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  1. Is there any news if the weapons will get changed anytime soon? I was hoping that some day the weapons will get reverted to pre-lo where it was fun n fast and you can jumpshoot n shit Now the game is mega boring with slow patootie guns, old ntec was fun to spray and jumpshoot with, old obir was fun to quickswitch etc etc..
  2. Pillowlol

    Input issues

    As i said, only in apb, not in any other game or on desktop
  3. Pillowlol

    Input issues

    Ive had this problem for years and its actually unplayable but nobody (even the incompetent monkeys at little orbit) dont have any fix so ill try again and ask here: whenever i move my mouse at a certain speed it doesnt input anything anymore. I only have this in apb, i have tried 4 different mice, tried many different dpi's, all the polling rates but nothing seems to fix it. Heres a video showing the issue:
  4. Pillowlol


    do u even play the game or and yes i am entitled to a 3 slot oscar from contacts because all the other contact guns get a 3 slot version at lv 15 role right now the only option to get 3 slot oscar is by paying so give me a 3 slot for f2p
  5. Pillowlol


    did u even read what i typed? i maxed out marksman, on every other role u get the option to buy 3 slot versions of the role's guns except for the oscar.
  6. Pillowlol


    thanks for moving now nobody sees it anymore
  7. Pillowlol


    3 slot oscar is only available from armas, not even from joker tickets or lv 15 marksman. please make it so i can buy 3 slot oscar from contact cus i max out this role and dont want to pay 2 win.
  8. like i said enjoy low frames noob silver hamburger eater
  9. Pillowlol


    what if all the guns went back to the stats they had before little orbit took over, sure some guns are more balanced now but man its so fk boring.. ntec is boring now, hvr is boring now, csg is boring now and the list goes on.. pls little orbit
  10. ahahaha still 10k for 1 gun ahahaha hf grinding 3 months for 1 weapon noob
  11. Pillowlol

    Pixel skippy

    400 dpi, 1000hz, 8 ingame. I have tried all the dpi and polling rates, they dont fix the issue
  12. Pillowlol

    Pixel skippy

    I have tried changing all mouse settings, none of it helps.
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