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  1. How long do we have to play the waiting game 5 more year hooray That's good
  2. The block button doesn't work on apb on Xbox and Yukon is broke gun on xbox
  3. They just hit all the district but financial with the last 2 day of Halloween event console alway in the dark
  4. Pc has to get they upgrade before Xbox and ps4 can get upgrade 5 year later
  5. Is there anyway y'all could put Halloween items on armas marketplace they continue to hit server nobody can get they Halloween stuff if its getting hit
  6. They hit Xbox server while Halloween event on
  7. There are people who boot the server offline
  8. When is console getting a major update this year or next year or year after that?
  9. They just took every district off again and Only waterfront work now
  10. they just knock financial and social district and fight club Baylan Shipping Storage doesnt not work
  11. Why wasnt animal suit and chicken mask on console this Easter event? lol I know I am late
  12. On console it's ntec not atac they use ntec more then atac
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