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  1. Like is there a point where your ELO stops going up? Yes. Once you hit “gold 10” you can’t go any higher.
  2. at this point, the one thing APB has going for it is being free
  3. Ive got good news, or maybe bad news... anyways heres some sushi balls
  4. Correct While it was briefly buffed to 600 damage, it has since been brought down to 575.
  5. That’s a dirty lie. Everyone better than me is cheating and everyone worse than me is a noob. That’s rule #1 in apb.
  6. I hope APB can get to a place where those can be a thing again. I had so much fun the last time.
  7. OOM errors are quite random even on the same GPUs some get lucky some don’t
  8. if you don't have it the .45 is a must buy just my opinion
  9. You can usually find a GM online in the LO discord.
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