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  1. That pretty much defeats the point of the legendary weapons which is that they are obtainable in-game without spending real money.
  2. Tax evasion for selling ingame items rofl. You got an imagination bud. You're making a bigger deal out of it than it needs to be. Calm down and take some zoloft bro. You don't need to try so hard. Yeah, just go ahead and take the least important point of my comment and dissect that point only despite the fact I already stated it was unlikely. Why don't you read the rest?
  3. Are you really trying to compare Jaywalking with Tax Fraud/Tax Evasion/Theft? Come on man, I know you're not THAT stupid. I never said I like JMBs, I really don't. I'm not advocating for JMBs because I disagree with RMT, they are completely separate issues. I just don't agree with commiting a crime or ruining a new players perception of a dying game for $5.00. Your acting like this is a victimless crime when it's not. I'm also not saying this because "I got scammed" My stance on scamming is well known on the forums, and I have never been scammed. If you get scammed for in-game currency that's one thing but scamming for real money is an actual crime, and as I mentioned earlier, LO could probably get in trouble in such a case. I never said that the lack of weapons to buy is the reason that RMT is a problem. There are plenty of legendaries to go around. The problem is that most of the people SELLING legendary weapons only want real money, which really ruins part of the game. The legendarys are meant to be alternatives to buying things on armas. You get a decent gun for in-game currency, which is good for the game because it provides a high ticket item to spend time working for, and more importantly, spend your in-game currency on. In a game like APB where there are very few money sinks, this is a very good thing to have to keep the in-game currency valuable. You can also look at it like this: If you sell Legendary weapons for real money you are literally doing the same thing that G1 did with the armas marketplace: Keeping content behind a pay-wall for your own profit. Except in G1s case, they do it in order to keep the game running whereas your doing it because you're a greedy prick.
  4. StunStick

    APB Theme Assistant/Automator

    Another Quick update: Fixed an issue where "<html>" displayed at the top of the page. Fixed an issue where the program will not run if the song is too short for the specified tempo. Now the "Empty space" will be filled with no notes instead of simply not generating anything. Enabled the ability to display songs with a large number of notes by enabling a scrollbar.
  5. This rule is in place because RMT is dangerous. LO can't control people's currency, and there are no logs for the purchase. It can also get LO in real legal trouble, because a LITERAL theft can be performed using their service. Also, I'd like to point out that this type of trading can also bring legal troubles to both parties involved in the trade as well. If you earn a substantial amount of money trading items for real currency, and don't pay the applicable taxes or tarrifs, this is a major crime as well. In addition to this, there are also laws that could be broken if your selling legendaries to minors, as some countries restrict the sale of certain things to minors over the internet. Disregarding the legal issues, this type of trading is also not good for the wellbeing of the game. The two people involved may be happy, but everyone else will not be if they aren't also willing to give people real money, because they won't be able to find a trade/ingame-sale anymore. So LO isn't the one being greedy or pathetic, YOU are the one being greedy and pathetic. Let me ask you this: Someone who is willing to break the law or negatively effect people's experiences for money Someone who doesn't want to get sued and wants to protect people who use their product Which one of those sounds more like greed to you?
  6. StunStick

    3 Days for next trade

    There's already a thread about this iirc. The response was something along the lines of "It is a complex method to prevent abuse of the trading system, and will be continually tweaked"
  7. When did I ever say anything about tarrifs? I agree that they should be there.
  8. Are people here really defending the craphats that are ruining the legendary market, and making it difficult to purchase legendary weapons? The people doing this are also trying to redefine "Trustworthiness" by saying it's "How much you spent on armas", something that doesn't affect them because they sell their guns for money, meaning they spent OTHER people's money on armas stuff. They should really start taking action against these people, they are part of the issue that makes this game inaccessible to newer players. [Player 1]: "Can I buy that legendary weapon?" [Craphats]: "Paypal?" [Player 1]: "No. APB$" [Craphats]: *Says price that is around 20% over market value*
  9. StunStick

    APB Theme Assistant/Automator

    Another Update: I added the ability to add/remove notes and create a new song "Code" on the fly. Basically, you can edit the points, play them back in virtualpiano to see how it sounds. I hope to add tones and autoplay in the future to reduce the amount of copy-pasting to/from virtualpiano. Update on the MIDI file reading: I don't think I will be able to do this without making the program very difficult to understand/read, and I would also have to get into adding libraries to my code, something I'd like to avoid. If I find a better way to do this, I will add another update.
  10. StunStick

    inventory space dupes

    *Their response*
  11. StunStick

    'Anubis' broken since the last patch.

    it already got a firerate buff with the latest rework. it's TTK is 1.47 now, which is pretty good for a sniper. (oblivion is on 1.42, barely a difference, and scout is on 1.75) Its not good for a sniper that can't be used at sniper range because it's bloom doesn't recover quickly enough to hit accurately. It's also not good for a sniper that can't be fired at maximum rate of fire without excessive bloom. It's effective range is basically AR range where NTEC completely destroys it. Also, it's affected by the same sprint block that the HVR has so that when you shoot you can't sprint for a second or two, meaning you can't take potshots with it without exposing yourself excessively. And I would argue the crosshair still needs work. It's definitely not done being buffed. Right now you literally can't get rid of an Anubis because no one wants it.
  12. StunStick

    APB Theme Assistant/Automator

    Just an update on this: I've looked into it and I think I've found a way that my program can accept .midi files. This means that technically any song can be turned into an APB format. I'm still working on implementing this feature, but it is theoretically posible, and people have been able to read MIDI files through HTML. However, if anyone is interested, I could definitely use some help.
  13. StunStick

    APB Theme Assistant/Automator

    I specifically made this so that anyone could create it themselves so that I don't have to distribute a file. Unfortunately I don't think that HTML is up for converting sheet music, which is unfortunate. Ill try to release an update later today that fits the APB system better, I just need to add new keys that don't do anything and are purely visual to make up for the extra keys that APB has that the virtual piano does not.
  14. StunStick

    APB Theme Assistant/Automator

    Yeah, I get that impression sometimes... Maybe it's just wishful thinking that if they had the ability to make a better theme they would.
  15. StunStick

    APB Theme Assistant/Automator

    Hey guys, I updated the code to add a place keeping function. Tell me if you find this easier, or if it just clutters the interface (It's supposed to be easy to use after all!)