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  1. Yes the idea is similar to Nekrova But we want to get a bit further this time Project name : COJO - Crime Over Justice - online
  2. 2021 update or closure Hello all followers of Project Midtown. Today I officially pass away from finishing the project to get it on APB : Reloaded. But this is not over I'm in works for a bigger project today Midtown is gonna be used for it. More info soon :)
  3. -After engine update? -When servers will work perfectly - There will be a good anticheat - Dethreating wouldn't be an issue because of higher pop -When nerfs and buffs will be no more What then? Would you guys really stay in APB? What would you suggest the game needs?
  4. Can you people just make one thread where you just complain about the game? Like add all the shit dumpster to one single spot where people would stroke themselves on how they hate the game and their genius ideas how to improve it? Pin that thing for all I care.
  5. I'm all yay for adding player made content But honestly would like to see more then that. Outfits are nice btw don't get me wrong
  6. - Neat customization - Holiday events - Half bricks and 8 balls Add more
  7. Dude Kevlar is quite unused already Try nadinv the target first and then see how fast he can run from you ..
  8. I assume you enjoyed it a lot http://apb.patch.beta.gamersfirst.com/APB_Beta_Installer.exe Как сказано в главном посте
  9. Great Looks like we will finally have a look at mission districts Excited a lot to drive around and see the new visuals. By the looks of it we may be able to play on EU APB as main quite sooner then expected. I hope the road ahead will be smooth
  10. Firework now does perc damage nice.. So why not making it death on imact with a player like a brick does? See how lucky you are to hit a player directly with that thing Looking forward for halloween Usually a fun time in APB All old events work fine
  11. Just wait for the engine guys. It seems to be close. Maybe slowly some people will come by again and stay.. Btw drawing maps is hard.. 5 Years into making the project from my signature...
  12. Guys remember that the APB brand was bought by Unit Game? What if they suddenly release APB on mobile? Would you play it? What would it look like?
  13. 255 gold in bronze district. Trying hard to ruin your fun
  14. Just a curious question where are our players and forum users are from and what do you do in your life? I'm personally originally from Belarus and I now live in Israel. 23 years old (24 in March). My name is Nikita aka Nick Currently working in an electronics retail in packaging and logistics. Studying in a academic prep school and aiming towards either coding/ app development or architecture... In my free time working on some game dev projects (Including making a fan made map for APB and some VR content) Playing APB since 2012 and addicted to this game My hobbies also include other video games, VR, anime ,parkour ,graffiti and blazing some 420 Nice to meet you all!
  15. Right now your best choice is just to grab Clotting Agent and be good. But what if we gave Kevlar users a chance and buff the mod a bit so it will be used more. If so in which way would you change this modification? Personally I think Kevlar users should be a tiny bit faster. The health buff that the mod provides doesn't guarantee that you will dodge the second/third shot that was supposed to be absorbed and instead you are just like a sitting duck. Please discuss....
  16. I remember seing your stuff. Good artrist! Happy to see you're still alive
  17. New version of 3D model on Sketchfab Today while running again around the map I realized there should be much more cover I really see snipers benefiting from some spots too much.. Some more rework needed
  18. THIS IS JUST A PREVIEW Midtown preview on Unity engine. This was done just for test All thanks to @BrandonBranderson!! More coming soon...
  19. In retrospect this year been kinda fun...
  20. What happens if you drag in assets from my map into UDK for example - The buildings are there - you can setup collision but there are many lighting issues that still need fixing. So drag and drop works - Just nothing really interesting comes out of it..
  21. Initially I planned this as a fan project. All I wanted was to try and make something that can be used in APB. I had no idea what to do but wanted to try myself in level design. With no knowledge of any kind of 3D modeling software I tried what seemed like an easy one which was Sketchup. My goal was to make a fan made content - when I started it I had no idea if something made by me can actually be used but I hoped that if it's 3D - that can work The pipeline is more clear now and it seems like you can use the assets but still not tested in APB engine. Right now I'm still positive about just giving out the map to the devs so they can import it. But I'm soon running towards another issue which Sketchup - My subscription is running out and I don't know if I will renew it or not. It all depends of weather there is a point in keeping on working on the map. Actually I would really love the devs to pay for my licenses if this turns out to be something thay're willing to import into the game but right now this idea still seems to be something far.. I guess my main goal was to learn a bit of level design and actually finish a big project in my life which I never seem to do. (I have so much under-worked content in my portfolio that I would love to develop more). But I guess in the end even if it's not meant to be in APB I still got a lot of experience from doing it Hope I answered your question
  22. Please don't copy paste All rights reserved Nah but seriously if that would be so easy...
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