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  1. This is APB Where everything planned well goes wrong and everyone (including me) Keeps complaining about the game from how cancerous the NFAS is to how bad the optimization and servers are...
  2. So will the EU servers be back on friday?
  3. It's been like a month now since the Citadel got moved to New York, as a Citadel player before the servers were moved I was getting 50~60 ms ping, Now I am getting around 300 ms average which is unplayable for me, When will the servers be back to normal state? STOP giving fake promises!
  4. Sorry I didn't take a look at this topic for a while, my PC specs are: i5-4590 16(4x4)GB RAM 1600 MHz Asus Radeon RX 580 4 GB
  5. So today I tried to launch up APB to start playing, but what I have noticed is that the Launcher never finishes checking the game, I tried restarting the Launcher so many times but it didn't help at all, My internet speed is already 12~16 MBPS so my internet is not the problem, what I know is why this is happening, The Launcher always keeps getting stuck at 80% or something, here's a screenshot for my 11th time restarting the launcher to see if it fixes the bug: https://imgur.com/a/MW7Xh2G
  6. Now I guess that APB Servers are now going to get an extended downtime, Again...
  7. There's a problem with the NFAS and orge balancing, You increased the fire rate and reduced damage, that didn't nerf the weapon, it just made it more forgiving, I suggest you either remove NFAS completely from the game or Nerf it completely instead of just trying to make it have a better balancing as that weapon is too OP already...
  8. You made CSG and TAS20 3 Shots to kill.. you Killed the weps man...
  9. Today I was playing APB Reloaded in waterfront 1, what I noticed is: -Bouncy ping, for example bouncing from 80 ms to 140 ms to 640 ms then to 80 ms again -Packet loss, 2.00 to 10.00 -Choppy connection, what I noticed is that every 3 seconds everyone on my screen stop refreshing as if I lost connection for a second or so which makes the game unplayable... Anyone else having these problems? is LO Aware of it by now?
  10. yes, when I typed it it said the following: you are about to redeem 3 days of premium and ugly sweater But then it gave me this after I clicked redeem: there was an error redeeming code, please contact support, so after that I want to check on my account, I found it premium status, so I am sure the code worked...
  11. So I have redeemed the Holiday2019 premium code on my alt account, and when I try designing things on that account, For example at cars, I get the 50 symbols limit instead of 7, but when I go over 7 symbols the vehicle refuses to save, same for clothes when going over 3 symbols, is this fake premium or that game is bugged or what??
  12. no, I didn't pass it, I just found the problem, When I go over the 7 symbols limit it doesn't save even though I am premium, so why is this happening?
  13. So today after the servers came up again I started designing my car, but now after 2 hours of designing when I want to save the car it says the following: "There was a problem saving item" , Please help me, I don't want to lose 2 hours of designing, HELP!! Merged. SOMEONE HELPP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  14. I am a true gold but I am no cheater, for example Ketog, we all know he's a good person+gold threat and never cheated...
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