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  1. this sort of thread already exists
  2. why do you people wanna be nazis so bad lol
  3. Sadira


  4. my latency's been amazing, idk what you're talking about
  5. Sadira

    All those old names

    sweet jesus thank you.
  6. Sadira

    All those old names

    certain names that will literally be gone forever my heart
  7. Sadira


    having different temperatures of food, especially with sweets, goes well together like a warm fudge stuffed cookie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream goes down smoothly
  8. Sadira


    ......and he hates ice cream cake
  9. Sadira


    Do you expect them to fix years of damage in only 3 months? oh ok
  10. i thought this was bait
  11. Sadira

    props LO

    does this mean i can start playing missions again
  12. Sadira

    Sorry guys

  13. ive never seen a dump truck fly so high before