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  1. Linux is literally better in almost every aspect, smaller installation size too. Each new Windows release requires more and more HDD space and other hardware requirements, it's ridiculous.
  2. The fact that they allowed higher threat level players join lower threat districts and replaced the old threat system.
  3. Playing experience was already limited for gold players on EU, all those who couldn't play and progress on both missions districts.
  4. It's temporal and should remain unchanged until EU comes out, the current threat segregation is poorly implemented in the first place.
  5. Clearly shows that you have given up on this game. Did you change password, 2FA?
  6. That's a long time. You better hope this breach has happened recently, I don't think LO keeps any activity logs longer than 1 month.
  7. This and many other features such as trading system and district queue.
  8. 3PS should have downside, oh well but we have Tagger mod too, that's another upgrade without downsides.
  9. RNG is needed and realistic, HVR damage curve mechanic needs to be removed already, i'm not sure about DMR, maybe consumables should be permanent modification.
  10. Keep it as it is, no changes! I'm not bad enough to have full APB experience!
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