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  1. Oh god, that mission. You literally have to wipe the entire opposition in a coordinated fashion to even have a chance to be able to deliver a shitty little cisco. Fun sure, but also maddening.
  2. CookiePuss


    Whats wrong with the Whisper?
  3. CookiePuss

    IR3 Preset Refund

    Troublemaker users would like a word. And Nano users And Yukon users
  4. CookiePuss

    EU vs US

    Buying character slot for HAN immediately.
  5. I was just on OTW, and I was consistently getting 3 shots on 30-35m. This is just ridiculous they should really just revert all the changes made to both IR and shotguns, no one asked for them. We wanted more consistency, that doesn't come from weapons being buffed into oblivion, it comes from consistent server performance which should be the main focus. Can't really play the game properly or keep a stabile player base when the server runs like crap for everyone on both EU and NA. You have to make sure you are in the correct district on OTW for the new shotgun changes. "These changes are available in the all non-prototype districts on the OTW client and we'd appreciate any feedback." So not the Baylan test districts.
  6. i just provide proof he live hacking Yo DM the stream, Im bored af.
  7. Seriously , Kempington is bottom tier when it comes to twitch apb streamers; if your going to listen to streamers at-least listen to players who know what they are doing like Frosi or Trick No reason you cant watch all three, or even more, or even all of them!
  8. Strife does 858 damage, Percs 400... so more than enough to Strife + Perc like a mofo so long as your opp isnt running Kev 3. Sorry @Keshi and @Hexerin , multiquote didnt want to work for me.
  9. Fastest way to unlock concs!
  10. It used to one shot fragile, which was fun. But ttk isnt everything. Not only is proper shotgun use based around cover, but teamplay is a huge part of APB. If you run stacking attack strategies with a Strife... well lets just say everything dies pretty quickly. Poke with Strife, and back off as teammate cleans up... rinse, repeat. Prime with nade, clean up with strife. Given its original massive damage output, not having the 1.25 ttk would have been insane.
  11. CookiePuss

    Questions for LO

    I beleive it was due to the large number of gifting chargebacks and the resulting costs in both time and money needed to sort them out.
  12. CookiePuss

    EU vs US

    Because people in NA/SA dont want to play APB?
  13. All the items should have been in your mail. That is odd.
  14. CookiePuss

    EU vs US

    I only speak McDonalds.