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  1. Snappy

    Some of the districts are down

    Districts still offline
  2. Now it's a HS1 Ursus :D
  3. Thankfully it's just an error on the banner.
  4. What if while ads'ing: Remove RS as toggle shoulder swap (ONLY while aiming) and instead have: LS = Swap to left side/lean left RS = Swap to right side/lean right
  5. Snappy

    Ear damaging sounds...

    Speaking of ear raping sounds ingame... I'm just gonna leave this here..
  6. Snappy

    ARMAS Bug

    As of now on Xbox, you can only buy the "Shredder SB R&D III" and the VAS-C2 'Trouble Maker' for 30 days. There are no options for 3 Days, Character Lifetime, or Account Lifetime.
  7. Snappy

    The All Mighty Blowtorch

    The Fast and the Incarcerated should just be removed as a mission.
  8. Snappy

    Breakwater Marina *XBOX ONE*

    Just a heads up, social is down again as of June 19th.
  9. Snappy

    Tinfoil Hat gone?

    I've only seen one person with it since, and they had it equipped, so I assume anyone who kept it equipped still has it.
  10. Snappy

    Detect THIS, battleye.

    I doubt anyone with a jailbroken PS4 even cares to mod APB. GTA V modding on PS4 is where it's at.
  11. Snappy

    Bugs / Issues

    One bypass I've found for the "character slots not loading" is to press enter on a USB keyboard while highlighting the character slot you wanna load.
  12. Snappy

    Bugs / Issues

    Sending guns/items in the mail may result in them being lost forever. Really big issue I don't see on this list.
  13. Snappy

    So ugh..

    In the end she was slayed