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  1. If you guys get the chance at any point can you fix the game chat on Xbox? I believe that it's not working on PS4 as well the games dead on both consoles because of that I know this isn't supposed to be in the Social part of this forum but this might be the only way you guys actually see the post, Games getting like 20-40 players max a week on Xbox because of this issue literally no one to play at all.
  2. Xbox game chat has been off for almost a week now because someone ddos'd the servers can you guys look into it and fix it because the game has like 20 players over here now because it doesn't work right now.
  3. Will this stop "DDOS Attacks" in general or no? Because Console suffers from DDOS attacks almost every week.
  4. Thanks guys, much appreciated
  5. Are any of the devs, aware that console players specifically (Xbox) is getting login errors since yesterday afternoon? We getting something like "Account login has failed could not reach authentication server error code 10054" Could you guys look into this matter whenever you can?
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