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  1. I may or may not be looking in the game files. Unpacking alot of items (I was looking for V_A_Taxi materials (Not the diffeuse or nomals)) When i stumbled on this funny easter egg. Anyone know which developer might have put it there?
  2. I know there is an kit for packer ceraso but i cant find it i have checked Armas Store Joker Store Internet (Only gave me what types of packer there are) Mission contacts (Suprise they dont sell kits) Ive been looking for 2 days but cant find it. I know they are here since i have seen an shit ton of a-team vans. Anyone knows please reply! Have an good day!
  3. I had this multible times this week. 1 step one Make sure c drive has atleast 5 gigs step 2. delete something called River turner. step 3. Restart your pc and steam step 4 (if above dont work) reinstall game
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