. I haven't played a halloween event yet, was hoping it'd be good for collecting joker points.
  5. If not the brown note then usually I have BBC radio 6 music on, may change over to local radio especially for the late night phone in where ill informed lunatics rant bollocks at the increasingly irate presenter who eventually yells at them to gerroff.
  6. I read the whlole thread, now I have a headegg. My framerate so low I saw someone doing the drop heavy loot, move and pick it up again trick to move it quicker except it wasn't showing them dropping or picking it up, they were just jittering along like they were having a fit while the safe in their hands blinked in and out of existence while they shot the floor.
  7. I almost quit yesterday after three missions in a row against the same opponent, even two on one we couldn't do anything to them, got no points in about half an hour, would have been quicker mugging people to level up and was going to go back to doing that when I got an more balanced opposition and a few kills in a mission. Then next mission against the bellend from earlier I just went AFK
  8. 80 to 90 sounds like shit off a shovel I probably get about ten, I know it doesn't look as smooth as games that run at 16 on my playstartion
  9. I had an idea, what about chat translation so different languages can communicate in chat.
  10. I like freshly made barbecued pizza, none of my clocks store beans but I only like spicy beans anyway and those look bloody minging. Nice bacon wig, pork hat I mean. Crazy customisation options and people are running around looking plain normal. I never understood people who try to create themselves as in game characters, narcissism maybe or lack of imagination?. Mine are always as Fugly as I can get them, proper Kronembergs. I had two memory cards full of gurning freaks on Smackdown 2 on the PS2, all with silly walks, runs and taunts I made myself, others created lookalikes of themselves and real wrestlers. I challenge any player to be uglier than Mr FartyBumBumGuff.
  11. Y'all chased me good a few weeks ago. It was fun, usually what happens is APB appears on the screen at the same time as I die, I spawn in the middle of nowhere, game over. At least I sometimes unlock symbols for designing stuff. I have been too busy working since to attend, I might be able to make it between 7 and 8 though and I'll see if I can get someone else to take over when I have to go to work. The Abominator might make an appearance, he's a fat useless cop, a grinning, gurning, donut munching monkey muppet, with crazy angry beaver eyes.
  12. Wullaballoo everyone. I'm perma bronze, I play at my friends house on his old computer, on bad wifi, I'm often dead before I can even target the enemy. When I started the game in the segregated days I couldn't level up at all doing missions, couldn't get near any objectives or kill anyone at all due to all the car surfers with heavy weapons so levelled up purely by looting, I now have a garage full of cars and a few million cash. Golds still slaughter me, I may only get 1 kill a a match. Still having fun though it can get a bit depressing if there's a team full of super golds, I may run one over if I'm lucky, if I have a good team then assists help level me up and sometimes there's bronze or silver enemies who actually die when I shoot them. Gained 2 levels on my contact last night. I really need a better secondary weapon, I shot a player with my semi auto pistol like 3 times, three bullets a time as he was going up a ladder, then another 3 times as he jumped down, turned around and killed me instantly.
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