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  1. CookiePuss

    Is it okay refusing to play?

    Oh. Yeah, that happens. Im honestly not sure what LOs stance on that would be.
  2. I just wish you were raised to speak English TBH. I never have a clue as to what you are trying to say.
  3. CookiePuss

    Is it okay refusing to play?

    You really should either /abandonmission or if too late spam /cointoss if you don't want to play. Otherwise yeah, it's kind of a jerk move. Why would that even happen? Just to waste people's time?
  4. CookiePuss

    APB 2

  5. CookiePuss

    OSCAR how-to?

    I was going to write up a guide, but this is pretty much exactly what I would have written. Its a higher skill higher reward weapon, and should be viewed as such.
  6. CookiePuss

    FAR Spearhead: Mods and tactics?

    FAR is basically a slightly buffed star with less ammo per mag. The only differences between the two are: TTK- (.75 for star vs .70 for FAR) this is due to the difference in fire interval (.15 for the STAR vs .12 for the FAR) reload time- (2.80 for the STAR vs 2.20 for the FAR) shot modifier cap- (1.35 for the STAR vs 1.45 for the FAR) magazine capacity- (32 for the STAR vs 24 for the FAR) marksman modifier- (.50 for the STAR vs .45 for the FAR) As far as how to mod the FAR this is going to be mostly up to personal preference. Like the STAR the gun performs well without any mods. I personally run HS3 and Mob Sling only on mine, as for me red mods are more trouble than they are worth. Though I know players who use everything from Reflex sight with cooling jacket to hunting sight with improved rifling. You've really got to put in the time to see what works for you, its not a one size fits all weapon. People will talk a lot about how "the FAR will never beat the n-tec" but as any half way decent player will tell you, winning in APB is more about positioning and prediction than anything. If you are constantly engaging in fair fights where gun stats are solely determining the outcome, you are not playing the game correctly. Play smart, and the FAR can compete with anything.
  7. I must be pretty lucky, I haven't seen more than one cheater on Jericho in months. And even that fella has'nt been seen by me in a few days.
  8. CookiePuss

    Gamerfirst support

    I've got some bad news for you my friend. Depending on what you ticket is regarding, wait times can vary between weeks and months.
  9. CookiePuss

    New SPCT team

    Along with adding more testers, Little Orbit also has an internal Quality Assurance team.
  10. I dunno, it feels like the same relationship as the Ursus and standard ntec... neither is better they are just "different".
  11. CookiePuss

    BattlEye attention to new accounts?

    Umm... I think you need to look into what battleye actually does and how it actually works. Because its obvious you arent understanding some things.
  12. CookiePuss

    New SPCT team

    We gotchu fam!