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  1. xHenryman90x

    Option to pause premium

    Same as my forum name without x letters.
  2. xHenryman90x

    Option to pause premium

    I don't think that there's as many as there used to be before BE, you have to realize that there will be some level of cheating going on regardless of solution used. I'm playing on Citadel silver districts and having average 50% victories or less.
  3. xHenryman90x

    Option to pause premium

    Better DDos protection yes, but don't we already have one of the best client sided anti-cheat solution there is?
  4. Those toxic people keep coming back and have come back after several account bans. Now i love how finally people had to admit that there has been wrongly banned players, including myself. This wrong ban costed me +30k worth of JT savings, without having any way to defend myself, at least i'm grateful that i got my account back, maybe there was no way to tell if it was false detection or not.
  5. The tutorial is fine, maybe there should be tutorial with video clips showing exactly how to do certain thing, some people seem to have difficulties to understand what they read. Sure some players want easy matches, i don't see how it makes any sense to waste about an hour to drop back to silver, the matchmaking is also broken and it gives matches like 1 silver and 1 gold vs 2 golds without backup, this has happened numerous times while i was playing with silver relative of mine.
  6. xHenryman90x

    Save the Noobs and Fixing Threat Issue all in one

    So all those gold premade groups playing on bronze all day are just bad at playing or throwing "I'm only playing here with my bronze friend" card all day every day? When you force players to remain where they belong or higher threat districts or OC, including those who dethreat on purpose, once their threat increases, they should be moved automatically, it's as simple as that.
  7. xHenryman90x

    Save the Noobs and Fixing Threat Issue all in one

    I've played OC ocassionally, most players that i've seen there are new players who are playing missions there or are raiding shops, currently bronze districts are almost worse for new players than OC. I think that if you add feature that transfers gold away from bronze districts, it would make a better experience for new players, without need of these overly complex ideas.
  8. xHenryman90x

    Save the Noobs and Fixing Threat Issue all in one

    OC districts would be your best choice when you play with somebody new with lower threat level. Unfortunately APB is full of tryharder kids and misfits who have too much time to exploit this current threat system.
  9. xHenryman90x

    Unopposed Missions

    So i assume that you are playing on Nekrova or Han?
  10. xHenryman90x

    Save the Noobs and Fixing Threat Issue all in one

    Shortly put, this is how it should be: Higher threat players can't join lower threat district, but only lower threat players could join higher threat district. Auto transfer players who turn from silver to gold back to gold district, this is how you make dethreating pointless and this makes OC viable again when necessary. Current matchmaking seems to be broken, fix that first.
  11. xHenryman90x

    Suggestions regarding weapons

    Implement 4 slotted weapons, modifiable secondaries, also make legendaries fully modifiable but keep already fixed mods intact. P.S. Please make Colby "Hazardous" better by changing mods on it, maybe add some legendary exclusive mod/mods, at least open the 3rd mod slot.
  12. In that case it would be just easier if YOU could transfer these leases and rare items at least exclusively between your characters. Where exactly?
  13. I'm quite sure that this kind of item transfers were permitted before LO came and started changing policies, that most likely also explains why some players have multiple extra Nanos and Stacs on a single character. Maybe someone else can confirm whether this is true or not.
  14. Except if you have more than one of each variant, then you shouldn't even get that specific rare activity ever again with that logic.
  15. Then why other players have collected more than one of each variant?