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  1. If you've been paying attention you know that live is being left up as a courtesy while the EU is worked on. Expect no work to happen on the current live client.
  2. I'm not sure on exact dates, but this was pretty early on.
  3. It was part of the original roadmap. Iirc there was a team in Australia working on apb in unreal 4. It was later scrapped.
  4. Friendly reminder that they tried this, quickly realized it was too much to undertake and decided to close the project.
  5. "APB would have been an amazing game in 2006, or at least an amazing start of a game. But this is 2010" Ouch.
  6. I have to ask, what exactly is your theory on this?
  7. I get how it could seem like don't, but you have to understand that the community agrees on very very little. So am I, so is everyone. We wont be getting much before the new engine so all we can do is pray that it works out, and soon.
  8. I only ask because everything you bring up has been explained. Might wanna take a couple breaths.
  9. He means people were literally doxxed on ffbans. Some real messed up stuff went down there.
  10. Why they don't lock these posts is beyond me.
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