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  1. Fun fact, the difference between the current and old NFAS min ttk is 1 pellet.
  2. Yep. Super frustrating too. So many deaths because my character is just standing there.
  3. Oh shit. I have this issue too. I thought it was something to do with my config, but I'm also running an RTX card.
  4. Yes. I use it every time before I log in because often Jericho is unplayable and it saves me the trouble of launching the game.
  5. honestly, either would impress the fuck out of me
  6. You do have a point. Lately it seems Jericho silver dist is mostly silvers. Dark days indeed.
  7. come on man... I worked really hard on that. at least give me an "lol"
  8. Dethreaters are human garbage. Silver is a ghost town only because these pussies continue to dethreat. Bronze is also a ghost town because these pussies have driven off nearly every single new player we get. I'd ban you all if given the chance.
  9. Its not p2w unless the weapon is better. Its really p2flexyouspenttoomuchmoneyonthisgame.
  10. Its true that we wont know how it works until we get there. I am nervous as well.
  11. The hope is, phasing will solve this problem. I dunno if it actually will, but that is the hope.
  12. To be fair, that's not that much money... speaking as someone who has dropped like $5,000. That being said, I have the Euryale on 3 accounts, and I never, ever use it. Its just not that great.
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