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  1. I don't think it's coming back
  2. Ah nice. Testing this game out on the XBSX yields much better performance than XB1/XB1X. It's not perfect, but next gen consoles should play the game fine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zy_AZIvzcVA
  3. Is there any update on when the console may get a new update/status of any updates? I understand the PC update will come first, but it'd be a little reassuring to know about any console specific changes/future updates.
  4. Any news on console patches? I thought some were submitted weeks ago.
  5. Several districts are disconnecting again, just a heads up.
  6. Thanks, both are back up now.
  7. Unfortunately the servers seem to be doing the same thing (Social, and Financial both disconnect).
  8. Not a single person on Xbox was given premium..
  9. It seems like a small console update is already ready, are there any plans to submit it to Microsoft anytime soon?
  10. I always have a friend help me transfer legends because this bs. Lost like 10 firework launchers at one point because of this glitch, but support wouldn't give them back.
  11. Is the sale for all platforms? Edit: Would it be possible to add loyalty rewards to console too?
  12. Snappy

    Bugs / Issues

    Here's another one: there is no fog light category for the Charge Raptor SRX.
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