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  1. I agree. If you play in the bronze district, there are too many bullies who don't belong. And if you play solo anywhere, that also sucks.
  2. Pound is indeed very passionate about APB. He is absolutely not the only one to still stream it. He is welcome to join us on the forums and share his ideas. All of us have both people who like us, and people who don't, PoF isn't any different. If you really think PoF's ideas are good, then I would say you should encourage him to join the community here on the forums (the mods will handle any shit talking). But so long as he only shares his idea with his viewers, he and you can't be too surprised when none of his ideas go anywhere.
  3. Uhh... Vanille is quite skilled when it comes to APB. I can assure you that you have NEVER seen him in a bronze district.
  4. One thing most anti AL /config people have in common is misinformation. To start, here is a screenshot of my in game, full config graphics: So to start, "making everything look like play dough" this does not. Again I will post my benchmarks taken using the benchmarking feature included with MSI Afterburner (the same benchmarking tool used to test 3.5). As you can see, running stock APB with my rig means frame drops as low as 0.2 FPS. Thats basically a complete freeze up once the shooting starts. This is unplayable. This is a disadvantage that makes playing APB impossible. From there I went to the advanced launcher and after about a year of tweaking that I was able to achieve the next set of benchmarking stats with drops as low as 32.5 FPS once the shooting starts. This means going from smooth gameplay to stuttery nonsense once the shooting starts. That is to say IT PUT ME AT A DISADVANTAGE IN EVERY FIREFIGHT AGAINST PLAYERS WHO DID NOT SUFFER THESE DROPS IN FRAMERATE. Still frustrated I finally looked into creating a custom config. Using some of the changes made by players like Tobii, Frosi, Dopefish, and Flaws (many many thanks to you guys for your hard work) I was able to get an understanding of exactly which changes were having the most impact on my performance. After another year of trial and error changes I finally settled on my current config, and finally can experience APB without the annoying stutters and drops in framerate (never dropping below 70.4 FPS) and for the first time ever I was able to enjoy APB without being at a DISADVANTAGE every time I got into a firefight. So while I may or may not be a scrub, the decision to customize my game is CLEARLY more about removing disadvantages than creating advantages.
  5. Well Matt disagrees and he owns the game, so tough nuts.
  6. you get out of here with your well thought out, rational to the point of obvious, ideas
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