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  1. might as well bring back fairfight at this point if we're only gonna come up with horrible ideas to solve the cheating problem
  2. i haven't seen those before but, those are insanely well done. you do exclusives at all?
  3. grown patootie man getting banned on a 200 pop game for griefing.. get your life together man
  4. do people just not paypal each other money anymore? if someone wants to gift you something why not just have them send you money? problem solved
  5. lmao to think that apb players can even read to begin with, you're reaching buddy
  6. Deftonez

    bring beacon back

    god i miss my bacon
  7. people play on minimal graphics for the a e s t h e t i c and because its 'edgy'
  8. what the hell is wrong with people? "should car surfer be a car mod" bro please get some help
  9. the people in this community are slowly losing their minds each and everyday
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