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  1. I won't deny that playing in a team against a group of randos is an advantage. I don't think anyone would. But APB was designed to be social, to make friends and play with them. Even without winning, there is nothing more fun than playing with friends, For that reason alone it's worth doing.
  2. Then simply disengage. They are still trapped in the open, and the car will disappear eventually. You don't have to fight every engagement to the death. You've disabled their car, their method of escape, or their ability to rush, and that's exactly what AV is for. You should know by now that AP weapons should kill people better than AV weapons. So disable the vehicle, and if you are at a disadvantage, disengage.
  3. Are you for some reason out in the open and trying to trade fire with an assault rifle or something? Not to mention you can shoot under any car.
  4. It's an NFAS with a .99 ttk Not really sure what counter argument you could use tbh. Thanks for playing tho.
  5. I still don't understand why people say this. NSSW is a full auto monster. HB2 improves it's already minimal bloom without adding stk, alllowing you to min ttk up to around 50m just by holding mouse 1. It's also less mobile, and the only mod I use on both is HS3.
  6. I suppose if you don't have a 2 slot ntec it'd fill that role pretty well
  7. As a slightly less versatile Ntec5, it's not a bad gun... but definitely not OP.
  8. I completely agree. That couldn't have been an easy thing to do, but I feel like they made the right call.
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