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  1. "The same Halloween event again? Wow, I didn't know that, you're telling me for the first time."
  2. the whole concept of "re-rolling" is hilarious because all it is is someone making a new character but G1 was like "erm! you can't do that!"
  3. would love to see more tactical gear in the game such as ops core helmets and NVGs. camelbak tactical. especially backpacks i remember back when the racing packs came out you could wear the harnesses with the webbing vest on male characters but later that got changed so you couldnt wear them together, so it would be cool to see that reverted more types of balaclavas, like one that covers the nose plate carriers too more hairstyles and hair colors being able to toggle wearing one kneepad/elbowpad instead of two, there are a lot of outfits i always wanted to make that would look better with just one kneepad/elbowpad
  4. waaaaaaaaaah trump mask bad waaaaaaaaaaaah
  5. haha g1c buy me ticket for crown lol
  6. just stay off the internet and video games if you cant handle toxicity, its reallyyyyyy not that hard people literally complain about getting flamed/experiencing toxicity like you cant just get off the game and turn your computer off why make a thread pointing out toxicity when really the only thing you're doing is bringing more attention to it? 80% of the people who have ever played this game eventually end up quiting because of how ignorant and stupid the people on here are also why bring up in game playstyles such as carplaying + remote det or whatever. if you have to label something such as that toxic then you're truly missing the point of whats actually toxic the amount of shit ive seen people say to each other over this game is astonishing, truly astonishing. the community is just one large high school lunch table. i go months without going on here and every time i end up looking at the forums im just disappointed and cringe'd out.
  7. playing with a low res and minimal graphics has nothing to do with how good or bad you are at a game what kind of barren headspace do you live in
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