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  1. Short lived RTW version was the shits, I looked at some old gameplay footage on Youtube.
  2. You can use it to defend mission points.
  3. There's no guarantee that this game survives another 11 years. People keep saying that's it's dying because it's old, many MMO games older than this are still populated.
  4. Considering how toxic the remaining player base is, you shouldn't take any risks unless you're the team leader yourself. Karmic magic.
  5. Once i have finished my daily contact activities. There shouldn't be limitations how many activities you can do, you should be able to do them all.
  6. This or prevent players from joining lower threat districts altogether. People complain about cheaters while dethreating is one of the biggest reasons why this game is becoming unplayable.
  7. Add more JT store items, weapons and clothing items. I want Kraken and OPGL.
  8. You can't switch characters anymore without getting kicked back to login screen, this used to happen randomly, now it happens every single time.
  9. Good for you! BE has malfunctioned before: "Query Timeout" error for example.
  10. LO should've kept EAC. Apparently it was more effective against cheaters too.
  11. I joined there in 2017, it was different and better in some aspects, unfortunately it was already nearly dead at that point.
  12. Still better than adding more threat levels, regardless what amount of population is nowadays.
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