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  1. Yeah it used to work much better years ago, back then it wasn't colorblind, it's been like this quite some time.
  2. At some point in the past when this wasn't a problem, this only happened if someone abandoned mission before opposition came, now it just starts opposed missions such as silver and gold vs gold and gold, even silver and silver vs gold and gold without backup. I don't have an obsession to win every match, it's ok to lose a match when the teams are somewhat equally skilled.
  3. Is cheating even the main issue here? The broken matchmaking system that sometimes works and sometimes doesn't work, starts unfair matches without backup, this is not fixable before the EU? Dethreaters who see cheaters everywhere and as an excuse go to stomp new players, so many of them quit after the first or few play sessions?
  4. xHenryman90x

    OPGL Bug

    Hopefully LO is more competent and actually fixes this soon.
  5. Perma ban for this reason alone? Easy solution for griefing with a truck: Make the players who are in missions ghosts, in order to prevent possible unintentional outside interference.
  6. Some good fixes, but couple of terrible changes such as: 1. Players now appear on the radar of the final zone of RIOT. 2. RIOT - Players now keep their unlocked weapons when they respawn in RIOT.
  7. No it's not. I think it's fine, you can even shoot from the passenger seat.
  8. Merge bandolier and extended magazine mod together, or create new separate mod.
  9. Remove the ability to keep purchased weapons after death.
  10. Firstly i don't like that you can keep the weapons you purchased after you have died, i really dislike this change. Secondly you can see other players on a radar during the bribe stage, i really dislike this too.
  11. Add permanent JT versions of all weapons that are package exclusives.
  12. AC softwares are nearly useless as the only solution, with a few hired GM's with banning powers, who don't appear on districts where they should be, but chat with players on social district what i've seen. these things are useless as a long term solution. An internet ID or/and court cases against habitual cheaters and cheat developers is the way to go.
  13. Yeah, i remember that, at least i assume this is why i got banned while playing The Beacon, thanks for ruined Christmas and the New Year of 2017.
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