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  1. Lmao how is friendly fire a "balance" mechanic?!?
  2. Ok so today I was yet again trying to just play the game and I end up getting triple team killed by my so called teamates. After the they continued to shoot up my car and at me, I called them out on being team killers, then they began making fun of my combat skill, like we actually played against one another? Like where is the logic here?? Why is team shooting even a thing? Like grow up kids... It's pathetic that a guy like me can't just enjoy a game anymore without these new age kids ruining my gaming experience.. also I know the gamer tags of the individuals whom team kill me for no reason. Wether you're jelous or bored dosent undermine a reason to shoot teamates.. either play the game or go else where but please STOP ruining other players gaming experiences with your team killing triple stack...
  3. I'm not understanding why I can't choose my Character? The select tab is dark and all it tells me is my rank. Says I have 0 money jokey tickets and under an hour of playtime? What the heck does this mean? I keep restarting the game and my system but it's been like this for hours now...
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