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  1. This is different. Its a policy specific to previously banned players. You technically aren't allowed to reroll once banned.
  2. For the record, LO does reserve the right to ban the reroll accounts of banned players at any time.
  3. I only skimmed, but I didnt see it here. https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/eula
  4. My apologies, I really thought you were joking. Carry on!
  5. Shady to be sure, but is there actually anything in the rules that prohibits this?
  6. I thought we covered this, he sells jewelry now.
  7. I think the last thing we need is dated music.
  8. I players weren't forced to play Waterfront to rank up, you could just go ahead and delete the map.
  9. Same here. Wheelies ain't never hurt nobody. And they can be fun af.
  10. Just a reminder that not only is dethreating frowned upon, it's also bannable.
  11. Different people working on different projects. What is launching now is pre season of RIOT. Season 1 will hopefully launch with 3.5 allowing LO to finally advertise the game. This has all been explained many times over.
  12. I feel like you may have accidentally quoted me.
  13. Honestly an expansion on FC sounds like a cool idea. Maybe write up a suggestion on how to expand on it. Ive always found it a bit bland myself, as well.
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