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  1. Percentages can give us wrong expectations, at least we're getting regular status updates regarding EU from Matt.
  2. The game is barely playable atm, the ping is 100-150 at best. You can't count that 5 years for LO alone though.
  3. This is true, RAF was also ended in a very short notice so i couldn't get it. It's fine as long as it's added to the JT store as well.
  4. Gameplay mechanics are garbage by the most part, i'm surprised that you didn't mention that.
  5. OPGL is superior in any situation compared to EOL series except when it comes to reload time, i would remove wind up timer and have a slightly longer fuse timer instead.
  6. 2 open slots yes, no not all grenade types should explode on impact, you still have a quicker reload times with the EOL series compared to the OPGL, the windup timers should be removed entirely. Rapid, Oblivion and Harbinger should be as they are, buff them to some extent, i don't really want more reskins as i already own NSSW, Oblivion and Harbinger.
  7. You may get one chance every few hundred or thousands of days later for the same activity.
  8. Grinding JT for in-game exclusive items is good enough and should be given as an alternative way to get these items. Logging in and checking for rare activities, then logging out after that, nothing fun in that in my opinion.
  9. Good secondaries for LTL gameplay, Assassin and Glow particulary. I'd like to see those missions to be removed entirely, and those weapons should be put on the JT store.
  10. Those limitations don't exist anymore, this was changed by LO. I'm quite sure that i have more than 50 players ignored due to toxic behavior, some of them use these forums.
  11. Unfortunately i didn't buy it from the JT store as soon as possible, it would've helped a lot during the Halloween event.
  12. Themes should be played only after matches, MVP's theme.
  13. Me too, even though i'm no longer as active as i used to be years ago, started to play less after finishing roles, right now i have interest to earn JT's and money for future legendaries. I sometimes play throught my legendary collection on the criminal side.
  14. It's far from perfect, still overrated, i hate the clunky player controls and unbalanced weapon mechanics.
  15. We would have a decent population after all these years, if it wasn't RP pissing us off with their empty promises and these dethreaters driving a lot of new players away. RP didn't come up with these great ideas LO has now, LO is doing a significantly better job in lesser time, but so did RP during a couple of years at the beginning as well. I don't believe that Matt is going to give up too soon, we'll see what happens then.
  16. Give them at least optional chrome skin.
  17. Yeah that's what kept my interest in this game, you can't find any other game that can replace it on its all aspects of style and gameplay. I felt the withdrawal symptoms when i lost my account unfairly back in 2016, i still decided to create a new account and play as f2p, hoping that i may get my main account back, then came LO and gave my account back, it made me feel good again. I agree.
  18. I personally never completely, as long as the game is alive. Your thoughts?
  19. I tested it if it could work better than OPGL CD with TG-8 or Nano.
  20. I remember it having mobility sling instead? You mean that the red mods work with OPGL? I tried HB3 once and it was 1 shot kill anyway.
  21. It certainly needs something now, having 1 useless modification slot without any meaningful mod doesn't offer you anything compared to 2 slotted one, let's not forget that there's OPGL too. Flaregun ammo mod?
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