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  1. You can't switch characters anymore without getting kicked back to login screen, this used to happen randomly, now it happens every single time.
  2. I joined there in 2017, it was different and better in some aspects, unfortunately it was already nearly dead at that point.
  3. Still better than adding more threat levels, regardless what amount of population is nowadays.
  4. That is not entirely true, adapters for keyboard and mouse do exist. I wouldn't think that game like this is good experience on consoles, too fast paced for game controller, as a matter of fact any FPS or TPS game is worse on consoles imo.
  5. Instead of adding new threat level, LO should try rebalance threat levels, or bring back the old threat system.
  6. Current game seems to be getting more bugs than fixes over time. Random crashes without error messages are most recent annoyance. Then we have this specific BE problem, i got kicked back to lobby twice in a row within few minutes.
  7. Concept of loyalty reward is that you spend more to get more things. All those weapons for 15 days are fine, unless i happen to own them permanently, unfortunately many times i have won weapons leases of weapons that i already own permanently.
  8. LO should repackage the box only with JT packs and legendaries as rewards, sometimes your gold box is a scam box, If you know what i mean.
  9. FF reliability became questionable, ever since it started false ban waves, this was confirmed by G1/RP in multiple ocassions, ruleset issues, it became a complete mess eventually. How could they even tell the difference between false flagging rulesets and properly working ones? How can anybody then call it nearly 100% reliable system, ignorantly believing that every single player who were banned are just closet cheaters? What makes you think that they managed to determine every ban fairly/reliably? Then they ignored your ban appeals.
  10. Game is so old that integrated AMD Radeon RX Vega 11 can run it well enough, that's even stronger than recommended cards 8800GT and HD4830.
  11. What have you won, do you have additions to my list? You can win weapon skins too it seems.
  12. The list of weapons was limited, it never included all weapons on ARMAS. Many weapons that were released over the years and sold separately were never added as 3-30 days leases rewards.
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