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  1. I understand the thing they were going for but it looks so outta place LOL the boxes dont match with the smoothness of the area also i agree they should move it to the many rooms that are opened. Who knows they should probably use those as a area for new social contacts
  2. Skerza

    MG42 as a SHAW reskin

    I would love to see the MG42 in this game im a sucker for world war guns but i think most importantly the more weapon variety that apb needs. We have a lot of weapons and we need some new ones not reskins actual new ones the showstopper was cool idea even though the noise sounded like the 'Thumper' . Also NEW SOUNDS! should be made but its cool to have some new reskins here and there. It would be nice to see in the future a vast arsenal of weapons that you can use and everyone is not using the same thing( the meta but lets me honest there's always that one gun) I personally would want to see a glock 17 or 18c in the secondary tab, i know it would sound like a yukon but lets be honest in my opinion it wasnt that big of a deal and also i aint saying it should be as fast as a pre nerfed yukon but fast that it doesn't stutter like a nf9 or the pdw secondarys
  3. Hiya my names kuroe some know me by skerza and recently a GM was in social around April first. A week later me and a few of people i know but haven't talked in a while hit me up and said they were banned. I felt bad but that was all till i log in and happen to find myself banned as well. Only thing i could think was this one instance where my friend told me people were reporting me in social to the GM with many others, after i got off to do HW. The GM said to PM him if theres anyone who "they want to look into" i think or something to do with ban but anyways i shrugged it off since i've done nothing and still haven't i was gone for a week and when i came back on the 7th everything was working fine. I got no email regarding why i was banned/ the length of time no communication and still nothing from my tickets. #90903 and #92075 are two tickets are the ones that need to be looked at thank you for reading The gm is Mistmane and the GT of the account is GMMistmane
  4. Skerza


    The comparing system they have on xbox for stats is kind of bugged. I know this was posted before but i just wanted it to be known again, when comparing with friends it only shows a certain character stats for example kills but for playtime its okay. Also the achievements are also bugged by focusing on one character and some are unobtainable even if you do the requirement
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