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  1. thats because the game is just cheaters and cheater defenders. these people aren't exactly smart people, they think that making your resolution smaller makes your gun more accurate.
  2. they literally don't have a development team, but yes 1v1s shouldn't exist. 2v2s and 3v3s aren't a problem though.
  3. why would they ban cheaters, they literally had a whole stream q&a where the CEO matt scott explained that he doesn't like banning cheaters. if they cared to ban cheaters they would make me a super GM and i would have banned the vast majority of cheaters by now, and they would give up playing pretty quickly. instead they just punish us for exposing cheaters. and they put cheater defenders in their SPCT programs and tournaments.
  4. actually LO didn't make it.
  5. APB is a clown show, whats the point of even playing if you just gonna get banned for stupid reasons when your legit, while they purposefully let cheaters still play...
  6. all the pro players quit the game already. it is too laggy and too many cheaters to play competitively. the only "pro" players remaining are just cheaters and cheater defenders. you are crazy if you think this game is playable, its just who can exploit desync vehicle bugs better than the enemy wins. and then who has the better cheats. Merged. they did do a tournament for APB but it was just all cheaters and hosted by cheater defenders LOL. Merged. yikes
  7. he doesn't have a personal account and there is no "development team".
  8. the game sucks anyway its just laggy and cheaters everywhere. zero interesting updates since <2016.
  9. its an OPEN WORLD PVP GAME. there shouldn't be threat in the first place. all it should be is a cosmetic to show that you are good, it shouldn't affect matchmaking. the entire point of APB is constantly having unfair matches, thats what the backup button is for to get more people on your side. and when you press backup it might then make it unfair for the other side, because you might end up with more people. hilarious that you think they are doing anything to make the game better. name literally one thing they did to make apb better. ONE THING in how many years? go ahead and try. "the only diff is there are more cheaters now" LMAO, yeah that is kind of the entire point. hey bro im sure LO will fix the game though, better spend more of your money on armas. Merged. the dev and GM doesn't play either. the only people who have ever played APB are the volunteer SPCT who are mostly friends with cheaters and pretend that there arent cheaters to defend them. Merged. dev implies they are developing anything, which they aren't. just using old code to continually troll you into believing they are developing anything. or do you actually think that LO was responsible for the "engine upgrade" and "new car"?
  10. bro the only reason they ever update is because they want more armas sales. not because they care about the game. they literally unbanned all the cheaters and let them play live on stream everyday, its a joke game now.
  11. match making shouldn't exist. the game isn't supposed to be fair. if anything it should be made way way more unfair. but this is pointless to discuss or change, because the game is fulled with cheaters and is too laggy to even be fun to play.
  12. they did do some dumb change that made the 1st pellet deal more damage than the 2nd, and so on. which makes zero sense and just defeats the point of shotguns.
  13. wait til you find out that America seceded from the UK in armed rebellion. source: read a book, watch a movie, get out from under ur rock Merged. valentines event also offends asexual ppl Merged. also stabba are offensive to african americans Merged. he sold the IP to china so he just rakes in armas sales and then spends it to fund his crappy crypto games
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