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  1. the restored my character without any problem . I thankfull to apb support team.
  2. 13 days passed support team is not responded yet . Now what can i do ?
  3. ok ... but almost 12 days passed but nobody responded yet.
  4. so Now what should I do ? I mean if I make a new character so support team will help me to get back my all stuff ?
  5. I have lots of character bound guns. If I make a new character and put the same name which I deleted so gun will come in my inventory ?
  6. now 11th day still not replied to my ticket . what should I do ?
  7. I raised the ticket 8 days ago but support team is not responding yet . What should I do ?
  8. I accidentally deleted my character , anybody know how to get it back with all stuff like guns , money ?
  9. please say the customer care team to solve my problem. Almost 6 days has been passed there is no response from apb team . I will loose more than 300 $
  10. Ok thx for reply on time, But I want to know there is no priority system in tickets ? I mean I cant play for 2 weeks that is ok for your side ?
  11. I have raise a ticket for help but I don't know , how much time they will take to reply me or solver my problem. My ticket id is 115947. I hope anybody read this thread and add up support to solve my problem . Thanks
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