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  1. game has been downhill since 2016. LO will never fix it considering they openly support cheaters and have no clue what the game is about.
  2. this game has been broken for 6+ years good luck
  3. I would appoint myself as CEO and lead game director so that the game can be not a pile of sh1t for the first time in years
  4. No thats called you are a weak player and get owned by superior players. LO is morally bankrupt and ruined the game by supporting cheaters and harassing legit players with their powertripping GMs and put hackers in charge of the SPCT/community 'moderators'. The game has been dead since 2016 because the servers went to shit and never seemed to ever get fixed, causing constant lag spikes ever since. And they made a bunch of non-sensical balance changes.
  5. Little Orbit is an incompetent company. I'm sorry to all APB fans but the game will be dead forever so long as LO is here. LO is literally selling NFT/Bitcoin scam games now. LO even banned people in APB for the crime of ramming into people with a dump truck.
  6. I am the best apb player of all time, if anybody is casual here its you. Health regen has always been stupidly broken in combination with dumb guns like HVR that put you out of combat for 20+ seconds and grenade spam that only has to tickle you to cancel your health regen entirely.
  7. FakeBungo

    Apb rework

    this game is dead forever so long as LO owns it
  8. Yeah health regen is a major balance issue but everytime LO touches this game it gets worse so better it stays the way it is.
  9. apb has been dead since like 2016 or earlier, don't think its gonna change anytime soon.
  10. NFTs/crypto is a scam/money laundering, kinda lame that APB is associated to that
  11. kevlar is used in some situations. the only thing that needs changing is health regeneration, because the gameplay is too focused around health regen. but LO needs to fix servers and cheaters before doing any balancing because the game is a complete waste of time if you die 50% of the time to lag and 50% of the time to aimbotters.
  12. most the changes little orbit made were pointless and ignored the actual problems. this is what happens when you have developers who don't play the game, and take advice from silvers and cheaters who don't know what they are talking about.
  13. APB 2 will be much worse than the first APB if Little Orbit continues to support cheaters and promote cheaters to SPCT. And GMs kicking/banning people for driving dump trucks around the map was pathetic too. Let me know if you need any more free advice.
  14. Matt scott the cheater defender and all his cronies and internet janitors in the world cannot save APB.
  15. why so you can tell them to make their cheats less obvious?
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