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  1. Lol you think people stalk your posts? Nice ego, bro. Hahahahaha, what?
  2. You posted the N word and are suprised it got deleted? Really?
  3. It seems I wasn't clear enough and for that I apologize. I was confused about FF vs BE. Why they thought FF was catching things BE cannot.
  4. Lol I remember those streams. I'm just confused why they think FF caught it but BE wouldn't.
  5. 1v1 me at double b, blowtorch only
  6. Everything you just said was wrong. Everything. Sorry, normally I'd have just downvoted you.
  7. think of it this way... we used to be constrained by this rule when it came to disagreeing... now we are free tl;dr its a buff not a nerf
  8. Don't confuse losing threat with dethreating. Detheaters, if not for their deliberate actions, would be playing in silver districts. Others will simply bounce between districts naturally, and this is fine. It's not about "silvers playing in bronze" its about golds playing in bronze.
  9. At least BE is banning more than EAC did... that's something. Threat is a mess now, and dethreating is rampant. I cant argue against that.
  10. Oof When you put it like that it sounds so bad. I promise this wasn't a balance pass of the snub. All of us are aware of where the snub sits in the meta. This was simply the removal of a 0.10 ttk exploit. The snub will get balanced, rest assured.
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