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  1. Matt scott the cheater defender and all his cronies and internet janitors in the world cannot save APB.
  2. why so you can tell them to make their cheats less obvious?
  3. yeah just remove the rest of them honestly. they already removed the shield one which was basically the only interesting one. the others are just health hacks and speed hacks or some shit. oh actually satchel charge one is good. so really just delete medspray and delete the speed injection one. bring back shield one, and keep satchel charge too. add some other actual items, not silly ones like speed hacks/instant health regen.
  4. yeah they broke APB back in 2018 or something, it was fine before they broke it.
  5. yeah but it is actually their official logic, they said in the Q&A that banning will result in losing players so they don't like to ban people
  6. yes bros just remove all JT and replace every with cash. no reason to create additional currencies. creating more and more currencies just annoys the player, its bad enough that we have G1C but its a free2play game so we can let that slide. but JT? nah that is cringe, delete JT and replace with cash money.
  7. nah dawg. repair torch is perfectly balanced, the issue with cars is (of the top of my head, i haven't played for months) 1. cars with stupidly high max hp in combination with steel plating 3 2. cars with stupidly large explosive radius in combination with explosives 3 and remote detonator 3. pioneer has same/similar top speed/acceleration as the jericho and the vegas cars (and for crims cars same problem) 4. you can glitch with exiting a car while its moving/drifting and you desync so that the enemy can't tell where you are 5. you can exit cars while moving at top speed and then instantly kill someone with your gun (also exiting the car is too fast, so people with high burn fuel can wait till their car is almost going to explode and then just hop out) 6. you can enter cars super fast so its very hard to kill people before they just hop in their car MAKE THOSE ANIMATIONS WAAAAY LONGER. NERF THOSE NOOB CARS. EZ, GAME FIXED. and the issue with grenades is 1. there is no issue with grenades specifically, the issue is with health regen. when you spam grenades the enemy's health regen is constantly cancelled so they just die eventually because they have no chance to regen health. so basically there should be a change with health regen and make it so grenades need to do ATLEAST 10% hp damage for it to cancel health regen, otherwise u just get brushed by the very very edge of a grenade explosion and ur health regen stops. health regen shouldn't stop just because you are tickled. or like make the edge of the explosion do less damage or whatever. THANK ME LATER, HOPE LITTLE O IMPLEMENTS ALL OF THESE CHANGES AND REVERTS THE OLD CHANGES! GAME WLL BE 9999x BETTER! NP, I DO IT ALL FOR FREE.
  8. i can always start playing APB again if you need to test if the anticheat bans legit players, after all i am the best apb player of all time but before i play APB again I would need the servers to work, preferably not lag like crazy and have reasonable ping also please make me GM so i can ban noob cheaters
  9. LO spends alot of time banning griefers but doesn't care at all about blatant hackers. very strange.
  10. imagine being offended by a japanese symbol. jesus christ you are snowflakes.
  11. DMR is 3 shot kill at close range... have you ever used the gun before? and wtf is non-sense about enforcer and crim players lmao. confused if people on forum even playing the same game as me sometimes.
  12. are you seriously trying to say using the shield to crash cars is not fun? sounds like ur silver by the rest of your post, imagine not being able to counter grenade spam lmao. wait till you find out that the OPGL exists. wouldn't be surprised if all you do is sit in social and are a dethreater too.
  13. use apb advanced launcher and play on fullscreen windowed https://media.gamersfirst.com/gamersmedia/apb/Advanced_APB_Launcher.zip
  14. FakeBungo


    this is happening to others and we don't know how to fix it. if LO doesn't address it then we will be waiting until the engine upgrade which is probably 1-3 years away.
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