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  1. I agree I think we should have polls upon login. I think that polls are a good place to start for decision making for Devs. But If say, 90% of the player base is against something, maybe it's not such a good idea. (Just an example. Not saying this is the case here.)
  2. I disagree. Knowledge is very important. If LO had an official poll, where everyone who plays the game was required to answer, it would be much easier to understand the player base's opinion on things. Just assume for a second (As you mentioned, it's not a very good representation of the entire player base, but just pretend for now) that my poll is exactly spot-on to the actual desires of the player base. Wouldn't it help LO understand that the player base doesn't want RIOT? They could spend their time and money more efficiently. 65% of the player base would be happier without it. Imagine that they conducted a poll before RIOT was even developed. Imagine that they conducted a poll before EVERY development decision. I personally think that the game would be a lot better for the players if they just asked us what we want instead of just assuming.
  3. I can't really force people to vote. Notice how I'm very careful to say "Of Voters" for every statistic? If you want a more accurate statistic please feel free to have your friends vote.
  4. Since the poll hasn't had any new participants for a few days, I've decided to re-run the analysis I ran before, and here are the new numbers: 22.86% of voters like RIOT and think that LO should continue its development. 7.14% of voters like RIOT, and think that LO development should stop. 12.86% of voters dislike RIOT, and think that LO should continue its development. 57.14% of voters dislike RIOT, and think that LO should not continue its development
  5. as of this post, I've developed some statistics, because I was curious. 17.07% of voters like RIOT and think that LO should continue its development. 9.76% of voters like RIOT and think that LO development should stop. 17.07% of voters dislike RIOT and think that LO should continue its development. 56.10% of voters dislike RIOT and think that LO should not continue its development. I find it interesting that almost 10% like RIOT, but still don't want it to continue being developed.
  6. I've always felt the best course of action is to just use their plans for RIOT to make fight club more rewarding and compelling. Maybe make a single "Fight Club" that switches off between Asylum, Beacon, and Baylan.
  7. Hello everyone. Since LO is continuing to update RIOT, I figured it might be insightful to understand everyone's opinion on RIOT as a whole now that, as a game mode, it's settled down quite a bit. I won't be posting my opinion, as that may influence future responses to the poll. Thank you for your time if you comment or respond to the poll. Edit: Some interesting Statistics, If interested (Updated: 7/15/2019):
  8. They don't manually ban people. They ban based on statistics (Probably) and processes running on your computer. If your not hacking, you're (Probably) safe.
  9. You know what would be a good idea? Why don't you make RIOT a potential mode that can occur in Asylum, replacing the VIP mode that everyone hates. Then just make the "RIOT Pass" the "FC Pass" instead. Expecially considering it seems like you don't want to give up on this mode no one asked for. Even if you change it, I still think it was a waste of your time. I'd also like to point out that your statistics are clearly skewed to make it seem like RIOT is more popular then it is, and even in doing that FC is still more popular. You didn't take into account the "Shiny New Car Effect" if something is new, it's always more popular.
  10. It's complete garbage. All of the polls in threads I've seen show something like <25% approval rate. That means that around 75% of players hate it. You should have spent that time fleshing out fight club or working on the engine upgrade. Don't continue with it, it's not worth the time or money. It will kill this game.
  11. They should have spent the time they spent on RIOT on fight club instead. If they remove fight club and replace it with riot I don't think I'm going to play this game anymore. It's the place to play if you want a casual experience and don't want to go full try hard.
  12. P2W complaints are going to happen regardless because people are stupid.
  13. Don't add nonsense to Fight Club. Adding weapon drops has been requested in the past but it doesn't work well in this game.
  14. Well, first you have to set up this program. To do that, you need to open up your copy of notepad (Comes with windows) and paste the code I gave you in the spoiler. Then you save as APBPianoCalculator.HTML and then double click the file you just created. it will open in your default browser. Then, you find/make a song you like in virtual piano, then export the plaintext from that song into this program, and it will map out the keys for you. then you just have to copy the notes over to the theme editor.
  15. I'm really not sure where to start here. Please take note that this is MY OPINION. You don't have to agree with me. Riot. What a waste of time. I genuinely have no idea why you spent any man hours on this mode. It's literally just a crappy BR ripoff that doesn't add anything of value to an oversaturated and dying genre of games. RIOT doesn't even play to this game's strengths at all, in fact, it makes this game's shortcomings even more obvious. The mode takes ages to start, so you have to wait 3-4 minutes to play a game that may last 5 minutes, and then the majority of those 5 minutes are spent running around. Then, when you eventually die, you get to respawn.... miles away from the safe area, so you can't make it back anyway. Why don't I jump in a car? Oh wait, I can't, there aren't any cars in this game mode. Oh, I maybe I can have fun with the weapons I've collected through countless hours of gameplay? Oh wait, I can't use my own weapons unless I pay the same money I need to respawn. Maybe they made the map better to handle the new game mode? Nope, they added all these pointless barriers that make getting to the safe zone EVEN SLOWER. Maybe I can jump over them? NOPE too high. Maybe I can find something to boost me up so I can get over them quickly. NOPE, nothing at all. Well, maybe they made the map smaller to increase the likelihood that players can interact with one another. Nope. it's still massive. Who thought this was a good idea? Who greenlit this? What a disappointment, I am very disappointed. I wish you guys had just improved Fight Club instead of adding this nonsense to the game. Some ideas: Make it so that on respawn your hazmat suit lasts until you make it to a safe zone. OR Let us climb into civilian cars so we can get to the safe zone in a reasonable amount of time. OR Make it so that you cannot spawn so far away from the safe zone that you cannot reach it before dying. REMOVE THOSE BARRIERS. OR Use them to make the map smaller. Shorten the time before the game starts, rounds should start VERY quickly.
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