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  1. Nice bait. There is no chance you are serious. None.
  2. I like the talk about customization while everyone runs around with female hairstyle #2
  3. Yes. It's a shit situation either way, but no segregation is definitely worse for everyone but non dethreating golds.
  4. And you know this how? I'm asking because you have no idea.
  5. They came on the forums, made an extraordinary claim, and provided no proof. I'm calling them a liar. It's got nothing to do with SPCT.
  6. No. Only the original creator can alter them. Mods can be sent between characters, but open slotted weapons will still be required for use.
  7. Can you DM me the name of this cheater? Lol didnt think so.
  8. It's no longer an issue on the updated engine.
  9. 2 wEeKs oH mY gOd iS nOtHinG hApPeNiNg???
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