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  1. that was probably the most condescending thing i've read in my entire life
  2. what the hell is that title even for?
  3. Deftonez

    APB: Revival

  4. Deftonez


    good lord
  5. Deftonez

    New Years premium code

    eh sure i guess
  6. Deftonez

    Issues with the Snowball Event

    the whole concept of completing daily activities to advance holiday roles/achievements is literally so stupid (not to mention flawed)
  7. Deftonez

    Theme Creators

    what happened to Pogo?
  8. Deftonez

    Wasp Rejects

  9. Deftonez

    [PC] Patch Notes 1.19.7 (1069)

    thanks Lixil
  10. event roles and achievements aren't changing at all after doing whatever is required to progress them the counters for the roles won't change, not even my kill count
  11. Deftonez

    Sugestion for a skin on NTEC URSUS. It has none.

    i just want to be able to use any skin on the ursus