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  1. Managed to find some related art done by one of the RTW devs...
  2. I like this playlist Licensing all this music though means a pile of cash.. I do agree though that it's been a while since the music been updated Last time it happened was when there was a creators program and G1 had submissions for new songs. Some licensed music was removed back then also.
  3. Overall I see the tested system as something better then what we currently have on Live. Missions are balanced alright considering the small player pool that was on OTW (I think we had like 24 people at most). The new escalation system is really good too. I love the fact that you can start with 2 v 2 mission and slowly escalate it into a 12 v 12 fights. Usually that many people are only present on the latter changes and I assume on Live there will be a smaller escalation pool since everyone will have individual missions. (That is something to be tested though in a full district scenario) What I would point out though that it seems like bronze players are considered mostly like silvers by MMR. Don't know if it was the small player pool but it seems like bronze players were pulled in into matches of 2 v 2 while 1 team had 2 golds and the bronze only having 1 gold teammate. Again - I think it's just an artifact of small player pool. What would be nice to test now though is having premade groups and how this effects the system. I give it a 8.5/10 overall
  4. What you're forgetting though is that both teams need to agree to escalate the mission. If your team has a disadvantage in the mission state - the team leader always has the option to NOT escalate. Also personally I think larger groups for final stage missions are really fun.
  5. It did get fixed.. Took a while but it got fixed
  6. I can remember it like it was yesterday. The unban requests... The rebalance weapon suggestions... The rage posts about cheaters... Nothing changed a lot really did it
  7. Good to see people still do this kind of stuff. I like those kind of poles! But 1 thing is sure. The forums aren't alive anymore as they used to be so you wouldn't get a lot of responses from people who still actively play the game LO's Discord or APB Reloaded Community Discord are a place to post this
  8. Just wanna clarify that Speed is aware of the issue And no - he's not dropping it (As far as I currently know at least)
  9. I'd just remove the jog/run penalty and keep just the sprint reduction
  10. I'd like to ask if it's possible that we will get some map balance changes in the future Both Waterfront and Financial have some rather unbalanced spots and objective placements.
  11. Stripes glasses. Normal grasses with applied stipes alpha map
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