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  1. Please post the backstories and trailers.
  2. Imagine actually coming back a year later to reply to forum posts after you 'left'.
  3. Show us your resume.
  4. UndeadSnack


    No. It is a money sink to help curb inflation.
  5. Really great stuff. Thanks for breaking it down for us.
  6. But Fortnite isn't centered either. it is still offset, just less than APB.
  7. You could try updating the game.
  8. The only way to save APB is to bring back the Colby subforums.
  9. I think there should be a website that lists out the recent bans in order, displaying the character name, server, rank, and date. We could even let people comment on them. Maybe call it something like eacbans dot org?
  10. Rank has no bearing on skill level and should never be used for matachmaking/skill rating. It is also easily abusable. If you want to be pedantic about it, rank is already indirectly factored in the matchmaking/skill rating. Regardless of one's opinion on how much having access to more equipment and weapons affects things, just having access to those would be mean they win more missions and do better, therefore increasing their skill rating higher anyway.
  11. Imagine adding a trans flag coloured slang term title for an easter event.
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