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  1. I thought it was impossible untill one day me and 2 friends were matched against a very skilled gold group. Minutes into the match one guy disconnects, they don't call for backup, some minutes later they get the same guy as backup. I tried everything I could think of but I can't find a way to rejoin after losing connection. Always get some random guy as backup if I try...
  2. Europe sadly. He tends to play in the emptier of the two financial districts we have in EU. I play there too as it's easier to find a spot (no que system still lol) and 30v30 my fps is more playable than full 40v40. But it does not matter, sometimes he finds me in social too. If anybody is interested I can PM more on this guy, maybe you know him, can't share info here due to rules...
  3. Open offer for threesome if you wanna join That's what I've been doing for the last couple of months????? When he started harassing my 2nd char with no connection to the fist one simply because he did not like my addidas tracksuit or whatever, didn't even know it was him as that was another one of his new chars. Only then I started wondering if anybody else knows this schizo, perhaps he's some local celebrity among what's left of APB's population. He gets most pissed off when you /ignore him
  4. So there's this guy that's had a hard on for me for some months now. He is enforcer, usually silver, very rarely gold, likes to play Stabba CCG. If teammates die a few times he just goes afk while complaining 1vs3 or whatever. He is super toxic, everytime I ignore him he creates a new char and keeps on ranting more in /w intill I ignore it untill I get fed up and whitch to no /w chat tab (can't believe we dont have basic things like option to not accept PMs from non friends). Every time I see him he is playing a different char, maybe switches every week IDK. I'm guessing his main is banned not sure, I have reported him to support with images and video clip one day when he was super toxic in chat and also griefed my team mission. He's been harassing my two chars probably thinking it's two different people. It's funny because all of it started because I've outgunned his CCG in close combat with my Whisper and he got super mad after losing three missions in a row this way, while going afk and refusing to switch weapons lol. And he started harassing my 2nd char because he did not like my looks lol. Everytime he sees me he starts ranting in /w. Everytime he gets me as opp he rage quits. lol. Surely I can't be the only person he likes so much?
  5. One of the things I always wanted back. Shooting unsilenced weapons felt like something was missing. I wouldn't get my hopes up as I'm certain LO won't be able to finish 64 bit upgrade due to some "unforeseen consequences" and unwilingless on their end. There was a point when I was among the naive and believed that engine upgrade would eventually come. That hope started fading in 2015 and was completely lost later on. LO sparked some hope in 2018 or whenever they took over but little hope there was left was lost in 2020 after no progress to show. It's funny because this feels just like what G1 did. First 2 years they tried to work on the game and abandoned it in 2013. LO showed some effort for the first two years and later dropped it in favor of NFT or whatever else.
  6. Lol thanks. I guess I need to read more carefully Ghost Kitty would be a cool title tho
  7. Hey, I really like this weapon skin and I noticed that it's glitched out on one of my favorite weapons - Oca Whisper. Here are comparison images how it looks on Oca SD and on Whisper:
  8. Anybody knows how to get the new halloween titles like Ghost Kitty etc... I have 2 chars who maxed out the holiday contacts but none of them have these titles...
  9. Something about lighning seems off, idk looks brighter or something. Also tried to do daily from event contract that needs 5 kills with snubnose and kill counter doesn't work, was a witness mission if it matters...
  10. Colby .45 ap if you want to be a sweaty boy and try hard every time just like 99% of gold player base. But you need to have a good and steady fps if you want to use it. Otherwise I would recommend something unique and fun like scout. Takes some time to getting used to it though. I personally always liked whisper and seen it as a direct upgrade of oca when it comes to accuracy. Golden act44 is usable too unlike the garbage f2p variant. But that's just me, I like OG guns...
  11. All this posting is better than the previous g1-like silence but I wonder if it will lead anywhere or it will be a dead end like engine upgrade
  12. The amount of cheaters in this game is truly disgusting. It always had them but now with minimal population left it's truly visible.
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