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  1. what a kick in the nuts! all these new F2P guns but only available for 5 day leases. what if I don't want to grind out rounds in the new BR mode for this new 'content'? AGREE. weapon loadouts are sub-optimal in the BR mode since they cost points toward winning. these should have been released for purchase (permanent) in the Joker ticket store. If they went through the trouble of adding all these guns to the game, they should be more accessible. But all anybody who runs APB wants to do is protect their precious PAYWALL for guns. It's like a sales department took complete creative control of the game!
  2. 1) one thing I'd like to bring back from the Early APB builds is the no-recoil. Even though not great, it was better than what APB has now. What happened afterwards were some design decisions that were ruinous. Design decisions such as monetizing micro-transactions of guns around different flavors of recoil (Norseman SMGs, SBSR, M-1922, S1-FA 'Frenzy', etc.) It's antithetical to a good shooter experience, and this is even more apparent in the console ports. As an example of 'good' shooters: Halo and FarCry. They don't have recoil but more of a screen-shake effect that, along with bloom, makes it harder to hit stuff and makes guns feel different. Now guns will 'wander' a bit too, but it's not a fundamental game mechanic to counter because there are things like aim 'magnetism' towards targets that counter this 'wandering' (at least in Halo). But back to APB, someone working at G1 may have noticed something was wrong with recoil system when the RSA was revamped. They replaced the aim climb with an effect that tries to make the crosshair settle back down smoothly, like the HVR. The above is just opinion but strikes me as one of the things that felt like an afterthought in APB's evolution. 2) the fired art team along with monte 3) The old login screen with intro Ya know, the one that didn't blow speakers out with the Asylum theme sirens. and load 7 different 3D cutscenes. that one. No one: white respawn screens
  3. they would probably enjoy those FiveM GTA:V RP (roleplaying) servers immensely
  4. i agree with jarko the game should kick/uninstall for players that are loitering in a " Action district " (Financial/Waterfront) because it ruins the experience for those that are waiting for a match
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