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  1. SMH, I didn`t install it on my laptop yet Just wanna know if it will run good before i install it
  2. Good, Now if you know what the problem exactly is, Then go and report it and it will be fixed in the next update.
  3. I bought a new laptop to combine with my PC recently, That laptop specs are: Core i5 4th 4690K, Amd XFX radeon 5450 2 gb. 8 GB ddr3 based ram, Could it run APB on max settings on 1280x1024 res? Edit: GPU is clocked near 1000 MHz, sDDR3
  4. Wish I had that rtx, Also, same problem, My PC specs are Core i9 9990k, 32 GB ram DDR4, Nvidia GTX 1070 ti, 2560x1440 resloution.
  5. Is 70 ms latency ping master-able in APB (Do lower ping players that got my same skill level got more than slight OP advantages against me?) Most people that I play with say that this ping is so bad, It is master-able in almost all games. I moved to Egypt lately, my internet download speak is 2 Mb/s and my upload speed is 200 Kb/s and 4 ms on speed test Egyptian speed testing server. My ping is now always 40~70 ms in all EU servers... If that ping is an issue how can I solve it (as what I said, better internet is not a choice till Egypt is done building the new internet google fiber wires in 2021) sooooo... PLEASE HELP.
  6. I kept getting constant APB:R crashes like 1 month and 14 days ago, And the crashes are still happening, I keep getting crashes for various reasons,(E.G: Asset failed to load/General protection fault/Launcher fatal exception there is no call stack for this problem/The stub has received bad data) problem, Even when I click the Repair button at launcher, It does not fix the problem, WTF, LO (note: This problem started happening like 1 month and 14 days ago, I did not change anything in my PC, also I reinstalled windows and it did not fix the problem)
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