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  1. FakeBungo

    fight club

    its called pay2win: reloaded for a reason
  2. this + dethreaters is the main reason i dont bother trying to win missions anymore
  3. seems like they only make changes that streamers or spct tell them to make, LO has no idea about apb
  4. could also make a bunch of simple weapon balance changes to spice the game up. but no its just car gameplay and a select few guns which are laser beams and ttk under 1 second.
  5. but the car has mods when its spawned
  6. FakeBungo

    nerf pmg

    die in 0.7 seconds at 30 metres to a brazilian who isnt even aiming, very cool also buff carbine because its way too inaccurate but oscar is a laser beam nerf euryale its just a overpowered shaw reduce HVR damage from 850 down to 700, the changes made to "noscoping" damage were pretty pointless and also impossible for new players to intuitively understand why they are not doing damage Merged. revert shotgun changes, its overcomplicated and doesnt address any issues, instead it just made the nfas useless
  7. weird bug didnt have it before, i can type in chat but can only see the chat if i press the home key
  8. FakeBungo

    Nerf the .45 Pistol

    yeah nerf the .45 pistol one of the only guns with a high skill ceiling because it requires landing 71.4% of shots in a magazine to get ONE kill. no need to nerf the PMG, pmg is very underpowered, can we buff pmg. pmg should be 4 shot kill.
  9. this happening to me kicked severals times for no reason
  10. LO is too busy unbanning cheaters to help you
  11. put epicgoat and film as GMs
  12. everytime i have trialed the oscar i can never get it to be high firerate... whereas with a carbine i can easily spam it. maybe just takes more practice idk
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