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  1. it's always the same 1/2 people who LIVE on this forum and hourly scan its shadowy alleys in the hope of grasping the slightest glimpse of a post where they can settle and "uhm, actually " every totally valid, reasonable post and argue on every point made. the guy said this game is dead cuz its been neglected for ages. are you ready to grow the f up at your modest age of 40 and stop trolling on an internet forum? are you going to oppose what i just said with big boy words or just settle on some cheap a** cool 1337 comeback? my guy you need to discover the outside. also, it's funny to me how the "theyre not cheating, theyre just better" line always comes from the most clearly silverpilled individuals. guess yall tryna compensate. to declare this game has NO cheaters whatsoever is pure troll behaviour. sure theres silvers hackusating left and right, that doesnt mean "no cheaters in apb lol" https://imgur.com/a/Ot2KJLq
  2. title its getting kinda hard to keep track of every cheater alt maybe he forgot while he was copy pasting files from "32bit" folder to "64bit" folder for the past 5 years also btw ban every silver and below
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