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  1. Well that's why I said it's slow instead of saying it is bad. It's the change to the consumable I find bad.
  2. I mean this in the nicest way possible. You are a barely silver player even after years of playing, and you play in bronze districts. You clearly have no idea what is or isn't possible by legit players. You should not be spouting off about cheaters.
  3. Why should someone who has no interest in playing APB even want to keep their name?
  4. Illuminati confirmed. You should have consulted a lawyer before spouting off. Would have saved you from looking foolish.
  5. This has been brought up on the forums several times already, and LO is aware.
  6. They don't supply nades the same either. It's a limited amount. I just hate not being ables to access my inventory. APB is a slow patootie game already, and having to constantly drive to car spawns and such to change weapons slows it down even more. Switching to orange ammo just removes all other orange mod options. Just a shit idea imo.
  7. Mobile cover is broke. Don't even equip it. Consumable ammo boxes also suck atm. Cannot access inventory anymore. Good luck!
  8. I don't understand, can you explain what you think the reason no one plays APB is?
  9. Lol... Are you saying video game companies are bribing politicians?
  10. Anytime I've seen you in game, all you are doing is hackusating everything that moves, and convincing other bad players to do the same. As for everything else, you couldn't be more wrong, but thanks for your input.
  11. apparently we can discuss bans now so... yay?
  12. It's probably the most complained about weapon at the moment (the Fang). It's the one weapon that is almost universally thought to be out of balance and overpowered. Giving it out to everyone, while hilarious, was not at all a good idea. Imagine giving the OP version of the Troublemaker to everyone, or the OP version of the nano. You don't need to compare the test version with the original, you simply need to test the prototype version and give your feedback on that. I think LO didn't want to use OTW because people have to download and install a seperate client to use it. And I can only assume making the weapons only usable in the prototype districts is not an easy task. Though after this debacle, I wouldn't be surprised if next time they find a way to do it.
  13. No one has received a ban, even a temporary one, for UNINTENTIONAL team killing.
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