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  1. Game gone trought 3rd or 4th anticheat already. It's not supposed to be a question. They Are trying
  2. Been trying to fetch some names for district's blocks and streets. Some of them were listed in the lore but some of them are brand new names (I'm not that good with those) Everything is a subject to change..
  3. Just a quick view of what has been done to the roads and some buildings...
  4. Update what's been going on with the project I've been fixing the roads to be a bit more slicker and the right sizes as are ingame (Waterfront taken for reference) Small roads been cut by 3-4 meters to be 7.5m wide Big roads got a cut by 2-3 meters from 22.3 to 19m That also meant some of the buildings had to be moved or scaled accordingly. Some spots got a bit more sidewalk space and some buildings had been stretched but overall the district has the same size overall... The colors of blocks mean this time: Red - Road (Not all of it accessible) Beige - Ready blocks that require placing of new models (As well as doors and windows) Pink - Buildings that need some change or be remodeled completely *mostly due too open space* Green - Outer bounds of the districts (We still need a bit of moving and stretching here) Blue - Ready buildings with new models and windows/doors placed Yellow - Single chunk of asphalt (road) Here is a reference of the old road setup: So what's left modeling wise it to edit the outer bounds and put everything together After that I can start placing new models and working on doors and windows...
  5. It was a sneaky way of putting a video next to a thank you latter. Nothing special No need to move I enjoyed the video and more I enjoy that people are coming back to this game. We need some old blood here as well as new players
  6. Imagine all this beauty on the new engine with sharper graphics Btw please try showcasing some of this stuff in the beta
  7. This is literally the best thing to happen to this game in a while. Also I love the fact that the beta is finally happening. I had the chance to test it and the outcome is very promising! I love the fact that there is a new breath of wind to this game nowdays Hope it will get even better!
  8. @Queen of Love I fetched a test file for you to test on your engine You can check Discord to get it.. Just be aware that the objects except the buildings themselves are not textured but that's roughly how a block will look like
  9. Well I can't just not use this opportunity to talk about my work can I Right now I'm working on something to make a new map something possible. The initial idea is to take a map that was supposed to be part of the game - Midtown I've been working on this project on and off for some time now and got quite far with it Although the main issue here will be population and Matt Scott already spoke about it Unless there will be a boost in player count there is no point of releasing a new map unfortunately But I'm desperate to finish it so there will be a small chance if at all... Anyways you can read more about the project if you click the link in my signature | V
  10. Just a note of what I'm doing right now. It's been a month since I haven't touched the project. Due to my real life work I haven't got much time to work on Midtown anymore... However I took upon myself to redo a part that should have been done years ago Right now I'm fixing all the roads to be the same size as in the base game. This is a frustrating process so far as I discover issues with elevation and such. However what it means is that the sidewalks will have 1 to 2 meters more of area which means I may need to expand or subtract some buildings Right now I also plan to remake 3 areas in the eastern part of the district which have a bit too much of open space.. After that there will be a long process of cutting holes in the buildings to place windows and also re-placing all of my current ripped models with new ones that are the same size as in the game After that there is a long process of texturing everything with PLACEHOLDER textures that can later be swapped to original APB materials in a editor like Blender or 3DSmax.. All this requires buildings to be split into chunks for the texture to be detailed.. In 2 words there is still a lot of work and I don't have the time to do this fulltime anymore. However I must try completing this process. According to Matt's words there is a SMALL chance for this to be implemented but in FAR FUTURE. So I guess there is plenty of time. I will try to keep the thread more updated with the project's progress in the future.. Thanks -Nick
  11. I just wanna point out that the spot in the first video is still unbalanced af and it's 2020 already Nostalgia is good and all but I think it's better to take a look into what can be done in the future instead. There is still A LOT to bring in the game's true potential
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