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  1. its just the car, comes grey and you can customize it
  2. I've seen you spamming this everywhere, can you describe why you need this to be done? I think its not good idea
  3. i see maybe 1 cheater every week and that is very low lol, you guys are delusional. you probably count veteran player as cheater because they are better than you are?
  4. probably was the only option for dead districts
  5. L G G * Lesbian Girl Gamers is clan founded in 2016, mostly inactive but now we are looking for more active players for our team. L G G is looking for unique snowflakes from the beautiful apb community. Are you the lonely wolf (not furry) without clan that we are looking for in our team? Im bad at writing stories so im gonna put requirements below. are you? - +18 - English speaking - +2500hrs - chill guy or girl - online sometimes - above average skilled? Send message to me or Mr. GoldSalvation, here or ingame.
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