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  1. Nothing has changed. They are still using macro + aimbot. It is actually worse now, as they know the anticheat can't stop them, so there are more people than ever on using them. See ya in a few years.
  2. The main problem, even noted as top priority in your 2023 roadmap, is to take care of the cheats. Of course, that has been told to us for a decade, but anyways. So with your top priority, do you take care of the cheats??? No. You nerf the secondary weapon cheaters use a lot, nerfing it for everyone. Now they just use the macro + aimbot on the starter pistol instead. Over a decade, and this is what we get. I have been trying to get a bunch of my friends to come back after years away since the 64 bit update, telling them y'all say it's different this time. Of course, you just do the same exact things you have always done. Well, see you in a few years I guess. The last few weeks were as frustrating and not fun as always.
  3. The cheats fixed yet, or is it still macro + aimbot ftw?
  4. I hope soon, as it is extremely frustrating and not fun.
  5. Yep, macro + aimbot, still #1 in apb. Nothing has changed after all these years.
  6. Well, just read the roadmap. #1 priority is cheats. Maybe I will reinstall. I hope this is really true.
  7. I have over 1200 hours on steam, and at least that much before apb went to steam. I just didn't join this forum until 2020. There are even aimbot cheats that miss evey once in a while to make it look like you are not using a bot. If any of you are actually noy apologist trolls, simply search for apc cheats and you will see. Anyways, keep the apologist power strong.
  8. That would be wonderful. Hopefully will be soon.
  9. No hacking, they are not that smart, just using cheats. Has been since the start of the game, and why people that come back every few years to check it out leave again. Oh well.
  10. It means only 200 people play the game anymore, max. I wish it was thousands, but after a decade and nothing has changed, here we are...
  11. Players have been asking for you, Little Orbit, Gamers First, etc, to stop the cheats for over a decade. Instead you give update 1.3 that has done nothing. Cheats still abound. You add where you can rent mods with Joker tickets, to attract new players, but a rank 9 can shoot faster with the starte pistol then you can with an automatic rifle, and they don't miss. Cheats still there. I could make a billion examples for the last decade, and the one thing that is bottom priority should be top. 200 players max, for the majority of the decade, because you will not put stopping the cheats at the top. You see the extremely negative effect it has on your players base, so why will you not address this and take care of it?
  12. Ten years old, same two maps. New map somewhere on the horizon? Regardless of what people say, that is really what will be required to have people come back for more than a few days.
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