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  1. Ahhhh looking so forward to this. Can't wait to be in it with all my friendos!
  2. Ah yes let's bring back the anticheat that was banning literally anyone, even those that weren't cheating. 10/10 idea
  3. Sadira

    Discussion about Necrova

    If I remember correctly, Innova did not have any of the HVR changes that G1 had done before LO took over. Not sure if it's been changed since LO's takeover though, or what. Edit: Wasn't there Armas explosives as well?
  4. When a bronze district player dethreater gets mad at golds being in silver....
  5. Sadira

    Waterfront Contacts

  6. Pretty sure they already said that it is not possible to connect PC accounts to console and vice versa.
  7. Sadira

    Servers are down?

    There was a wee bit of lag for a couple of minutes in Jericho last night while I was in Baylan.
  8. Sadira

    Random Banning??

    OH NO NOT AGAIN srsly tho he's probably up to his same usual old antics and is probably trying to hide it, smh.
  9. Afraid that's not the case. KTTC owner here and do not have any of the Halloween symbols. Nothing in the mail either. No rush on this, of course.
  10. Sadira

    what if pt3

    Only if the nails touch.
  11. Sadira

    what if pt3

    Wish I could touch my toes.
  12. Could just put it in a separate tab like I do.
  13. Sadira

    Theme Creators

    schlepstein, vintmint, esgobar, boofu, prayers, swindle, arwo, pogo a lot of names mentioned by other people here are amazing as well