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  1. Everyone can dethreat, including the cheaters, cheating and exploiting threat system go hand to hand.
  2. I only remember him saying that after investigating the bans, he came to the conclusion that lot of them were questionably placed.
  3. Whoever was doing the tweaks messed up, G1/RP even admitted multiple times times that they were having false bans due to new ruleset tweaks.
  4. At least it's easier to determine false bans, i'm still sceptical regarding server sided AC solutions, you can eventually make mistake while tweaking rulesets, as it happened with FF.
  5. In that case having rewards selector would be more fair than random reward.
  6. I won ACT44 "Pillager" twice in a row, i don't remember this weapon being included in any JMB ever? You know it sucks because i already own Pillager permanently.
  7. You can win 3 slotted weapon leases for 15 days, but how do we what weapons are there?
  8. Who downvoted my brilliant post? I'm asking because if i purchase new things such as weapons, i need to know that i don't purchase something that i can win from this box for a few days, it's wasted reward then.
  9. Could LO provide full list of rewards from Golden JMB please?
  10. This is very natural reaction after years of waiting.
  11. I saw someone from opposite team using this combo yesterday for the first time.
  12. I can't name one specific skin. Chrome in general, glowing skins and sugar plum during the seasonal events.
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