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  1. I'm really surprised RTX cards freezing was not fixed with the 64bit update. Wasn't the whole point of it RTX card support?
  2. It's deffo more bouncy than before. My friends also noticed that.
  3. Fps is unsteady as it is I don't think we need it any lower. As long as it's optional I'm not against it though...
  4. People are not getting banned for using cheats atm
  5. Different people, different perspectives. I would not call 45 fps as solid especially having seen how game ran in 2011 and having played on older hardware. For me 45 fps is cancer when I have to fight other people (who play like they are in a tournament) and my pc at the same time. When fps dips below 60 my mouse movement starts to feel weird as if it's some sort of input lag or something along those lines. Big stutters is no longer an issue like it was on my old pc, what really helped for me with stutters is installing the game on SSD. Small stutters still exist and everyone has them from time to time as they are part of the game. Some districts sometimes have more stutters than others and I'm guessing there's too many cheaters and/or macro users doing 1000 clicks a second. Changing districts usually help. This game is sometimes weird too in a sense that the fps counter shows 80 fps but it feels "bad", and then there's instances where it shows 60-something but it feels "fine" Idk how to explain this one... 3rd gen Ryzen 5 is a good CPU and it makes sense that the game runs good for you seeing as you called 45-60 solid. I dont expect 3rd gen Ryzen 5 to drop below 70-80 fps. For me performance is hit or miss. The 47 fps is the worst case scenario, usually it does not drop this much. 47 is what I've seen a few days ago in waterfront in an area where a few different groups where having missions. I tend to avoid waterfront as I get lower fps there and constant sniping becomes old really fast. Usually my fps is in 90-60 mark. Problems begin occurring in full districts when there's multiple groups in one place doing missions or those big 8v8, 10v10 missions etc, then my fps goes to low 50's and it becomes problematic to aim. 30v30 districts are fine and can actually be enjoyable. Yesterday was a weird day, I did not see my fps drop below 60-something, except after about 1.5 h of playing when performance degraded and I needed to restart. Didn't meet a single cheater there so maybe that had something to do with it.
  6. Yeah well my old pc from 2011 with Amd Phenom II x4 955, Radeon HD6870 and 8 gigs of ram ran APB at steady 100 fps on max settings in 2011-2012 untill they fvcked something up in late 2012-early 2013 and suddenly the same pc ran APB at unsteady 70-35 fps in full districts. Max or low settings - same fps - 0 difference. Dropping graphics to clay gave +5 fps. That's when I quit in 2014-ish after promised engine upgrade never arrived. Later I upgraded that pc to GTX 960, got +0 fps cause this garbage game is cpu bottlenecked. My current laptop from early 2018 ("5 years old") has i7-7700hq, GTX 1050 Ti, 16 gigs of ram and a SSD. One moment it runs at 80 fps and then the next it drops to 50-or even sometimes 42 fps which is unacceptable. After about 1-1.5 h of playing performance degrades over time to the point where it doesn't go above like 57 fps when I'm driving and I have to restart. Switching multiple districts causes permanent stutters untill you restart. This 64-bit upgrade gave me maybe +5fps so instead of 42 it drops to 47, which is better but still garbage. My cousin has the same cpu but a normal GTX 1050, same story. Sure it's "playable", is it enjoyable? No. Spoke to a guy who has a "5 year old pc" with GTX 1070 and Amd Ryzen 5 1600, which was the CPU to get in 2017-2018 and he said his game drops regularly to 50-something fps in full district too, so he spends his time in social and treats this game as VR Chat. Another friend has a 4th gen Ryzen 5 and even that drops to 78 fps sometimes. This game feels garbage when it runs in 70s and 40 fps in this game feels like 20 in any other. This old 13 year old game runs like garbage on modern systems unless you go crazy in cpu department. GTA 5 looks and runs 10x better. Stop trash talking if f you don't know what you're talking about.
  7. Heres to a productive 2023 and revival of APB! Regarding new matchmaking, it is known that currently switching districts deteriorates performance and people with older/weaker PCs feel it first. I wonder how new matchmaking will affect this if players are constantly being loaded from: random district > lobby > mission district. After the mission again: current district > lobby > mission district. I really hope I won't have to restart my game after a mission or two just to keep the game somewhat playable... Also regarding new contacts: in the past Matt mentioned that he planned for the contacts to unlock no longer obtainable R-A-F weapons: CAP-40 and VBR, now he mentioned NSSW, Nano and Scout with no mention of previous weapons. Can someone clarify this? Thanks Edit: Also I did not see anything regarding future optimisations to make the game run better. Surely the minimal improvements we got from 64-bit upgrade isn't the end of it? Current performance is still abysmal for anyone not running latest state of the art CPUs.
  8. Yeah it's super useless, sold mine ages ago. May Lord have mercy on the poor soul who bought it.
  9. Yeah it sucks. It always sucked. Game puts 1 gold against 1 silver and calls it good enough. Had countless matches where 2 golds + 2 silvers vs 4 golds with no backup. MM should always do 1 gold = 2 silvers and ability to call in backup otherwise. Those players are silver for a reason, they either don't have enough experience because they don't play enough or are limited by their older PCs.
  10. Any optimizations are always welcome
  11. Yes the script kiddies are running rampant rn. LO said they will implement easy anticheat in the near future, just wait untill then.
  12. Was hoping for some more bug fixes. Sadge
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