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  1. that would be a massive undertaking, especially considering they have no developers or anybody who knows the game inside and out (let alone is good at it/knows game design too). i misread, i thought it was referring to removing the dropoff entirely. WTF is 'curves', some new addition? basically anything they add is just a meme. adding escalation without making ANY balancing adjustments is hilarious
  2. did u expect different, matt scott literally runs crypto rug pulls rofl
  3. the game is held hostage it has not improved for a decade, only gotten worse. more hackers than ever now.
  4. wow guys another genius idea to unban the cheaters
  5. they love cheaters
  6. don't worry they unban all the cheaters so now you can fight 10 cheaters
  7. instead of pretending you have any idea how to implement matchmaking, hand over the game to me and i will fix it for you
  8. they don't have any developers, just some troll mods that ban people for no reason.
  9. the entire point of APB is that its an open world game, having a lobby system or teleporting players across the map is the dumbest thing ive ever heard. unfortunately LO do not have any devs so they are just gonna release more broken cars to armas to get some money from the remaining cheaters who play the game. Merged. car flipping is also hilarious idea, learn to drive
  10. what makes you think they have a single dev? do you honestly think someone is working on apb 8 hours a day for half a decade, and still has not even fixed the most basic of bugs?
  11. wow more pointless updates. so 20v20, what exactly is the point of 20v20 is that so you can fight 20 hackers at once instead of 4 hackers? interesting idea
  12. probably because half the district is doing gun game so you can't get any missions LOL dead game
  13. bro they don't even have any developer, how are they going to fix anything? if you want them to fix the game, ask them to sell it to an actual developer.
  14. running minigames for the remaining cheaters who still play this game, wow so cool.
  15. if you believe a word that comes out of LO's mouth you are gullible
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