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  1. I guess they have jewish customer support worker/workers there. They owned you big time.
  2. As long as the 64bit upgrade allows the future game development, that's enough. Better graphics aren't important.
  3. How is this possible with BE? It's scanning for software based cheats, nothing to with analyzing player behavior, am I wrong? Reminds me of FF. The current support seems to be better than the old one. At least now they give you slightly better responses, not just lazy copy and paste responses. So the conclusion is that the OP's account was breached. I'm not sure if the OP was aware of the existence of 2FA, that's mandatory unless you use a password manager with strong passwords, but then you can still accidentally download a keylogger, for example.
  4. More things should be made account wide, in-game money, JT's and rare acitivity rewards. Rare activities should be removed entirely, then make those rare rewards randomly obtainable by playing missions and/or add them to the JT store.
  5. EAC, nice. Apparently expanding the game functionality is still limited on version 1.30, harder or impossible?
  6. Having no tracers at all would make the rifle silencer and the sniper silencer mods completely and nearly useless mods. These mods are bad regardless, the only benefit of the rifle silencer is that it hides tracers.
  7. N-HVR 243 SD series N-HVR 762-SD series Pathfinder SD series PSR 'Osprey' VAS-R2 'Crown' Raptor 45 'Hawk' ATAC 424 "Watchman" They all disagree.
  8. Sure. Those cars are bad right now, flipping sideways too easily.
  9. You can do all that better with any other SMG's. I use almost every weapon, play for fun.
  10. I bought the Valhalla's Chosen pack too. I agree. Good against what?
  11. Norseman SMG's are the worst SMG's in the game. Terrible accuracy, slow TTK and long equip time.
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