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  1. I love @BrandonBranderson's stuff so much
  2. Sadira

    APB Roadmap

    Can't wait to see what that new gun and vehicle will be.
  3. Nothing is happening to legendaries. They'll still remain tradable. And they did say something about Armas gifting, though.
  4. ayo can anyone give me a discount the next time i go to tastyburger
  5. Can you elaborate what you mean by 'booting'? Do the districts go down? Are servers getting ddos'd?
  6. But when you're discussing 3D pipeline, it's literally called 'normal maps'. Anyways, this would be pretty neat-o. Would make tons of outfits look better, though I feel like this might be something actually very complicated to implement. Perhaps in the future?
  7. It's already been re-approved, so no.
  8. Sadira

    Anarchy Event For Summer

    i very much want this yes
  9. to spread your great wisdom
  10. Sadira

    @LittleOrbit Wide Screen advantage

    Excuse me?
  11. Please stop blaming BRs on everything.
  12. Sadira

    hey androvald

  13. It's 3 shots to kill, though. The ogre too.
  14. Interesting syncing with the gun shots and the music.