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  1. HuntressChiara - Jericho It took me way longer then I would have wanted to post these turns out this game is not easy to get running on steam deck when your computer is down.
  2. Do you want a picture? I usually range between 1-30ish
  3. I didn’t measure because it was working fine. I would say it was definitely under 100ms. Didn’t feel any lag, no worse hitreg then usual. I usually play at 1ms on NA when in NA, so it couldn’t have been that crazy high ping if I didn’t really notice.
  4. A good point of reference: I had an internship in Germany a few years ago where I stayed for 3 months. I played APB during my time in Germany on the NA server. I genuinely didn’t notice a difference. I wouldn’t worry about it much.
  5. Nah I’m serious, I genuinely didn’t notice any issues, and Germany isn’t exactly known for its high quality internet infrastructure.
  6. Do you play on Jericho or Citadel? I came back a week ago and I haven't seen a single cheater and I've played every day since the 64 bit update. If anything, the game and forums are entrenched with people who aren't good at the game, but aren't self aware enough to realize it.
  7. Man I was having the worst time in mission districts yesterday. Every single teammate was starting the round, bitching that the opponent was cheating, pre-quitting by just running away or going AFK, then yelling “don’t feed the cheaters”. So what should have been 4 players vs 3 was now just me vs 3. They weren’t even cheating. You know how I know? They missed, they weren’t using macro-able weapons, they didn’t know where I was at all times. Suprise Suprise, if I snuck up on them and played defensively I was able to kill them a few times. They were still way better then me, but it’s easier to say someone else is cheating then it is to just admit “I’m not as good as they are”. I genuinely haven’t seen a legit cheater since I started playing again. Not one. It’s all in your head my dude.
  8. Nah, it won’t be that bad I don’t think. I was able to play on the NA servers when I was living in Germany without lag so it should be fine
  9. Ah, that’s a bummer. Now that you mention it, I do remember the challenges requiring a lot of manual intervention from Gamersfirst to give out the prizes because they didn’t work very well, that’s a good point.
  10. If you think they're going to give out 500jt or 50k daily, you're on something pretty crazy, and i want some too.
  11. Nah, they already have a system for it or at least they did. I can't remember when this was though. I remember everyone being pissed because one of the challenges was literally kill X teammates. I think that literally just re-using the joker box pool and giving everyone who completes a simple challenge a free pull at a joker box would be decent. You can get permanent cars and weapons that way along with stuff like 30 day trials of guns. Seems like a good way to re-use old features.
  12. I can’t tell if you’re a troll or not, you’ve committed to the bit so well for so long, It’s impressive. It’s nice to see you guys focusing on making the new player experience better, along with some QOL stuff for returning players. If I could make a suggestion, why not add daily challenges/log-in rewards? A system like that could go a long way to keep the returning players and make the new player experience a bit better by providing free items. I suggest you use the existing JMB rewards as randomized prizes for logging in. The opportunity to get free permanent weapons and cars along with short rentals of some Armas weapons or JT packs could be helpful to keep players engaged in the game and returning daily. I think remember a daily challenge system was implemented a while ago, I think that it was infamous because one of the daily challenges was “kill 10 teammates” or something, which was a terrible idea, but aside from that, having the same challenge for every player for rewards would be fun.
  13. The title of this post is literally "unreal engine 5 APB concept" and in the post I quoted, OP said he's trying to recreate APB to show little orbit that people will take action. Sounds like admission of trying to make a game with the IP (that he doesn't own) to me. Just like how you can't legally make a Pokémon game without permission even if everything is new. Merged. What OP has shown (at least from what I can see) is essentially all art, but I see your point.
  14. Don't take this the wrong way, but you're not capable of making APB in any reasonable amount of time. So far you've taken 3 weeks to make something that would take most 3D artists 20 minutes to make. Since APB took a bunch of talented people 5 years to make, if you stay at your current rate, you'll be done in 7,000+ years. Even if you speed up, the moment you get anywhere close to release the IP holder of APB can just sue you and force you to close down. Doesn't sound worth it to me.
  15. You don't generally need to fix normals if you modelled correctly in the first place. Also, structures like this are very easy to UV unwrap and model. Organic shapes like people are where that gets hard. And why would you need to optimize meshes this simple, you shouldn't need millions of polygons to make this
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