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  1. It was working fine for few missions until there was population increase... Now I'm having micro lags again. Whatever you rolled back it didn't really work for me..
  2. I had the same issue but not anymore Thanks LO
  3. I plan to remake this thread once I'm done with my other project btw :3
  4. So 12 deaths of Corana for lack of better term? Not trying to be mean. That sounds like fun event
  5. It was fixed because people would abuse it and grenade spam in tight places so there would be no way of attacking. A good change in my opinion. Now do the same for the Joker Ammo at Saul Linklater's box of frags
  6. Main focus right now is the Engine Update so I assume they don't really want to release new content before that. No major changes - same old APB The heat system got reworked so you can't kill P5/N5 guys who aren't part of your mission. The new JMB gun looks fun Otherwise if you wait until Engine Update there supposed to be 2 new contacts released with that but we yet to know when this gonna happen
  7. Hope you stay safe. We will all get trough this slimy virus together
  8. I mean ARMAS.. Ok. There are the gamble Joker Boxes. But without new players coming to the game (Or so it seems) wouldn't the paying players run out of items to buy on ARMAS? I mean is the game still returning any profit? If not I'm afraid we haven't got much time left folks.
  9. Takes time to get addicted to this game. But the drug gone bad and it smells now So new users don't appreciate the feeling anymore and there are also a$hole old time junkies.. That's how I see it at least
  10. Ellix

    How to save APB

    You had me triggered.Then I laughed.
  11. Get low get low get low get low To the windooooooooooooooooooooooooow
  12. And here I thought it's gonna be a detailed thread about how people who actually play the game deffer from people who just sit on the forums. Which is sun and moon if you ask me
  13. They need to change the mod from IR 3 to IR2 and that should be fine
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