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  1. Deftonez

    support ?_?

    join the club
  2. Deftonez

    Autumn Assault!

    this might be it chief
  3. whoever decided that daily activities are the only way to level up a holiday event role, is some type of special
  4. Deftonez

    Jericho Crashed

    did it actually crash today? i was on most of the day and never got disconnected
  5. Deftonez

    Tickets part 2

    anytime daddy do you think i got sex appeal dude?
  6. yes its one of these threads again i sent a ticket Wed, Sep 26, 4:12 PM and it hasn't been answered yet all i'm asking is for someone to reset it or something because it's just been sitting there and i think it just got lost in the void of all the other tickets ticket # is (83784) i know you guys and gals are busy bees and i'm grateful for all that you've done so thanks in advance
  7. oh there's a reason for that...
  8. Deftonez

    no pumpkins in Asylum

    no the orange pumpkins that are in asylum every year
  9. Deftonez

    Hardware IP bans!?!?!?!

    TrashCan Members 8 42 posts Joined Jul 2018 lol
  10. Deftonez

    The Growth of GamersFirst

    were here with ya until the end Matt, good luck and god speed
  11. hurricanes sure are a fuzzy bunny lemme tell ya