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  1. here are changes they should make - server is super laggy and teleporting all the time - lots of hackers still and they stream on twitch with impunity - people who group with cheaters should also get banned - they made hackers as spct members - lower health on the strongest cars (vegas + pioneer + espacio)
  2. i already did one of those ages ago pretty sure it accomplishes nothing
  3. FakeBungo

    jericho is lagging

    yeah im a pro gamer, is that sufficient?
  4. FakeBungo

    jericho is lagging

    its not my internet at fault Merged. please fix the game i want to play shoot em up: reloaded !!!
  5. FakeBungo

    jericho is lagging

    teleport randomly (me and other players) fps drops packet loss will it be fixed by 2021? thx
  6. what is hard damage mod bring back apb db the new site looks ugly and is not accurate why show stat changes if most people have 5 iq and cant do maths and u didnt even show TTK
  7. im guessing we have to wait till apb 2.0 which will look like trash if it resembles anything like xbone apb the recent server changes have not fixed any lag whatsoever i played briefly and it was probably more laggier i shoot at enemy and then they teleport 5ft away from my crosshair 0/10 would get negative kdr again
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