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  1. sad that you put known cheaters into a "tournament" for a dying game instead of rallying the community to do something useful
  2. make the people who want to play the game into moderators, not the people who want to moderate people (ie people with furry avatars)
  3. all useless changes and shows the developers dont play the game, the issue with hvr isnt quickswitching its the fact it puts you out of combat for 20 seconds just for showing 1 pixel of your hitbox
  4. you can literally stand still and it does full damage the change doesnt affect cqb whatsoever unless your testers are bronze threat players which they are
  5. spct in a nutshell: https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=concern troll
  6. thats more or less what he said in the first kemp Q&A
  7. A closet isn't somebody we don't know is cheating... a closet is someone who pretends they aren't. But we know basically every closet in APB, Matt has literally stated they don't want to ban people because apparently thats toxic somehow...
  8. "APB has rarely ever had an issue with blatant cheating" LMAOOOOOO is SPCT job to just lie on LO's behalf? i am #1
  9. ok definitely don't rely on apb playerbase to do polls. they are very dumb
  10. car spawner has already been nerfed by the recent changes to pioneer, 4x4, espacio health. the problem was the cars wouldnt die easily and required several concs to clear a team's car spawners
  11. yeah the cheaters are all playing on r255 accounts with over $200 spent on armas, because LO refuses to ban them even though its obvious who they are
  12. biggest problem is the game is totally unplayable due to lag, hackers you can avoid if you just quit to desktop. that is if you know who is cheating.
  13. there are literally zero cheaters in apb nobody has ever cheated and they are just ex-cheaters but never actually cheated they got false banned by tiggs 20 times even though there is footage of them aimbotting on stream and they continue to aimbot on stream today but dont get banned because they are just legit and they no longer cheat, they simply learned how to aim after requiring aimbot for years and so basically they aimbotted so much that now their legit aim looks like an aimbot but you are just a silver bronze noob if you think anybody cheats and even if there was a single cheater in apb we shouldnt ever want them banned because then we would have slightly fewer players even though more people would play if there weren't cheaters playing. how can u even think they are cheating they just have 20 thousand hours game time and practice on aim trainer for 2 hours everyday if they were cheating why would they go through so much effort to hide their cheats like that is totally wacky to think that cheaters would lie about themselves cheating so therefore everybody who is an excheater or you think is cheating is actually not and you are just bad and need to get good
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