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  1. For a while there was small packet losses going on, and now it just ramped up into full lag attack - probably ddos. Think the entire world server may be down.
  2. Social 1 went down - and for a while hasn't been spinning up a second district either once the first one got full. Looks like the entire world server may be down too.
  3. Districts aren't spun up like that. Additional districts are spun up when a previous district is full or almost full. So if a silver financial district is full, the game will notice this, THEN open up another silver financial district.
  4. You'd likely have to contact support.
  5. I was working on a symbol, noticed packet loss was happening, saved.... thought it saved. Server died, come back, and my symbol I started was gone...
  6. Social is full and it's not spinning up another!
  7. Died again. (also this is on Jericho btw, in case Lixil looks here)
  8. Every single district of all threats isn't spinning up extras once they get full. Not sure if this has been noticed or not. But yeah. Only 1 silver financial, 1 baylan, etc.
  9. Hi everyone! Welcome to the brand new 2D artists thread on these forums! The purpose of this thread is to share art created by you, to share with other artists in the community and such! The content of the artwork can be anything (APB related or not), as long as it follows the forum rules! Any medium is definitely welcome! Whether it's digital, traditional, etc. Just as long as it's a 2D drawing done by you! Post your works, works in progress, projects, etc. Most importantly, skill does not matter. It doesn't matter how good/bad you are at drawing. Post it anyways! We're here to have fun and help expand a nice community of artists. Follow forum rules and code of conduct. Be respectful of other artists. Please do not talk bad of any art that you don't like. Just simply don't make a comment if you don't like what someone drew. There is a big difference between constructive criticism and just straight up calling someone's art bad, deformed, etc. Any negative comments will be reported. Posting other people's artwork and claiming it as your own is a big no no. Non-artists can participate in the thread too. Just make sure you're on topic! Tips and tutorials are always welcome.
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