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  1. Why do you consider that posting my opinion on forum is trolling? this makes no sense...
  2. I have noticed that some players use showstopper as a pocket shotgun, they make showstopper shoot really fast by using mouse wheel up and down to fire the weapon... I just hope you fix this quickly because I am a JG tactical shotgun user and this exploit makes showstopper kill faster than a jg tactical...
  3. You were literally saying that advice like a military commander General.... The problem is that I was gold and got matched with 3 Russian bronzes... and guess what, I can't call for backup, So I couldn't do any sort of plans with them because I can't speak russian and they can't speak english... I feel like that match was meant for me to lose haha.... +My teammates tried to use sniper but as I mentioned, the enemy team had a sniper too, that sniper killed my team's snipers in actually no time...
  4. So today I went to play APB and then I logged into my account and then noticed that after I choose a character and click next it gives the me the contacting world server... But then after I waited for like 15 minutes the contacting world server message is still there... And when I tried to disconnect internet I didn't go back to log in screen but the contacting world server message was STILL there... I tried closing the game and opening it again and the same problem still happens, also I tried restarting my PC and the problem is still there... Do you know what is happening and how to fix it?
  5. In that match I mentioned I got matched with kids+Russians so I wasn't able to talk a plan with them at any way... Why does the matchmaking sometimes give me lemons in the eyes for real...
  6. Before I get started I am not complaining, I am just asking for tips and methods to push out campers So after I lost so many missions because enemies get very good camping locations... It is time to ask... How can I easily push campers out of their locations? For example the most common location that I want to know how to push campers out of is at Financial: Border the Plantagenet and Border Highschool Rooftops... And to be Specific I mean that Rooftop that has only one way to get to and it is to jump from to it... if you know that location then let's get into further detail... Today I was matched against a group of 4 max rank silver criminals in a 4vs4 match in financial... one of the enemies' team became the VIP and they had to go somewhere to camp... Then they went to camp in that location I mentioned... And well... After they got there they deployed a field supply and all of them equiped the wide radius medium field supply mod... And then... The VIP used an OSMAW and then switched to OPGL at some point of the stage, Then one of his teammates equiped an HVR sniper... And then another teammate equiped an NFAS with improve rifling 3 and then another teammate equiped an ATAC 424 Patroller... So after they started camping we lost against them after we ran out of all of your 30 lives and the enemy VIP didn't die even once... So do you have any method or trick to defeat Pros that camp in very OP locations with perfect weapons for their camping situation?
  7. APB's management is painful... What you said is true, Why couldn't they just listen to player's suggestions to make the game better? I mean for example CS:GO lets community make WHOLE MAPS than can be used for OFFICIAL match-making... When in APB I would be super duper lucky if a Moderator listens to my suggestions at all... For example Players didn't want a Sci-Fi call of duty game but Activision still made Call Of Duty Infinite warfare and well... Activision lost more than 30 Million Dollars for that mistake... So APB will really be the next big thing if they listen to opinions... I play Both APB and GTA Online... But APB would be better than GTA Online if it gets good management in my opinion...
  8. Ye I see, But if you don't agree reply instead of disliking the topic... So many topic dislikes gives me depression...
  9. Here is what in My mind... Imagine if: -APB Actually gets an Engine upgrade -Adding Motorcycles, Helicopters,Boats to APB -Making the river part of the map explore-able after adding boats -Adding a new District to the game like a Jungle or so -Adding Car Performance Modifications like Engine, Gearbox, Turbo upgrades -Adding a 4x4 growl -Adding the ability to design Weapon skins -Making Competitive mode in the game so that the player can sometimes play missions for EXP without actually going competitive and try-hard... So tell me what's your opinion about what I am imagining? And is it really that far from happening?
  10. Wait what? Masterbating before getting into huge battles? Are you kidding me? eh I've been gold a-lot of times, But when APB gives you Bad teammates... You lose your gold...
  11. I have a BIG problem... I hate being bronze threat because it makes me feel bad about myself and it also makes everyone call me a "noob" or "ez player", My treat is currently High-end silver (one more win and then gold) So the problem is that I get really mad and insult everyone when I am losing a mission because of my team because it is not my mistake... and because I want to keep my threat or upgrade it I really hate losing... The actual problem: how can I chill and keep calm when losing? because I really really (keeps saying really for an hour) don't want to get a threat downgrade... So do you have any solution for my problem?
  12. I have noticed that when I try downloading APB's Patch at launcher the download speed be 50~200 KB/s only which is really slow, My internet speed is 16 MBPS and the download speed is 2 MB/s... So why the APB Client can't take advantage of fast internet while downloading the new Patch?
  13. Today I was playing APB Reloaded and then I get logged out from my account for no actual reason, Then when I try logging in again it says "Login failed, Account used by another client" But there is actually no one else using my account because I have 2FA, so what is happening?
  14. How about Colby CSG? is that a good shotgun? I saw a-lot of Pros using it in Fight club and saying it is the best weapon in APB...
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