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  1. Could you give us some examples besides maybe CJ3 on snipers and long range semi rifles? There's obviously many purple mods with no downsides like 3PS and Tagger, those are direct upgrades with no downsides for most weapons.
  2. xHenryman90x

    Make the Contact Nanos Tradable

    I've suggested this before, also change mod for rare daily connoisseur variant, we have 2 different variants with mobility sling.
  3. xHenryman90x

    Trade System: Joker Tickets

    I support this idea, this would make all those character slots useful that i don't most likely never use, we could farm tickets faster assuming that JT's are mailable between characters on your own account at least. Another thing of course are rewards from rare daily activities, Nanos and STAC 10 should be made mailable between characters on you own account including JT's and $. Better idea would be that you get rid of all these difficult rare activities and give these rare weapons as rare rewards after missions, this would give everyone equal chance to get all these rewards regardless of skill.
  4. xHenryman90x

    M-1922 'Hazardous' Rework (TL;DR included)

    Good ideas man, there are many ways to make Hazardous much better and unique. My additional suggestion would be that Hazardous had clip magazines instead of drum magazines with slighly less ammo and faster reload.
  5. xHenryman90x

    [PC] Patch 1.19.6 (1011)

    This feature ruins the whole thing, otherwise i would've been interested to play this.
  6. I don't believe that this is very common, only gullible noobs can become victims for these scams and they don't know how to report these scammers.
  7. But it was said that accounts that had any other ToS violations like scamming will remain banned. Then there's minority of stolen and sold accounts for sure. It's F2P game so they don't have to necessarily even spend a dime, irrelevant in a long term. I have to say that if someone is cheating and has this many alts or more, they should probably seek professional help or kill themselves.
  8. I'd assume that most of these cheat accounts are F2P accounts, why would even legit cheater see all that effort to get some old accounts back when they can just create new accounts?
  9. Decade? Do you really think that it would be that slow? I also highly doubt that there would be 17,000 ban appeals coming.
  10. They could had investigated banned accounts case by case by request instead of just unbanning everyone and stripping off JT's and $ from all these accounts, including those who were unjustly/questionably banned. I've personally unjustly lost more than 33k JT's because of this, this was caused by many of these forum members who pressured LO to punish all banned players, however ultimately LO didn't allow us to have a proper ban appeal process in order to save our JT's and $.
  11. xHenryman90x

    Starting to lose interest in APB again.

    Stop lying to yourself, you can't really just quit.
  12. Preferably with all variants. Logging in every day just to check activities is just plain boring, especially when you can get rare activities for variants you already have, giving you no reason to do these duplicate activities ever again because you can't send these duplicate Nanos between characters on your own account either.
  13. I was thinking that these rare Nanos and Stac 10 should be given away as random rewards by small chance after missions, this would actually keep more max ranked players active including myself. There's also 2 rare Nanos with mobility sling mod, maybe they should change mod on one of them.
  14. It's specifically joker boxes that generate most revenue from ARMAS. Personally i'd like to see changes in prizes, every weapon prize should be random including all those 10-15 days prizes. Also it's disappointing that you can win weapons that you already own permanently.