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  1. Maybe because you probably purchase unnecessary/duplicate items you already have? Unbundling doesn't make any sense otherwise. Tin Soldier sold separately? Nice!
  2. I don't remember the last time i logged in.
  3. Now mid level silvers and bronzes are hostile in chats.
  4. Demolition weapons i must say. OPGL is much fun, i'm not one of those players who spam aimlessly with it, well calculated shots, trick shots.
  5. xHenryman90x


    We have progressed already! 64bit upgrade! New content is coming! Just be positive!
  6. Custom community maps, in-game map editor for that. Custom game modes too.
  7. It was interesting event. Now it's the same old events every year without any significant changes or additions.
  8. No problem here. APB is more CPU intensive. I have 1060 and i3-8350k, stable FPS on 1080p ultra settings.
  9. We already have online services which require your personal information, it doesn't matter where you live. That escalated quickly.
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