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  1. Sorry man I dunno why I chimed in. I dont know anything about support beyond the little interaction Ive had with em.
  2. Personally I do not like the idea of premium matchmaking. Maybe if APB has thousands of players (not hundreds), otherwise it just feels like pooping on the guy who can’t afford premium. I do like the idea of being able to set up matches though.
  3. It was a joke guys. Maybe not a funny one, but it was a joke.
  4. Careful bud, I think you are melting.
  5. The health change WAS the overhaul, at least for the meta vehicles.
  6. Lore as in the story of the game. Its a crim vs cop game. Im just asking whats the story that led to cop v cop missions. You can role play if you want I suppose.
  7. Make it an event and see how it goes. Anyone got any accompanying lore ideas?
  8. I think prices on average are already 20% lower than back with old G1. Add another 10% on top of that and you have a pretty good deal imo.
  9. If the JT are not in your mail, try logging out and back in.
  10. Wait who said that? Sure it helps, but “needed”?
  11. /report works I promise, I use it myself as was stated previously LO has gone out of their way to revamp the reporting system in order to make it more effective reports are what LO uses to start investigations into player activities (not just cheating) if no one reports, LO has no info to act on on a side note, you can take the word of any SPCT many of them know a great deal more than me
  12. Fudge. I was in favor of adding a no themes option and now I feel like I have to support a no symbols option. karma amirite?
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