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  1. My comment on the misspelled word was not intended to be used as an insult, more of an observation. I don't have anything to go by except the code snippet you gave (Mainly because based on your Forum rating, you don't visit here often). I'm just telling you that it makes the whole thing seem more sketchy. I'm am well aware threat is a number, and I also assumed that if this was real you would have to convert it to the corresponding color value, which is why I gave you the benefit of the doubt and didn't call you out for having the color values rather then the numerical values for threat. That was a suggestion for useful additions, not an attack on your program. You must understand the moment someone says "Type your username and password into my fancy new program, it's the best" people become skeptical, justifiably so.
  2. Yeah, this seems (Based only on your description, to be fair) like it's going to be triggering all kinds of issues with the Anti-Cheat. I'm not really that Interested in typing my info into a third party program, expecially if the only part of the program I'm allowed to see is some fairly arbitrary variable declarations with mispelled comments. Also, I don't really see the point of being able to view this, unless there was some more useful functionality. For example, you have the threat listed here as simply the color, whereas from what I understand the game assigns a number to this value which would be far more useful.
  3. Based on the comments made here and your description of what happened, I think that they were more then justified to ban you. You seem like a toxic, uneducated individual who can't possibly be bringing anything of value to this game. Regardless of what you do in your life, I wish you luck.
  4. Honestly, I think that there are people who never want this game to get popular.
  5. They stated that they are being DDOSed and are on mitigation. Whether or not this is still the case is unclear, but considering you guys are still having issues leads me to believe that it is still occuring.
  6. This doesn't sound like a bug, sounds like a hardware issue. Have you unplugged all your input devices?
  7. This isn't a problem. It's intentional. From what I understand you used to be able to crash other people's games by sending them a metric shitton of PMs In a very short amount of time. I think they fixed it by adding a Spamfilter. I think it's a good thing, I hate when people spam in district or yell.
  8. I made a costume for this, but I'm not sure if it fits the guidelines. I'm using different saturations and brightnesses to make colors that are technically orange, purple, and yellow, but look more like brown, pink, and tan. Is that allowed? For example: I select orange, set the saturation down bit, and decrease the brightness, I got brown. Is this still considered orange because I did not change the hue? I think the color restrictions made this event unnecessarily complicated.
  9. Macros are impossible to tell at this point because people have the cyclic rates of these guns down at this point, and none of the guns are hard to shoot at full speed. To add onto that, the mousewheel shooting method still exists, so some people use that. Wallhacks are also difficult to tell, because of this game's third person camera system. You can't always see the people who see you, and you also can't always be seen by people you see. Either way, the only real way to tell is playing the game for a while and getting a feel for the limits of the game. Also, I've been playing this game for many years at this point and I can honestly say that while people may feel sketchy to you after you die, you can usually figure out what happened after you have a second or two to cool down.
  10. StunStick

    Scheduled district days?

    Maybe there should be a less strict version of this. Instead of: "You can only play on X district on Y day" It should be: "You get Z times standing on X district on Y day" Like Monday could be double/triple standing in Financial Tuesday can be double/triple standing in Waterfront. Because there are an odd number of days, this will make each week the opposite of the previous so you get the bonus you want when you have time at the very least every other week. Then Fightclubs can have one "Double JT" district every week.
  11. StunStick

    Remote Detonator Question

    Oh damn, really? Now the Firebomb's cool down makes even less sense. Thanks for the answer!
  12. Well, why don't you read some of the post around here buddy? LO has already: Added Battleye Implemented A trading system Updated the Joker store Reduced the Armas Prices Added an auto renewal system for Premium Balanced weapons (Good/Bad) Fixed a few bugs Added a weapon renewal system in your inventory Added 2 new weapons and released a few previously unobtainable weapons Increased Communications/transparency Increased weekly update quality Increased FPS limit Improved server performance (IMO) Improved Hitreg (IMO) Just off the top of my head.
  13. For people who are not too lazy to read: TL:DR: So anyway, my question: How long is the Remote Detonator cooldown? Edit: I feel like I need to qualify this, I don't mind the remote detonator, I'm just curious.
  14. StunStick

    Nice WORK Support

    Created August 3, 2018 03:00 October 11,2018 STATUS (OPEN) Calm down buddy.
  15. The Jersey devil is great. It just takes a bit of getting used to. At hugging distance it's basically a sure win if you can aim, at a few meters you just have to burst/tap it and you'll be fine. Honestly, a lot of the legendary secondaries are underrated IMO (The OSCP is a great example, no one uses it but it's actually very good, from what this thread is saying, the BM is pretty good as well, haven't used it myself.) The issue is that everyone wants guns to be as easy as the Nano. They're not, and that's a good thing.