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  1. 90% Being all the work since 2013-2014 That's 6 years of work.
  2. In case someone wonders what's this about...
  3. Perc yourself for removing this effect
  4. The district starts to look kinda whole with the new props There is still a lot of work to be done but I can actually finish it. Next thing will be texturing and then trying to make good UV's for lightmaps (Last part will be kinda hard for me to do as I'm not experienced but we'll see)
  5. Hi. I logged in to that server but I don't see the place you vote at. Maybe it's a case of waiting but I don't see the mentioned servers. So yeah..
  6. I was subscribed to him before I even though he plays APB so for me it was a huge surprise that he made a video about this game I like his content and I think some of his fanbase DID indeed play the game after they watched it. Also I think PoundOfFlesh appearance in this video created too much drama...
  7. Thanks for the offer I have someone who helps me with that right now But I will definitely contact you if I will need any help!
  8. Great Q/A! A lot of questions were answered and the answers were right on point. It looks like this game will have a lot of improvements as some are already planned and a lot seems to come down the road. Hopefully we will see the game rise from the dead once more sort to speak Also thanks a lot on talking about Midtown a bit @MattScott I am very happy with your answer and I will keep working for this project so it may become usable if it's ever going to be needed Much love
  9. Amazing display of what is yet to be tested by the whole community. I looks good and apparently plays good! I think this update will bring in some of the people that been avoiding APB for now and it only brings joy to my heart that things gonna improve overtime As it seems there will be an easier process to create new content from now on which is also great! Well done LO! You didn't disappoint me one bit!
  10. So this is what Matt thinks about the project right now https://clips.twitch.tv/LivelyRepleteLeopardUWot I must say though that I'm still gonna finish it so if they decide that it's needed - this thing will be ready to be baked!
  11. You can't really call it new.. It's been in the files since 2008.. But yes
  12. Ok so with the help of my friend I was able to export a ton (about 1300 to be exact) props files This is Prop Yard #2 and it has 4 times of what I had until now It has almost all of the props and I think it will be enough to fully populate Midtown! There are even some unused props as well! And also 2 unreleased types of vehicles from back in RTW days!
  13. A team in Australia had worked on it for little bit. (Then later the project was paused and IP was sold) It would take much more effort to export the game to Unreal 4 then Unreal 3.5 as the code used is not in the same language and much of functions of the engine are different. They're not saying it's not gonna be done at some point though.. Just further in the future maybe
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