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  1. (Click image to watch the YouTube video) Citizens of San Paro are advised to subscribe so as not to miss any further news.
  2. Honesty It's exhausting seeing this kind of topics over and over again. You kill some time with something else while devs are doing their work. Or you play the game as it is right now. But spreading made up unfounded theories and negative vibes in the community doesn't help anyone. If anyone thinks he/she can do it better then go ahead. Apply at Little Orbit or create your own studio and make up your mind about game development based on real experiences. I would totally understand the devs if they check the forums only once in a while because right now it's the wrong place to get motivation for their work with posts like these. Let the devs either focus on the community or the engine upgrade. Can't have both since they're a small team.
  3. If you're moving to a new house, are you gonna buy new furniture before or after moving? It makes absolute sense to not add new content to the current engine. The more they add now, the longer the upgrade will take because they'd have to move more content to the new one. Since Reloaded Games did basically nothing, Little Orbit had to start from the beginning when they took over in 2018. So count at least 5-7+ years up from 2018 since Covid pandemic slowed down everything the last 2 years. And still will be slowing down progress for at least additional 2 years.
  4. We know it's you Matt. Stop trolling from your fake account and get back working on the engine upgrade
  5. proxie is Matt Scott IRL and trolling the forums for the lulz
  6. Actually it's Matthew Alejandro Scott
  7. Based on the progress that has been made since LO started working on the engine upgrade you should at least count in another 2+ years until we'll see the result.
  8. Yeah but it still covers alot of questions which frequently come up from new players. And it helps them to understand the complexity of the game and thus why the engine upgrade takes so long.
  9. Maybe some DDoS attack going on who knows

    Run out of memory.

    You have to turn down graphics settings or wait for the engine upgrade since APB actually isn't capable of handling todays hardware.
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