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  1. Good rework idea for Hazardous, hopefully they actually do something to it eventually. Volcano may be bit OP but much better compared to OSMAW which is nearly useless. You're comparing nano to other automatic sidearms that have barely any accuracy for longer ranges, where nano beats all of them. Firework launcher is much better than flare gun.
  2. That's a lot of free time dedicated to 1 game, i rarely played anything else during that time period, i wouldn't do that again on any other character.
  3. I maxed the weapon roles, including cop role between early 2011 until end of 2015, i played mostly FC after R255.
  4. Nice to see that DMR AV PR2 is added now, luckily i didn't spend my JT's for DMR AV PR1 on my secondary F2P account, i would've regretted now. Next add rare nanos and maybe you could remove rare activities, unless you rework them. You should consider adding CAP-40 and VBR Temptress to the JT store next.
  5. Roles aren't important at this point, the problem is that Baylan activities do not count, so normal FBW is useless there.
  6. Even funnier is the fact that the bug hasn't been fixed to this day.
  7. Nope. LO should buff ltl instead, there's no any meaningful difference between enfs and crims otherwise.
  8. Maybe they don't have ideas for new legendaries?
  9. APB has never been a competitive game, considering that it's an open world game where you can have unbalanced missions with an unfair advantage/disadvantage.
  10. I don't understand you. Maybe they just switched soft damage and stamina damage around.
  11. Assuming that the ttk is 1.560s with ability to stun, how is it op?
  12. Use translator, i don't understand your language much either.
  13. Damage nerf: 850>750 and revert it back to it's previous state. Maybe slighly buff the fire rate.
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