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  1. Why didn't you just sold the rights for "APB: Mobile" if Unit Games is only making a mobile version anyway? This way you lost the opportunity to rename the game back to "APB" which would've made much more sense.
  2. +1 to that The game itself defenitely needs that engine upgrade and a general overhaul. But right after that the devs have to give the players some tools like a video editor, private districts for undisturbed filming etc. so that we can to the advertising for them by showing how awesome this game is by creating and sharing videos online. But of course this requires that the players are so satisfied and convinced by this game that they really can identify themselves with it.
  3. Greetings everyone, I'd like to suggest to rename "APB:Reloaded". Not just because we have a new publisher and to get rid of the bad memories with GamersFirst, but also because the actual name isn't "mouth propaganda" friendly. An example from my everyday life: People: Hey, do you play video games? Me: Yes, I do. People: Cool, which games do you play? Me: APB: Reloaded. People: What? ABP..what? Me (louder): APB: RELOADED. People: Never heard of that... An observation I made is that almost all players use to say "Let's play APB" instead of "Let's play APB:Reloaded", which was originally the name of this game. The "Reloaded" is just an unnecessary adjunct and makes the name harder to pronounce. So one suggestion would be to rename the game back to "APB", also to make it more marketable. Another alternative would be to make a survey where everyone can submit suggestions. At the end, we'll vote for the best name. Best regards PLAYLUXE
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