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  1. More likely it isn't much better than GTA V, most likely still the same shitty game mechanics and unbalanced weapons.
  2. 4 legendaries in a row from the gold boxes.
  3. Your RTX card and APB do not work well together.
  4. I've reported dethreater once, this player even admitted on a chat doing so during a mission, this player was in our team, i'm not sure if there was a temp ban given to this player.
  5. Considering how small the current population is, it doesn't matter if we can temporarily join any district without restrictions, those who want to abuse new players can do it regardless of segregation, as they have done for years.
  6. At least now we don't have a mass dethreating with this low population, as usually bronze districts are most populated forcing players to dethreat so they can play.
  7. They just need to enable blowtorch for all primaries and maybe add different set or sets of weapons.
  8. You should always use 2FA everywhere if you can, even though we should also get notification in case someone has succesfully logged into our account, they might brute or be lucky and enter the right numbers.
  9. Percentages can give us wrong expectations, at least we're getting regular status updates regarding EU from Matt.
  10. The game is barely playable atm, the ping is 100-150 at best. You can't count that 5 years for LO alone though.
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