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  1. Its still a ongoing thing? I've been gone for almost 2.5 years, they really need to get some protection going.
  2. Been like that since the game came out in 2016 for the xbox. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. Its like that for PC as well, if you want the achievements you got to wait till they fix it or just be satisfied with the counterpart of those achievements ingame
  3. Skerza


    I hit my girlfriend today.. wow I feel like crap. I guess im gonna get picked up by the cops tomorrow, so I figured I would tell you guys what happened. We were having an argument and she went too far. She made a comment along the lines of "your loser father couldn't keep a relationship together and you can't either!". When I was around 11, my parents got divorced and fought for custody. My dad wanted me and my brother because he genuinely loved us. My mom wanted us just to spite my dad. She won, and my dad kinda lost it over the decades. This was too far for me. I had never, EVER hit a girl before, but it happened so fast I didn't even know I did it. Basically, I cocked my fist back, and flew it straight into her nose. I thought it would be like the movies where she would get a little trickle of blood. It wasn't. Her nose EXPLODED. I think I must of broken a bunch of cartilege or something because blood shot out of both her nostrils, got all over me, got all over the floor. She staggered backwards, hit her head hard enough on the wall to leave a dent, and slumped down. We were both stunned for about 10 seconds before she started crying hysterically and ran into my room and locked the door. So I went to wash my hands, and while I was in the bathroom I heard her run out of the house and take off in her car. That was about 5 hours ago so I guess she didn't go the cops or anything. So later I went home and broke down in tears.. My mom came in the room and when she heard about the story she got scared and said your moving with your auntie and uncle in bel air. I whistled for a cab and when it came near the license plate said fresh and had a dice in the mirror. If anything I could say that this cab was rare but I thought now forget it, yo home to bel-air! I pulled up to a house about seven or eight and I yelled to the cabby yo, home smell you later! Looked at my kingdom I was finally there to settle my throne as the prince of bel-air! Show less
  4. Just to clarify this in the future if someone writes about it. This happens time to time it can be either repetitive DDOS or something entirely but it fixes itself sooner or later, you cant really do anything till then.
  5. Skerza

    Contacts for Console

    Sadly that would ruin the game, playing one map tends to be boring. The population is low at the moment so you might think that but hopefully the game can re gain that pop later with upgrades. Removing contacts like that would break many things in my opinion like lore, and placing of the contacts.
  6. I agree that lighting is bad but that'll be fixed in the future. The N-Tec is fine as it is on console but changes are in the work but that'll come in the future till we are on the same build as PC. Also the whole thing of shooting through walls are most likely the enemy hitting your Hitbox which is a skill many like myself utilize. Cars bugging out can't be helped since its activated so stop doing what you doing I agree that the ogre is a problem due to the frame issues the game has and the frames the gun causes to lose to a client but at the same time, t ain't that big of an issue just stop playing like an idiot with due respect and learn tactics. The gun will be "fix" in the future on the console version. Scamming is an issue that cant be solved easily and I know the pain of others when scammed but that is easily avoidable since there are trusted MM on APB. I can't name them but they are there and they have made a reputation so contact them and also call out in chat. Yes, he does lol also commas!
  7. I don't know if this is true but i heard that the console and PC servers were connected, so if one goes down it would happen to the other. SO technically if some DDoS one side one will go down, vice versa. Someone might be on either side, it needs to be investigated asap
  8. This is a bug that has been reported as back as 2017 and even 2016 I think. The way to fix this is either keep resetting the game or buy a character slot, load in and back out. This will reset the character selection. It's honestly a hassle to do this but there's no choice.
  9. I understand the thing they were going for but it looks so outta place LOL the boxes dont match with the smoothness of the area also i agree they should move it to the many rooms that are opened. Who knows they should probably use those as a area for new social contacts
  10. I would love to see the MG42 in this game im a sucker for world war guns but i think most importantly the more weapon variety that apb needs. We have a lot of weapons and we need some new ones not reskins actual new ones the showstopper was cool idea even though the noise sounded like the 'Thumper' . Also NEW SOUNDS! should be made but its cool to have some new reskins here and there. It would be nice to see in the future a vast arsenal of weapons that you can use and everyone is not using the same thing( the meta but lets me honest there's always that one gun) I personally would want to see a glock 17 or 18c in the secondary tab, i know it would sound like a yukon but lets be honest in my opinion it wasnt that big of a deal and also i aint saying it should be as fast as a pre nerfed yukon but fast that it doesn't stutter like a nf9 or the pdw secondarys
  11. I was thinking if this would hurt the game, like little orbits income, but it shouldn't i think (read the ending how it can). I would love for this to be in the game i have extra weapons i don't use but i know some who used them and love it. Makes me think if people are out there can love a gun that i hate and couldn't give it to them due to the restriction of it being a ARMAS Weapon. It could hurt the income due to the fact if you give someone a gun they can just keep using instead of them spending money trying to see what weapon is right for them. anime is wonderful
  12. Hiya my names skerza and recently a GM was in social around April first. A week later me and a few of people i know but haven't talked in a while hit me up and said they were banned. I felt bad but that was all till i log in and happen to find myself banned as well. Only thing i could think was this one instance where my friend told me people were reporting me in social to the GM with many others, after i got off to do HW. The GM said to PM him if theres anyone who "they want to look into" i think or something to do with ban but anyways i shrugged it off since i've done nothing and still haven't i was gone for a week and when i came back on the 7th everything was working fine. I got no email regarding why i was banned/ the length of time no communication and still nothing from my tickets. #90903 and #92075 are two tickets are the ones that need to be looked at thank you for reading
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