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  1. I don't know how long have you played APB but the sniper is DMR.
  2. This is certainly noticeable when you're playing FC. Maybe this is the reason why we can see so many demolition weapons being used. Perhaps he has experienced a mental breakdown.
  3. This is only one part of the problem. We haven't seen any exciting game content/additions since the lastest contacts were released years ago. Apparently, the old game engine can't handle planned future expansions, now ‘The Engine Upgrade‘ is not happening anytime Soon〈™〉, for who knows how long does it take.
  4. You already found a better game to replace APB? Don't say GTA:O.
  5. It has better graphics, but that has nothing to do with better performance, the graphics improvements are irrelevant, Minor performance improvements at least. I don't have to worry about the RTX issue, I'm still using the GTX series. I agree. 1.30 will keep the current hardcore playerbase at least, hopefully. I agree. I guess this game finally dies within this decade. Population goes down and no more new content can be added with the current game engine.
  6. Sure it doesn't fix everything, you're right. My basic understanding is that 64-bit client will let the game utilize more RAM, instead of writing to HDD/SSD.
  7. The game will be updated to 64-bit regardless of the cancellation of EU, that's a significant improvement. I don't care about better graphics right now.
  8. Just like they did with the Kabuki skin collection.
  9. Shit gunplay? Way better than GTA V gunplay, at least.
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