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  1. Sadira

    The New Engine and G1

    The engine upgrade is on console, so....... yeah. And they stated in the blog that it was mostly done, just needed some tuning and such. They said that they're hoping to have it done by the end of the year, but things can happen along the way. Edit: G1 had also posted a video of their progress of the engine upgrade a while back as well. Forgot about that.
  2. It says those suckers are 50% off too..... So that means they are 31 bucks normally. FOR TWO CHICKEN WINGS. WUT.
  3. Sadira

    Hardware IP bans!?!?!?!

    Sure, but it's very easy to spoof them.
  4. I was just looking at one of your old videos a couple days ago, haha Little Orbit has taken over APB a couple months back, Gamersfirst is still the distributing platform. Some significant stuff has been done, which include: FairFight unbans, new anticheat, trading system, new netcode to combat the DDoSing, Han merged with NA, some weapon balance changes (some which aren't final), new gun, and they're hoping to have the engine upgrade 3.5 released by the end of the year (but things can happen along the way, so not guaranteed), and they have a separate team working on implementing the game to Unreal 4 (long term project). I'm prolly missing some other stuff but it's 6am right now so I can't think anymore. More info on their (now old) blog here if you feel like reading a bunch at some point!
  5. Yeah, they stated it a couple of times that when mitigation is on, it increases the latency. The price for trying to reduce the much more harsh effects of the DDoSing itself.
  6. Storms are given short, distinctive names to avoid confusion and streamline communications. It'd be confusing to be trying to tell people about a hurricane based on its longitude and latitude, etc.
  7. he laughs? IMPOSSIBLE
  8. Sadira

    2D Artists Thread

    God I love your freaky style so much. Hope to see more in the future!
  9. Damnit, wish this was on Jericho.
  10. welcome han people ....all 5 of you