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  1. I don't really consider this as a form of good money making at all. Enforcers can only return vehicles that were stolen. You assume that there will be tons of stolen cars, which there really isn't due to people preferring to use their own vehicles. Not saying there isn't any at all, but you can sometimes spend over 30 minutes just trying to find a single stolen car. Not to mention, not all stolen vehicles will reward you the same money. The type of vehicle is considered, making sure the car is fully repaired for pristine bonus. Also considering prestige which goes up much slower than notoriety. And then you're kind of forced to use a starter car, because the amount of times you have to summon back your own custom vehicle (costs $100 per summon) to get back to stolen vehicle hunting, can really just take away all the money you earn from just trying to return stolen cars, so in fact, you could lose money. This is coming from someone who has done a lot of car returning for TONS of hours. I never said that criminals can't attack enforcers that have money. I welcome it.
  2. It's not really unfair if arresting is the only way for enforcers to make money. LTL isn't easy - matchmaking considered too (AND risking getting kill hungry teammates). It goes both ways. At least crims have chances of being alone, meanwhile PVP is absolutely required 100% for enforcers to make money.
  3. WoW would like to say hello to you, especially during WoD release.
  4. They're aware of this issue, and have been trying to fix it, but are having trouble trying to replicate it on dev builds. But yeah, unfortunately as of right now, restarting your game is the only way to 'fix' it.
  5. dont worry fluttershychan i will protect u
  6. If this was true, I would've been banned eons ago.
  7. This is why I always tell people every damn time stop trusting random people Like Glaciers said, this isn't even a scam. This is literally your own negligence.
  8. Finally, a counter to car gameplay. Really looking forward to EMP.
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