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  1. i like this patch so much i played 3 hours today. it's so much faster paced than regular Fight Club. I didn't do too well in the prototype weapon matches, or when I got certain guns (Corsair, RSA, EOL Hammer), but it might have been because of the amount of vets, the lag, or my budget setup. The dancing NPCs are a cool touch in Beacon. It makes me wonder; if LO is capable of placing NPCs, than maybe they are also capable of making another map! It's been awhile since the last map was released on 7/18/2013, and I'd much rather have a new map than anything else in APB:Reloaded.
  2. preset tshirt / party blower and hat and 3 titles are pretty weak rewards for a 10 year celebration
  3. I didn't realize how gross BE is. Scans your entire memory, downloads your files to their master server, and dynamically executes any code. https://www.reddit.com/r/arma/comments/2750n0/battleye_is_sending_files_from_your_hard_drive_to/ Official response (tldr;trust us we are not evil wink) https://www.reddit.com/r/arma/comments/2771nw/battleye_responds_to_privacy_concerns/ I know LO is a 'gaming' company but they got cozy with the Chinese Communist Party by selling the game rights to APB. I don't think they believe in the universal human right to privacy, and if they do- they don't act like it. I'm not paranoid but it's enough to give me pause.
  4. i have good news for you, LO is great at nerfing. ATAC is next on the list after OCA and N-TEC. then comes the Obeya and PMG.
  5. g1 made the manic have average ttk because qc said we can't have all 7 guns from the rev and jugg packs suck donkey balls
  6. im gonna be honest, when i learned i could have a pink floating WHXRE title on my toon, i got excited
  7. just use the showstopper pistol for 3k jts. its everything the thumper wanted to be without the marksman -50% rof gimp mode.
  8. i just wanted to add to the conversation - i can't imagine a world where the OSCAR doesn't dominate the RHD LS1 Corsair in every category except >10m jump shots
  9. looks really good! the only 2 different things i noticed from original shotguns are the CSG / shredder fire a bit slower (like 5%) . I don't see any reason to not go live with the new test stats immediately and work upwards from there.
  10. n-tec Shot Modifier Cap 1.60 -> 2.40 source: https://apbdb.com/items/Weapon_AssaultRifle_NTEC
  11. I'm mad because the game has low population with only blatant cheaters/scammers inside (and GMs allow it). So I uninstalled the game so I can resume playing Fortnite with the new Ninja skin and now I am happy.
  12. i noticed this on the oca-sd too, the thing thats broken is muzzle flash showing up on guns that aren't supposed to have it
  13. what a kick in the nuts! all these new F2P guns but only available for 5 day leases. what if I don't want to grind out rounds in the new BR mode for this new 'content'? AGREE. weapon loadouts are sub-optimal in the BR mode since they cost points toward winning. these should have been released for purchase (permanent) in the Joker ticket store. If they went through the trouble of adding all these guns to the game, they should be more accessible. But all anybody who runs APB wants to do is protect their precious PAYWALL for guns. It's like a sales department took complete creative control of the game!
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