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  1. Not to mention giving players a reason to check back every week to see what's up for cheap.
  2. CookiePuss

    CD`s between throwing nades

    Man, if only we had s forum section for suggestions like this. That'd be great.
  3. Leaked image, new vehicle and male hair style:
  4. CookiePuss

    Revert the CSG.

    Is that what you think 50m looks like?
  5. CookiePuss

    anyone have FFA RnD 3 ?

    and here I am wanting MORE zoom on my Obir
  6. CookiePuss

    Revert the CSG.

    Tas20 Stock (IR3, Tagger) still works well. JG still wokrs well too. Both are pretty solid on defense. Not saying I wouldn't change anything, but shotguns imo became more niche, and that has been quite interesting.
  7. I think maybe we are playing different games.
  8. I'm pretty sure there are no places "safe from opposition".
  9. CookiePuss

    Support is trash

    Uhh no.
  10. CookiePuss

    My PING

    No. It's not caused by the advanced launcher. APB did seem to suffer some recent DDoS attacks which could affect your ping, or it could simply be an issue with your ISP.
  11. CookiePuss

    computer setup thread

    Stop laying on your PC, Mitne.
  12. So what you are saying is... always park near an enemy spawn point?
  13. Oof... seems a ways outside 20m radius. No bueno.
  14. CookiePuss

    Jericho Servers are Down :)!!!!!!

    I wonder if any other gaming companies only work during the day?