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  1. I dont know about you but NA is honestly toxic, i salute to everyone making their efforts to play this at harsh times like these. WE shall prevail like always lol
  2. Thats a interesting Idea cause sometimes i run low on cash for one character
  3. There must've been a post about this but what if joker tickets were tradeable? i think it would be interesting but i would like to also transfer my tickets from character to character or help a friend with some to say get a firebomb from the joker distribution store. What do you guys think? Should they or not?
  4. Anarchy event would be nice if any event, especially over here on console since we cant get anything new since we require the new build
  5. I have almost all the weapons in the game and I only use a select few so I was wondering if classes cause solve my issue of going through loads of weapons just to choose a set I rock with
  6. Regarding a topic that i saw about having weapons as favorites to have them appear at the top of the list i was thinking why not have classes that you can make and choose during missions or before missions? This would make going through weapons less of a hassle and make it easier overall if you want to combat another play style quick and easy. Having classes wouldn't make it into a arcade type of game like cod or battlefield in my opinion and loose the whole switch your weapon on the go but for someone like me who switches weapons that has a good weapon set up for example joker Tas 20 with joker 'fang' it would save me from scrolling down but i also like to switch it up with a act 44 that's where the old system would still be useful You can make this a contact unlockable item like the car, theme, outfit space/slots you get from leveling tier 5 contacts up. You can start with 1 then have up to 4 or something around that. Anyways What do you guys think? i don't know if this was mention before, must have but been overlooked or is in the sea of suggestions
  7. Skerza


    The comparing system they have on xbox for stats is kind of bugged. I know this was posted before but i just wanted it to be known again, when comparing with friends it only shows a certain character stats for example kills but for playtime its okay. Also the achievements are also bugged by focusing on one character and some are unobtainable even if you do the requirement
  8. i asked for christmas discounts and i got 9 dislikes on the post feels bad man
  9. Skerza


    Okay so i just want to put this here cause its a really bad problem, the servers are so bad and im surprised no ones complainging on the forums or on the xbox- Bugs and Tech issues. Most likely cause people dont even have a way to get on here but besidhe that the servers are really bad i dont know if a hotfix can be put or something but the lag really kills the mood.
  10. Yeah i don't think ill be able to get it back but i will try my hardest cause if the game worked then we wouldn't have to go throught the ticket system for that type of problem
  11. calm down like matt said before we get ANYTHING we have to wait for the build to pass (update of the SDKS and etc) once that passes theres no doubt that we'll get the content that pc has. We need that build to pass to have new content added, he wants to make sure the game is optimized while they add new stuff unlike g1 where they add stuff no matter the effect( lag and bugs) to the current build we had, hes trying to make the game stable before content. also its common courtesy to have the pc and console at the same page with content down the line
  12. I honestly love the idea cause you can waste $5 instead of $10 to pay for premium( i forgot they add a new premium policy but for console they still don't have it ) and also i know people who stay in social for hours and hours customizing and associating with others instead of playing cause they enjoy it. Also this option is more clean/efficient cause they can save money as well.
  13. So being on the console version of this game for many years( since launch of it back in june 2016 ) the community is out of control with billboards calling people pedophiles and putting explicit pictures of people ,haming them, and the toxic behavior cause we know LO doesn't have reach ( we honestly believe) or interferes with the console side. I was thinking can we have any GM's to monitor? I think you said something in the past or it was probably the last company but they said theres more of us than you but compared to PC its a fraction. I was thinking can you hire ingame players to watch over and put strict rules so they dont abuse their authority? of course they would consult with what they do and etc. i think i may not be sure but something like this was on the PC side and it didn't go well or im just thinking all together but yeah heres the suggestion
  14. Is there a chance we can have a counterpart of this on the console versions?
  15. So i heard how people lose weapons from their mailbox's but didn't want to believe cause it never happened to me or my friends till 1 month ago it happened. i lost my new legendary weapon that i traded with a friend. It was the Jersy Devil part of the EL3 series ( i think that's is what the series is called but its JMB 17) and i used it for a day till it disappeared the next day when i got on to use it in another character. The mailbox is safe in my opinion but after this who knows if the mailbox might do it to me again . I looked around all my 6 characters and nothing, i looked for hours literally, i put in a ticket with proof i had it and that was a month ago here's my new ticket and old (old then new) #85242 and #86670 more info in the ticket leading up to the event. Has anyone have this happen to you?
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