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  1. Deftonez

    Hardware IP bans!?!?!?!

    TrashCan Members 8 42 posts Joined Jul 2018 lol
  2. Deftonez

    The Growth of GamersFirst

    were here with ya until the end Matt, good luck and god speed
  3. hurricanes sure are a fuzzy bunny lemme tell ya
  4. Deftonez

    Bring back old shotguns please?

    why do people like you still exist?
  5. such an insignificant problem to have
  6. Deftonez

    APB:R ... R?

    this is a joke right?
  7. yeah let's all start playing on a server filled with people who take everything so literal and to heart (if you're from eu then your forum title is fitting)
  8. this game has too many problems... (sarcastic overstatement)
  9. Deftonez

    When does the Halloween Event start?

  10. Deftonez

    yo, player

    you won't believe what this man just said to me...