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  1. Test server stuff doesn't always represent stuff in live just sayin
  2. Google translate said he says "Supp" Supp I'm good! How about you?
  3. Ntec still needs a bit more work done tbh.. The change didn't do much except people now can't jumshoot with it Still feels kind of overpowered with Muzzle Break on it
  4. Shotguns seem quite good now but need better testing when EU servers come back to normal state So far I like it however the Shredder still needs a little buff in my opinion
  5. G1 fucked up LO are fixing it... Don't see a problem here
  6. The more work that's gonna be done on it the better - If it flops the game is dead.. So they should take some time with testing in my opinion
  7. Would actually help to bring some new players from the BR playerbase
  8. Servers are in New York now so get used to it for few days
  9. I'm inside for about a hour... There are about 50 people on Citadel.. Game is working yet people can't log in Noice
  10. Most people seem to be using Steam Try logging with Gamersfirst guys
  11. I'm gonna tell you what's happening after the engine update A big A$$ maintenance downtime
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