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  1. Which makes me doubt that there is a particular player or group of players intentionally “lagging the servers” or what not if it’s happening on both Console and PC. Nonetheless it’s definitely a huge issue with the game at the moment
  2. So for about a few months and going both Console and PC APB have been receiving a wave of DDos attacks which pretty much render the game extremely laggy and unplayable. It’s become a daily thing here on console where at times you can’t even play the game normally for 10 minutes without the “wave” we call it of lag spikes, rubber banding, teleporting etc occurring, this usually last around 5-15 minutes at maximum and repeatedly occurs throughout the day. Name & Shame removed. - Mina_ Making this post more so to bring awareness to an ongoing issue with console APB , Possibly have the Console GM Team look into this and hopefully rectify this situation as quickly as possible if in fact it’s player/players causing this. ~Thanks Pachi
  3. Pachi

    Content Expansion

    Eventually after all of the priority updates/upgrades (engine work etc.) Id love to see some new Fight Club Maps/Game Modes. Things like Domination, CTF(Capture The Flag) hell even Search and Destroy would be pretty fun to experience on APB . Potentially even a District dedicated to FFA(Free For All) pretty much discarding both the Enforcer and Criminal factions every player for their self , may the fittest survive!
  4. I believe this has to do with your Home Xbox account. If you’re under a child account the game may be restricted for play due to its Mature rating. You’d need to either have whom ever’s adult account log in via Xbox.com and update the accounts privacy setting or login to the adult account if in the case it’s a second account on your Xbox and update the settings. Here is a link that may give you a bit more information and possibly help you resolve this problem you’re having. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4026796/microsoft-account-change-childs-xbox-privacy-online-safety-settings
  5. Seems to be back up and working fine, just logged off after running a few missions
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