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  1. can you re-post that but in English? and can you please make the font smaller?
  2. Sorry everyone, when I posted this topic I thought my FPS was 175, turns out my memory is messed up, it was actually 95 FPS!
  3. I am using JG, is it good enough? should I start learning how to use it?
  4. So I am currently living in the middle east (Egypt to be exact) and I am having a ping of 75~100 ms almost all the time in citadel, the bright side though is that I am getting over 95 FPS on my PC, but my monitor is only 60 Hz, so I also suffer from ghosting... My skill level is... it's kinda average, I play in bronze well, but suffer against dethreaters and cheaters, and when I become gold and have to enter silver servers I get screwed by Pros, sometimes it ends up well when my team is being helpful but that rarely happens in APB... So most of the time in silver servers I get like 3 kills 8 deaths... And my Aim is not the best, my aim improves really slowly, I play APB since a while and my aim is still not so good... so for example if I fire 30 shots at a moving enemy 18 out of these 30 shots will actually hit the enemy... So What weapon should I use and practice with full-time to actually become a good player and actually be able to play well? Merged. Will anyone actually give me an advice instead of just disliking the topic?
  5. Because... we are APB Players. APB Made us idiots... like, DUH
  6. Why in APB Only old players stick around, I've found out that most APB players play since 2012~2014 and some of them play since the game's release, What I want to know is why... just why only old players stick around, why do they rather APB and don't move to any other game? and why new players always quit in the first few days or the first weeks?
  7. I am not a silver, well... I actually am right now Temporarly till that bad luck streak goes away, Anyway, This is not how I call a good player, I call a good player a "Pro"... And these n-tec permades never miss a shot which is totally impossible to achieve... So that's a new type of players I guess? the god-like players?
  8. It's not being worried, it's just that feeling... I can't explain it... But you know... that feeling that you get when you are an Old experienced player but still get wrecked and feel like a noob... as if all that time you played was useless...
  9. So today in APB I got matched against a Group of n-tech premades (those premade players with mic who dress in black and use all-black cars and NEVER EVER miss a shot) and I lost... Switched server and got matched with another group of these premade players and lost to them 3 times, then switched server again and this time got matched twice against a group of cheating low ranks... Because of all these losses I became Silver for the first time in a while... And I am feeling so devastated... I lost 7 Matches in a row +no wins today... I managed to get some kills but against these n-tec premades I scored like 3 kills and 11 deaths... None of my friends were online, And I am not in any clan (because all clans are currently either russian or Toxic) I know it's just a game but this is... this is just making me feel like a useless devastated noob even though I play APB Since 2016 with 4000+ hours... Did the same ever happen to you? Can you tell me something that can make me feel at least less devastated? Thanks
  10. This is APB Where everything planned well goes wrong and everyone (including me) Keeps complaining about the game from how cancerous the NFAS is to how bad the optimization and servers are...
  11. So will the EU servers be back on friday?
  12. It's been like a month now since the Citadel got moved to New York, as a Citadel player before the servers were moved I was getting 50~60 ms ping, Now I am getting around 300 ms average which is unplayable for me, When will the servers be back to normal state? STOP giving fake promises!
  13. Sorry I didn't take a look at this topic for a while, my PC specs are: i5-4590 16(4x4)GB RAM 1600 MHz Asus Radeon RX 580 4 GB
  14. So today I tried to launch up APB to start playing, but what I have noticed is that the Launcher never finishes checking the game, I tried restarting the Launcher so many times but it didn't help at all, My internet speed is already 12~16 MBPS so my internet is not the problem, what I know is why this is happening, The Launcher always keeps getting stuck at 80% or something, here's a screenshot for my 11th time restarting the launcher to see if it fixes the bug: https://imgur.com/a/MW7Xh2G
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