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  1. Working as intended.
  2. Sick ZombieBiscuit cosplay.
  3. Finally, an answer to the age old question "What happens to all those civilian corpses?" !!!
  4. CookiePuss

    Competitive District

    shouldnt have said "nonsense", "stuff" would have been better But I read the poll I was going to vote one way, then I read your post and it made me change my mind
  5. CookiePuss

    Competitive District

    Went from simple poll, to a bunch of nonsense not mentioned in the poll. This is why we cant have nice things.
  6. Didnt they have to make another set of parts for the matte on the growl? I wish I knew more about this stuff, but I dont so Ill just say this is a really cool idea.
  7. CookiePuss

    In game acc's

    @Majiik So does this mean account merging ia going to be a thing in the future? Cuz Id rather not spend a ton of chash on account permanent weapons if I dont have to. Any info you can share that support doesnt have would be greatly appreciated by me and several thousand other players.
  8. They are only removing this feature in countries where it is not allowed. IIRC thats just one country.
  9. CookiePuss

    Hacked account by Little Orbit...

    When I first started making symbols, I made a couple rule breakers, was even dumb enough to put one up in social. Then, logged in one day and they were gone. No message ever from support and no forced password change. I'll admit it freaked me out, especially the part where support never contacted me about what they did. But I was so paranoid about getting banned, I never asked them about it . Anyhoo, the lesson I took from all that was "dont break the rules dumb dumb". So yeah... dont break the rules dumb dumb.