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  1. Hopefully not anytime soon. EU is only part of the possible revival. Population has been dwindling for years due to toxic community who has driven large amounts of new players away, G1/RP didn't bat an eye to protect new players. Lack of content and performance issues are another thing, these things are significantly smaller issues compared to damages caused by toxic selfish part of the community.
  2. Fix prototype minigame JT rewads to next years event, minimum reward of 50 JT per round is fine, those who play better should earn higher amount per round.
  3. LO could start making some changes to these events: 12 deaths of christmas is recycled without any changes, years in a row. Why the prototype mode rewards maximum of 50 JT per match, regardless of how well you play?
  4. Groups of gold tryhards and other scumbags are doing it right now, have done so several years now. But again, those who turn gold on bronze should be automatically forced back to silver districts.
  5. What's the point of threat segregation if gold player are allowed to stay on bronze districts? Poorly implemented system that was never fixed to prevent abuse.
  6. Some kind of rewards would be nice to have yes, i don't personally necessarily need anything in return. The only thing that really matters is that we get the final fixed and upgraded version out as soon as possible. It's nothing new in this community to demand things without cooperating with the devs.
  7. Seriously, many of us can't level up characters without dethreating, i'm not gonna dethreat so i can play. Do it already, at least bring back open conflict districts.
  8. Well it's literally potential future of the game at stake here, new content is behind new engine and phasing system is part of it, right? Data caps, what is that and why?
  9. Live game was quite populated at the time i checked out open beta servers, i logged in there less than 2 hours ago and saw about same amount of players like 5-6 hours earlier i logged in.
  10. Where are the players? I logged in twice today, less than 10 player were online all day?
  11. Why is that even needed in this day and age?
  12. I hope you don't talk about/endorse those who are begging for free stuff? I can help someone whom i know in personally, but i've seen some random entitled beggars coming to me asking for money, mods, weapons and cars. You could start the game as criminal, as it's easier to earn money by doing criminal activities instead of pvp missions. Best way is to become designer, some of those guys have hundreds of millions ingame money.
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