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  1. FTFX Imagine thinking having opp at a perpetual disadvantage is the reason pop isn't higher. "Nah, I'm winning too much since I have an extra quarter second to react than my opposition does, I quit." Ok bud, ok.
  2. You see, in life, there are things called rules sometimes we get a say in those rules, and other times we don't in this case when we all started playing the game, we agreed to abide by the rules as dictated to us so basically realize what you've agreed to, and if you don't like it, feel free to uninstall
  3. CookiePuss


    I don't either, unfortunately.
  4. CookiePuss


    Can I assume there is video of this? If so, let support see it.
  5. Nice catch... @Speedz would know more, so I have summoned his spirit for guidance.
  6. CookiePuss


    ... How can you be sure they are wall hacking? Keep in mind that positioning and prediction are the two most important skills in APB.
  7. Sweet, thats only 44 years for me to do the same on all of my characters!
  8. If a woman has sex with 10 different men, she's considered a wh0r3, but if a man does the same thing... ...he is gay. Definitely gay. Jokes aside, the forum rules are inconsistent at best. I don't know how much of that is trying to retain what edge they can while complying with laws, or how much is just sloppy decision making. You could probably message @Sakebee about it. I think Matt's pretty busy with not only APB but also a great many other things, so Sakebee is probably your best bet to get quick answers.
  9. With only JT and titles as rewards, I'll be taking two weeks off from APB while I wait for mission districts to repopulate.
  10. Forum rules are different than in-game rules. Not defending either rule set, just saying they are different.
  11. It has nothing to do with the few players left. We alone cannot keep the game alive.
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