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  1. Was playing mission today, we completed stage 2 on time at last seconds, then when stage 3 started, we had only 2 Minutes to do 4 Raid objectives, which surely made the enemy team win unfairly, anyone noticed that glitch today in citadel?
  2. Mitne? that's you in fight club abington towers, right?
  3. So I buy it or not? final answer please.
  4. I am buying it for JT so... what is cqc? also will that mod that makes aiming better when not in marksman mode make that wep good?
  5. I am buying it for close and medium ranges, I am shit at using medium/far range weps in close ranges, so what mods should i put to it? I see people use it in close ranges.
  6. So, I am looking for me, because my aiming is bad in close ranges, and I found ATAC 424 JT2, For 8K JT, And now I want to know if I should buy it, And if I buy it what are the best Mods for it?
  7. So today I was playing APB, Till I got in a mission alone against 3 Bronze players couldn't call for backup, I had like 27 Kills in this mission, then APB server started becoming choppy so I got the disconnected from server message for seconds then it disappear, But then after 10 Mins I got that message for 60 Seconds and lost connection from server, I have checked my internet, And noticed that the problem is from APB's side, I play on citadel, Why this problem happened without any warning or announcement??
  8. I am that sort of people that don't spend money on micro-transactions, I only spend money digitally to buy games.
  9. So, I play in citadel, I have reached level 4 and almost level 5 with the RIOT outsource manager, then I quit APB for 2 days, then I be back to APB and go ahead to play riot, I wait for about an Hour in the fullest riot server and match still doesn't start, this is unfair, I now can't level up anymore with RIOT outsource manager so can't get the weapon skin, Please tell me what to do.
  10. owa fuck this, I will delete my crim char and make another female crim char tho...
  11. So, 3 Years ago, when I created my char, My choice was a male char, But now I realized it was a big damn mistake to choose male, because Most designers make cool clothes for female chars only, and cool Male clothes requires you to pay too much G1C, So how can I change my char gender without Re-rolling the char/deleting the char/making a new char/losing progress?
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