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  1. This means that it should be still 3 stk with a lower fire rate?
  2. There's a difference of being instantly killed by launchers than being 1 shot stunned and required to be handcuffed or killed with a lethal gun if necessary. and of course the handcuffed criminal can be used as a meat shield in addition. Your suggestion to lower stun grenade damage would also also have negative effect on OCA Nano, making it less efficient with stun grenades. That's what i thought, he's too good even with underpowered LTL and he's bored because there's no enough challenge, not all of us are as skilled as he is.
  3. Sure they are, however there are no any other advantages when you use them, unlike with other nades, so 1 shot stunning ability is fine, considering that criminals can free each other, besides using full ltl loadout at the moment is a huge disadvantage, you can be only competitive against average silvers and everything below that.
  4. They could give better rewards for playing there, or at least give doubled money, standing and JT rewards.
  5. You like to get your patootie handed to you or are you sweaty pro? Stun grenades are fine right now, throwing them effectively to further distances is pain in the patootie due to terrible trajectory, that's the downside despite being able to stun enemy with a one nade.
  6. So very rarely used weapons like SNR and PIG will be be even less useable now, you could have compensated these nerfs with some buffs in return.
  7. Yeah it's quite forgiving weapon as long as you can maintain RoF, even then it's nearly a lazer gun with quite high overdamage.
  8. Whoever is downvoting my posts, explain to me what's the problem with my suggestion? Assuming that you already own these exclusive items from failed RAF program, how does it affect you in any way if these items could be made permanently purchaseable? Most of you didn't get these items from a real new referrals, most of you made new accounts and helped each other to get these items, i'm not blaming you really for doing that.
  9. Those old FC rewards aren't really anything special. RAF rewards are special and were limited to concept that was a flop and abused anyway, then it was ended in short notice.
  10. Be fair and add Obeya CAP40-C NFCP 2 and VBR 'Temptress' to the store.
  11. I hate people who take winning and losing too seriously, especially those who are max ranked already. You can put them on ignore list, i'd rather not waste my time arguing with idiots.
  12. We are already struggling to play on specific districts at times, due to threat segregation, so because many are purposely abusing the threat system, this now forces fair players to do the same or close the game. This threat segregation could very well be the final nail in the coffin to this game, if it's not removed soon. Protecting new players at this point doesn't matter anyway, they've never been properly protected in the first place. Toxic part of this community along with G1/RP has made sure that very large portion of new players have given up on this game over long period of time.
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