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  1. Ok, but they're still trying to help you, no need to be rude. Additional question: what are the specs on your computer? I looked at the FPS quotes and most of the computers were quite beefy and most people shouldn't expect FPS that high.
  2. How about "Thank you for explaining my problem"? Sounds like a reasonable response. In response to the rest of your reply, I think you're greatly misunderstanding the point of the beta test yesterday. The purpose of the test yesterday was to STRESS TEST. They can't do that with 20-30 people. This is an important step before release.
  3. I'm enjoying just playing. I played... 4 games? I got 2 titles and 150 joker tickets. Not bad considering it was pretty fun and quick. Sometimes you only get JT as rewards and they're directly added. No need to go to mail box. I got rewards for every match and I never placed top 5 to my knowledge.
  4. I love this event. It's really fun. I heard a lot of other people complaining about the frame rate, but I had around 60-70fps (Still lower then usual I suppose) The issue with sound is definitely a thing, but it really doesn't detract from the game too much tbh.
  5. Name: Chiara.... Scott? Backstory: Chiara was one of the original engineers behind some of the character mods everyone knows and loves. Her Modifications started to become "Too scary" and "Hard to install" and "Could potentially kill people". She decided that she wasn't going to be stifled by some corporation, and went out on her own making character mods. She currently wearing her newly developed Upper-Body-Exoskeletal-Reinforcement AKA U.B.E.R mod. It decreases all weapon recoil to 0, removes all fall damage, and increases health by 2000%. The downsides? IT WON'T COME OFF! In addition, she's wearing her Shoulder-Held-Infirmary-Tool AKA S.H.I ......oh... better change that one... It will automatically heal the user after every hit. Side effects include morphine addiction, tetanus, and hallucinations. Oh, and it turns your hair purple. She's also wearing her Wrist-Aim-Support-Technology-Enhancer aka "W.A.S.T.E" This device allows the user to fire even DMR-AV one-handed. Does not increase accuracy. side effects include worse accuracy due to lack of support.
  6. Man one thing that they should definitely implement is the ability to replace textures client side. Something I noticed about the beta stream was that the textures are still NOT up to par. There seems to be an issue with specular maps on character models (Should be an easy fix) there are UV issues (Should be an easy fix) and there are some super amateurish textures in places. (See the windows in Asylum, see the 'Asylum' archway text) That being said, I think they shouldn't be focusing on things like that. Just focus on getting the engine out and just keep the textures replaceable when it's released. I've said it once, I'll say it again, we have some REALLY talented players in this game when it come to digital art. LO would be foolish to waste a free asset like that.
  7. This. Another good one is to watch out for people selling multiple different weapons in /y. 90% of the time they will overcharge you if you're buying and not offer full value if you're selling. ALWAYS use the actual trade interface!
  8. If you guys were going to make a preset we have SOOOO many talented players who make rediculously good outfits, why not make a competition so we can get some really decent outfits for cheap? Not saying these are bad, they're just not my taste, I just know I've seen better from players.
  9. They do put work into the game... Particularly more important things. That's like complaining that the doctor fixed your broken leg before giving you breast implants.
  10. In terms of higher polygon count, it really wouldn't help too much because to get that level of detail it's a bit excessive for a game like this. Most of those small (and even some big) features can be baked into the normal map. I would love a higher texture resolution. That would actually improve the normal maps as well, so it would be killing 2 birds with one stone.
  11. I don't like the weapon changes. I personally think that instead of bringing the RFP down to the level of the other weapons, why don't you buff the Act and the RSA? I think that right now both weapons feel really clunky. As for the shotguns, I don't really use them often, so no comment there. Also, the Anubis could use an update.
  12. I agree I think we should have polls upon login. I think that polls are a good place to start for decision making for Devs. But If say, 90% of the player base is against something, maybe it's not such a good idea. (Just an example. Not saying this is the case here.)
  13. I disagree. Knowledge is very important. If LO had an official poll, where everyone who plays the game was required to answer, it would be much easier to understand the player base's opinion on things. Just assume for a second (As you mentioned, it's not a very good representation of the entire player base, but just pretend for now) that my poll is exactly spot-on to the actual desires of the player base. Wouldn't it help LO understand that the player base doesn't want RIOT? They could spend their time and money more efficiently. 65% of the player base would be happier without it. Imagine that they conducted a poll before RIOT was even developed. Imagine that they conducted a poll before EVERY development decision. I personally think that the game would be a lot better for the players if they just asked us what we want instead of just assuming.
  14. I can't really force people to vote. Notice how I'm very careful to say "Of Voters" for every statistic? If you want a more accurate statistic please feel free to have your friends vote.
  15. Since the poll hasn't had any new participants for a few days, I've decided to re-run the analysis I ran before, and here are the new numbers: 22.86% of voters like RIOT and think that LO should continue its development. 7.14% of voters like RIOT, and think that LO development should stop. 12.86% of voters dislike RIOT, and think that LO should continue its development. 57.14% of voters dislike RIOT, and think that LO should not continue its development
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