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  1. I don't trust anything that bleeds for 5 days years and doesn't DIE
  2. >>For those who want something a bit more far out, we are also adding the Spaceman Skin to the Joker Store for 4000JT. I agree that 4k is a lot for a event skin. The future tech skin is also priced astronomical at 7k JT for something that was given away account-bound for comparatively little effort during the refer-a-friend promotion. Another suggestion (seeing that the SNR is now 'meta' with 1s TTK) is to re-add the SNR PR1 back to ARMAS as a 'Limited' offer.
  3. i'd play it, but only if they put clothes behind a paywall (including underpants)
  4. I don't play apb much anymore, but I'm worried that many of the game balance changes are motivated by trying to patch exploitative (or "gamey") strategies rather than fix usability, losing sight of the big picture. e.g. Pig+perc is gone, JG+snub is gone. I'm not convinced these are well thought-out changes. It's more like the emotionally disturbed bronze lashing out at society for getting out-skilled by deleting necessary parts of the game.
  5. I'm not going to state my opinion on LO's weapon balance but here's a historic APB video of the ISSR-B before it was reworked by SPCT players (c. 2014).
  6. lol uninstalled - messing around with explosives was the only thing entertaining about this game. along with the volcano nerf definitely cements the game squarely into masochism territory. why not do something useful and nerf the "lag shield" one gets rewarded for playing with bad internet?
  7. i like this patch so much i played 3 hours today. it's so much faster paced than regular Fight Club. I didn't do too well in the prototype weapon matches, or when I got certain guns (Corsair, RSA, EOL Hammer), but it might have been because of the amount of vets, the lag, or my budget setup. The dancing NPCs are a cool touch in Beacon. It makes me wonder; if LO is capable of placing NPCs, than maybe they are also capable of making another map! It's been awhile since the last map was released on 7/18/2013, and I'd much rather have a new map than anything else in APB:Reloaded.
  8. preset tshirt / party blower and hat and 3 titles are pretty weak rewards for a 10 year celebration
  9. I didn't realize how gross BE is. Scans your entire memory, downloads your files to their master server, and dynamically executes any code. https://www.reddit.com/r/arma/comments/2750n0/battleye_is_sending_files_from_your_hard_drive_to/ Official response (tldr;trust us we are not evil wink) https://www.reddit.com/r/arma/comments/2771nw/battleye_responds_to_privacy_concerns/ I know LO is a 'gaming' company but they got cozy with the Chinese Communist Party by selling the game rights to APB. I don't think they believe in the universal human right to privacy, and if they do- they don't act like it. I'm not paranoid but it's enough to give me pause.
  10. i have good news for you, LO is great at nerfing. ATAC is next on the list after OCA and N-TEC. then comes the Obeya and PMG.
  11. g1 made the manic have average ttk because qc said we can't have all 7 guns from the rev and jugg packs suck donkey balls
  12. im gonna be honest, when i learned i could have a pink floating WHXRE title on my toon, i got excited
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