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  1. Nice words let's just hope they will be backed up by actions. Sorry if I sound pessimistic but at this point it's hard to get excited for anything said regarding APB after being let down so many times by the other company who shall not be named. Still remember being excited after reading about the engine upgrade back in 2013. Damn time flies...
  2. Quite a few good changes but nerfs to ACT44 are unnecessary. The gun (non armas variant) was pretty bad anyways with how bad the accuracy is and was barely used. If anything it should get an accuracy buff now...
  3. Exactly why I started playing some matches here and there. Came back after don't know how many years and I saw 450-550 pop on EU server. It's now or never.
  4. Oh wow I hope they manage to turn this arround as having even lower fps in unacceptable at this point...
  5. Well you have to be into tanking to play something like that and it's in tanks by nature are slow. And when it comes to tanking it's one of the most arcady/fast/unrealistic game out there. If you think WoT is slow you should see something like War Thunder on realistic or simulator game mode lol
  6. Naw my connection is fine. It's what you call stutters/freezes or whatever, locks the game up for maybe a second and if before the freeze I was moving I will do a small teleport of a few meters and stop. If I was trying to hide behind cover then I will be moved away from it and get killed. I hear a way to reduce this is to get a ssd and put APB in it. That is worrying
  7. World of Tanks. I don't like the game too much but from my ovservations population is way more toxic than that of APB. The devs even removed ability to chat with the enemy team due to toxicity. You can optionally even block all communications from your team aswell as disable PM and annonymise your nickname. The devs keep making changes to low tier battles so somebody with thousands of hours and heap of coin has less chance to roflstomp newbies (very popular to do in that game btw, the call it "seal clubbing"). On topic I do think it's time to at least temporarily remove threat locked districts so people still playing the game have a chance to get matches. People who played in 2010-2012 managed to survive without this. This reminds me of Han situation (anybody still remember that district lol)
  8. Fps was even lower? Didn't think that's even possible. That's very worrying and the reason why a lot of people quit APB in the first place as the low fps in engagements often means certain death. Couple that with the ocasional teleports and you've got a recipe for disaster. For the sake of this game I really hope LO devs manage to fix the mess that G1 created...
  9. But they picked up where g1 left so stuff worked on by g1 staff should be there Small improvement but improvement none the less That's odd Than there is still hope for this game. Checked /pop of the combined EU server and it was 400-500 in the peak hours, engine upgrade is the last hope this game has.
  10. To those who played the engine upgrade beta did you notice any performance improvements? Since like 2012 G1 did their best to make performance as awful as possible and a lot of people quit as result. In 2013 engine upgrade was promised as a saving grace. Were any of those promised performance fixes felt during the testing?
  11. One does not simply escape APB. Even in one's dreams he is not safe
  12. Lol happened today after many years. Dreamt of new engine being tested. In the dream there were new weapons and vehicles too even a motorcycle (I know it's not happening). I guess it's the hype of new devs actually doing something and informing us of progress, let's hope it does not end up like it did with g1... Odd night tho, like I don't dream often but this night I had 3 dreams all of them interesting. 1st about apb, 2nd and 3rd about a friend of mine who I go lifting together, in 2nd one he was a girl. I told him that and he was like "dafuq did u smoke last night" I swear I didnt smoke anything that night tho lol
  13. Back in 2011-2012 was really hooked to apb, quit it in 2013 when performance kept getting worse every patch with no improvements, at the time there was big hype going for upcoming engine upgrade (Q1 2014 anyone lol?) After 2014 came there was no sight of engine upgrade just promises. At that time I was suffering from apb widrawal and had a dream of myself being in the game with upgraded engine on mission in some new district was happy about it and sad when I woke up... Interesting how I still remember this dream after all these years with such detail and other dreams not so much... Just shows how much I loved the game and how much potential it had...
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