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  1. are we getting ready for a group buy? i'd be down to buy it too.
  2. im glad Little Orbit is daring to adjust the game and potentially impact micro-transaction sales, something g1 was afraid to do for 4-5 years. they maybe did 1 or two balance passes in that time and those were lackluster. although i haven't played in 2 1/2 years, some tweaks i would like to see happen are remove logarithmic recoil increase. when g1 added that it was really sour grapes for me. yeah, so not many requests other than remove that janky variable recoil from the game. sales of the ISBR, swarm, m1922-tommy gun, the norseman pack will go up. if other players are like me that spent >1k on item store they really are just going for something cosmetic i.e. different looking than F2P, not something categorically different and plain un-fun like that. the ninja-nerf to the DMR-AV and SD (that did not need nerfing) when the ISSR-b was released, that increased vertical recoil by 40%, could safely be reverted too. it broke the AV and the DMR-SD already had the vertical recoil reduction from the build-in silencer, so nobody noticed. also releasing a 3 open slot DMR-AV "Agrotech DMR-AV" as a premium only sniper would probably be a good seller, LO could easily rake in 10k just setting that up with almost no sweat. not much need to balance it, even with mods it would still be balls. and lastly I will leave Little Orbit with a quote from Ernest Le, CoD pro and twitch staffer, when asked about the balance in CoD he said, "No I don't think all guns should be viable". I can see the opposite being a fallacy that a small dev team succumbs to and ends up with something less polished than Treyarch.
  3. memba when shotguns had a god-pellet and we could snipe with them from 75m away and CSGs could two tap consistently from 30m while sprinting around corners
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