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  1. If this was true, I would've been banned eons ago.
  2. This is why I always tell people every damn time stop trusting random people Like Glaciers said, this isn't even a scam. This is literally your own negligence.
  3. Finally, a counter to car gameplay. Really looking forward to EMP.
  4. i've been playing FC for a couple of days ok
  5. You will never be able to 'fix' the reroll 'problem' as long as this game continues to remain F2P. And as others said already, hardware ID and IPs can easily be spoofed, so nothing changes. Also... I was under rank 195 and gold for the longest time, probably for like 2 years, mainly because I'm lazy with leveling. Does that mean I should get banned too? 10/10 brain
  6. For a while there was small packet losses going on, and now it just ramped up into full lag attack - probably ddos. Think the entire world server may be down.
  7. Social 1 went down - and for a while hasn't been spinning up a second district either once the first one got full. Looks like the entire world server may be down too.
  8. Districts aren't spun up like that. Additional districts are spun up when a previous district is full or almost full. So if a silver financial district is full, the game will notice this, THEN open up another silver financial district.
  9. You'd likely have to contact support.
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