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  1. The title of this post is literally "unreal engine 5 APB concept" and in the post I quoted, OP said he's trying to recreate APB to show little orbit that people will take action. Sounds like admission of trying to make a game with the IP (that he doesn't own) to me. Just like how you can't legally make a Pokémon game without permission even if everything is new.
  2. Don't take this the wrong way, but you're not capable of making APB in any reasonable amount of time. So far you've taken 3 weeks to make something that would take most 3D artists 20 minutes to make. Since APB took a bunch of talented people 5 years to make, if you stay at your current rate, you'll be done in 7,000+ years. Even if you speed up, the moment you get anywhere close to release the IP holder of APB can just sue you and force you to close down. Doesn't sound worth it to me.
  3. You don't generally need to fix normals if you modelled correctly in the first place. Also, structures like this are very easy to UV unwrap and model. Organic shapes like people are where that gets hard. And why would you need to optimize meshes this simple, you shouldn't need millions of polygons to make this
  4. Oh wow, it's almost like that's the point.
  5. Its people like you that make me wish they never removed the downvote button.
  6. They are going to make district phasing with the engine upgrade so matchmaking is going to take from one pool of players anyway. There's no point to merge the servers at all.
  7. Don't worry, you don't sound crazy... You just sound dumb.
  8. This is why they shouldn’t have removed downvotes.
  9. I can say with 99.99999% certainty that this will not get you banned. 2 reasons for that: First: There’s no way to detect if you’re using this or not. It basically creates a website only you can use that is not connected to the internet in any way. They can’t ban you for using a website. Second: It doesn’t give you any unfair advantage. It literally just shows you how to arrange notes on piano roll.
  10. Did you really make an account just for this?
  11. Ok, but they're still trying to help you, no need to be rude. Additional question: what are the specs on your computer? I looked at the FPS quotes and most of the computers were quite beefy and most people shouldn't expect FPS that high.
  12. How about "Thank you for explaining my problem"? Sounds like a reasonable response. In response to the rest of your reply, I think you're greatly misunderstanding the point of the beta test yesterday. The purpose of the test yesterday was to STRESS TEST. They can't do that with 20-30 people. This is an important step before release.
  13. I'm enjoying just playing. I played... 4 games? I got 2 titles and 150 joker tickets. Not bad considering it was pretty fun and quick. Sometimes you only get JT as rewards and they're directly added. No need to go to mail box. I got rewards for every match and I never placed top 5 to my knowledge.
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