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  1. Ah yes the big names. Lemme check how many of them are on the FF ban list...
  2. So nothing certain was said, more tries and more promises to try. Empty words in the wind... Honestly anyone still hoping and expecting anything at this point is delusional.
  3. I'd so legit would play the sh1t out of it if somebody released a 2011 version
  4. Weaboos

    CET - 2022 Tournament

    Can't wait to see cheaters sweating against other cheaters
  5. Probs to restart the servers to clear out junk files so they don't lag as much idk.
  6. This uniform has no outlawed symbols as the units wearing it were not part of a political party thus such uniform is not illegal. Your avatar has the perfect facial expression for when you realise that it originates from an alt-right website, the more you know... Now ssssch little frog or my french friend will eat you
  7. I'm convinced that hpet fix is placebo just like all other things like removing search indexing etc. I tested them and did not see any difference neither on my old PC nor on current laptop...
  8. I was so surprised when I returned to this game with so little /pop to find this many cheaters still cheating. I was thinking even cheaters would get bored but boy did I misunderstood their love and dedication for this game ..
  9. Client performance was anything but same. Game ran on my old PC at 99.9-100 fps in 2011-mid 2012. And Phenom II X4 955 3.2 Ghz 4 GB DDR3 1600 MHz Ram Radeon HD6870. Over the years I've upgraded to 8 GB ram and Nvidia GTX960. Upgrading the GPU did zero to framerate only ram helped as it became unplayable with 4 GB. I tried playing on that PC about two months ago and my fps was 70-50 on average with horrible drops to 35-40 in gunfights. Unplayable. Even in empty districts with no players it does not hold a steady 100 fps that it used to hold back in 2011 in full districts and jumps between 80-90 I believe. Many people quit to to their PCs suddenly being unable to run the game at an enjoyable framerate, quite a few of my friends too for the same reason. Even checked a few vids from old apb clan PSYCH and they left a comment that they would start filming again once devs would fix performance so it would run like in the old days. That comment was from 2013 My friend got a beast PC with latest ryzens n stuff and even on his PC the game drops from 144 to 80 quite often. I'm now playing with a laptop from maybe 2018 with i7-7700 HQ 1050 Ti and 16 gb and SSD and the game does not understand if it wants to run at 90 or 42 fps. Averaging at 70 with drops to 50-something when there are many players around. Can't compete with 144 fps tryhards running PS1 graphic configs coupled with 4:3 resolution on a 16:9 monitor that makes the game look like quake 2 lol Servers where always crap tho. Still remember the "overkill servers" meme
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