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  1. Given the amount of veterans and dethreaters who ran rampant in bronze district, I have a hard time believing things have gotten much worse for newbies. Really its more of the same.
  2. I think there was something said about charge backs costing more money than the purchase made
  3. Sounds like an effective way to get anyone you don't like banned.
  4. I wish. We've no idea but at one point it sounded like it was just Matt. Matt does seem to say "we" in his posts, so hopefully he's not alone.
  5. What are you even talking about? You were literally just told its not allowed. Like, you asked and they answered.
  6. I wish you would have been banned for dethreating .
  7. so I can never again play with my friends?
  8. had been playing EU mostly, but with no segregation its been easier for me to play NA (Im mostly available at off peak NA hours)
  9. You've stated your opinions exhaustively. Its been heard. If none of your suggestions end up in the game its because your ideas are bad... it wont be because LO is unaware of your opinions.
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