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  1. they will make changes democratically either by the community as a whole, or whatever their SPCT say to do. which is the worst possible way to operate. it should be done systematically to create guns that serve a purpose, not meaningless ideas like "this gun got a lot of kills lately, lets reduce its accuracy by 5%". the best examples of LO's horrible weapon balance are probably the HVR change that meant damage = size of your reticle, and the shotgun change that meant 1st pellet to hit a target does more damage than the last pellet in the spread... two ideas that are not only bad ideas but also the solutions make zero sense at all and are entirely unintuitive.
  2. zero point to randomly changing variables that you don't understand. especially SPCT who are silver/cheaters or LO who don't even play the game.
  3. LO also needs to remove guns from the game, its too toxic and griefing me while im trying to roleplay as a civilian.
  4. they made the repair torch totally useless just because some people have been doing "car gameplay". the only issue with car gameplay has always been how stupidly tanky pioneer and similar cars are, while still having insane acceleration, top speed and awesome handling. those cars are the problem and not the repair torch. i really hate to see LO just whack the game with a hammer and call it "balance" because they have zero clue what they are doing to the core gameplay when they think they fix one problem it ruins alot of other things. blowtorch was perfectly fine because it meant you lost your resupply.
  5. so make taking cover entirely useless and encourage people to get killed because 1 pixel of their hitbox was showing to the enemy. no thanks, you should play the game more to understand the gun mechanics. for example: guns that aren't "perfectly accurate 100% of the time" require you to actually aim at the centre of the enemy, so that even if the shot spreads then it will hit them anyway. this is how apb works and its the alternative to having headshots, arm/leg shots, chest/torso shots. and in my view it works a million times better because games like csgo are super boring when you get sprayed on by a noob enemy and they get a lucky headshot by spraying and your dead super fast...
  6. jericho have zero gold players how can it be made worse?
  7. please revert changes made to weapons and repair torch because it ruined alot of unique setups and strats Merged. and revert grenade resupply nerf please
  8. today financial west has higher ping than the other day... odd.
  9. i have looked at most configs available and mixed them together to make a decent quality but also 100 consistent fps config. all my lag now is just cos of the game or server. also seems like Jericho Financial West is way better connection than Jericho Waterfront West, or that might have just been a coincidence. and Asylum fightclub i think is generally decent connection too.
  10. yep literally just changing random weapon statistics. rip apb weapon balance.
  11. see a guy go 14-2 in fightclub that ive never heard of. look him up on bans, oh look he got banned in 2016 for cheating. LO literally just gave hackers a free account to cheat on all over again.
  12. put me vs 5 silvers and it will be EZ mode but only if you let me play without lag, freezes, rubberbanding, poor hitreg, fps drops, and maybe in 2030 i can play with 1ms ping if they ever expand the server locations.
  13. FAR was seemingly a garbage gun to begin with, did they try to buff it? its one of those stupid guns you can only get on Armas so not many people bother to try it.
  14. reasons apb pop is shit 1. cheaters, unbanning known blatant cheaters, letting cheaters stream on twitch and upload hack montages and remain unbanned, no anticheat and basically zero in-game moderation, refusal to look at player reports ~"video evidence isn't sufficient" 2. spct, no1 wants player moderator teams because it can easily breed toxicity and looks like favorship. should be anonymous if players are working with LO, or just, you know, do the logical thing, and hire them instead of exploiting peoples' free time and calling it "volunteering" 3. no updates to basically anything that is interesting enough, apart from some JT changes that still require farming a metric ton of JT to buy anything useful. 10k JT for one item/car, bruh. and alot of bad updates like weapon balance, and ruining blowtorch for whatever reason... it was fine, it meant you didn't have resupply... pls revert all your god forsaken "balance" changes. 4. game/server performance incredibly bad. game is freezing every 10-15 minutes for like no reason. packet loss, higher than usual latency/ping, poor hitreg (missing shots for no reason, and shots hitting but not showing hitmarkers), rubberbanding. (and no, its not "my connection" or "my pc". i have almost 1gb/sec download and upload speeds, pc to play at decent fps. the issue is definitely ur server or ur updates that broke something.) 4b. making configs that fix your game illegal. not being able to see grenade smoke is hardly an advantage half the time, its done to fix our FPS not to cheat. if people want to cheat they download aimbot and wallhacks, not hide grenade smoke lmao. half the people using these tryhard configs are cheaters anyway. all your punishing is our FPS. you should make APB advanced launcher settings inside the core game, so noobs don't immediately uninstall when they realise their performance is shit and have no idea why. but make sure they don't buy into non-sense that playing in potato graphics or a stupid resolution will automatically make them pro. cheaters use those super low res settings so their cheat works better, because cheats make the game lag. just booted up the game and it froze in just a few minutes...
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