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  1. Even though gifting has been disabled for a couple months now, i would still like to be able to check my previous giftings. Although you can still sneak into the "gifts" page by changing your url to "https://www.gamersfirst.com/marketplace/ingame/gifts.php" Which then looks somewhat like this
  2. OP wanted his thread locked and removed. Do some research before complaining. Google still has the page cached. yikes
  3. can you stop posting?
  4. Netzu

    Joker SR15 Carabine needs a nerf.

    what +1
  5. Netzu

    APB Discord join?

  6. Netzu

    APB Discord join?

    He's not.
  7. Greetings citizens of San Paro! We like to present to you our community driven Discord server. Founded in 2016 and with now over 1800 members, we are one of the largest community servers for APB Reloaded. What we offer A place for you and your mates to hang out and chat in several text and voice channels moderated by our moderation team. The server offers special roles for Creators in several categories (i.e. Clothing, Vehicles, Symbols, Themes) and streamers. Other than that we also have a bot set up to show the current population of all world servers, commands to lookup all items in the game and a system to set yourself as "Looking for Group"! We also offer a Dev/Admin – Tracker, aswell as multiple support channels. Rules Don't try starting drama with others or harassing others. No Racism or Hate speech. Avoid spaming. (i.e. Sending pictures or pointless text in rapid succession) Keep on topic with the channel you are talking in. Avoid advertising personal/private discords or referral links. Interested? Join now! apbvault.net/discord alternative link https://discord.gg/eHBBXgx This Discord is not affiliated with Little Orbit, LLC. Whilst there is Little Orbit staff in the discord, we kindly ask you not to message or @mention any of them with support or ingame related questions as they are not support staff and unlikely to help you. You may @mention any L.O. Staff but make sure to keep this to a minimum.
  8. Netzu

    APB Discord

    You can just use apbvault.net/discord Pretty fancy