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  1. I like this. A lot. A shame I wasn't able to retain my character's pink eye color, but I'm ok with this too. (And yes, she's supposed to be Asian)
  2. This didn't stop cheaters from cheating during RTW.
  3. only if i get red arrow too
  4. For the first time in like forever, I just may start doing missions again.
  5. That's usually what happens when you disconnect from the game improperly. The game thinks you're still logged in. Just give it like 15-20 min and it'll reset itself. Nothing to worry about.
  6. You want more AFKers in your missions? Because that's how you get more AFKers in your missions.
  7. Welcome! I would've said by now to give me Snowparo like I've told all the previous CMs but... technically we did get Snowparo, so you are safe from my Snowparo wrath!
  8. Sadira

    PS4 Financial Down

    I've been connecting to Financial just fine for a while and seen others in there plenty of times in the times I've checked in the past month.
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