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  1. xHenryman90x

    Valentines day

    You can destroy them, you know?
  2. No you didn't. If someone is blatant/stupid, you don't need more than recorded video clip or GM.
  3. They can still cheat but less effectively without bone perfect aimlock, these cheat programs can be adjusted so it doesn't make bone perfect locking that then can be detected.
  4. Give us an example of a game where FF works very well, last time i checked other shooters where it's used and i saw many complaints on various game forums complaining how ineffective it is. FF can make cheats less effective at best and that's where its effectiveness ends. Sure, but once they messed up the rulesets or FF itself have become inconsistent over time, you can't make clear distinction who's guilty and who isn't by stats alone.
  5. xHenryman90x

    so i can say battleye is a joke

    Deal with it, they will be banned eventually.
  6. xHenryman90x

    any1 else dreamed about apb?

    Yes few times, most of my dreams were on Baylan. This game is number one for me since 2011, there's no substitute.
  7. xHenryman90x

    True ogre

    Oh man, why these illogical nerfs?! There's already windup timer and more recoil, this is so unbelievably stupid.
  8. Firstly The Beacon is horrible choice for any events due to lags and small size, Baylan would be much better for this. Anyway you should at least reduce maximum amount of players per instance to compensate this. Secondly these old preset modded guns are boring, at least you could make blowtorch available on all weapon tiers except with snowball.
  9. xHenryman90x

    This whisper I got from a GM

    And so on 3rd, 4th, 5th and etc?
  10. xHenryman90x

    Add the Improved Rifling Changes as a new mod

    Enhanced Ammo Mod?
  11. Oh damn I'm sorry, I didn't know about this until now.
  12. xHenryman90x


    I thought it takes up to 1 hour to dethreat depending what kind of missions you got?
  13. xHenryman90x

    APB player base hits all time low?

    Not just because it is 9 years old game, you must admit that G1/RP is the reason why the game and its potential went down the drain, we can only speculate but this is most likely the case due to incompetence. Good luck for LO, they can attempt to fix all the damage done by G1, thats better than dead game.
  14. xHenryman90x

    Special day.

  15. xHenryman90x

    [GAME] Revive Event Tracker

    So you can't trade or sell legendary weapons won from free event boxes anymore?