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  1. Wonder how long the pop will stay above 100 on NA before it dies back down....., Hopefully now there may be some actual content updates in the coming patches ..
  2. mattskoii


    Guess they bought over the cobwebs from the last patch
  3. Add it to the pile, Another copy n paste event nothing new go figure....
  4. I had the same issue until i started using the advance launcher again and haven't crashed since.
  5. I'm enjoying the peice n quiet without vivox, But there's always discord.
  6. Don't worry im still here, Just lurking , Edit ohh matt scott gotcha :^)
  7. mattskoii

    WASP Inc [Enforcer]

    That's completely false claim there im afraid.
  8. Now quit making posts about when is the engine update being released.
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