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  1. What will come first? Cyberpunk 2077 or Engine Update 2020?
  2. Ellix

    WTF Laggy names

    His polygons are too fat
  3. All the new stats are great. However the Shredder needs a slight buff - this weapon's TTK or DPS is something that you need to look into.
  4. Welcome ! And good luck Most of the community can be quite rough but there are good people here
  5. They don't have enough servers for everyone lol Unless you want to have the New York ping again
  6. Back in the day got 4 legendaries from the golden joker boxes that I got as a free reward for buying stuff on Armas
  7. There will always be cheaters However I think the cheating problem is now better then previous years Maybe because there are less players playing the game overall so there are less cheaters overall yet I'm encountering someone suspicious less times nowdays
  8. Same. It took some time but when we figured out how to do it still didn't give us the rewards It's quite hard to do as well
  9. Just so you know Something is wrong with the patching
  10. Always wanted to make something like that myself with my friends They do have that APB style clothes and haircuts Only problem would be to get cars but would be awesome if we could make a fanmade trailer
  11. Looks good Although I'd like to play the 12 guns of Xmas again too I guess you don't have enough servers to run 2 events at the same time at the moment? (And I don't have a console)
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