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  1. He's busy making videos about the word "disappeared"
  2. Add some cloth simulation first before even thinking about adding new clothes
  3. I must've somehow skipped the DirectX section. Either way it will take alot of time which is why I've asked if it might be easier and faster to integrate RTX Remix as a temporary solution. Because at the moment the game looks very pale without any physical light sources or reflections.
  4. Did I miss any announcement on that? Because applying DX12 to an older game basically requires a new engine as far as I know.
  5. Portal with RTX for example comes with an overlay settings menu specifically for RTX Remix. Everything is adjustable to your preferences like more performance or more image quality. You can also turn it completely on/off. That would be a great solution depending on how much effort the implementation takes.
  6. Well actually...it is a parody. Anything else to contribute to the actual topic in here?
  7. This is a common issue which hasn't been fixed yet as far as I've read on other topics on Steam and here in the forums. You could try to log out, close, restart the game and login back again. For some people this has been working, might wanna give it a try.
  8. APB with significantly better graphics without any engine upgrade? Maybe some of you already heard or even played some all time classics like Portal or Half Life lately which have been remastered with Nvidia's technology RTX Remix. It's a technology which supports games starting with DirectX 8 and newer. This should include APB since it's running on DirectX 9 as far as I've read it in the system requirements. I understand that some of us might not enable it in matches because of it's downsides regarding frame rate. But speaking as a content creator, this might give us a huge quality boost for our content resulting in making the game more appealing to a wider audience. At least until we get a real native overhaul regarding lighting, textures and so on. @MattScott Any thoughts about the practicality of this solution?
  9. Because the launcher doesn’t download new packages until the previous ones have been unpacked. We’re talking about ancient RTW technology here from an era where fast internet wasn’t that common. I think the point of this procedure is to be able to continue the download in case of loosing connection.
  10. It might be aswell their servers rather than the client. Or the fact that updates are installed simultaneously while the download is still running instead of installing after the download is done.
  11. What’s the point of a new car if handling in this game still feels like driving on ice? No ones expecting a Forza like simulation here but at least take GTA 5 for an example. APB vehicles just look and feel like toy cars - no matter how fancy they’re customized.
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