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  1. No, This is how poor players get f*cked with no chance to even defend themselves, I literally couldn't do anything because they shot 2 rockets at me at once and they didn't witness me so I didn't have a chance to fight back...
  2. For those 2 car surfing OSMAWs you are probably talking about Volvo1965 and Krikkesmets, Right? Also I got first degree brain damage because these people, 2 OSMAWs on a car came to literally take everything, I had only 2k cash and had more than 110k cash stash and I mugged to reach 5 stars and go to laundry and literally they explode the hell out of me while I was 5 stars and just 3 meters away from the money laundry... and till this day I keep wishing they get banned...
  3. Nope I am 17... never was too young to play Mature games...
  4. OOF, RIP English players... So probably I should quit APB for good because of too many russians... right?
  5. And why did the Russian invasion happen suddenly in 15th of august 2019??
  6. The merge was months ago... So why suddenly so many Russians are in citadel now?
  7. So I recently I quit APB for about 6 Days... And then today I launched up the game and... What the hell is going on? First of all I received mails that contain: a free 3 Slots OCA 14 Days lease and a Joker RFP one with silencer and one with mini-scope (both pistols 14 Days lease)... Then when I joined a missions server I found so many Russian people with Russian name-tags and 0 English speaking players... So WTF is happening in citadel today?
  8. Suggest a permanent fix for de-threating here, De-threating is killing APB by making new players quit this game, I once got matched with my all gold team against one T and that T doesn't even know how to call for backup, So suggest your solution for de-threating here, Also Banning de-threaters won't help since 40% of APB Players de-threat already... So 60% of the player-base would be gone, So suggest a solution that makes everyone happy...
  9. Why my post is getting so many dis-likes? I didn't say if you dis-agree dis-like, I said if you agree or dis-agree write it down in comments not React to topic.
  10. No, I am play in citadel, Also with un-playable I mean I get out-aimed by everyone, I sometimes go 0-3-11 when I try my best in silver servers, So what can I do to get a playable experience against there frustrating try-hards?
  11. So now I deserve to be banned for admitting the truth? BTW, It's not my fault dethreating since silver servers are unplayable for me so the only place I can play in are bronze servers so I have no choice but dethreating to enter bronze servers...
  12. Why it will do nothing? Then how to solve the low-end and high-end gold's problem? I often become gold and I find silver servers un-playable, So I am low-end gold, So they should add a new threat makes high-end gold diamond or platinum or so.
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